Passengers: San Francisco 1800s

Ann Mary Ann

Prior to being sold as a whaler in 1849, the ship Ann Mary Ann sailed between Portsmouth and Liverpool. She was then commissioned for California.

For San Francisco, (California.)

The fast-sailing ship Ann-Mary-Ann, advertised to sail on the 1st of October, has been unavoidably detained, waiting cargo. Her day of sailing has been fixed for the 22d instant, when it is expected she will be ready for sea.

Her cabin has been extended to her mainmast, giving ample accommodations to cabin passengers. Six or seven passenger berths still remain unengaged.

Persons desirous of securing passage must call early, as the passenger list is fast filling up.

For terms, enquire of WICKHAM S. HAVENS

Sag Harbor, October 3, 1849.

The Ann Mary Ann was an old whaler, which went to California under Captain N. R. Dering, who never returned home. He died in California in 1874. The ship lay for a long time before disposing of her cargo, and her remains still occupy the place of her old moorings.

Cleared October 27, 1849.

Mary 4, 1850, Sacramento Transcript, Sacramento, California

Port of San Francisco

Ship Ann Mary Ann, Captain Dering, arrived San Francisco May 1, 1850, 180 days from Sag Harbor, via Talcahuana 70 days. Lumber, bricks, etc., to order.

Captain, Crew, Ann Mary Ann. 1849.

December 6, 1851, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

FOR SALE: Ship Ann Mary Ann. 280 tons register. Will stow 600 tons, and is a desirable vessel for a storeship. Apply to G. R. WADE. Sansome street, between Washington and Jackson

June 3, 1852, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

STORAGE -- Received on board ship Ann Mary Ann, head of Broadway wharf, at a berth conveneint for receiving or delivering goods, either from lighters or drays, with anchor at the bow, ready for dropping into the stream in case of fire. For terms apply on board to PARKER BROWN.

Storeships in San Francisco. 1800s.

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