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Mining Companies to California

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Ships and Passengers

Note: The following list is incomplete. Ships are added as details are located.
Ann Mary Ann
Audley Clark
Charles W. Morgan
S. L. Crowell
Edward Everett
Elizabeth E.
Emily Bourne
Emma Isadora
Frances Ann
General Cobb
George Washington
G. H. Montague
Harriet Neal
Harriet Rockwell
Helen Augusta
Henry Astor
Henry Lee
Jacob M. Ryerson
John Allyn
John Walls, Jr.
Joseph Butler
Mary and Emma
Mary Wilder
Mount Vernon
New Jersey
Obed Mitchell
Philadelphia and California
Rudolph (or Rudolf)
San Francisco
Sarah Abigail
Sarah Parker
Sea Eagle
Sea Serpent
Two Brothers
William and Henry
Walter Scott

Once news of California's Gold Rush reached the East Coast, groups of men began forming mining companies to help defray the great expenses of reaching the gold fields, and with the hope of having more success by banding together. More than 500 vessels left Atlantic and Gulf ports during 1849. After the best ships were full, virtually anything afloat, including old traders, whalers and small schooners were booked.

Forty Niners Around the Horn.Ships, Shipping, Migration, World Seaports.Groups chartered or purchased a ship, many of which were extremely small, and sailed from their homes to the fields of gold. It was a long, difficult journey, and some members left their ships on ports enroute, other groups disbanded by the time they reached San Francisco due to the extreme tensions on board during their five and six month journeys in cramped quarters. And others were penniless by the time they reached the Pacific because of underestimating the cost of such a journey. Following is a partial list of mining companies leaving the Eastern Seaboard for California in 1849 and 1850.

Acadian, brig (157 tons), (Hampshire and Holyoke Mining Company), from New York on February 6th and Boston on February 4, 1849. arrived in San Francisco, October 29, 1849 (267 days).

  • Cunningham, Theodore, master
  • Mitchell, William H., president
  • A. H. Barker, Chas Hutchins, A. J. Mitchell, Ben Barker, E. Blake, H. R. Taylor, J. Rhoades, L. Brown, Jr., W. H. Hebard, C.E. White, D. P. Holbrook, A. D. Adams, W. B. Carlyle, S. P. Wells, T. B. Cunningham.

Almena, brig, (Bay State and California Mining Co.) from Boston, January 26, 1849, 173 days to San Francisco, arriving about July 20, 1849. 175 tons. Each member of the company paid $600.00 for a round-trip passage and a pro-rata share in the anticipated profits from mining and trading (from Oscar Lewis'Sea Routes ot the Gold Fields).

Eldridge, Captain, mate
Hill, Benjamin
Kenna, George
Lincoln, John, master
Story, Joseph
29 in company

America, 400 tons, (New Bedford -- 11 members -- and Sacramento Mutual Mining Company, Sacramento Mutual Mining Company, Granite State Company, and the New Bedford and Fairhaven Mutual Mining Company), from New Bedford, April 3, 1849, "Passage out 168 days."
Captain Seabury
William P. Haskins, William P., president (S.M.M.C.)

America from Bath, Maine to San Francisco, October 1849 to May 1850
Captain William Graves.
Passenger Jotham Varney wrote a Journal from October 31, 1849-May 30, 1850, which is housed in the California Historical Society Library, San Francisco, California. Photocopy of typescript copy. Has a list of the officers and crew totaling eleven people and a list of the ten members of the Brunswick Company and one additional passenger. Most entries are limited to dates, miles sailed, course, wind, and weather. The Library also has eight letters written to his wife. Six of them also deal with the voyage.

Ann, brig, (Mattapan and California Mining and Trading Company), from Gloucester, June 4, 1849, 219 day passage.

Austin, William
Burnham, S. P., master
Gardiner, James K, vice-president
Grafton, Joshua
Lawton, Lorenzo
May, Dr. John, surgeon
Ryan, Isaac F., sec.
Smith Hosea, president

Ann, brig, (Mattapan and California Mining Company), from Bristol, R. I., February 18, 1849, 184 day passage. Richardson, Captain

Ann Mary Ann (Mining): Arrived Port of San Francisco, Captain Dering, 180 days from Sag Harbor. Details of her sailing and crew list.

Areatus (Bay State and California Mining Co.), from Boston April 4, 1849, 171 days to San Francisco, arriving September 22, 1849. James Whooley, master (or James Warner Woolsey.) 143 in company. Built in 1839, measured 538 tons, was abandoned at sea after being caught in a typhoon at Laguimanoc (Luzon, Philippines) "in sinking condition" on June 29, 1850 while returning from Singapore.


W. H. Halch, J. W. Wooley, W. J. Welton, Ben Ripley, Ed Pearce, R. B. Hall, W. H. Wilson, W. H. Sawyer, Enos Nickerson, D. McGerry, J. P. Trask, Enoch Berry, Theo S. Lindsey, N. H. Caswell, J. P. Nash, Chs Campbell, B. Gilbert, Ez Gilbert, Jas Morgan, E. J. Westcott, I. G. Finch, E. G. Wallace, G. R. Wilson, R. McLeod, J. Tarbox, Lewis Proctor, Jas C. Goodwin, T. C. Poor, B. Stetson. T R Richardson, Andw Conlin, Jas A. Godfrey, M. S. Bean, Danl Plummer, C. S. Lyons, Jona West, C. J. Foss, Smn Murray, J. M. Hiller, M. M. Blood, J. McGee, E. D. Smith, Chs. Beckwith, J. R. Bean, Cft Searle, S. N. Holbrook, H. McNally, Elias Fisher, Jno Billings, A. C. Gay, J. H. Stanley, J. O. Draper, Hy Day, Archie Waugh, C. B. Underhill, G. L. Smith, T. P. Donnovan, S. I. Hillgar, Hose Booth, Fkln Hadley, W. Reed, Alvin Bixby, Ths. Stewart, C. H. Sargeant, M. S. Symonds, Natl Cheney, Paul Chesley, Sim Chace, Jas Hichman, J. A. Whitnev, G L Winslow, G. S. Smith, Levi Bigelow, Moses Gould, Otis Putney, J Campbell, Chs Rumsav, C. H. Chapman, Joan Gardner, R. F. Crowell, W. H. Tourtelotte, Alonzo Hill, J. B. Davis, E. S. Colley, J. C. Townsend, Benj Warren, J. A. Fowle, L. T. Melloon, E. W. Grover, Andw Tompkins, G. A. Howe, Geo Drewry, J H Bigelow, Leond Dudley, B. S. Smith, Horace Wilson, Jas Leonard, S. C. Clark, Wm Hill, Sml Gibson, Win Murray, G. A. Hays, G. W. Park, T. A. H. Jackson, J. W. Pratt, A. S. Mellin, W H Rand, Ellis Willis, Saml Garfield, Alf Bailey, W. H. Hager, Human Hunt, Jos. Hutchins, F. A. Wood, Geo Willard, Chas Snow, Francis Wright, S. G. Janes, J. W. Copeland, W. Bowen, Saml Rand, Jos Crowell, Philip Short, Nic Brown, D. W. Luther, B. Austin, J. H. Kingman, J. H. Hartley, R. A. Sayles, Wm. Hyer, S. S. Bacon, E. K. Hutchins, G. W. Harris, Wm. Chesley, L. J. Phelps, Fdk Prince, W. W. Booke

Above list from
The Argonauts of California.
Charles Warren Haskell
Argonauts of California. Charles Warren Hasekll.

In addition, the following have written in letters and journals regarding their voyage on the Ship Areatus.

  • Alonzo A. Hill papers, 1849-1857: Documenting his voyage to California on theAreatus, experiences in the gold fields, San Francisco and Sacramento. (Held at Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University.)
  • James Townsend (Born in Lowell, Massachusetts, September 10, 1830)
  • George Pickering Wilson: Wilson's journal chronicles his voyage on the Ship Areatus around Cape Horn to San Francisco. He describes the weather, life aboard the ship, visits to Rio de Janeiro and Valparaíso, and the formation of successive mining companies. Wilson describes gold mining with his partners and how San Francisco was changing. (Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University.)
  • Horace Wilson: Three page letter to James C. Steel of Andover, Mass, Sept 6 and 22, 1849 re the Ship Areatus and San Francisco; begun aboard ship and completed after the writer's arrival in San Francisco. Wilson writes of his experiences on the voyage around South America and his plans to prospect for gold in California. (University of New Hampshire Library.)
  • James Warner Woolsey (1826-1885).
  • The Areatus is also mentioned in the works of Thomas Perkins, Jr. (1818-1853). Perkins was a commission agent for a Boston firm based mainly in Penang. His correspondence includes papers for theAreatus. (Phillips Library.)

Ark, bark (297 tons), (company unnamed), from Newburyport, October 31, 1849 with 117 passengers. She sailed via Cape Horn, stopping at Talchuano and Valparaiso, arriving at San Francisco May 25, 1850 after 205 days at sea. The Ark sailed to Australia after reaching and San Francisco and was ultimately used as a storeship.
Marsh, Charles, master

Astoria, schooner, (Astoria Mining Co.), from Gloucester, December 11, 1849, to San Francisco (no date). Parkhurst, George, Master

Attila, brig (206 tons), (Plymouth and California Mining and Trading Company), from Boston, January 13, 1849, arrives San Francisco, July 6, 1849 (174 days).

Allen, Timothy, president
Baker, W. W., master
Holmes, Rufus
Salter Fred, vice-president
Small, Abram C.
Virgin, George W., Jr.
Weston, Charles

Audley Clark (a second source has her listed as the Audley Clarke) 331-ton ship built built 1833 in Newport, Rhode Island. The ship was repaired, refitted and supplied with a large quantity of provisions and everything necessary for a long voyage. Sailed from Newport February 15, 1849 under command of Ayrault Wanton Dennis with 70 passengers. Arrived San Francisco September 1, 1849 via Cape Horn after 198 days. No indication that she stopped anywhere enroute. She was used as a storeship after arrival.

From a great great grandson of one of the passengers:

The ship Audley Clarke left Newport on 15 Feb 1849 with the members of the Newport Mining Company, about 70 passengers. My great-great-grandfather Moses A. Lewis was among them.

Newport Mercury, May 20, 1882

VOLUME CXXIII No. 49. Newport, R. I., May 20, 1882. WHOLE NUMBER 6,446.

*Wm. A. Coggeshall William T. Dennis
*George Vaughan *Irving H. Knowles
*Isaiah Crooker *Charles R. Clarke
*Charles Cozzens William H. White
Levi Johnson *Charles Fales
*Ayrault W. Dennis *Robert Graham
James H. Demarest *George H. Wheaton
*Oliver Carpenter Josiah M. Barstow
George Crandall *George W. Babcock
*J. Hudson Spooner George B. Slocum
*George J. Staigg John Y. McKenzie
Michael Cottrell William Stevens, 3d
*Elisha P. Kinyon *Edwin Chambers
*Joseph King Moses A. Lewis
John C. Caswell *Amos T. Whitford
Benjamin A. Sayer *Zachariah Chaffee
Stephen R. Goffe *Corn’s E. Cummings
*Thomas Cranston *Richard Barstow
*Weld Hatch *Fred’k A. Murphy
*Aaron F. Dyer *Samuel Young
*Jacob Lake *Freeman M. Hoxie
Robert P. Clarke George H. Tilley
*George W. Langley *Edson Stewart
John Tompkins George Beatty
*Jos. Southwick, Jr. William K. Lawton
*John S. Hudson Benjamin Brown
*William Welsh *Benjamin Malbone
Benjamin Cozzens *Oliver Hazard
William H. Fludder J. M. K. Southwick
Thomas Barlow Joseph M. Lyon
*John H. Cox *Nathaniel F. Wardwell
*Joseph M. Riggs *Joseph W. Arnold
Joseph P. Barker *Arnold Pierce
John Freeborn *Jeremiah C. Bliss
*William Weysser *William W. Morris
Hiram C. Harrington *Wm. H. Gardner
Wm Engs Dennis *Walter Murphy.

The ship was owned by the company and was held in trust by Edward F. Newton and Benjamin Finch, for their benefit.

The Newport Mercury of May 26, 1849, says:

We are informed that letters were received yesterday from the California adventurers from this place. The ship arrived at St. Antonio, one of the Cape de Verde Islands, in 39 days from this port, and after procuring refreshments and stopping a small leak, had sailed for her destination. They were all well." The ship proceeded on her voyage, doubled Cape Horn, sighted Juan Fernandez and the mountains of Chili [sic], and dropped her anchor in San Francisco Bay September 1, 1849, 198 days from this port. The first death from this ship's company was that of William Welsh, at San Francisco, Sept. 20, 1849, the last, that of William A. Coggeshall, at San Francisco, May 7, 1882.

Balance, sailed from New Yor on April 1, 1849, arrived in San Francisco November 23, 1849.
Captain E. Washborn Ruggles.

Passenger John McCrackan wrote letters to his mother and sisters in New Haven, Connecticut in which he described his voyage. Held in the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, California, (# C-B 444). Letters were written quite frequently and contain comments upon fellow passengers and crew members, extensive descriptions of bird and marine life, detailed accounts of life in the ship and the effect of weather on that life, and the long stay in Talcahuano. He noted that there were 73 people on board. That included the owners, Messrs. Brooks and Frye, who sold passage to San Francisco for $150.

Belvideria, bark. (Cayuga Joint Stock Company), from New York February 14, 1849, arrived San Francisco October 15, 1849
Captain Samuel Barney
Passenger J. Hascall Stearns was one of the directors of the Cayuga Joint Stock Company, which was organized at the Western Hotel in New York City on February 15, 1849. His notes, held by the California Historical Society, include a list of the 79 members of the company. Each member paid $500, which was used to purchase and outfit the vessel. A photocopy of the Articles of Association of the company copied from the Beinecke Library at Yale University is included in the volume.
A journal by H. F. W. Swain from March 1-October 13, 1849 is held at the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, California, # C-F 151. Four women and a little girl were also on board. One of the women was the wife of Captain Barney. Another appears to have been the wife of Swain. Has numerous gaps between entries near the end of the voyage and no entries at all during June as they rounded Cape Horn.

Billow, schooner (Billow Co.), from Gloucester 6 DEC 1849 (no arrival date).
Smith, A. W., master
Winn, John, mate
15 in company.

Boston, schooner (Cape Ann Pioneers), from Rockport, January 31, 1849, to San Francisco, July 7, 1849.
Beard, William, master

Canonicus, brig (El Dorado Association), sailed from Boston, April 1, 1849, (another sources cites April 2, 1849) to San Francisco, arriving November 2, 1849 (185 days). The Canonicus reportedly made several more trips to San Francisco, finally became a store ship and was burned at the wharf in San Francisco in 1853.

Carleton, A. W.
Croft, Francis D.
Godfrey, Christopher, mate
Howard, Nathaniel
Judkins, Mr., third mate
Lyons, Lemuel, pres.
Martin, John S., master
Perkins, W. C., vice-president
Wescanthal, Andrew, second mate

Editor's Note: An obituary in The Daily Alta California of August 3, 1851 notes a Captain Nathaniel Nowell as having arrived on theCanonicus. Because his name is not in the above list, he may have come on a later voyage.

Following list from: The Argonauts of California.

Capt. J. S. Martin, Chris Godfrey, - Wessenthall, - Judkins, Leml Lyon, W. C. Perkins, F. D. Craft, N. J. Howard, A. W. Carlton, C. H. Davis, F. B. French, E. A. Kent, B. Schlesinger, G. H. B. Devoll, F. A. Snow, D. W. Neal, H. Bense, E. H. Tileston, Ed Prescott, E. F. Woodward, N. Kimball, G. L. Davis, E. F. Emerson, C. E. Hill, T Marsh, J. S. Osgood, C. W. Collins, Ezkl Doane, J. S. Farrington, Jacob Amee, J. G. Ames, W. A .Gilman, Dr. Thos Barker, J. H. Emery, J. R. Larrabeel, E. Edwards, Wm. Woodward, E. N. Woodward, H. W. Birkhead, Ed Levine, H. N. Tilden, S. K. Harwood, J. D. Wilson, C. Lyon, J. D. Clark, Augus Eastman, Erasto Foss, E. M. Jewett, Wm. Cogswell, C. M. Atherton, Robt Dunlap, Alex Carson, Chancy Gould, A. C. Stewart, C. R. Wyman, W. Jones, R. L. Camden.

Capitol, (Naumkeag Mining and Trading Company), from Boston, January 23, 1849, 162 days passage.

Foster, John S.
Kitfield, Asa
Noble, Augustus
Proctor, Thorndike, master
Wallis, Joseph
Wallis, Joseph S., president
Woodberry, George W., vice-president

Charlotte, 541 tons (Boston and California Gold Co.) from Boston March 2, 1849 (or March 5, 1849), 149 days to San Francisco September 16, 1849.
Savory, Edward P., master
128 in company

Charlotte, brig, (company unnamed), from Newburyport, January 25, 1849, around the Horn to San Francisco in 149 days.

Bartlett, William, passenger

Passenger Samuel C. Lewis, kept a journal from March 4-September 16, 1849, of a voyage from Boston, Massachusetts to San Francisco, California in the ship Charlotte under the command of Captain Richard F. Savory. Held in the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, California (# 77/154 c). Presumably this is the same voyage and Lewis picked up the ship in Boston. The journal was started during February, 1849 and continued to April, 1850. Early entries contain information on preparations for the voyage. Contains lists of seventeen cabin and 116 steerage passengers giving the places of residence and occupations of each individual. Also includes a list of all of his outfits for the voyage and the price he paid for each item.

Charles W. Morgan, New Bedford

Charles W. Morgan was built and launched in 1841 in the yard of Jethro and Zachariah Hillman in New Bedford, Massachusetts, considered the whaling capital of the world. She was in San Francisco during the mid-1800s, but was a whaler and may not have been considered a "Gold Rush ship." On May 1, 1850, theDaily Alta California reported her as 6-1/2 months out with 200 barrels of sperm.

The story of theCharles W. Morgan

June and July 1849,Weekly Alta California

Charles W. Morgan in San Francisco July 19, 1849.

Chatham, brig (Essex Mining and Trading Company), from Boston, May 15, 1849, to San Francisco, November 1, 1849 (168 days). Chatham later used on the Columbia River.

Huffington, Captain
Freelove, Thomas W., pres.
Wallace, J. W.
Jeffries, George B.
Miller, John
Isnard, Joseph

Christiana, 226 ton brig (Beverly Mining and Trading Co.) from Beverly 16 AUG 1849, "tied up at the south bank of the Sacramento in the late fall of 1850."

Allen, Jeremiah
Batchelder, A. S.
Cary, John
Cummings, Francis
Dodge, David
Eldridge, John T.
Foster Aaron, mate
Keith, R. W., second mate
Patch, Joseph
Patterson, Thomas, master
Plummer, Samuel T.
21 in company

Civilian, schooner (Cochituate Mining & Trading Company), from Boston, November 6, 1849, to San Francisco, April 5, 1850 (143 days).
Dodge, Thomas, master.

Note: On November 4, 2001, Angie Peters at acppp@aol.com, e-mailed the following information, which was taken from an old board found in a building about to be demolished:

The Good Schooner CIVILIAN

Civilian to California.

170 tons, newly coppered, and four years old, Commanded by

Capt. Thomas Dodge, of Chatham, will sail for California Oct. 20th. She is owned by the "COCHITUATE COMPANY for California," now nearly full.

She is fitted up with Superior Accommodations,
is a fast sailing vessel, and offers advantages equal to if not
superior to any vessel that has yet been put up.
Please call for information at No. 69 Commercial Street

E. W. JACKSON Agent.
Boston, Sept. 27th, 1849.

April 3, 1850, Daily Alta California, San Francisco: The Civilian left Valpariaso 19th February for this port.

April 8, 1850, Sacramento Transcript, Sacramento, California: Marine News: American brig Civilian, Dodge, 143 days from Boxton, 36 days from Valparaiso.

April 17, 1850, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

FOR SALE - The good and substantial schoonerCIVILIAN (now discharging and owned by the Cochituate company) of 165 tons burthen, A 1 coppered and copper fastened, and suitable for the river or coasting trade. Said schooner is well found in sales and rigging, and can be sent to sea without xpense. She is a good model and fast sailer, having made the passage from Boston in 128 sailing days.

Also, for sale, her remaining stores, consisting of a large and excellent variety, together with a desirable lot of some 5000 feet hard wood lumber. For further particulars, apply to the captain or directors on board.

April 27, 1850,Daily Alta California, San Francisco: The Civilian, 165 tons, 5 years old from Boston, will be sold this morning at public sale.


Colorado, 199 ton brig, built in 1844 in Nobleboro, Maine (Boston and Wachusett Hotel and Mining Company), from Boston, April 20, 1849, for Benecia and Oregon. "The company, which included five women, carried out the material to build their own houses and also the frame for a hotel." They arrived in San Francisco June 15, 1850 via Cape Horn.
Baker, Captain W.
Partial list of passengers:

Braclett, Samuel M.
Cathcart, Mr.
Grush, Job Henry (married on board Mary Jane Stinchfield)
Stinchfield, Mary Jane (married on board Job Henry Grush)
Woods, Mr. F.H.

Copiapo, 1849 Holyoke Company, arrived San Francisco August 14, 1849, Captain Knowles, 90 days from Panama. 137 passengers..
Correspondence between the Starkweather family in Northampton, Massachusetts, and the four members who went to California during the Gold Rush period. The first one to go was Charles Graves Starkweather (1819-1906). He was an officer in the Holyoke Company and left on February 5, 1849 from New York aboard theS.S. Crowell going first to Chagres, Panama, then up the river to Panama City. When they found no ship to take tham to San Francisco, their company, along with others, bought the shipCopiapo, hired a captain, and arrived in San Francisco on August 14, 1849. Charles went first to look for gold on the Yuba River, but finally settled in the Sacramento Valley.

Thomas B. Overson: Gold Rush Letter to the Editor of the Bradford Reporter, June 19, 1849.

Cordova, (332 tons), (North Pacific Mining and Trading Company), from Boston, September 26, 1849, arrived San Francisco, April 8, 1849 (194 days).
Winsor, Captain

Crescent, (Salem Mechanics Mining and Trading Company), from Salem, December 6, 1849, 165 days passage.

John Madison, Captain
Robert J. Perce, First Mate
Robert Pratt, Second Mate
Benjamin Barber, First Steward
James Daugherty, Second Steward
Dickson, Thomas
Farnham, Charles C.
Gifford, Thomas J.
Gordon, Ralph S.
Hardy, William, Treasurer.
Haskell, Henry W., Vice-president
Hayes, Enos G.
Lecky, Albert, President
Newton, John H., Secretary
Simmons, Dean C.

Albert Lackey, Henry W. Haskell, Thomas J Gifford, Dean C. Symonds, John Madison, Thomas Dickson, Jr., Charles C. Burnham, Enos G Haynes, Ralph S. Gordon, William Hardy, John H. Newton, Jonathan Davis, Eben Waters, Nath'l Jenkins, John D. Chappel, Ed A. Wheeler, George S. Nichols, John P Dickson, Joshua Pope, Getman Andrews, Israel Herrick, Charles L. Hardy, Wm Graves, Asa A. Whiting, Wm H. Searles, James Gardner, Payne Morse, Benj S Boardman, Samuel H Larrabee, John Nichols, Warren B. Colburn, Solomon Cashman, Robert H Pratt, Parmenas Pratt, W. C. Eastman, Josiah C. White, Charles K. White, Hazen Sanborn, Stephen S. Gilman, L. D. Sargent, Wm B. Cross, J. A. Merriam, J. P. Brown, G. J. McGregor, Samuel V. Clark, John Gibson, Henry R. Neal, H. E. Brickett, William P. Buffum, D. Sprague, William Sprague, A. M. Barker, Charles H. Harvey, Edward A Morse, James Maxfield, Abbot Smith, Alonzo Young, Dudley Evans, Andrew J. Center, Ivens J. Phillips.

S. L. Crowell, bark, (Holyoke Northampton Overland Mining Company), from Boston, February 4, 1849, for Chagres to California via Panama.

Bridges, Horace
Chenery, Richard, president
Hubbard, Marshall
Phelps, Fred S.
Starkweather, Charles

Damariscove, Schooner from Damariscotta, Maine. Damariscotta Mining and Trading Company. Left December 18, 1849, sailed through the Strait of Magellan, arrived San Francisco July 12, 1850. The SchoonerDamariscove was built in NewCastle, Maine in 1849 by Abner Stetson, a well known shipbuilder of his time. " . . . having said or certified that the ship or vessel has one deck and two masts and that her length is seventy nine feet nine inches her breadth nineteen feet and eight inches her depth eight feet that she measures one hundred two and 51/95 tons that she is a schooner has a square stern and a billet head. An interesting episode among the crew occurred on January 20, when they were all summoned to a meeting to vote on whether or not they should be
allowed to continue smoking on board: twice someone had set fire to one of the sails, and some smokers were seen going into the hold where 8 casks of gun powder were stored.

Owners of theDamariscove, 1849-1850

Name Age Station Occupation Residence
Ball, Reuben 28 Seaman Farmer So. Weymouth, Mass.
Berry, Charles 30 2nd Mate Chordwainner/seaman Cape Elizabeth
Chapman, Lyman N. 24 (22) Seaman Carriage Maker Damariscotta
Chout, Francis H. (Choate) 43 Pilot Seaman Beverly, Mass
Curtis, William (Col.) 43 Seaman Ship Carpenter Damariscotta
Fullerton, William B. 39 Seaman Blacksmith Wiscasset
Hall, Thomas 52 1st Mate Boatbuilder Damariscotta
Hatch, Ephram (Hutch, Ephraim) 38 Passenger House Carpenter Damariscotta
Hatch, William M. 50 Seaman Farmer/Mason Bristol
Hescock, Harvy H. (Henry) 23 Seaman Brickmaker/Farmer Newscastle
Hescock, Joseph H.
(same as above)
21 Seaman Ship Carpenter Damariscotta
Hescock, Richard
(same as above)
36 2nd Steward Corker - Farmer Newcastle
Kenneston, William (Kenniston or Keniston) 43 Seaman Butcher - Farmer Boothbay
Little, John 34 Seaman Farmer Damariscotta
Look, Samuel W. (Lock, S or L. W) 40 Cook Fisherman Georgetown
Mellus, Daniel C.
37 Seaman/Rigger Ship Carpenter Damariscotta
Mellus, Joseph
(same as above)
43 Seaman/Rigger Ship Carpenter Searsport
Roberson, Daniel H.
22 Passenger House Carpenter Damariscotta
Talbot, George W.
38 Captain Farmer - Seaman & Mason Cape Elizabeth
Tuck, Mathew 29 Seaman Farmer Farmington
Weeks, Alexander B. 23 3rd Mate Sadler - Seaman Damariscotta
Williams, George B. 40 3rd Steward Farmer Woolwich
Ephraim Hatch: Evidently no relation to William M. Hatch. Hatch's journal disclosed that both he and Capt. Talbot had certificates of Masonry. There was noting to indicate that Hatch was a carpenter. Chapman's age was given differently by other researchers. The misspelling of George Talbot's name was apparently due to a transcription problem.

Ship to Golden Shore : A Chronicle of the Schooner Damariscove, Her Men and Her "Afterlife" 1849-1854.
Paper by Roxann F. Rhea and W. Randolph Stilson.

July 17, 1850,Sacramento Transcript, Sacramento, California

Port of San Francisco
Arrived July 12th -- Schr Damariscove, Talbot, from Nobleboro, Me. (Note: Newspaper notes it as:Damariscone.)

Delaware, brig, (Taunton Washing, Trading and Mining Company), from Fall River, November 2, 1849.

Crandell, W. S., vice-pres.
Manchester, Abner, mate and pres.
Staples, H. P., master
Thornton, George, treas.

Dimon, bark (Dimon Company), from New Bedford, January 30, 1849, to San Francisco in 168 days (approx. July 18, 1849).

Carr, John, second mate
Raymond, Robert P., master
Smith, George W., mate

Domingo, bark (Domingo Company), from Newburyport, October 21, 1849. No arrival date.

Bray, Captain

Drummond, bark, (Suffolk Mining Company), from Boston, February 1, 1849, arrived San Francisco, September 1, 1849 (210 days).

Cummings, Hiram, President
Pierce, Thomas J., Master
F. E. Baldwin, E. A. Kendall, J. R. Carr, L. Cleaves, J. A. Whitmarsh, Humpy Jameson, H. W. Colver, Amasa Bryant, Ed Faxon, Jn Gregory, Jr., J. W. Gay, Thos Emery, A. Sigourney, L. F. Rowell, Hiram Cummmgs, Hy Soule, P L Bliss, S W Grush, W H Tupper, Jn Holman, S N Fuller, M. Bruwer, H. M. Adams, Enoch Burnett, Jr., H. E. Gates, Jas Gibbens, G. A. Hall, R. C. M. Boynson, F. Z. Boynson, B. White, A. 0. Lindsay, C. T. Mallett, E. B. Kellogg, Hy Hancock, G. C. Cargall, H. Cummings, J. C. Trescott, G. W. Colby, Albert Cook, F. S. Frost, A. Merriam, Jn Hancock, D. C. Smith, J. Lindsay, S. A. Stimpson, R. G. French, G. J. Lindsay

Duxbury, (Old Harvard Company of Cambridge), from Boston, February 9, 1849, arrived San Francisco, August 22, 1849 (194 days).
Captain W.C. Varina
The Duxbury ultimately wrecked off the California coast just north of San Francisco. Duxbury Reef off Bolinas was named for this vessel.

Brierly, Rev. Dr., Chaplain
Thornton, Dr., Surgeon

Passengers: Jn Dowling, S. M. Keith, J M White, R C Bacon, K. Reiser, C. Reiser, O. F. Smith, Chas Skillings, Saml Kenddrick, F. L. Sargent, C. A. Upton, Hy Way, J. Critcherson, Jr., W E B Andrews, C. A. Bernard, L. Wheelwright, W. H. DeCoster, Rd Clements, N. E. Howe, A. Marshall, E. D. Shed, Chas Bailey, H. P. C. Loring, F. C. Loring, J. P. Lunt, Moses Heath, G W Pennell, Wm Stewart, Dan McNiel, W. B. Hastings, D R Kenny, Chas Litchfield, Isaac Miller, I Underwood, Jr., A. S. Smith, S C Moore, J. J. Wentworth, Mr and Mrs Kinney, R K Matsby, J W McDonald, M. Gallagher, Wm McLeod, Wm. Munroe, Thos Cooper, Jonathan Ogden, Thos Hayes, S R Trevitt, E Leavitt, Jr., Jos Hudson, N. Hudson, Wm Harper, W. M. & C. G. Carr, H Elvelbecht, Fdk Reeve, Hy Glade, D M Pierce, S Colsen, M. T. Moore, T. H. Colby, Rev B. Brierly, H. L. Sand, J A Merriam, A. J. Kimball, L. Mansfield, J. M. Clark, T. P. Bartlett, A Morris, Dan Howard, L. Crosby, O B Stanley, Col J. T. Bowler, J A Clark, Sml Fenby, G W Coats, Wm Gardiner, S. F. Weeks, J Adams, Jn Brierly, A. A. Wood, J. M. Moor, J. S. Burns, G. W. Rand, R. B. Thomas, H. S. Loveland, C. F. Putnam, G. B. Nuden, Dr. Burdell, Vale Nutter, Jere York, Horace Manson, Gilman, Vickery, Wm. Vickery, Jacob Remie, H. R. French, Chas Dunn, Cyrus Dunn, Geo Bolton, J. N. Frazer, S. P. Whipple.

To lessen the tedium of months at sea, The Harvard Company had fun with everything, even their own complaints. The first issue of their handwritten newspaper, the Petrel, presented their version of Oh Susanna: "Oh, Ship Duxbury, you are the ship for me, you are the greatest humbug that's floating on the sea." San Francisco.The Petrel's contents ran to doggerel, undergraduate humor, and stylish bitching. A want ad requested a set of dentures for a passenger who had lost his original teeth chewing hardtack. The "Committee on Three Meals a Day" announced its motto as "Bread or Blood." The Petrel also reported that some passengers were so disheartened by the poor food and slow progress that there was talk of an expedition across the Andes from Rio to the Pacific. Later in the year a party of Frenchmen actually tried this, leaving their ship at Buenos Aires and trekking to Valparaiso, Chile, but when they arrived their ship had already come and gone.

From Gold DustShips, Shipping, Migration, World Seaports.
Donald Dale Jackson
Alfred Knopf, 1980

A journal by William H. De Costa, William H. written from February 9-August 22, 1849 is held by the Huntington Library, San Marino, California (HM 234 and 249). In his first entry he indicated he was not going to California "filled with big hopes of a speedy return, bent down with a burden of gold" like his fellow passengers. Rather he was going with "a small hope of doing something - what, I may not tell." Made stops at Rio de Janeiro and the Island of Juan Fernandez. He wrote long descriptions of both places although that of Rio de Janeiro was written after June 24 while the stop was in April. Has numerous long descriptions of happenings including the visit from King Neptune on March 25. Two days after arriving at San Francisco he "went to work in the office of the Pacific News intending by so doing to realize a fortune in a few days."

Edward Everett, (Boston and California Joint Stock Mining and Trading Company), Captain H. Smith. 622 ton ship built in the 1840s at Medford, Massachusetts. Left Boston, January 11 (or 13), 1849 with 18 crew and 152 passengers. 174 days to San Francisco, via Cape Horn with a stop a Valparaiso, arriving July 6, 1849.

Smith, Henry, master

The Bostonians aboard the Edward Everett, still clinging to their Bibles and New England civilization, probably lived more comfortably than anyone else on the Cape Horn run. The organizers provisioned the ship with a dispensary, a board of health, a police force, and a weekly paper. They also thought of food and while men in other companies lived on salt pork and salt beef, the men of the Everett enjoyed such delicacies as cheese, potpie, apple sauce and plum pudding. They snacked between meals from a barrel of hardtack. To remind themselves of home the Boston men attached familiar names to the corridors between decks: Beacon Street, Ann Street, Riggers Row and North End. They educated each other in weekly lectures on geology and other scientific subjects. Two ministers took turns preaching on Sundays. On holidays and other special occasions, the company enjoyed concerts by its own orchestra of four violins, four flutes, and several guitars.

From Gold Dust, Donald Dale Jackson
Alfred Knopf, 1980

Edwin, schooner (Boston and Newburyport Co.), from Boston 2 MAR 1849, for Chagres to cross the Isthmus.

Allen, George
Allen, W. W., surgeon
Goodwin, Albert W.
Huse, William W.
Plummer, Bard
Tibbets, G. B., physician

Eliza B. or Elizabeth E. (both names given), (Hyannis Gold Company), from Boston, August 12, 1849, arrived San Francisco, May 6, 1850 (144 days).

Bacon, Almorah
Bacon, Captain
Bassett, Orlando
Bearse, Allen, H.
Bearse, Franklin
Hallett, Allen S.

Elizabeth, (Salem Mining Company), from Salem, April 5, 1849, arrived California, September 17, 1849 (165 days). Became a store ship, later used as United States Bonded Warehouse.
Kimball, James S., master

Emily Bourne, schooner (Emily Bourne Company), from New Bedford, February 9, 1849, to San Francisco in 180 days (approx. Aug. 8, 1849).

Almy, Robert B., vice-pres.
Chester, Warren M., second mate
Delano, Obed, mate
Potter, William R., master
Rotch, Horatio S., pres.

Emma Isadora, bark (213 tons), (Mutual Benefit Mining and Trading Company), from Boston, April 1, 1849, arrived San Francisco, September 13, 1849 (165 days passage). (Note: reported as "Isadora" when arrived in S. F.)
Henry Sanford, master and president
Daniel Kendrick, Vice President

A journal by A. Henry Stevens (dated March 31-September 12, 1849), of a voyage from Boston, Massachusetts to San Francisco, California is held at the California State Library, Sacramento, California. Includes a printed copy of the "Rules and Regulations of the Mutual Protection Trading Company" and a list of members of the company giving age, place of residence, and occupation of each. In a few cases there is indication of what became of the members. Also includes a separate record of temperature at sunrise, noon, and sunset between June 6 and July 10 as they rounded Cape Horn.

Emmaline, schooner, (New Bedford and California Mining Company), from New Bedford, March 2, 1849.

Bourne, Franklin, master
Devoll, Charles, mate

Eugene, schooner (Cotuit Port Association), sailed from Barnstable, November 11, 1849, to San Francisco, April 22, 1850 (161 days).
Colman, Asa, master
Tucker, Japhet, mate

Euphrasia, (Rockport Granite Mining Company), from Newburyport, October 20, 1849. November 2004: A researcher sent the following information on the Euphrasia:

Sherman, Thomas, Jr., Journal, November 7, 1849-May 26, 1850, of a voyage from Newburyport, Massachusetts to San Francisco, California in the ship Euphrasia under the command of Captain Charles Buntin. Peabody/Essex Museum, Salem, Massachusetts. The passengers had extended conflicts with the captain over food and chose a committee to present grievances. Includes lists of officers, crew, and first cabin, second cabin, and steerage passengers, a total of 148 people. Gives the place of residence of each person. Stopped at Rio de Janeiro and Valparaiso. Includes two poems by Ezekiel B. Andrews, one of 27 four line rhyming stanzas about "our Living" and another of eight stanzas of eight lines each. Held at Mystic Seaport Museum in Mystic, Connecticut
Snow, Chester Joseph. Journal, November 8, 1849-May 26, 1850, of a voyage from Boston, Massachusetts to San Francisco, California in the ship Euphrasia under the command of Captain Charles Buntin. Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, California, # C-F 94. Has a list of 126 passengers giving place of residence of each. Also has list of officers and crew of the vessel. Journal continues to January 27, 1851 and includes information on his activities in the mines.
Stevens, Solomon. Fragmentary journal, December 15, 1849-May 26, 1850, of a voyage from Newburyport, Massachusetts to San Francisco, California in the ship Euphrasia under the command of Captain Charles Buntin. Peabody/Essex Museum, Salem, Massachusetts. First of the journal is missing. Starts in the middle of a sentence. The first page contains a letter of grievances to the captain, which is followed by the captain's response.

Fanny, 400 tons, former whaler, (Hope Mining Company), from Nantucket, August 17, 1849, arrived San Francisco, February 21, 1850 after 188 days at sea. (A second source cites arrival as February 17, 1850.)

Bradbury, Wyman
Brock, Peter
Chase, William, 2nd mate
Congdon, Robert, 3rd mate
Morrissey, John, president
Parker, R. B. (later a prominent citizen of Stockton, CA.)
Parker, Royal
Russell, Uriah, master
Sawyer, Benjamin C., mate
Thompson, James
Worth, George

Falcon, steamship, (Nantucket Mining Company), from Nantucket, February 1, 1849, for Chagres and Panama.

Florida (Acushnet Mining and Building Association) from Boston, August 1, 1849, 154 days to San Francisco, January 2, 1850.
Robinson, James S., Master
42 in company

Floyd 223-ton schooner built 1844 in Falmouth, Massachusetts. Sailed from Providence, Rhode Island, March 5, 1849 under command of F. Mayberry with 72 passengers. Arrived September 16, 1849 after 220 days at sea. No stops indicated.

Frances Ann 446-ton ship, built Bowdoinham Maine in 1834, from Boston, Mass, April 17, 1849, under command of J. Proctor with 42 passengers (another report indicates 20 passengers). Arrived in San Francsico October 31, 1849 (another report indicated arrival November 1, 1849) via Cape Horn with stops in St. Catherine's and Valparaiso. Used as a storeship after arrival.

Friendship (Fairhaven Mining Co.), 336-ton ship built 1815 in Portland Maine, sailed from Fairhaven, August 29, 1849; William Stott, Master. 31 passengers. (A second source has her leaving Septmber 6, 1849). Arrived in San Francisco February 22, 1850 via Cape Horn. 178 days at sea with no stops indicated.

Gazelle, schooner, (Gazelle Company), sailed from New Bedford (?), unknown date, Arrived San Francisco, August 9, 1849 (176 days).

Atkins, Daniel B. (could be Aikens)
Bowles, J. W.
Chambers, W. E.
Coggeshall, J. H.
Currier, Joseph C., master
Haywood, E. R., clerk (could be E. W. Heywood)
Howland, Fred S.
Howland, Nat
Merrill, John, supercargo
Potter, Leander
Small, Samuel
Smith, R. S. f
Wodel, Eli (could be Woodell)

General Cobb, 121-ton brig, built 1836 in Taunton, Massachusetts. Sailed from Stonington, Connecticut October 30, 1849 under command of J. Price with 24 passengers. Arrived San Francisco April 27, 1850 after 177 days at sea. Sailed via Cape Horn with stops at St. Catherine's and Talcahuano. Used in South American trade after arrival.

George Washington
Click above to read her detailed story written by Thomas Jefferson Matteson. Passenger list included.

G. H. Montague, 167 ton schooner built 1848 in East Haven, Connecticut. Sailed under command of Master G.H. Montague on January 23, 1849 from New Haven, Connecticut around Cape Horn via Rio de Janeiro. Arrived San Francisco July 23, 1850 after 185 days at sea. Details of departure and passenger listings are on the linked page.

Glenmore, 476 ton ship built 1846 in Pennsylvania (The Virginia Company). Sailed from Hampton Roads, Virginia under command of Captain Poythriss on April 3, 1849 with 75 passengers. Arrived San Francisco October 6, 1849 via Cape Horn, Rio de Janeiro and Callao. It is believed that Lord Charles Snowden Fairfax was aboard this ship, although the vessel is referred to as the steamship "Glenmora" in a local history document.

Greyhound, steamship, (Rough and Ready Overland Mining Company), from New York, June 16, 1849, for Vera Cruz and Mazatlan, overland to California. No additional information.

Harriet Neal, schooner, (Massasoit Overland Mining Company), from Boston, March 12, 1849, for Charges and Panama "to go overland." Party broke up and 6 returned home. Some went to Mexico and hoped for passage from there. Balance took passage to San Francisco on either the schooner Evalina or schoonerTwo Friends.

Abbe, Dr. Alanson, president
Gould, A. W.
Judkins, J. B., sec.
Shepherd, Benjamin T.
Stearns, D. W.
Weare, George T.
Wilder, Edward

Harriet Rockwell, ("old ship of 450 tons"), 447-ton ship built about 1835 thought to be Portsmouth, New Hampshire. (Franklin and California Mining and Trading Company), from Boston, September 18, 1849 under command of S. Hawes with 97 passengers.; arrived San Francisco on February 25, 1850 161 days later via Cape Horn with stops in St. Catherine's and Valparaiso.

San Francisco 1849.
San Francisco, 1849
Library of Congress Collection

Bancroft, G. M., secretary
Barnes, Cushing
Dennison, C. B.
Hawes, Shabell, Master
McCoy, John
Nichols, John
Pratt, George L.
Saville, Capt. David, president
Southcoult, Allan
Ward, Daniel F.

Helen Augusta, bark, (Mechanics and Merchants Mining Company), from Boston, May 11, 1849, "170 days passage." Ship later sold under British flag and renamed Albert Emerson.

Adams, A. L., vice-president
Coleman, D. E.
Conant, John H.
Davis, C. C., sec.
Leavit, Joshua
Myrick, Fred W., master
Sawyer, Isaac
Williams, J. B.

Henry Astor, (Astor Mining Company and the Sherbourne Company) from Nantucket, 12 MAR 1849 or 10 MAR 1849, 188 days to San Francisco, 16 SEP 1849. 378 tons, returned to eastern port.

Chase, John H., third mate
Coffin, Alix H., mate
Fosdick, Obed, second mate
Joy, George, master
Thompson, Isaac, physician
51 in company

G. F. Joy, A. H. Coffin, 0. F. Fosdick, J. Q. Chase, T. Hinckley, Alex C. Fuller, Danl Bladgen, S King, E. M. Bartlett, J. M. Bartell, Jos Brown, Reed Getchell, H Coleman, 2d, J F Swain, A M Myrick, R. P. Eldridge, B. F. Ray, B. F. Ray, Jr, C. H. Gibbs, S. Barnard, Jr, W. S. Hight, Gideon Worth, E. A. Swain, S. Woodward, G. F. Bunker, Jr, C B Myrick, H. P. McCleane, C. G. Coggeshall, Seth Folger, G. G. Mitchell, A. J. Meader, Stephen Luce, W. S. Arthur, W. S. Barnard, S. L. Coffin, Chas A Taber, G. G. Nixon, W. R. Starbuck, A. H. Hinckley, Geo. Winslow, W. W. Allen, C. L. Groves. Andw Gardner, J. Sturtevant, B. M. Richter, F. H. Mitchell, Isiah Gorham, E. H. Bennett, T. T. Cathcart, C. S. Bunker, C. A. Granger, J. A. Hozier, Robt Sylvester, S. D. Blount, T. F. Chase, Jr, W C Holmes, I F. Hinckley, .I Thompson, E. P. Coffin. Geo F Allen, N. P. Centland, G W Lewis, Dd Patterson, Davis Hall, Wm. Wood, Geo. Backus, J. Fathearn, 0. 0. Folger, B. L. Wood, E M Hinckley, Wm Fatterson, Amos Rider, Jn Husser, Jos Nickerson, Wm J. Pinkham, Geo. Orpin, Rd Macy, Isaac Gardner, R. Manter, J. Hussey, G. H. Brock, Wm McCleane, Saml Fisher, H. Cleavelance, Albt. Austin, W. C. Doman, J. Pearce, A. A. Gardner, Francis Brown, Jas. Adams, A. Swain, G. L. Clasby, G. N. Riddell, Paul Warren.

Henry Lee, (Hartford Mining and Trading Company. 409 ton ship, Master D.F. Vail. Left New York February 17, 1849 via Cape Horn. 125 passengers, 16 crew. Arrived San Francisco September 13.

Journal of the Hartford Union Mining and Trading Company. 1849. Linville John Hall, George Gideon Webster.

Around The Horn In '49:
Journal Of The Hartford Union Mining And Trading Company. Containing The Name, Residence And Occupation Of Each Member, With Incidents Of The Voyage, &c., &c

Linville John Hall. George Gideon Webster

The original plan was to limit the roll to one hundred and to capitalize the company for $30,000 ($300 for each member). Later the capitalization was increased to $37,025—what the odd $25 was for was not stated. An unusual feature of this voyage was that a printer member of the Henry Lee's company took along the implements of his trade: a small hand press and a supply of type and paper. He set up his equipment below decks and printed, four pages at a time, a day-by-day narrative of the trip. The result, an 88-page book, entirely written and printed on shipboard, was completed while the ship lay in San Francisco Bay; today, book-collectors regard it as one of the prime rarities of Californians. (FromSea Routes to the Gold Fields, Oscar Lewis.)

The Henry Lee was built in the 1830s in Boston. When three weeks out from New York, a heavy blow struck the starboard quarter and careened the ship over on her side, throwing those on the weather side out of their berths and across the lower deck against the staterooms opposite. The dim lights which usually hung above the tables were put out. A crash was heard overhead -- chains rattling and falling, sails madly flapping, yardarms snapping and masts breaking. Two masts splintered. The farmers, machinists, shoemakers, blacksmiths, harnessmakers and upholsterers of the Hartford Mining and Trading Company were landsmen from Connecticut, unacquainted with the violence of the sea. They were craftsmen, men who could built and fix things. They were also New Englanders: they aspired to good order, good citizenship, and sobriety. Each had signed a solemn pledge of temperance. Strict rules (lights out at ten, no smoking in the 'tweendecks sleeping area) regulated their shipboard behavior. They planned to vote in the upcoming Connecticut election and tabulate the returns in spite of their isolation. They had transformed their vessel into a floating New England village, tidy and righteous and tight as a tick. The chronicler of the Henry Lee's voyage, a printer from Bloomfield, Connecticut, named Linville Hall, described their reaction to the storm:

The cry of alarm from those below, as they endeavored to reach the hatchways in the darkness, falling one over another, was terrible. Some were silent and made no effort to extricate themselves from their berths . . . Some were praying; others paralyzed with fear; others were calm and silent. One man, beside himself with fear, was endeavoring to put on foot into his coat sleeve.

At dawn the next day, the deck was a tangled and soggy mass of canvas, shattered wood and rigging, but they were still afloat and the storm was past. The task now was to clean up the mess and repair the damage, a job that landsmen understood. They unpacked their tools and went to work, pausing only on Sunday to sing a hymn of gratitude: "Safely through another week, God has brought us on our way . . . ". In twelve days the masts were repaired.
Linville Hall sketched this scene on the Henry Lee's deck late on an 1849 afternoon.

There are on the hurricane deck, at this moment, twenty-five persons, four of whom are playing backgammon; two chess; four checkers; one reading . . . one on his side lseeping soundly; tow are on their backs, and three on their faces, musing; one is whittling; two are a little separate, engaged in conversaton, three are overlooking the plays; two are sitting cross-legged looking at me while writing this note.

Hall saw two men in a longboat pulling each other's legs; several were on potato bins, guessing ages; a man on the stern polished a dirk while thee others supervised; six were high up the mizzenmast; twelve watched a checkers game near the wheel; seven stared at sea.

FromGold Dust, Donald Dale Jackson
Alfred Knopf, 1980

Horace, schooner, (Horace Mining Company), from New Bedford, March 17, 1849, arrived San Francisco, November 13, 1849, 248 days passage.
Randall, David, master

Isabel (New Brunswick and California Mining and Trading Company), 237-ton bark, built 1844 in Baltimore, Maryland. Left New York, New York on February 7, 1849, arrived San Francisco August 5, 1849. 179 days at sea.
Captain N. R. Brewer
48 passsengers. Non-stop via Cape Horn. Sold abroad and used in South American trade after arrival.
Passenger James V. Spader wrote two long letters (February 7-August 18, 1849) during the voyage, which are held at the Rutgers University Library, New Brunswick, New Jersey. Much of the second letter duplicates information in the first one. Entries are very brief, limited primarily to weather conditions, speed, latitude and longitude, temperature, sails set and taken in, etc.

Jacob M. Ryerson, 177-ton schooner, built 1846 by the Hudson Co. in New Jersey. Sailed February 24, 1849 under command of Master Collins with 28 passengers and 8 crew. Arrived San Francisco August 6, 1849 after 152 days via Cape Horn with a stop in Rio de Janeiro. She was used on the inland river trade after arrival and ultimately wrecked.

Japan, (Japan Nantucket Mining Company), from Boston, August 1, 1849.

Bigelow, Henry, master
Bunker, Samuel, mate

John Allyn, schooner, (John Allyn Mining and Trading Company), from New Bedford, February 13, 1849.

Brownell, Allen, master

John Walls, Jr., bark, (Mechanics Joint Stock Mining Company, also called, Brothers Mining and Trading Company), from New Haven, May 30, 1849.

Drew, Daniel, 2nd mate
Edmonson, E., physician
Sabford, Josiah, master
Wallis, Nathaniel M., mate

Joseph Butler, brig, (Mechanical Mining and Trading Company of Nantucket), from Nantucket, July 1, 1849.

Bates, Joseph, 2nd mate
Fiske, Samuel D.
Gardner, Thomas F., master
Ray, Peleg, mate
Swain, Alanson

Juno, brig, (Juno Mining Company), from New Bedford, August 15, 1849.
Cook, Edwin T., master

LaGrange, bark, (Salem and California Mining Company), from Salem, March 19, 1849.
Captain Joseph Dewing
The LaGrange sailed from Salem for California, March 17, 1849. The company " Salem and California Mining Company" owned the vessel. The company changed its name to the LaGrange Association prior to arriving at California. The LaGrange was hauled up on the bank at Sacramento and afterwards used as a prison. An August 23 entry describes the LaGrange as surrounded by whales. Entries are frequently long and descriptive.

Lanerk, bark (Boston Mechanics Mining and Trading Company), from Boston, February 9, 1849, to San Francisco, September 12, 1849 (212 days). Vessel returned to Boston in 1851. (Note: spelled "Lenark" and Capt. "Woodbury" when reported on arrival in San Francisco)

Lanerk, bark, (Neponset California Mining Company, Norfolk and California Mining Company, and the Roxbury and California Mining Company), from Boston, February 9, 1849. "Passage to California 212 days."

Blackman, Lemuel
Blanchard, James
Hibbard, Nathaniel, president
Pope, Henry
Robinson, Joseph E.
Sias, John, vice-president
Woodberry, Captain

Leonore, (New England and California Mining and Trading Association), from Boston, February 1, 1849, "Passage out 149 days." (Also reported as departing February 3, 1849)
Greene, H. H., master and president.

Leonore, ship, 370 tons; built Newbury 1835; length, 116 ft. 1 in.; breadth, 26 ft. 6 in.; depth, 13 ft. 3 in.; figure head, a female. Reg. Dec. 8, 1835. Micajah Lunt, Jr., Charles W. Storey, owers; George Lunt, master. Reg. Oct. 10, 1842. Micajah Lunt of Newbury. Charles W. Storey, William Graves, owners; William Graves, master.

(Ship Registers of the District of Newburyport Massachusetts 1789-1870. Compiled from the Newburyport Customs House Records, now on deposit at the Essex Institute. With an introduction by Stephen Willard Phillips (Salem Mass., The Essex Institute, 1937), 128.)

H. M. Greene, Jesse Sawyer, Chas. Plummer, E. B. Morse, J M Bancroft, P. H. Pierce, G. W. Jameson, E. R. Fiske, Jabez Hatch, S. H. Whitmaoo, Rufus Brackett, C. F. Hussey, G. W. Tyler, Dr. Lombard, Jr., H. Hilton, M. L. Capen, S. Newell, Geo. Emerson, Royal Oliver, J. A. LeCain, 0. Keenan, J. A. Clark, Hesk Roberts, Galen Poole, Joshua Mott, G. A. Putnam, Jas Mcintyre, M. LeBosquet, C. W. Smith, S. B. Witherell, Chas Main, F. Childs, Thos Pike, G. W. Josselyn, J. N. Gale, J. P. Crockett, W. Lewis, T. Whitmarsh, F. E. Archibald, J. C. Morse, J. B. Stickney, H. R. Chandler, Christo Rymes, C. B. Kingman, Asa Wilson, Jr., G. W. Kent, W. F. Barker, R. E. Strall, D. L. Libbey, A. A. Dyar, W. R. Cady, J. W. Patterson, T. R. Tripp, A. W. Randall, E. W. Barber, G. M. Davis, A S Leavitt, J. L. Harvey, Wm Robbins, Josh Atwood, H. C. Mayers, A. P. Chenery, Josh Mulloy, D. N. Pond, R. Howes, S. Bigelow, J. P. Jones, Ed Wilcomb, C. B. Trumbull, G. W. Sawyer, G. W. Tow, H. H. Flagg, S. A. Poner, J. M. Gillman, Wm Jackson, T. S. Leonard, H. H. Hyde, S. S. Mann, Robt Bunting, Aug Calliwell, T. S. Jones, L. M. Slack, B. B. Billings, H. S. Waterman, D. Gunnison (might be U. D. Gunnison), C. C. Perry, Chas. Morrison, G. H. Smith, W. F. Jones, Amos Weed, E. W. Morse, Atkins Opar, N. T. Cutlar, W. B. Tyler, J. Caner, J. 0. Frost, Dan Hinckley, Chas. Chandler, D. N. Fairbanks, J. J. Simmons.

Above list from: The Argonauts of California. Charles Warren HaskellThe Argonauts of California. Charles Warren Haskell.

The Leonore was apparently sold by 1849 when Greene became Master.

Found the following today: 2251. LEONORE, ship, of Boston. Registered at Boston Jan. 31, 1849 – permanent. Built at Newbury, Mass. in 1835. 370 28/95 tons; length 116 ft. 1 in., breadth 26 ft. 6 in., depth 13 ft. 3 in. Master: Herman H. Greene. Owners: Samuel H. Whitmarsh, Boston registered for New England & California Trading & Mining Association (Herman H. Greene, Boston, Agent). Two decks, three masts, square stern, a figurehead. Previously registered #312 at Boston Nov. 23, 1846; now cancelled, property changed. (Vol. 49, pp. 61)

Louisa Bliss, from Beaufort. August 24, 1850, Daily Alta California, San Francisco.

Three Centuries of Seafaring: The Maritime Art of Paul HeeThe Maritime Art of Paul Hee.
Rick Carroll, Marcie Carroll (Authors/Editors)

Three Centuries of Seafaring. The Maritime Art of Paul Hee.

Spoken: Per A. Hayford, August 16th, in lat. 33 38 N., long 133 57 W, brig Louisa Bliss, from Beaufort for this port.

With a 10-man crew from Beaufort, North Carolina, Captain A. M. Fales sailed the 88-foot barqueLouisa Bliss to San Francisco around Cape Horn with a cargo of lumber. The Beaufort crew included:

Brian Rumley, S.S. Duffy, William Penn Hellen, LeRoy M. Piver, James Gillikin, David William Noe, William F. Aatsel, J. L. Manney, Charles Whitehurst, and James Busk.

The Louisa Bliss was built in 1845 in Warren, Maine, as an immigrant ship. Owned by J. W. Elwell & Co., she sailed often to Bremen, Germany, and to Italy. After her 1850 voyage to San Francisco, she returned to the North Atlantic and sank off Nova Scotia.

Mayflower, (New Bedford and California Joint Stock Company), from New Bedford, April 2, 1849. Passage out 165 days. (Note: reported as "May Flower" when arrived in S. F. on September 13, 1849; also reported as leaving New Bedford on March 24, 1849.)

Randell, Captain (Also spelled Randall)

G. Randall, J. B. Meader, Alex Hathaway, Dr. J. H. Drinker, C. H. Randall, M McLaughlin, E C Clark, Lloyd Brooks, Geo Fletcher, Dan Suiivan, Thos Buchanan, G. R. Deane, Wm Merrihew, Josh Grinnell, Hardy Hitch, Dr. Ezra Thompson, A. S. Taylor, W. B. Hicks, Albt Seabury, Fred Gifford, Isaac Howland, Jas Manchester, Brd Coggshall, G. B. Macomber, Jas Bassett, R. Chicks, Lewis Albert, Irsl Washburn, J. H. Washburn, L. Brightman, C. Allen, C. Ball, E. S. Gifford, E. F. Stone, Geo Pierce, D. K. Ritche, H. Jenkins, J. F. Dexter, F. B. Howes, Jas Smellee, R C Randall & Son, T. B. Meader, I. S. Chadwick, W. S. Church, Thomas Stead, J P Mantor, H. C. Johnson, W. J. Pierce, Wm Lindley, S. K. Leach, S. Warren, J. H. Whaley, McPherson Barnitz, Oliver Allen, Josh Doe, J. H. Rhodes, Robt Williams, J. Crosby, Jas Huse.

Metropolis, bark (Essex County and California Mining and Trading Company), from Beverly, November 15, 1849, to San Francisco in 207 days (approx. June 12, 1850).

Bennet, J. C., master
Cole, William, vice-pres.
Davis, William, sec.
Ellingwood, Ebenezer, mate
Fisher, Mr. third mate
Fiske, John
Foster, John C., treas.
Low, Moses
Porter, John E.
Quiner, John, second mate
Sewell, John M.
Sheldon, Nathaniel F., pres.
Thissell, George
Trask, Israel

Magnolia, (Magnolia Company), from New Bedford, Massachusetts. Left February 9, 1849 with Benjamin Simmons as Master via Cape Horn with 93 passengers and 18 crew. Stopped at Rio de Janeiro and Talcahuano. Arrived in San Francisco 201 days later on August 28, 1849. This 396 ton ship was built in 1825 at Medford, Massachusetts.

Mary and Emma, 51-ton schooner, (Mary and Emma Mining Company), from Nantucket, December 6, 1849 (or December 21, 1849).
Captain Patterson.
After 149 days at sea, she arrived in San Francisco on May 5, 1850. The schooner was built in 1848 in New London, Connecticut and traded with the Sandwich Islands after leaving her passengers in San Francisco.

Bearse, John
Hull, David
Manter, Reuben
Patterson, David, master
Patterson, William
Rydon, Amos

Mary Wilder, brig, (Massachusetts and California Mining and Trading Company), from Boston, January 28, 1849, arrived San Francisco, August 10, 1849 (189 days). Ship later returned to Atlantic service and was renamed Nord See in 1868-69.
Barker, Hiram, president
Holbrook, Asa H., vice-president
Mulliken, Moses J., master

Morrison, New York to San Francisco. February 10-September 20, 1849
Captain I. Spaulding
Journal by Ebenezer Sheppardson is held by the California Historical Society, San Francisco, California. Photocopy and a typescript of the original in the Salem County Historical Society, Salem, New Jersey. The journal actually covers the period autumn, 1848-May 10, 1851. The voyage to San Francisco is covered in the first 164 pages of the typescript. Contains a list of passengers in the Morrison. Sheppard and a young acquaintance went to California as an agent for his uncle Johnson to sell $700 in goods, from which the two young men were to share the profits with his uncle. They each paid $150 for their passage in the shp. There were 100 male passengers on board. They made brief stops in Rio de Janeiro and Callao. Long poems are found in the entries for April 20, 21, 22, and 26 and June 3 and 8.

Mount Vernon, (Mount Vernon Mining Association), from Mattapoisett, April, 1849, arrived San Francisco, October 2, 1849, "and a few days later were in Stockton."

Atsatt, Captain
Shurtleff, George Augustus, physician (later prominent in Stockton, CA)

New Jersey, (Suffolk and California Mutual Mining Company), from Boston, May 2, 1849, Captain Boss. 181 passengers. Passage out 164 days. Arrived San Francisco October 12, 1849.

Boynton, Beresford, pres.
Cardell, Edward
Day, Captain
Dyer, Rev Barlow, Chaplain
Gibbs, Dr., Physician
Hanson, T. C.
Hardy, W. H., vice-pres.
Marsh, R. S.
Morrill, Jesse
Patch, John
Towers, Safford


Capt Boss, J. C. Pelton and wife, H. Bryant and wife, D. and M. Shepherd, F. Faxon, Fuingley, Rev C. A. Farley, J. Ross, S. S. Eaton, B. J. Beal, M. B. Lucas, A Spear, A Mellow, D Taylor, A Lynn, B. Boynton, W H Hardy, R. C. Marsh, Jesse Morrill, Safd Towers, Ed Cardell, Jno Patch, F. C. Hanson, J. Coffin, Rev. Bien Dyer, Dr. C. Gibbs, R. P. Boss, Wm Snow, A S Crocker, Robt Griggs, Frank Jones, J. T. Buntin, H. M. Wadsworth, Asa Walcott, L. H. Colburn, C. F. Cheney, J. C. Heath, H. C. Lea, E. J. Mann, H. 0. Byram, G G Trull, Rsn Tifft, Olney Dodge, Austin Thompson, A G Hastings, I. Spaulding, G. B. Lawrence, Chas Blood, S. P. Wood, W. H. Sheldon, C. Griner. W H H Hall, J. L. Foster, C. A. Stevens, C. E. Blood, L. Morse, J. C. Gleason, J. B. Grant, J Plympton, B G Folsom, Jos Meers, G. H. Webster, Jackson Reed, Lewis Mornll, R. Gove, T R Bailey, G N Scott, Albt Keith, Jas Taft, Jonah Williams, Jno Ayres, G. N. Fiske, H Wheeler, Jos Reilly. G F Rogers, L D Smith. Mr Driver, J. B. Cole, Jno McDonald, Z. W. Smith, D. L. Swain, J. B. lames, W. E. Crowell, Jona Crowell, Leml Neil, J. A. Southworth, C. F. Walcott, T. Dyer, W. W. Reed, J. C. Alden, T. J. Weeks. G. P. Morrill, Jas Hooten, Augs Reed, T. P. Merrill, R. and W. R. Merrill, J. H. W., L G. L F and H. Merrill, N. H. Pike, Hy Hooten. J. H. Depaux. L F Tarbett, W S Bartlett, J. E. Kitts, Tim Chillis, D. L. Page, Josh Sargent, R. W. Knox, G Bickford, C. J. Evclns, Danl Choate, J. S. Wiliiams, Jos. Dunn, R. R. Woodbury. W. H. Hill, C Richardson, J. C. Bemis, Jno Fiske, G W Atkinson, D. P. Ring, R. H. Goddard, Royl Boston, Jno Hogan, L. Gillson, C. Tappan, E. B. Leach, S. Buel, B. A. Goldsmith, J. M. Ginn, W. F. Sibley, M. Rehfish, C. C. Parsons, A. R. Richardson, C. M. Kemp, D. H. Morrill, Mr. Frost, G. W. Hobby, 0. W. Brandenberg, J. Shadd, J. L. Fiske, J. Hunnewell, P. Clowry, J. A. Meyer, W. French, F. Winn, Thos. Emery, Dr. T. Welsh, W. H. Bartlett, S Whitney, W. E. Johnson, C. Hewitt, J. Cash, W. A. Melvin, Jason Richardson, D. A. Mowry, A Dennison, B Haley, A Burke, Bryan, Alphons Benson, B. F. Cross, S. S. Green, S. Libbey, J. Besom, Harty, Jno Adams, Sml Goddard, N. A. Gordon, G. A. Bailey, S. P. Gilman, T. H. Borden, H. Fernald, C. T .Stumke, C. T. Eshandit.

Above list from: The Argonauts of California. Charles Warren HaskellArgonauts of California. Charles Warren Haskell.

Obed Mitchell, (Kennebec Trading and Mining Company), from New Bedford, March 29, 1849, "167 day" passage.

Cox, G. L., master
Hunt, Edward B., mate
Wells, Fred, 2nd mate
Cooper, C. M., treas.
Clark, Wm. B., sec.
Hayden, Charles E.
Constantine, Dr.
Bodfish, Major (later a hero in the Mexican War)

Orb, 230 ton bark, (North Western Trading and Mining Company), from Boston, March 3, 1849, arrived San Francisco, September 9, 1849 after 189 days in passage.
Moores, Fred W., master

S Dunn, C F Adams, W W Davis, F Poster, H P Willis, C A Downes, N Adams, F E Bliss, W Whittier, C S Fay, T E Dorr, 0 Dolbier, J L Chaplin, N P Rice, W H Moore, Alonzo Kinsley, R Wilkinson, C A Denny, T W Everett, Dr F Heywood, Dr W J Henderson.

Oscar (369 tons), (Mattapoisett and Bridgewater Mining and Mechanical Company), from Mattapoisett, October 5, 1849. Ship may have turned around without reaching California.

Barstow, N. H.
Cushing, Elnathan
Dorman, Jonathan, master
Eaton, Soloman, president
Mathers, Matthew, treas.
Meigs, Louis, home agent
Pratt, George
Sears, Nathaniel

Osceola, 264 ton brig, built in the 1830s in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Captain J. Fairfowl. Left Philadelphia January 18, 1849 with 15 crew and 65 mining company members. She sailed via Cape Horn with stops at Rio de Janeiro and Talcahuano, arriving in San Francisco 200 days later on August 5, 1849. (Departure date also listed as January 16, 1849.)


Dr Geo. Guier, W. M. S. Hill, H. W. Gillingham, W. H. Bunn, Dr. Cassady, Wm. Bassett, Wm. Freed, C. D. Bennett, Major Slaughter, A. Macarty, J. A. Less, P. Langton, G. W. Hart, Capt. Solinsky, A. Powell, Dr W. H. Graham, J. E. Wainright, G. H. Weaver, J. P. Kleinhaus, W. Wack, J. P. Dougherty, T. B. Butcher, W. Butcher, S. K. Harman, Col G. H. Rissell, Samuel Christ, H. B. Good, J Cowden, J. A. Banks, S. C. Upham, A. S. Kelley, C. S. Kelley, J. W. Folwell, T. J. Folwell, J McClelland, D. L. Munns, E. Boshm, H. Pryor, Dr. H. Schoenfeld, H. Courvoisier, F. Dekut, W. Arnold, J. Falls, J. A. McCoy, J. Kellum, W. Beenkin, F. Miller, J. Himmell, J. Moore, Gen. J. Kepheldt. Col G. Dreka, F. Kline, H. Limberg, J. Hertsman, H. Brady, J. Hewdegn, J. Keyberger, T. S. Rorgor, W. Fetter, G. Wilson, H. Hyde, H. K. Cummings, R. M. Patterson, C. Whelding, C. Beenkin.

Above list from:
The Argonauts of California ~ Charles Warren HaskellShips, Shipping, Migration, World Seaports.

The grim character of life aboard the Osceloa was typical. The brig's journal keeper was thirty-year-old Samuel Upham, a thin, sharp-featured former countinghouse clerk. Upham, who later became a newspaperman in Sacramento, brought along three gold-washing machines. Grumbling about the food, particularly among Upham's companions in the steerage compartment, began the first week. They complained that portions were skimpy and poorly cooked. Several days of rain exposed leaks in the deck which dripped directly onto the top bunks in steerage. But the real calamity came when the captain jettisoned the cargo stored on deck -- most of it belonging to passengers -- to ease the ship's burden. Over the side went Upham's gold washers, several trunks and valises, crates of brandy, casks of vinegar and other food, and the frame of a house. Several passengers had left all their baggage on deck. One man managed to salvage a cask, only to find pilot bread instead of brandy. "The reality of a sea voyage," Upham decided, "speedily dispels the romance." Complaints about the food precipitated an indignation meeting as they neared the equator. More rumbles were provoked when Captain Fairfowl flogged a crewman for what the passengers considered a trifling offense. When Fairfowl decreed there would be no more potatoes for the men in steerage, Upham branded him a "sea tyrant totally unfit to command a passenger vessel.". The only relief came when they sighted theCroton, a Californian bound ship from New York. Boatloads of passengers visited back and forth, sampling each other's food and drink and comparing grievances. Upham noted that one of his fellow sufferers offered 150 to anyone from the Croton who would trade places, but there were no takers.

From Gold Dust, Donald Dale Jackson
Alfred Knopf, 1980

Otranto, bark (Bristol County Mining and Trading Company), from New Bedford, August 14, 1849.
Howland, William, master

Packet, Brig. Left Prince Edward Island on December 9, 1849, commander Cooper with 6 passengers. She arrived in San Francisco 230 days later. There is no indication that she stopped along the way. From Ed Cooper:

My great grandfather, Captain William Cooper built his last vessel (brigantinePacket) to bring his family, relatives, and paying passengers from Prince Edward Island to San Francisco. Departed PEI 9 Dec. 1849, arrived S.F. 23 July 1850 (non-stop). Full details of the vessel are available. Sold at S.F. to a New Zealand Co., but registered at Adelaide, Aus.

Paragon, schooner (92 tons), (Gloucester Fishing and Trading Company), from Gloucester, February 19, 1849, 183 days passage.

Davidson, Pliny, mate
Haley, Timothy, master

Pauline, ship (Bunker Hill and California Mining and Trading Company), from Charleston, January 13, 1849, to San Francisco, September 1, 1849 (241 days).
French, Leonard, master

Peerless, steamship, (Marblehead Overland Mining Company), from New York, March 9, 1849. The company broke up at Brazos and all except "Mr. Heath" returned home.

Pharsalia, (617 tons), (Pharsalia Company), from Boston, January 25, 1849, arrived San Francisco, July 23, 1849 (175 days).

Allen, George W, master

Philadelphia and California Mining Company

We have no information about the arrival of The Philadelphia and California Mining Co. It may have been a company organized to mine gold on Fremont's Mariposa, which he purchased from Alvarado in 1850. Various boundary litigations ensued following the discovery of gold on the property, and deadly violence at times occurred when miners were not amenable to removing themselves from their claims.

Philera, (Philera Mining Company), from New York.

Easton, Reuben S., 2nd mate
Macy, John W., mate
Russell, James M., master

Planet, brig, (South Shore and California Joint Stock Company), from Boston, April 3, 1849, 160 days passage.

Adams, George
Baker, John H., vice-pres.
Cutting, Clark
Pratt, Henry, pres.
Stoddard, George
Thorndike, Artemas

Pomona, schooner, (Pomona Mining Company), from New Bedford, February 7, 1849.

Almy, Holder, master
Bartlett, Freeman
Gifford, George
Gifford, Philander, mate
Hunt, Philander
Nye, I.
Nye, Levi
Penniman, William, 2nd mate

Regulus, ship (Bunker Hill Mining and Trading Association), from Boston, March 5, 1849, to San Francisco in 192 days (approx. Sept. 17, 1849). Became a store ship and was eventually broken up.

Caniel Bradford, Captain and President
Parker, William M., vice-president
Baret, Joseph, sec.
Clark, S. W., treas.

The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, is holding the journal of passenger Thomas Williams from March 1-September 30, 1849, of this journey. (#78/19 c.) This includes a list of 125 members of the of the Bunker Hill Trading and Mining Association who were passengers on and owners of the ship. Gives place of residence and occupation of each member. There was considerable conflict among members and officers of the Association about finances and privileges enjoyed by the officers.

Rialto, schooner, (Rialto Mining Company), from New Bedford, January 30, 1849, "passage to San Francisco 150 days."
Downs, Charles, master

Roanoke, schooner (Boston Marine Mining Association), from Boston, July 18, 1849, arrived in San Francisco approximately January 1, 1850. G. M. Josselyn loaded the ship with mining equipment. When they found no market for the cargo, they "dumped it on the beach . . . but did sell the schooner , which was afterwards employed in the Sandwich Island trade." Mr. Josselyn later became a prominent ship chandler of San Francisco.

Josselyn, G. M.
Shelley, William N., master

Rudolph or Rudolf, (Shawmut and California Mining Company), from Boston, February 8, 1849, passage 219 days.

Walker, Hartwell, master
Waters, Andrew, pres.

Russell, bark (301 tons), (Nantucket Mining and Trading Company), from New Bedford, March 8, 1849, arrived San Francisco, August 2, 1849 (147 days passage).

Folger, Francis B., Master
Gardiner, Charles B., Mate
Sheffield, George B., 2nd mate

R Calder, R M Coffin, Geo Coffin, Wm Hunter, W C Myrick. E S Coffin, A C Bunker, A C Barney, A C Folger, G P Coleman, Geo Paddock, H C Macy. C C Hamblin, C H Swain, Wm Reynolds, Geo Sprague, G F Whippey, C Cushman, D A Meader, P H Folger, Wm H Westgate, J W Eldridge, Mettiah Fisher, J Praro, A Hillman, F Bond, E G Coffin, C F Coleman, Ed Allen, Wm P Prescott, F C Chase, C H Gardner, Reuben Chadw1ck, Wm D Sylvia, Wm Bond, Wm Chadwick, J Townsend, Jas Lawrence, F F Hussey, C S Wyer, Mrs F B Folger.

Ruth, brig, (Portland California Mining and Trading Company), from Portland, Maine, September 18, 1849.
Mr. Jabes Stevens, Captain

Details of her sailing from a passenger's diary.
The following persons names comprising this company whitch are herein next.

Mr. Jabes Stevens, Captain
T. Skelings, first mate
R. Brown, 2nd mate
C. Staples, Seaman
A. L. Fox, do
E. Scage,l do
Fr Sherman
To Bogs
H. Stevens
F. A. Russle
R. Alot, Carpenter
E. Hails (hark?) Stewart
D. Stevens
H. Dun
M. Nutting
S. S. Riney
D. Fesfender
T. Henard
E. True
T. True
E. Pike
S. Whittier
W Bailey
S. Hoit
S. Ban
S. Ficket
Wm. Wiswell, Tailor
H. Guile
W Been (Beer?)
S. L. Cork
E. Lawyer
S. F. Young, Dentist
G. Boyd
G. Drew
G. Stevens (3)
N. W. Chisholm

Sabina, (Sabina Joint Stock Mining Company), from New Bedford, February 3, 1849.
Green, Captain

Sacramento, bark, (Trescott Mining Company), from Cape, June 19, 1849.

San Francisco, 268 ton bark (Beverly Joint Stock San Francisco Mining Co.), from Beverly 15 AUG 1849, 149 days to California (approx. 15 JAN 1850), continued to Sacramento.

Brown, James, third mate
Butman, John G., mate
Goodridge, William (died in Sacramento)
Larcum, Andrew, second mate
Remmonds, Thomas, master
Rogers, Benjamin (died in Sacramento)
Wallis, Calvin (commanded ship back to Beverly)
Wallis, Isaac (died in Sacramento)
Woodberry, Edward (died in Sacramento)
40 in company

Sarah Abigail, bark, (Old Colony and California Association), from Plymouth, November 19, 1849, "Passage to California 235 days."

Bartlett, Joseph, master
Collingwood, John P., treas.
Dinnan, Thomas, vice-president
Goddard, Daniel, sec.
Holmes, Ephraim, president

Sarah Parker, (Sarah Parker Mining Company No. 1, and Sarah Parker Mining Company No. 2), from Nantucket, July 6, 1849.

Codd, James, master
Meader, Charles T., chief director, SPMC No. 2
Pinkham, William J., chief director, SPMC No. 1

Sea Eagle, brig (199 tons), (Middlesex and California Gold Company), from Boston, March 3, 1849, 226 days passage.

Hammond, Captain

Sea Serpent, schooner, (Sea Serpent Company), from Gloucester, November 8, 1849, 150 days passage.

Selma, 407 ton barque built in 1839 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, from New York, 177 days at sea.

Captain Orrin Sellew
Charles S. Bolles, 2nd mate
She left New York on April 11, 1849 with 93 passengers and 14 crew. She arrived in San Francisco on October 6, 1849, via the Horn, via Rio de Janeiro and Valparaiso. Selma (Bark). The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley has the Logbook kept by 2nd mate Charles S. Bolles from April 11-October 5, 1849, (# 77/161 c). Two preliminary pages contain lists of members of the Fremont Mining and Trading Company and the officers and crew of the Selma. Age, place of residence, and occupation is given for each person. "Left the Co. In Sacramento" is noted after many names.

Splendid, ship (Dukes County Mining and Trading Company). From Edgartown, September 17, 1849. No arrival date but was back in Edgartown in 1851.

Bayless, Gustavus, master and treasurer
G. A. Baylies, John S Smith, Barizillai N. Fisher, Thomas M. Pease, Edward Mayhew, William Mayhew, B, Mayhew, S. A. Briggs, W, Osborne, J. B. Osborne, Charles Cleaveland, William Buckley, P. B. Smith, William Cleavelend, R. W. Coffin, T. G. Coffin, C. H. Bunker, Abisha S. Cleaveland, Benjamin Stewart, James H. Bunting, Samuel 0. Fisher, William Dunham, los Wilbur, Richard B, Marchant, Joseph Cleaveland, Daniel Keniston, Dan Smith, Samuel C. Smith, C., Vincent, W Simpson, Thomas T. Powers, S. Pease, C. G. Athern, J. S. Norton, C. P. Smith, J. Sprague, C. Jernegan, W. H. Mathew, S. Norton. B. C. Luce, John Crowell, - Winslow, Joseph Dexter, Alphonso D. Luce, Mayhew Norton, Benjamin Hillman, John Luce, George W. Smith, G. Luce, E. L. Smith, Geo Smith, A. Dunham, J. L. Pease, W. B. (?) Mayhew, W. Jeffers, Paul and Levi Cuff, H. Wamsley, J. W. Hollister, O. Keene, George L. Clasby, Alpheus R. Baker, James W. Davis, Josiah T. McLellan, Timothy C. Osborne, Watson S. Butler

Sweden, (Mt. Washington Company and the Roxbury Sagamore Company, Roxbury Sagamore Company, Traders & Mechanics Mining Company, Cheshire Company, an unnamed company of 25 from Cambridge), from Boston, March 2, 1849, arrived San Francisco, August 3, 1849 (154 days). Made additional trips in 1851, 1853, and 1854. Other members of Company traveled overland from Boston via Independence, on July 30, 1849.
Captain Jesse G. Cotting

The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley has papers from James L.L.F. Warren, 1849-1889. Bancroft Library, University Warren was very active in the religious activities on board having written several original hymns for early worship services, two hymns for a burial service for a passengers, and one for the service in Boston prior to their departure, but words to only one are in the papers. Words to most of the others are found in the journal of Charles H. Fuller at the Bancroft Library and in other journals kept on board theSweden. The Warren Papers include letters, his passport from the Governor of Massachusetts; a prospectus concerning the ship Sweden: agreements; a program for the departure ceremonies; a clipping about the departure; two copies of Rules and Regulations for the ship (one in the handwriting of Warren and one in the handwriting of Captain Cotting); a list of passengers giving occupation, age, place of residence, and native state; words to a song composed by Warren entitled "A Sabbath Song My Mother" and a large quantity of accounts and bills for items purchased for the vessel prior to her departure from Boston as well as in California. These purchases apparently were for provisioning the members of theShip Sweden Company, which Warren organized with the encouragement of the owners of the ship. Warren remained in California and engaged in various business ventures.

Passenger Benjamin Bailey also wrote a Journal, March 1-August 3, 1849, of this voyage. It is held in the G. W. Blunt White Library, Mystic Seaport Museum, Inc., Mystic, Connecticut, Log 395. Contains a list of passengers giving their occupations, ages, and places of residence. Bailey was a 23 year old clerk from Boston. Also contains a list of the crew giving positions in the vessel and places of residence. There were 210 people in the vessel. Included among the passengers were members of the Mt. Washington Mining and Trading Company, Roxbury Sagamore Company, Traders & Mechanics Mining Company, Cheshire Company, an unnamed company of 25 from Cambridge, and some who were not members of any company.

Tarento, (Shawmut Mining and Trading Association), from Boston, April 2, 1849, passage out 165 days.

Boissier, A., president
Booth, Z. S., surgeon
Legg, William A., vice-president
Saunders, Captain


A. Bovier, W. A. Legg, Dr. Z. S. Booth, R. M. Waldron, C. E. Small, D. H. Rice, J. F. Cloutman, W. F. Somerby, J & H Shaw, H. M. Underwood, G. Kercher, J. S. Gould, W. Hancock, B. F. Briggs, J. Fletcher, J. Gordon, F. Sumner, H. C. Stowell, H. Shaw, G. S. Gould, J. Gould, P. Jones, C. S. Flagg, T. T. Bartlett, H. W. Chafer, S. Bowen, P. Larkin, A. Warren, G. P. Rust, J. Koskin, E. Brown, G. Lewis, F. McGuire, E. West, F. W. Robinson, N. Wartruss, S. B. Blanchard, C. Burlingame, W. A. Wilcutt, D. W. Poor, L. Downs. H. Thomas, S. Dickerman, G. Ward, W. G. Rider, W. Morrison, J. S. Willoughby, G. W. Sager, A. J. Tuck, J. C. Bullins, B. Swazy, M. King, Z. Cushman, J. C. Currell, S. Jameson, W. Bumstead, C. H. Hill, J. H. Barbour, S. S. Weston.

Tarolinta from New York, January 13, 1849, arrival June 29, 1849
Captain W. P. Cave
Passenger Abraham Schell wrote a journal of this voyage. It is housed in the Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley, California. Microfilm copy of both the original and a typescript copy, # CF 222 film. Had on board 85 first cabin and 38 second cabin passengers and a crew of 27. Journal ends seven days before they arrived. Made stops at Rio de Janeiro and Valparaiso. On April 15 has a very long poem of 61 four line stanzas about one passenger, possibly the one who produced a "scurrilous paper of a personal nature" called Frying Pan. Has lists of the members of the following companies on board with the numbers of members of each:

Albany and California Mining Company, (of which Schell was a member)19;
Albany Eldorado Company, 19
Chelsea Adventurers, 5
Leyon Winchester & Co., 10
Rail Road Company, 3
Diamond Association, 9
Milne California Association, 7
Esperanza Company, 4;
Schoharie Association, 5
Empire State Mining Association, 9
Fulton Mining Company, 9
Long Island Company, 7
Lafayette Company, 6
and an unnamed company from Bridgeport, Connecticut, 2.

Includes a drawing of the flag for each company and gives the places of residence of each person. There were also some independent passengers. He records a considerable amount of grumbling about the food and Captain Cave. Stopped at Valparaiso.

Toccao, schooner (28 tons), (Toccao Mining Company), 5 in company.
Captain Cranston

Tremont, schooner, (Tremont Mining Company), from New Bedford, February 10, 1849. No additional information.

Captain J. Mallory
A journal by William Lord Stevens in rhyming verse of the voyage, January 24-August 7, 1849, is held at G. W. Blunt White Library, Mystic Seaport Museum, Inc., Mystic, Connecticut, Log 401. This is one of three journals in rhyming verse discovered in a research project.

Two Brothers, schooner, (Two Brothers Company), from New Bedford. No additional information.

Bedford, William N., master


Steamer from New York April 23, 1849

R. L. Putnam, Dr J. B. Garland, J. M. Garland, S. Chenn, 0. Sthreshly, Mr. Newman, Dr. De la Montagne and wife, J Dobson, J. Finnie, W. C. Disbrow, R. Glover, W. A. Green, N. McDonald, Theron Minor, Geo. Leveridge, R. Goodrich Reganor, G. W. Coffee, J Desotell, T. Mahoney, J Sheppard, T. J. Smith, T. Jones, E. Townsend, J. B. Brady, S. Osborn, A. Andrews, W. Haywood, J. Perry, A. Coles, P. Jones, 0. R. Howes, E. C. Jenny, C. Bishop, Mr. Ravenhill, G. Stimpson, Mr. Cox, W. P. Perley, L. P. Spofford, W. C. and M. Smith, E. Allen.

Velasco, bark, (Narragansett Mining and Trading Company), from Boston, February 14, 1849, 235 days passage.

Bucklin, E. W., treasurer
Cleveland, Henry, vice-president
Nickerson, Isaac, 2nd mate
Roberts, Mr., president
Sawyer, Thomas W., 1st mate
Spencer, Giles, master

Vesta, brig, (Winnegahee Mining Company), from Edgartown, April 10, 1849, with a compnay of 23 men, all from Dukes County. passage 234 days. Arrived December 2, 1849.

Coffin, Matthew, carpenter
Hall, George Nelson, physician
Lock, Alfred, 4th mate
Martin, Richard, sailing master
Mayhew, Hilyard, 3rd mate
Mayhew, Ozander, master
Rowlston, J., blacksmith
Skiff, S. D., carpenter
Smith, Austin, 2nd sailing master
Smith, Rufus N., 2nd mate

William and Henry, (William and Henry Mining Company), from Fairhaven, passage 200 days.

Church, John, master
Lawrence, James P., 2nd mate
Writhington, Ezra, mate

Walter Scott, ship (Edgartown Mining Company), from Edgartown, May 7, 1849, to San Francisco in 156 days (approx. October 12, 1849). Returned to Edgartown and was fitted as a whaler.

Adams, Moses, chief director
Pease, Cyrus, sec.
Pease, Henry, master and treas.

Yeoman, bark (175 tons), (Plymouth Mining and Trading Company), from Plymouth, March 18, 1849, arrived San Francisco, October 2, 1849 after 198 days in passage.

Blakenship, Seth
Brown, Thomas
Clark, James M., master
Clark, Jonathan
Covington, Nathaniel, pres.

York, (Pacific Mining Company), from Boston, April 2, 1849, arrived San Francisco, September 17, 1849 (170 days).

Cleever, George N., master


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Sources: As noted on entries and through research centers including National Archives, San Bruno, California; CDNC: California Digital Newspaper Collection; San Francisco Main Library History Collection; and Maritime Museums and Collections in Australia, China, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Wales, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, etc.

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