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Please note: Merchant ship arrivals are included to give an idea of the volume and type of goods into early San Francisco. If you had the money, you could have anything your heart desired. Listings are by no means complete; names of passengers on these vessels are often unavailable.

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1853, San Francisco


  • January 2: Ship Coringa, 133 days from Boston. 701 tons.
  • January 2: Ship Charles Ward, 123 days from Boston, 698 tons.
  • January 3: Ship Raduga, 187 days from Boston. 586 tons.
  • January 3: British ship Refuge, Stubbs, 145 days from Liverpool, with 1121 tons coal to D. Brigham, Jr. Memoranda: The ships Charles Ward and Refuge, and brig Veloz, are to anchor on the bar. They have been off the Heads for the last four days in thick fogs and light winds.
  • January 3: Chilean Brig Veloz, Hanson, 53 days from Valparaiso. Flour, etc., to C. Koopmarkhay. Five passengers.
  • January 4: Ship Golden City, 118 days from New York. 810 tons.
  • January 6: Ship Courier, Dewherst, 92 days from Rio Janeiro. Coffee, &c. to master. Memoranda: The C. has been off the Heads for the last ten days; has had a pilot on board for five days; was towed up to anchor off North Beach by steam tug Resolute.
  • January 6: Ship Stephen Lurman, Clark, 206 days from New York, via Rio Janeiro. 453 tons. Merchandise to Frank & Von Ledgerck. Memoranda: Have experienced heavy gales on the passage. July 3d, lost foretopsail yard, fore and main topgallant mast, foresail; split other sails, &c. Aug. 16, off Cape Frio in a hurricane, lost yards, mast, sails, spring mainmast, &c. Put into Rio Janeiro for repairs. Have been off the Heads 10 days in thick fogs.
  • January 6: Ship Monsoon, Winson, 126 days from Boston (another report has 131 days). 774 tons. Merchandise to G.N. Shaw & Co. Anchored off the Presidio.
  • January 6: Ship Golden Fleece, Trueman, 140 days from Boston. (Another report cites 143 days.) 968 tons. Merchandise to Flint, Peabody & Co.
  • January 6: Ship Huntress, Lambert, 163 days from Boston. 607 tons. Merchandise to order.
  • January 6: Ship Arcole, Jennings, 146 days from New York. (A second source cites 162 days from New York). 663 tons. Merchandise to order.
  • January 6: Barque Black Squall, Faulkner, 146 days from New York via Valparaiso 36 days. (Second source cites 158 days.) 420 tons. Merchandise to Ogden & Haynes.
  • January 6: Barque Gallejo, Ellery, 187 days from New York via Valparaiso, 43 days. Merchandise to F.C. Sanford
  • January 6: Brig Daniel, Willetson, 17 days from Hilo, Sandwich Islands. Merchandise to Nuefus & Tichenor. Memoranda: Has experienced very severe weather on the passage; 7th day out, carried away all the rudder pintels, and could not carry sail. Left no vessels in port.
  • January 6: Brig Mary A. Jones, Hays, 21 days from Honolulu. Merchandise to Hussey, Bund & Hale.
  • January 6: Hawaiian schooner Caroline, Holdsworth. 20 days from Honolulu. Merchandise to G. B. Post & Co.
  • January 7: Ship Aberden, 150 days from New York 600 tons.
  • January 7: Ship Lone Star, 190 days from New York. 512 tons.
  • January 7: Ship James Corner, 180 days from New York. 679 tons.
  • January 7: Ship John Wade, 118 days from New York. 639 tons.
  • January 7: Barque Gallejo, 189 days from New York. 373 tons.
  • January 7: Barque Ork, 141 days from Richmond. 244 tons.
  • January 8: Clipper ship Charles Mallory, Hull, 113 days from New York. Merchandise to Wade & Reed. 698 tons.
  • January 8: Clipper ship Eliza F. Mason, Jones, 130 days from New York. Merchandise to Hussey, Bond & Hale. 800 tons. Three passengers. Memoranda: Was off Cape Horn 19 days with heavy gales; crossed the Equator Dec 7, in long 109, since which time have had light winds from Southward and Eastward; have been off the Heads 12 days in thick, foggy weather.
  • January 8: Clipper barque E. Harbeck, Emery, from New York, via Montevideo 80 days. Merchandise to Crosby & Dibblee. 349 tons. Memoranda: Experienced severe weather on the passage; put into Montevideo in consequence of being dismasted in a heavy gale. C. Marshall, seaman, of New York, fell oveboard and was drowned.
  • January 8: Clipper barque Dragon, Andrews, 65 days from Hongkong to order. Memoranda: Nov 17, saw an island not laid down on the chart; made it to be in lat 24 30 N, long 131 20 W; it is low, and very even, should judge it could not be seen, under very favorable circumstances, more than 9 or 10 miles. 23d, experienced a very severe gale from S S E to S W, with a tremendous sea, breaking at times entirely over the barque, and most of the time the decks flooded with water. Have experienced very heavy weather for the last 45 days; lost quarter boat, foreyard and split sails; from Dec 7th to 28th, a continual gale from N E to E, in lat 40 N, long 158 Ws

  • January 8: Barque Abyssinia, Gordon, 124 days from Sydney, via Tahiti, 35 days. Merchandise to J.J. Southgate & Co. 35 passengers. Memoranda: Ship Orpheus, Nooney, was to leave Sydney on or about the 1st October, for San Francisco, via Navigator's and Sandwich Islands; schr Royolist was to leave Sydney with despatch for Honolulu. The barque Asa Packer had been into Tahita on her way to Sydney from San Francisco. The captain died six days before arrival. Schr Fides arrived at Tahiti on the 24th November, 29 days from this port. Schr China was at Tahita from Central America. Ship Francis Whitney, Capt. Sylver, sailed from Tahiti on the 26th November, bound to Manila in ballast. The Abyssinia has been off this port six days and has experienced very bad weather since outside the tropics. Arrived at Auckland, New Zealand, on the 18th Oct; sailed on the 25; arrived at Tahita on 19th November, and sailed on the 26th. Sept 25th, Architect and Envelope for San Francisco in a few days.(Editor's Note: Newspaper uses Tahiti and Tahita interchangeably in this report.)
  • Consignee Notices, Port of San Francisco 1853.

  • January 8: Barque Delegate, Gillam, 127 days form Salem. Merchandise to W.H. Herron. Spoken Per Delegate: Sept 26th, lat 6 40 N, lon 28 54 W, ship Dumbarton, from Boston for this port. Sept 29th, lat 5 N, lon 24 30 W., barque Openango, from Baltimore for Valparaiso. Oct 10th lat 17 41 S, lon 34 16 W, ship Thomas W. Sears, from New York for this port. Nov 5th, lat 55 50 S, lon 67 10 W, a Dutch barque 77 days from Cardiff for this port.
  • January 8: Barque Asa Thor (Hamburg), Collung, 160 days from Hamburg, via Rio Janeiro. Merchandise to Herlick & Co. Memoranda: Has been off the Heads in thick fogs 8 days. October 17, off Cape Horn, exchanged signals with ship Milton, from New York for this port
  • January 9: Clipper ship Eliza F. Mason, Jones, 130 days from New York. Second report cites 141 days. 800 tons. Merchandise to Hussey, Bond & Hale. Three passengers.
  • January 9: Clipper barque Elvira Harbeck, Emery, from New York, via Montevideo, 80 days. Merchandise to Crosby & Dibblee. 349 tons.
  • January 9: Ship Malay, 117 days from Boston. 868 tons.
  • January 9: Barque Sherwood, 153 days from Boston. 447 tons.
  • January 9: Clipper barque Dragon, Andrews, 65 days from Hongkong to order.
  • January 9: Barque Abyssinia, Gordon, 124 days from Sydney, via Tahiti, 35 days. Merchandise to J.. Southgate & Co. 35 passengers.
  • January 9: Barque Delegate, Gillam, 127 days from Salem. Merchandise to W.H. Herron.
  • January 10: Barque Rocket, 138 days from Boston. 398 tons.
  • January 10: Barque Isabehita Hyne, 124 days from New York. 330 tons.
  • January 11: Ocean Queen. Consignees: J. Myer; J.W. Scuth; G.B. Post & Co.; McKinlay, Garrison & Co.; Smith, Brothers & Board; and order. Passengers: Messrs. J. Myer, E. Schutch.
  • January 11: Barque Rocket Long list of Consignees: F. Lawrence; M. Fairbush; Howard & Green; etc. Passengers: G.E. Warren; W.J. Warren
  • Passengers expected to arrive from New York in the Anna Kimball: Mrs. Lucy T. Holmes; W. Holmes and three children of St. Louis; Mrs. Eliza H. Lipscomb; R. Lipscomb, H. Pohiker and lady, New York; Mrs. Nancy Sears and son of Penn.; F. Spies and lady; W. Baker; W. Raynor; J.F. Phelps (difficult to read); T. McGee, New York; S. Copper; Mrs. Eddy, Newport Rhode Island; H. Shafer; Folt Lees (difficult to read); S. Simons, Albany; R. Jordon; Mrs. Miner and four children, New York.
  • Passengers expected to arrive from Boston in the Golden Eagle: Benj. A. Pettingill; John A. Holden; R.S. Young; Francis M. Clark; Isaac Pear; Matthew Pear; Maria Lyne; Lavinia Lyne; Saml E. Lyne; John E. Brigham; Saml H. Alyne; Helen M. Alyne; Saml Howard Allyne; Mrs. John W. Davis; Joshua Mitchell.
  • January 12: Ship T.S. Sears, 146 days from New York. 500 tons.
  • January 12: Barque Wessaumcom, 165 days from Boston. 320 tons.
  • January 12: Ship Lady Louisa (Br.) Griffiths, 190 days from Liverpool; 1223 tons coal; to Dickson, De Wolf & Co.
  • Ship Albatross, Knowles, 160 days from new York, mdse; to Gorgan & Lent. 8 passengers.
    Memoranda: Was off Cape Horn 30 days with heavy gales; sprung jibbom, stove boats, etc.
  • Ship Felicidad, Cortina, 51 days from Valparaiso, mdse; to Grogan & Lent; 8 passengers.
  • Ship Thomas W. Sears, Osgood, 146 days from New York, mdse; to H. P. Blanchard & Co.
  • January 12: Barque Wessacumcon, Batchelder, 164 days from Boston, mdse to Flint, Peabody & Co. 1 passenger.
  • Barque William III (Dutch) Vandenborg, 144 days from Cardiff, Wales, 760 tons coal to E Knight.
  • January 12: Barque Dos Amigos(Chil.) Chiesa, 52 days from Valparaiso, mdse to Hellman Bros & Co. 30 passengers.
  • January 12: Barque Jan Van Hoorn(Dutch) Bouton, 180 days from Rotterdam, via Valparaiso 53 days, mdse to Gildemeester, DeFremery & Co., 4 passengers.
  • January 14: Ship Souter Johnny, 149 days from New York. 699 tons.
  • January 15: Ship Zenobia, 630 tons. Burrows, 210 days from New York via Valparaiso 54 days. Stores, etc., to W. F. Babcock & Co. Was off Cape Horn 30 days with heavy gales. Has been off the heads for 6 days. Oct. 10th, lat 54 45 S, long 66 10 W, was boarded by a boat from the Spanish ship Perseverance, Capt. Bathrice, from Cadiz for Guayaquil, with an assorted cargo. Had been up into by another ship, name unknown the night previous, which carried away her stern and quarter, so as to compel the captain and crew to leave hre in a sinking condition. Capt. Burrows hove-to and took off the remainder of the crew, 22 in number, and brought them to this port. The Zenobia has anchored off Arch Rock.
  • January 17, 1853, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

    Consignee Notices

    Dutch Barque Jan Van Hoorn, from Dordrecht. Consignees by this vessel are hereby notified that she is now ready to discharge, and are requested to call at our office, pay freight, and receive orders for this goods.

    ja16-15 Sansome Street.

  • Brig Clarendon, Vincent, 33 days from Mazatlan, ballast; to Master; 57 passengers; 37 females.
  • Schr. Pilgrim, Mayhem, 45 days from Tombez (Peru). Produce to Steer & Hathaway. Memoranda: The whale ship Courier, of New Bedford, with 1000 bbls sperm oil, had touched at Tombez and sailed a short time previous -- all well.
  • The T. W. Sears, Albatross, barque Wessacumeon, brig Clarendon, schr Pilgrim, barque William III, ship Lady Louise and schr Gazelle, all lay off Black Point.
  • Schr Gazelle, Stoddard, 43 days from Seypan (Ladrone Islands). Oranges to H. R. Reed & Co.:
    Left at Ladrone Islands October 27 whaling ship Alabama, Cogswell, or Nantucket, 600 sp. to sail on a cruise soon-all well; Eliza B. Jenny, North, of New Bedford, 600 sp, do do; British ship Athol, Davidson, 700 sp. put in account of mutiny of crew, and sailed again October 18 for Manila; French ship Gustave, from Arctic, 800 bbs whale, arrived the days she sailed.
  • Ship Patrie (Fr), Perraud, 146 days from Bordeaux. Wine and brandy to order.
  • January 17: Comet. Large cargo (1836 tons), long list of Consignees. Passengers: Mrs. E.C. Gardiner and two children; D.B. Finch, lady and two children; Mrs. E. T. Scoles; Mrs. E. Reynolds; James McEwen; C.W. Bond; H.W. Starr
  • January 18: New World. Consignees: Neefus & Tichenor. Passengers: J. Wistar; W. Risley; J. Gale; J.J. Simpkins; J. H. Wright; C. C. Levy
  • January 18: George Fyfe. Consignees: S.C. Compton; J. W. Schuth; Master and Order. Passengers: Richard Cole, lady, two children and servant.
  • January 20: Ship Flying Dutchman, 104 days from New York. 1257 tons.
  • January 20: Ship Senator, 137 days from New York. 707 tons.
  • January 27: Clipper ship Flying Dutchman, Hubbard, 103 days from New York, via Rio Janeiro. Mdse to D. L. Ross & Co. 15 passengers. The Flying Dutchman has anchored off the Presidio.
  • January 27: Ship Senator, Coffin, 136 days from New York. Mdse to C. Minturn.
  • January 27: Ship Bolivia, French, Bean, 158 days from Bordeaux. Mdse to P. Maury & Co.
  • January 28: Barque J.J. Cobb, 138 days from New York. 307 tons.
  • January 29: Ship Thos. Watson, 130 days from Philadelphia. 343 tons.
  • January 29: Barque Oriole, 171 days from Baltimore. 223 tons.
  • January 30: Ship Sarah Parker, 220 days from New Bedford. 358 tons.
  • January 30: Westward Ho, 107 days from Boston. 1650 tons.
  • January 30: Ship Manchester, 166 days from new York. 570 tons.
  • January 30: Ship Revere, 138 days from Boston. 734 tons.
  • January 30: Ship Flying Fish, 98 days from New York. 1505 tons.
  • January 30: Ship Wash. Allston, 153 days from Boston. 399 tons.
  • January 30: Barque Sarah Moers, 190 days from Philadelphia. 281 tons.


  • February 2: Ship Gem of the Ocean, 121 days from Boston. 702 tons.
  • February 2: Ship John Gilpin, Capt. Justus Doane, 92 days from New York. 1089 tons. Passengers: C.W. Brooks; Mrs. H.K. Casebolt and six children; Mrs. G.J. Robinson and two children; W. Saterlee, lady, and three children
  • February 2: Ship Milton, 239 days from New York. 598 tons.
  • February 7: Ship Wild Pigeon, 119 days from New York 997 tons.
  • February 10: Ship St. Charles, 126 days from New York. 798 tons.
  • Feburary 12: Ship Dauntless, 122 day sform Boston. 791 tons.
  • February 15: Ship Franconia, 150 day sfrom Boston. 499 tons.
  • February 16: Ship Abby Pratt, 151 days from New York. 559 tons.
  • February 16: Brig Juliet, 161 days from Baltimore. 209 tons.
  • February 17: Ship Adelaide, 164 days from New York. 373 tons.
  • February 17: Ship Gen. Washington, 150 days from Philadelphia. 677 tons.
  • February 17: Anstisa, 144 days from Richmond. 596 tons.
  • February 18: Ship Geo Raynes, 129 days from Boston. 999 tons. George RaynesPenhallow, 127 days from Boston, via Juan Fernandez Jan 3. Crossed the equator Jan 22 in Long 114, since which time has had light winds; has been within 600 miles for the last 12 days. Merchandise consigned to Eldredge & Poualand; A. Martin; Story, Reddington & Co., Flint, Peabody & Co., Hussey, Bond & Hale; J.W. Stetson; N.L. Drew; J.F. Stuart; Whitman & Herrick; Chapin & Sawyer, J. Baker; Rankin & Co., S.W. Shelton & Co.; Eveleth & Co; Whitman & Hornek; Slide & Co., and Order. Spoken: Ship St. Patrick, from New York for this port, Jan 29, Lat 15 N, Long 122 W. Passengers: F.W. Bigelow; C.H. Cushing; A.F. Saywer; A.W. Haskell; J.H. Roberts; G.E. Russell; Mrs. Mary A. Rogers; Mrs. Amanda W. Rogers; Mrs. Julia How; Mrs. O. J. McKinney and four children; Lewis French; Mrs. Eliza French; Mrs. B. Fletcher; Masters James, William, Payette and Josiah Harlow; Mrs. Ann E. Rayne; Miss Ellen E. Main; Mr. A. Fernald; Mrs. Martha A. Fernald; Mr. G. Davenport; Mr. G.C. Scott; Mrs. Anna Scott; Miss Catherine Scott; Mrs. Eliza Kinsman and three children; Mrs. Mary A. Larnan; Mrs. Mary Kempman; Mrs. Ann Haywood; Miss H.G. Haywood; E. Johnson; E.E. Benjamin; N. Sherburn; F.W. Lewis; C. Barker; D. Scott; J. Scott; S. Troop; S. Nash; G. Clark; J. Kinsman; E. Gifford; Mrs. Mary Hartwell; Mrs. H. Sweeny; A.C. Littlefield; C. Dunham; P. Cormin; G.C. Hodgden; W. Scott.
  • February 18: Ship Henry Gardiner, British, 211 days from Liverpool, 930 tons coal; to Engells, Hooper & Co. Was 30 days off Cape Horn in heavy gales. October 28th, in a heavy gale, was compelled to heave overboard part of her cargo of coal to lighten the vessel.
  • February 18: Barque Anna Isabella, Chil, Wiping, 76 days from Valparaiso. 35 bags sugar, 1669 bags beans, 107 cs. champagne, 3080 bags bran, 30 cs. almonds, 158 bgs barley, 10 ceroons mats; 75 bags 4 ceroons coffee; 126 bags 800 half coffee 1200 q? flour, 89 do corn, 115 do cocos, 9 cases castor oil. Merchandise to Hellman Bros. & Co.
  • February 19: Ship St. Patrick, 150 days from New York. 900 tons.
  • February 19: Ship Harvard, 258 days from new York. 498 tons.
  • February 22: Ship Napoleon, 165 days from Richmond. 649 tons.
  • February 22: Barque Petrea, 147 days from Boston. 494 tons.
  • February 23: Ship Northern Light, 118 days from Boston. 1021 tons.
  • February 24: Ship Trade Wind
  • Trade Wind, Captain Webber, 102 days from New York. 2045 tons. Merchandise to Ritchie, Osgood & Co. Memoranda: On Saturday, Dec 4th, 1852, in lat 1 14 N, lon 32 38 W, the ship was discovered on fire in the lower between decks, originating, as was afterward discovered, under the cook's gallery, the tiles and cement becoming so heated as to ignite the deck beneath, which setting fire to the light goods stowed there, gained a rapid headway before the burning of a bulkhead, let the smoke into the chain lockers from whence it poured on deck through the manhole, displaying the danger. Several holes were cut through directly above, through which the hose of the force pump was brought to bear with great effect. After 8 hours labor, by the most active exertions, the fire was extinguished. During the fire, was compelled to keep the ship before the wind in consequence of which, fell to leeward off Cape St. Roque, and lost 4 days in beating around. The greatest difficulty encountered arose from the rapid formation of carbonic acid gas, which, generating in the confined space for a while, baffled almost every endeavor, and at one time rendered the safety of the ship critical, by the almost total prostration of the officers and crew. The vessel sustained no serious damage, the injury being mostly confined to the goods around. Was off Cape Horn 6 days in heavy westerly gales; crossed the equator Feb 7th, lon 112 21 W (16 days since), since which time have had fresh breezes from N.E. 42 passengers: Hale and lady; Harman and lady; Pond and lady; Wadsworth and lady; Condon and lady; Pierpont and lady; Dickinson and lady; Bell and lady; J. Hannah, Jr.; J.A. Deyer; J. Wing; Burton; Fowle; Miss Fowle; Mrs. Fowle; Mrs. Corbyn; Store, wife and child; Mrs. Parry and four children; Miss Conell; Middlebank and lady; Davenport and lady; Miss Davey. Married on board clipper ship Trade Wind by Rev. Mr. Harmon, Mr. Edwin S. Quinby to Miss Harriet P. Coburn, all of Bangor, Maine.
  • February 24: Clipper Contest, 100 days from New York, 1099 tons.
  • February 24: Ship Colchis, 176 days from Boston. 422 tons.


  • March 1: Ship Java, 192 days from Philadelphia. 538 tons.
  • March 1: Ship Capitol, 134 days from Richmond. 687 tons.
  • March 4: Barque Panama, (N. Granadian), Henly, from Panama via Punta Arenas, 54 days. Merchandise: 60 octaves wine, 12 bbls twine; 2003 bags barley, 45 bxs chickens; 5 do turkeys, 5 do mustard; 5 do pickles; 5 do Stoughton's elixir, 36 hf bbls park; 34 sacks rice, 7 bales sarsaparilla, 35 sacks coffee, 100 hf bbls flour, 1301 cedar boards, 40 bbls cement, 6 pkgs merchandise. To E.D. Heatly & Co. 70 passengers.
  • March 4: Brig Consort, Townsend. 30 days from Sitka (Russian Colonies), 220 tons ice to Kostromitinoff.
  • March 4: Brig Cornelia, Nye, 22 days from Mazatlan. Experienced very heavy weather 15 days on the passage, since which time has experienced light winds; has been off the harbor for the last five days. Merchandise to master: 1 steamboat boiler, 2 engines complete, 2 anchors, 2 chain, $38,000 in specie, 662 sacks corn, 100 hogs and pigs, 77 sides leather, 16 doz. fowls, 1 wagon and harness, 20 pkgs. merchandise unspecified. Passengers: W.O. Launstein; J. Burgess; W. Wright; W.F. Upham; Albert Cranish; J. Swift.
  • March 4: Ship William Penn, 180 days from New York. 810 tons
  • March 4: Schooner Kaluna, 127 days from Machias, Me. 150 tons
  • March 5: Ship Cumberland, Hooper, 158 days from New York, via Valparaiso. (Another report cites 163 days.) Merchandise to Cumming & Phillips. 817 tons. Passengers: Mrs. Morris, three children and servant; Mrs. A. Tilden; Mr. Chaplin; Misses Chapmans; Mr. Rossi and lady; Mr. Pennington and three children
  • March 9: Ship A. M. Lawrence, 136 days from Philadelphia. 593 tons.
  • March 10: Clipper ship Telegraph, Pousland. 114 days from Boston. Crossed the Equator Feb 17 long 110 10W, since which time have had light winds; have been within 600 miles of this port since the 28th Feb; was off Cape Horn 14 days with heavy westerly winds. 1069 tons. Merchandise to Collins, Cushman & Co. Passengers: A. Hinges, lady and child; O. Clement and lady; Mrs. D. Brown; Mrs. H.W. Sweet and two children; Mrs. H.S. Winn and child; M.D. Moloney; Miss M. Tunney; J.D. Dudley; E. Morse, Jr.; F.H. Porter; C.W. Walker; W.O. Farnsworth; R. Cooper; P. Moran; J. Cahill; P. Sherry; T. Doyle; P. Murphy; Q.D. Richards.
  • March 10: Clipper ship Game Cock, 114 days from New York. 1092 tons (1292? tons)
  • March 10: Clipper ship Meteor, Pike. 110 days from Boston. Was off Cape Horn 10 days. Crossed the Equator 10th February, long 188 W, since which time have had light N.E. winds. On the 2d inst was within 400 miles of this port. 1068 tons. Mdse to Flint, Peabody & Co. Anchored off North Beach. 13 passengers: Mrs. Mary A. Watson and three children; Mrs. S.W. Aitkin; Mrs. W.R. Coleman and two servants; W.H. Seaver; H.M. Wyman; H.H. Saunders.
  • March 10: Barque Green Point, McCormack. 139 days from New York. Cargo: 2 carriages, butter, one thrashing machine, glasses, cement, rope, furniture, 20 smith's bellows, crockery and assorted goods. Mdse to Beck & Elam. 500 tons. 23 passengers: G.H. Anderson and lady; O. Chart (might be Chast, Chant) and lady; F.O. Aubrey, lady and child; W.H. Woodhaus; S.K. Glover; J. Blundell, lady and four children; Mrs. F.T. Hayfield and child; Gibson and lady; P. Famaily; J. McCarty; C. Merritt; S. Sullivan.
  • March 10: Barque Salem, Captain Miliett. 142 days from New York, via Valparaiso 53 days. Anchored off North Beach. Mdse to Bingham, & Reynolds. 342 tons. 12 passengers: J. Bryan, lady and two children; Miss E. Brian; Mrs. C. B. Finchley and two children; Lawton; Miss Lawton; Bohmer; Miss Bohmer; 7 in the steerage.
  • March 10: Brig Boston, Crowell. 151 days from Malaga. Anchored off North Beach. Fruit, &c; to Stevens & Lyons.
  • March 11: Clipper ship Queen of the Seas, Knight. 127 days from Boston via Valparaiso. 45 days. Merchandise to Flint, Peabody & Co. 961 tons. 76 passengers.
  • March 11: Clipper ship Whirlwind, Burgess. 118 days from Boston. Merchandise to Bassey, Bond & Hale. 961 tons. 16 passengers: George P. Soren; B. Taber; C.W. Taber; H.E. Taber; Mrs. S.F. Taber; Abby A. Taber; Mary A. Sow; G.W. Snow; W.J. Fash; H.P. Castleton; R. Thompson; C.B. Thompson; H.D. Henry; S.A. Hassey
  • March 12: Ship Sweden, Henry, 140 days from Boston. Merchandise to Macondray & Co. 646 tons.
  • March 12: Ship Adelaide Metcalf, Scott, 175 days from New York via Callao 45 days. Merchandise to order. 674 tons. Passenger: Mr. D. Cann (difficult to read).
  • March 12: Hamburg Barque Amazon, Schween, 57 days from San Antonio, Chile. Merchandise to W. Meyer & Co. Passenger: G. Middleman.
  • March 12: Chilean Barque Carmel y Prado, Gayman, 55 days from Valparaiso. Merchandise ot E.D. Heatlry & Co. Passengers: J. Blythe and two in steerage.
  • March 14: Barque Clyde, 161 days from New York. 398 tons.
  • March 15: Ship Grey Feather, McLaughlin. 126 days from New York. Spoken: Jan 8th, off Cape Horn, Br. barque Superb, 100 days from Cardiff, for this port; March 5th, lat 30 80, long 133 34, Br. brig Marian Brannan, from Liverpool via Callao 30 days for this port. Merchandise to Hussey, Bond & Hale. 587 tons.
  • March 15: Ship Realm, Stevens. 174 days from New York. Merchandise to master. 548 tons. Spoken: Oct 12th, lat 36 03 N, lon 32 37 W, ship Berlin, Bearse, 25 days from New York for this port
  • March 15: British ship Schordian, Coulter. 157 days from Cardiff, with 1004 tons coal to E. Knight.
  • March 15: British barque Argentinus, Curry, 195 days from Liverpool, with 750 tons coals to E. Knight.
  • March 15: Schooner Sierra Nevada, Woodley, 17 days from Honolulu. Merchandise to Hickok " Brown.
  • March 16: Ship Leopard, Graves. 152 days from mBoston. Merchandise to Flint, Peabody & Co. 888 tons (? difficult to read) (Note: The ship is listed as Leopold in another source.
  • March 16: Ship Berlin, Bearne. 180 days from New York. Merchandise to Alsop & Co. 613 tons.
  • March 16: Swedish Ship Oscar, Lidquist. 52 days from Valparaiso. Merchandise to Godeffroy, Sillem & Co; J. Friedlander & Co; Goddeffroy, Sillem & Co.; Hellman Bros.; Fay & Willis; Barenhardt, Jacoby & Co.
  • March 16: British Ship Adam Lodge, Brown. 58 days from Valparaiso. Merchandise to order.
  • March 16: Ship Mooers, 271 days from London via Coquimbo 66 days. Merchandise to order. 3 passengers.
  • March 16: British Barque Willing, Bertram. 152 days from Valparaiso. Merchandise to W. Meyer & Co
  • March 16: British Barque Caspar, Eldred. 56 days from Valparaiso. Merchandise W. Meyer & Co; R.R. Vance; F. Ferris; Larco & Co.; Alsop & Co; Cramer, Rambach & Co.; Hellman Bros; S. Price & Co.; and Captain.
  • March 19: Chil. Brig Bella Marquerita, Henrichsen. 58 days from Valparaiso. Merchandise to Grogan & Lent.
  • March 19: Brig Maria Brannan, Martin. 238 days from Liverpool, via Callao 56 days. 200 tons coal to Dickenson, DeWolf & Co. 9 passengers.
  • March 19: Ship Tingqua, 115 days from New York. 668 tons.
  • March 20, Ship Golden Gate, 104 days from New York. 1340 tons.
  • March 25: Ship Townsend, 171 days from Boston. 719 tons.
  • March 26: Ship Tam O'Shanter, 131 days from Boston. 977 tons.
  • March 29: Brig Palos, 164 days from Boston. 277 tons.
  • March 30: Ship Dakotah, 290 days from New York 854 (834?) tons.
  • March 30: Clipper Ship Winged Racer, 108 days from New York. 1767 tons.
  • March 30: Ship Helen McGaw, 161 days from New York 598 tons.
  • March 30: Ship Alboni, 129 days from New York. 917 tons.
  • March 31: Ship Cato, 158 days from Boston. 467 tons.
  • March 31: Ship F.W. Brune, 156 days from New York. 874 tons.
  • March 31: Barque Virginia Ann, 162 days from New York. 295 tons.


  • April 1: Ship Living Age, 128 days from New York. 727 tons.
  • April 4: Barque Hannah Thornton, 181 days from New York. 407 tons.
  • April 7: Ship Cygnet, 155 days from Boston. 499 tons.
  • April 10: Ship Flying Childers, 113 days from Boston. 1025? tons.
  • April 10: Ship Jacob Bell, 123 days from New York. 1382 tons.
  • April 10: Barque Storm, 110 days from New York. 545 tons.
  • April 15: Sacramento Daily Union, April 15, 1853:
  • From the Sandwich Islands

    The brig Judson arrived on Wednesday from the Sandwich Islands. She encountered a severe gale in lat. 30 N., and lon. 154 20 W., which swept her deck of everything, and washed overboard Josiah A. Thomas, a seaman, of Massachusetts. All possible means were used to rescue him, but without success. The vessel was on her beam ends at the time, caused by the shifting of the cargo. In shifting, it mortaly wounded Wm. Worth, a seaman, a native of Nantucket, Mass., who was asleep at the time in the hold. Finding the vessel in making considerable water, and that she would neither right nor wear around, the main topmast was cut away, when she immediately wore round. Having before lost all her siils, and it being impossible to bend new ones, all hands were sent to work to lighten ship, by heaving overboard about 60 tons of salt, which relieved her greatly. On the 20th, the weather moderated, which enabled the ship to make sail, and allowed an opportunity for some repairs. The Judson brought over Mr. E. W. Rice,, lady and child, Dr. Wallace, and Mr. Joseph C. Carter, passengers.

  • April 30: Clipper ship Eagle, Farren, 111 days from New York. Mdse to Crosby & Dibblee. Seven passengers. Memoranda Per Eagle: The E. crossed the Equator April 7th, in long 115, since which time have had moderate weather. March 9th, lat 57 S., long 77 W. Was in co with a large clipper ship, supposed to be the John Stuart from new York for this port.
  • April 30: British barque Superb, Chellen, 219 days from Cardiff (Wales), via Callao 58 days. 538 tons coal to E. Knight
  • April 30: Brig Pilgrim, Schultz, 21 days from Owyhee, S.I. Mdse to C. C. Bailer & Co.
  • April 30: Brig Dudley, Staples, 10 days from Oregon. Lumber &c. to W.M. Thompson. Three passengers. Memoranda Per Dudley: The D experienced continual southerly weather on the passage: on the night of the 28th, took a heavy squall from S.W., split foresail, foretopsail, and mainsail; wind then hawsed to N.W., and blew a heavy gale, which continued for 18 hours.


  • May 1: Schooner Sacramento, 158 days from New York. 172 tons.
  • Merchandise by the Ship Tornado May 10 1853 Daily Alta California Ad.

  • May 2: Ship Tornado, 111 days from New York. 1801 tons.
    May 8, 1853, Daily Alta California


    Ship Tornado, O.R. Mumford, commander, will commence discharging this day at Law's Wharf. Consignees are requested to call on the undersigned, pay freight, and receive orders for their merchandise. Merchandise on the wharf after 5 o'clock P.M. will be stored at their risk and expense.

    George N. Shaw & Co.,
    Cunningham's Block.

  • May 2: Brig Alfonso, 162 days from Boston. 212 tons.
  • May 3: Ship Element, 173 days from New York.
  • May 4: Ship John Stuart, 136 days from New York 1654 tons.
  • May 5: Schooner Walter Francis. 158 days from New York. 111 tons.
  • May 5: Barque Saxonville, 170 days from New York. 422 tons.
  • May 7: Ohio. Daily Alta California, May 7, 1853
    F. Martin, W. Flavio, M. Brocaman, J. Carr, A. Hisler, D. Murphy, W. Boyle, J. Lynch, L. Lewis, A. Mendis, J. Ormat, G. Sweet, W. Upham, J. Pontes, J. Perret, J. Eachinesa, D. W. Morrison, J. H. Young, F. Hyatt, J. D. Conner, V. Deffelis, R. K. Bishop, H. L. Pease, J. T. Gilbert, D. P. Steadman, J. Lopez, Adler, Keller, Hemanis, Van Rensellaer, N. Walton, T. Whaley, W. Hyman, H. J. Daley, S. Orlegin, F. S. Morgan, S. Boze, G. Postelthwaite.
  • May 7: Ship Oriental, 100 days from New York 1003 tons.
  • May 7: Ship Hussar, 136 days from Boston. 721 tons. CONSIGNEES. Collins, Cushman & Co; Wyckoff & Co; Macondray & Co; G. B. Post & Co; G. N. Shaw & Co; S. Barrell; J. A. Hobart; C. S. Wilson; G. W. Bowles; T. H. & J. S. Bacon; J. Wales; Swain & Co; J. Gavett; R. F. Perkins; R. H. Vance; J. Rillebrown; A. T. Lawton; J. B. Roberts & Co.; D. Brigham; B. B. Thayer; S. Adams; J. M. Waitte; W. W. Webster; Grogan & Lent. G. B. Alcott, J. W. Eaton; Paige & Webster; Woodside & Brown; J. H. Goodman; W. A. Darling; Eveleth & Co; P. M. & B. P.Batchelder; B. F. Pollarde; S. O. Putnam; W. A. & C. Palmer; Ellis & Pierce; Fairbanks & Co; J.B. Leonard & Co.; Ritchie, Osgood & Co; Nichols, Parker & Co; W. M. Hixon; E. S. Goss; A. J. Pope; G. Ranshut; Stevens, Walker & Co; J. Ross; Hussey, Bond & Hale; Fay & Willis; N. P. Sheldon; Main & Winchester; Thayer & Little; J.Grant; Capt. Lucas, and order.
  • Importations per Hussar May 8 1853 Daily Alta California.

  • May 8: Ship Celestial, 120 days from New York. 860 tons.
  • May 9: Clipper Ship Rattler, 121 days from New York, 1121 tons
  • May 9: Ship Golden Eagle, 157 days from Boston. 1121 tons.
  • May 9: Ship Duchess d'Orleans, 157 days from New York. 799 tons.
  • May 9: Barque Douglass, 151 days from Boston. 467 tons.
  • May 10: Ship Carolus, 154 days from Boston. 582 tons
  • May 10: Barque Rebekah, 119 days from Baltimore. 280 tons.
  • May 14: Ship Thomas Church, 178 days from New York 741 tons.

List of Vessels to Arrive in the Port of San Francisco
Daily Alta California, May 7, 1853

  • May 14: Ship Narragansett, 202 days from New York, 640 tons.
  • May 15: Ship Huguenot, 130 days from New York. 935 tons.
  • May 18: Ship George Evans, 151 days from Philadelphia. 723 tons.
  • May 21: Ship Juliet, 148 days from Boston. 524 tons
  • May 24: Ship Amelia, 137 days from New York. 538 tons.
  • May 25: Schooner Dancing Feather, 163 days from Boston. 84 tons(?)
  • May 25: Ship Caroline Tucker, 158 days from New York. 897 tons

  • Vessels to arrive in port May 7 1853 Daily Alta California
  • May 26: Barque Mary, 210 days from New York. 268 tons
  • May 26: Brig Eliza Mary (Tahiti), Chapman, 40 days from Riatea, S. I. Oranges to Montefore & Co.
  • May 27: Ship Rattler, 133 days from Philadelphia. 530 tons
  • May 28: Ship Mountain Wave, 131 days from Boston, 633 tons.
  • May 28: Ship A. Cheesebrough, 138 days from Baltimore. 615 tons
  • May 28: Brig Machigonne, 153 days from Bath. 185 tons
  • May 30: Ship Sword Fish, 107 days from New York. 1035 tons
  • May 31: Barque Golden Age, 304 days from New York. 310 tons
  • June 1: Clipper Ship Sea Serpent. 109 days from New York. 1402 tons.
  • June 1: Ship Simon, 133 days from New York. 1435 tons.
  • June 1: Ship Esther May, 146 days from Boston. 499 tons.
  • June 1: Ship Aldebaran, 158 days from Boston. 380 tons. This is an interesting name for a ship. Aldebaran is the brightest, and therefore the Alpha, star of the constellation Taurus. The Greeks named it "Torch," and it was one of the four Royal Stars of the Persians. The ancient name, from Arabic, means "the Follower," as the star seems to follow the Pleiades, or Seven Sisters star cluster, across the sky. Aldebaran, 60 light years away, is positioned in front of the sprawling Hyades star cluster (in mythology, half-sisters to the Pleiades) that make the face of Taurus the Bull, but is not a part of it, the cluster over twice as far away. In most renderings of the constellation (such as this from Uranographiaby Johannes Hevelius, 1690), Aldebaran makes the celestial Bull's eye, and in this map Aldebaran is the star near the left eye of the bull. It is a giant star in an advanced state of evolution, some 350 times more luminous than the Sun. If placed at the position of the Sun, Aldebaran would extend halfway to the planet Mercury and would appear 20 degrees across in our sky, making life on Earth quite impossible.
  • June 2: Clipper Ship Star of the Union, 124 days from New York. 1057 tons
  • June 3: Ship Shakespeare, 181 days from New York. 747 tons.
  • June 4: Ship Lucknow, 140 days from Boston. 890 tons
  • June 4: Ship Independence, 161 days from New York. 732 tons
  • June 6: Barque A. F. Jenness, 248 days from Philadelphia. 336 tons.
  • June 6: Barque Albers, 176 days from Boston, 359 tons
  • June 8: Ship Typhoon, 137 days from New York. 1602 (?) tons
  • June 8: Ship Golden Racer, 130 days from Boston. 838 tons
  • June 11: Ship Gov. Morton, 122 days from New York. 1429 tons
  • June 13: Ship Masconomo, 159 days from Boston
  • June 19: U.S. Transport barque Fredonia, Lieut. Comd'g F. Chatard, from New York 20th Nov, via Montevideo and Callao 45 days, with two companies of the 4th infantry, under command of Major J. G. Rains.
  • June 30: Ship Herbert, Hallett, 164 days form Boston. Merchandise to H.P. Blanchard & Co. Memoranda: Was off Cape Horn in heavy gales. Crossed the Equator May 24th, long 113, since which we have had strong northerly winds. May 22d, J. Bailey, seaman, of England, fell from the main topgallant yard and was killed. Anchored off Griffin's wharf.


  • July 2: Clipper ship Stag Hound, Behm, 126 days from New York, via Juan Fernandez 45 days. Merchandise to Hussey, Bon d& Hale. Memoranda: Crossed the Equator June 5th, long 116, since which time have had moderate weather. The S.H. has had light winds most of the passage, carried skysails 81 days in succession. Put in Juan Fernandez for water, and was detained off the Island 4 days in heavy gales. When the S.H. left New York she had on board a patent condenser which would distill 50 gallons of water per day in the harbor, which proved a perfect failure after getting to sea. The clipper ship has hauled into Central Wharf.
  • July 3: Passenger died of epilepsy on board the brig Detroit in the harbor: John Gray, aged 29 years, son of Dr. James Gray of New York City. His friends and the friends of his brother-in-law Capt. Wm. C. Nye, are invited to attend his funeral at Trinity Church, Pine Street, on Tuesday next, 5th inst., at 10 o'clock A.M. without further notice.
  • July 4: Clipper ship S.S. Bishop, Sherman, 121 days from Philadelphia. The S.S. Bishop was off Cape Horn for 16 days in heavy weather. Crossed the Equator June 11th, lon 115, since which time had light winds from N4E. June 15, lat 11 N lon 120, was in company with the ships Empress of the Seas, from New York, for this port. Merchandise to J.B. Thomas and about two dozen others, including "to order."
    . Passengers: H.T. Manly; B. Bowman.
  • July 4: Ship Forrester, Caulfield, 174 days from Boston. Was off Cape Horn 26 days, in heavy gales; crossed the equator May 20th, lon 105, since which time has had strong variable winds. Merchandise to Flint, Peabody & Co.
  • July 4: Barque Marmora, Faber, 194 days from Philadelphia. Was off Cape Horn 25 days in heavy gales, sprung mainmast; crossed the equator May 24th, long 115, since which time has had light northerly winds; was off the Heads four days in calm and fog. Merchandise to C. H. Pagoss.
  • July 4: Brig Zoe, Richards, 18 days from Honolulu. Has been off the Heads three days in light winds and fog. Merchandise to G.B. Post & Co., H.S. Fitch, E.R. Coffin, G.B. Post & Co.; W.F. Allen; A. Russ; B. F. Snow; Capt. C.L. Richards 20 passengers: B.F. Snow and family; Capt. J. Paty; Capt. E.R. Coffin; H.S. Fitch; F.S. Pratt; J.J. Moore; Dr. Nichols; T.C. Butts; J.T. Waterhouse; F.W. Perkins; T.S. Vaunt (might be T.B. Vaunt); T. Bowland; A.T. Murphy; A. Wheeler; E. Davis; G. Van Pelt
  • July 4: Hamburg brig Triton, Deneker, 79 days from Valparaiso. Merchandise to Alsop & Co.
  • July 4: Passengers per Columbia: Messrs. Adams; A.F. Rodgers; Whitcomb; J. T. Mary, Attache; D.C. Coleman; Rev. Mr. McCormick; Seymour; Jas E. Freeman; C.B. Pillow; Jackson; J. Kohn; S. Marsh; Mr. STark; Capt Weldan and lady; Capt. J. Hariew and lady; Messrs. Chatto, A. Harris, Smith, J. Powers, D. Clary, J.R. Thompson, Attuck.
  • July 4: Passengers per Major Tompkins: S. Brown; C. Kelley; P. Edmonds; H. Seaman; G. Alah; M. Garden; J. Garden; J. Howard; C.L. Fog; J. Larkin; J. Casey; H.W. Little; G. Pettingill; T. Weeks; B.F. Stevens; Capt. C. Van Pelt; G.A. Colton; G.W. Proctor; B. Roberts; S. Weaver; and 36 Chinamen.
  • July 4: Chilean barque Cassander, Green, hence for Shoalwater Bay. Memoranda.--Sailed hence for Shoal Water Bay May 26. Arrived off the harbor June 19. Found we were about four miles to leeward of our harbor, and could not fetch in; stood off shore, made the land on the 26th, when we brought to windward of our port. On the 27th at 7 A.M., sent a boat with six persons to find the entrance of the harbor: about three hours after saw oars, compass and one cap drifting out from where the boat went. The wind being light, and we drifting to leeward, found we have seven fathoms, when we were compelled to stand off again, and intended to stand in next day and ascertain if possible the fate of the crew. It coming on heavy weather and a heavy sea, were unable to do so; being short handed, thought it prudent to stand for this port. The following are the names of those who were drowned: F.V. Greene of Chile, nephew of the Captain; Angua Cameron of Scotland; Louis Barra of Chile; John Bonzales of Spain; Manuel Barreto of Peru, Wm -- of England. Merchandise to F.S. Alvarez
  • July 4: Passengers per Thomas Hunt: Capt. Engels, U.S.A.; Mrs. George Mellus; M. Manchew; J.M. Yndart; A. Mendia; L. Phillip; S. Fenner; M. Frank; T. Goodman; A. Kincade and lady; W. Insdale and lady; Mr. Bennett and four steerage.
  • July 5: Hamburg barque Caesar and Helene, Cook. 59 days from Tahiti. Oranges to Godeffrey, Sillem & Co. Passengers: Mr. Knight, wife and daughter.
  • July 5: Schooner Gazelle, Master Gift, 30 day from Lahaina. Product to H.K. Reed & Co. Passengers: J.E. Lockwood; H.R. Jones; J.D. Holmes; J.T. Pearson; P. Otis.
  • July 5: Schooner Rialto, King. 20 days from Lahaina. 23d June, lat 35 N, lon 156, passed barque Envelope, from Sydney for this port. 550 bbls potatoes to Plummer &#Co.
  • July 8: Clipper ship Witchcraft, Captain Dudley. 110 days from New York. Memoranda: TheWitchcraft was off Cape Horn 7 days in heavy gales; Mar 26th, off Cape Horn, exchanged signals with an American ship showing a signal with two T's in it. June 16th, lat 11 47 N, lon 116 08 W, exchanged signals with a ship showing a blue signal with a white square in the center. Crossed the Equator 8th June, lon 112 30 since which time have experienced light winds. Merchandise to Quereau & Johnson and a long list of others, some of whom may have been passengers. The list includes: S.J.H. Chamber, P.A. Owens, S. Levy, J. Hooker, J. Eilas, A. Hogg, C. Hooves, G. Pheland, Lazard Freres, D.S. Lord, W.H. Stowell, A. Lockwood, A. Austin, B.M. Leston, Kennedy & Co., H.C. Mallory, G & W. Snook, and dozens more.
  • July 8: British Barque Envelope, Smith. 94 days from London. Memoranda: Left brig Mary Helen, for this port in 12 days; ship Monterey, DeCrom, from Boston, arrived March 19th, ship Tartar, Davis, from Manila March 19th. 400 tons of coal to Dickson, DeWolf; numerous other merchandise delivered to a long list of companies and individuals & Co. 60 passengers: Mrs. T. White; Mrs. Cooper; J. Smith; W.H. Jackson; W. Underwood; C. Faulkner; T. Hanton; Master Simmons; and 47 in steerage
  • July 8: British Barque Raleigh, Bolum. 49 days from Hong Kong. Memoranda: The British barque Moselle, for this port, sailed 8 days previous; left clipper ship Challenge, from London, arrived 12 days previous; ship ? with passengers hence arrived day before. Merchandise to order. Delivered to Grogan & Lent; J. Stephenson; Macondray & Co; Barenhardt, Jacoby & Co; J. Frentin; H.P. Blanchard & Co; and Chinamen on board. 143 passengers.
  • July 9: Clipper ship Surprise, Ranlett, 116 days form New York. Merchandise to F.C. Sanford. Memoranda: Was off Cape Horn 20 days in heavy westerly gales, stove bulwarks, deck house carried away fore topgallant mast, etc. Crossed the Equator June 8th, lon 111 10, since which time have had light N.E. winds. Have been within 10 days sail of this port for the last 28 days. June 28th, lat 32 33 N, lon 141 47, was in company with and boarded ship Golden State from New York for this port. July 8th, saw a ship supposed to be the Sirocco from New York for this port.
  • July 9: Ship New York, Baxter, 137 days from New York. Merchandise to Lowe, Ebbets & Co. 18 passengers: Mrs. Rubinet and two children; Miss Ellen Kirby; Miss Susan Kirby; Mrs. Feisan and child; Mrs. Lareseinar and daughter; Mrs. Gravens; Mr. S. Crosby; Mr. Latew. Memoranda: Crossed the Equator, June 23d, lon 109, since which time have had calms and light winds.
  • July 9: Hamburg brig Arion, Kayser, 208 days from Hamburg via Cowes, England 172 days. Merchandise to J.G. Shroeder & Co. 11 passengers
  • July 12: Clipper ship Empress of the Sea, Putnam. 117 days from New York. Memoranda: May 3d, off Patagonia, passed Br. barque Cashland bound south. May 23d, lat 40, lon 84, spoke whale ship Republic, on a cruise. July 9th, lat 39 41, lon 133, passed ship Mason, bound North. April 7th, off Rio Janeiro, passed ship Storm King, from Boston, for this port, was in company three days. Anchored off North Point. Merchandise to Dewitt & Harrison. Passengers: Mrs. Seaman, sister and child; Mr. Caulkins; Lasaneur and child.
  • July 12: Clipper Ship Golden State, Captain Doty. 152 days from New York. Memoranda: Was off Cape Horn 26 days. Crossed the equator June 1st, lon 111; after which time, for 26 days, had light breezes from N by E to N by W; after which we had moderate breezes and variable. The ship Wings of the Morning, Lovell, from New York for this port, sailed three days previous. Anchored off North Point. Merchandise to Case, Heiser & Co.
    August 19, 1853, Sacramento Daily Union, Sacramento, California


    JUST RECEIVED, ex clipper ship Golden State, one of the largest assortments of Dry Goods ever offered in this city. The attention of purchasers is invited to the following:
    - 50 bales heavy 30 in. Drills;
    - 50 bales heavy Sheetings;
    - 100 rolls Brussels, Velvet and Ingrain Carpets;
    - 20 cases bl. Cotton and Linen Sheetings, all widths;
    - 10 cases Prints, new styles;
    - 14 cases Irish Linens; Table do;
    - 5 cases blk and fancy Silks, Delaines. Bareges, etc.;
    - 17 pkgs Gloves. Hosiery. Ribbons. Embroideries, etc.
    - 10 cases emb'd Lace & Damask Curtain materials. Quiits. Counterpanes. Blankets, etc. Also, a complete assortment of Gents' Furnishing Goods, all of which will be sold as low if not lower than any other house in this city, in quantities to suit purchaser. wholesale or retail.

    Brick Store. J Street. between 3d and 4th.

  • July 12: Ship Courser, Berry, 137 days from New York. Anchored off North Point. Merchandise to Macondray & Co.
  • July 12: Ship Cambridge, Hayes. 172 days from Baltimore, via Rio Janeiro 199 days. Memoranda: Crossed the equator June 6th, lon 110, since which time had had light easterly winds. Merchandise to Alsop & Co. Passengers: S. Richardson; H. Reese; J. Freeland; S. Slocum; W. Cragg; Mrs. Hanley and daughter.
  • July 13: Ship Chicora, Budlett, 171 days from Boston. Merchandise to Hussey, Bond & Hale. Memoranda: The C was off Cape Horn 14 days; crossed the Equator June 4th, long 109, since which time had heavy weather from N to NWW. Anchored off Griffin's Wharf.
  • July 13: Dutch ship Isis, Giesse (sp?), 230 days from Amsterdam. Merchandise to Gildemeester De Fremery & Co. Anchored off Griffin's Wharf.
  • July 13: Hawaiian brig Juno, Pitcher, 34 days from Honolulu. Merchandise to O.R. Wade. Anchored off North Beach. Five passengers.
  • July 14: Barque Mosebe, Captain Thompson, 65 days from Hong Kong. Merchandise to Howard & Bailey. 63 passengers: Capt. Nelson (late of the whale ship Paragon; E.J. Edwards; O.H. Jackliffe; and 48 in the steerage. 11 females.
  • July 14: Ship Northern Crown, Lamb, 156 days from New York. 2 passengers: W. Newcomb; J.F. Bragg. Anchored off Griffin's Wharf. Memoranda: The N.C. was off Cape Horn 14 days, in heavy gales; north of the equator lost topmast, &c; off the Horn lost topgallant mast; on the 13th inst, lost foretopsail yard, split sails, &c; crossed the equator June 5th, long 114, since which time have had light winds and calms.
  • July 14: Clipper ship Radiant, 139 days from Boston. Merchandise to Collins, Cushman & Co. Anchored off North Beach. Memoranda: Was off Cape Horn 18 days, in heavy gales; carried away head knees, stove in forecastle on deck and done other damage; passed Juan Fernandez May 29th, crossed the equator June 17th, long 111. Have had light winds and calms. Since passing Juan Fernandez have been within 700 miles of this port since the 3d inst.
  • July 15: Clipper ship Houqua, Dixey, 144 days from New York. Merchandise to F.C. Sanford. Memoranda: The H. was off Cape Horn 25 days in heavy gales; crossed the equator June 27th, lon 116, since which time have had moderate winds from the northward; April 30th, 7 P.M. lat 56 52 S, lat 70 12 W, saw a bright comet heading W S W per compass altitude 10 20; May 5th, at 7:30 P.M., in a violent squall from W S W, a meteor, apparently the size of a man's head, burst at the mast head, throwing out most brilliant sparks, came down the mast and passed to leeward; two men standing near the mast at the time were sensibly affected and much frightened. March 18th, lat 8 53 N long 32, exchanged signals with H B M ship Hastings.
  • July 15: Barque Juno, Studley, 180 days from Boston. Merchandise to A.S. Mansfield. Memoranda: 3rd inst, off the Island of St. Nicholas, passed a steamer, bound down. TheJuno crossed the Equator May 20th, long 111 20, since which time has had light baffling winds from N N E to N N W. Has been off the heads two days.
  • July 15: Mexican Brig Sonora, Dobauvall, 88 days from Valparaiso, via Copiapo 76 days. Merchandise to order. 14 passengers. Memoranda: Four days out from Valparaiso sprung a leak and put into Copiapo for repairs. Have experienced head winds and clams nearly the whole passage.
  • July 23: Clipper ship Wings of the Morning, Lovell, 180 days from New York via Rio Janeiro, 109 days. Merchandise to Hussey, Bond & Hale. Memoranda: Put into Rio Janeiro to repair damages sustained Jan 26th, 5th day out from New York, in a heavy gale from NE, carried away main topmast in three pieces, also carried away trussel trees and topgallant mast fore and aft, also slings and trusses of the main yard, jib and flying jibboom; and stove skylight. Off the river La Platte, in a gale, lost jib and flying jibboom, and suffered considerably in sails and rigging during the voyage. Was 21 days off Cape Horn in heavy weather; washed away head rails and part of the stern mouldings. Crossed the Equator June 19th, lon 104 14, since which time had had moderate weather.
  • July 23: Clipper ship Lantao, Bradbury, 121 days from New York. Merchandise to Macondray & Co.
  • July 23: Clipper ship Aramingo, Drinkwater, 133 days from New York. Merchandise to Lowe, Ebbets & Co. Memoranda: June 1st, lat 5 53 S, lon 98, 5 A.M. came in contact with the barque Regeowald (?) of Liverpool, from Callao for Hampton Roads, and while in contact, Capt. Turner, the 1st and 2d mates, and six men jumped on board from the barque. Left seven men on board. June 2d saw a vessel supposed to be her, bearing SE by S; in a short time she disappeared, and was seen no more. The A. carried away the fore and foretopsail brace blocks, bolts, split foresail, damaged main yard, stove the channels, started larboard cathead, and lost the larboard anchor. The A. was off Cape Horn 20 days in heavy gales. Crossed the Equator June 27th, lon 116, since which time have had light northerly winds. Have been within 700 miles of this port for the last 13 days.


Merchandise per Flying Cloud.
  • August 1: Clipper ship Peri, Scobie, 181 days from Boston via Valparaiso, 55 days. Merchandise to master. Memoranda: Has had very severe weather on the passage. Second night out from Boston, ship made close reefed topsails was struck by a whirlwind and hove on her beam ends, washing many articles off the deck. All hands were on the fore yard at the time reefing the foresail. Two men fell from the yard, one on deck and the other overboard and was lost. We saved the masts by slacking off the topsail sheets. The steering apparatus was broken at the s ame time, rendering it useless. In a heavy gale off the River LaPlatte, split the rudderhead badly, broke the tiller and carried away topgallant mast, jibboom and flying jibboom. Was off Cape Horn 30 days in severe gales, twisted the rudder head a second time, split an entire new suit of sails, broke off tore chain plates, and sustained other damage, and was compelled to put into Valparaiso for repairs. Crossed the Equator July 1st, lon 213 20 (?), since which time had light northerly winds. Have been off this port for the last six days in light winds and thick weather.
  • August 1: Mexican brig Cornelia, Nye, from Mazatlan, via San Jose and 14 days from Santa Barbara. Merchandise to master. 30 passengers.
  • August 2: Clipper ship Snow Squall, Bursley, 165 days from New York.
  • August 2: Brig Boston, Tapley, 28 days from Honolulu.
  • August 2: Dutch brig Elizabeth and Jacobe, Zeerosan, 119 days from Amsterdam.
  • August 2: Clipper bark George E. Webster, Colling, 135 days from Boston.
  • August 12: Clippers Hornet and Flying Cloud race to San Francisco from New York with a substantial wager from their owners
  • August 12: Ship Robert Center, 181 days from New York, 829 tons
  • August 15: Ship Shooting Star, 123 days from New York. 903 tons
  • August 16: Ship E. Balkley, 153 days from New York, 734 tons
  • August 17: Clipper Ship Eclipse, Hamilton 118 days from New York. 1222 tons, with mdse to Beck & Elam.
  • August 18: Ship Stephen Larrabee, Burt, 178 days from Boston, with mdse. to Hussey, Bond & Hale.
  • August 19: Ship Lucas, 216 days from Philadelphia, 350 tons
  • August 23: Schooner Henry, 215 days from Salem, 93 (?) tons
  • August 29: Ship Frigate Bird, 160 days from Philadelphia. 805 tons
  • August 31: Clipper Ship Antelope, 130 days from New York. 507 tons
  • August 31: Ship Hariet Hoxie, 148 days from New York. 670 tons
  • August 31: Ship Uncle Toby, 134 days from Boston. 1145 tons


Merchandise in the port of San Francisco September 19, 1853.
  • September 1: Clipper ship Cleopatra, Shreve, 130 days from Boston; mdse to Flint, Peabody & Co. Memoranda: Made the run from Boston to the Equator, in the Atlantic, in 22 days; was off Cape Horn in 39 days; crossed the Equator in the pacific Aug 3, in 103 days from Boston, long 122, when we took the N.E. trades, which carried us to lat 41 29 N, long 149. Aug 26th, since which time we have had light winds and pleasant weather the whole voyage. The C is a splendid vessel and brings a large and assorted cargo; her manifest is over 18 feet in length. Anchored off North Beach.
  • September 1: Barque Suzanne (Fr), Beauand, 166 days from Bordesux, mdse to Hellman Bros. & Co.
  • September 1: Barque Democrazia (Ital), Bollo, 33 days from Island of Carmen (Gulf of California). Mdse to Lareo & Co.
  • September 1: Powhattan, Libby, 3 days from Humboldt Bay, lumber to Ryan, Duff & Co.
  • September 1: Brig Duro (Br), Bartlett, from Liverpool Jan 234, via San Blas 36 days. Mdse to Bolton, Barron & Co.
  • September 1: Brig Desterrato (Mex), Bullinga, 32 days from Mazatlan, salt, etc., to Fernandez & Peyton. 5 passengers. Anchored off Flint's wharf.
  • September 10: Steamer Major Tompkins, Hunt, 12 hours from Santa Cruz, mdse to J. H. Scranton.
  • September 11: Brig Tarquina, Robertson, 5 days from Near bay (Cape Flattery), piles, etc., to master
  • September 11: Schr Falmouth Tillman, 3 days from Humboldt Bay, 80 M feet lumber to Ryan, Duff & Co.
  • September 11: Schr Iowa, Gragg, 3 days from Passara (Monterey), produce to Morrill & Warren
  • September 11: Schr Victoria, Albert, 7 hours from Bolinas Bay, 7 M feet lumber, to Bolinas Lumber Co.
  • September 11: Schr Cecli, Nash, 36 hours 5 from Mendocino, 73 M ft redwood boards, to Neefus & Tichenor.
  • September 15: French ship Arche de Aliance, Bautouche, 172 days from Havre, via Valparaiso 60 days. Mdse. to V. Marziou.
  • September 15: Bark Hiero, Seabury, 190 days from Boston; mdse to J. K. Mansfield.
  • September 15: Bark Linwood, Martin, 145 days from Baltimore. Mdse to Rogers & Fullerton
  • September 15: Bark Amazon, Thompson, 160 days from New York; mdse to Clarke, Church & Co.
  • September 15: Br bark Chieftain, Edwards, 58 days from Talcahuana. Flour to S. Price.
  • September 15: Bark Rio Grande, Scarsman, from a whaling voyage. 11 months out, with oil to Bailey & Gilbert.
  • September 15: Bark Fanny Major, Cressy, 58 days from Canton, mdse to Ogden & Haynes.
  • September 16: Ship Fides, Champion, 180 days from New York; mdse to D. L. Lord & Co.
  • September 16: Br. ship Montague, Cheyne, from Hongkong via Manila. Mdse to Macondray & Co.
  • September 21: Advertisement from Sacramento Daily Union

    T. S. MITCHELL & CO.
    79 J street, Sacramento, and 51 Pearl street, Boston, Mass

    By the arrival of the A. No. 1 first class clipper ship "Uncle Toby," are in receipt of their first shipment of goods expressly adapted for the fall and winter trade. The wants of this community have been anticipated by our Mr. Mitchell at home, in the selection of the most desirable stock of every description of goods in our line ever offered in this market.
    The "Uncle Toby" is the first of a fleet of clippers now arriving and soon to arrive from the Eastern markets, by which we will be in constant receipt of goods from the most celebrated manufacturers. Our business is now exclusive confined to the wholesale department to which we give undivided attention, and shall use our best endeavors to please all!
    The trade is particularly invited to examine our stock, and judge for themselves, as we are confident there will be nothing in this market to compare with it either in QUANTITY, QUALITY, or PRICES.

  • September 21: Advertisement from Sacramento Daily Union, Sacramento, California


    an extensive assortment of Boots, consisting in part of:

    50 cases Hungarian Boots;
    30 cases heavy kip Boots;
    25 cases heavy grain boots;
    25 cases short leg China Boots;
    50 cases heavy calf Boots.

    For sale by BROWN, HENRY & CO.,
    Brick Store, J street, between 3d and 4th.


Consignee Notices October 29, 1853.
  • October 1: P. M. Steamship Isthmus, Harris, 19 days from Panama, intermediate ports. To Fl. Flint. The Isthmus brings the passengers and mails of the steamer Philadelphia, which broke down on her passage from New Orleans, on the other side, and did not connect with the Winfield Scott.
  • October 11: Julia Ann, from Tahiti. Consignees: Austin & Lobdell; Hussey, Bond & Hale; H.P. Blanchard; Crosby & Diblee; B.F. Pond. Passengers: John Mitchell, lady, six children and servant (John Mitchell is described as an "Irish patriot"); P. J. Smyth; J.B. Phinney; B. F. Pond; Chs Sumner; Geo Rigs; Chas P. Huff; Danl Riley; R. Sanderson; H. McConvey; W. P. Kane; A. Bone; Jos. McLane; Geo Shirren; J. H. Applegate; Baden; R. J. Jenkins; E. Sylvester; J. E. Shepman; and 28 steerage.
  • October 11: Cornelia. No details of arrival. Consignees: Bolton, Barron & Co.; Thos Bell; J. Frontin; W. Schleiden; Master. Passengers: A. Vestel and lady; Maria O. Sallo; Beatrice Fales; G. Ris and son; Juan Fales; J. Thompson and servant; G. Raborn; J. de Ramon; Veelia and daughter.
  • October 11: Maid of Julpha. No details of arrival. Consignees: Capt. R.N. Beauars. Passengers: Mrs. Beauvoise and daughter; E.T. Perkins; Mr. Fitzpatrick
  • October 11: Falmouth. No details of arrival. Passengers: J.S. Bozee; J. McClaskey; D. Ryan.
  • October 24: Clipper ship Contest, Brewster, 108 days from New York.
  • October 24: Clipper ship John Bertram, Lendholm, 114 days from Boston.
  • October 24: Clipper ship White Swallow, Lovett, 140 days from Boston.
  • October 28: Ship Hannibal, Mitchell, 193 days from Boston, mdse to S. C. Shaw; 1 passenger. From River La Platte to Falkland Isles, experienced very heavy weather, and strong gales from SW to SSW, and was driven as far as lon 53; crossed the equator Sept. 13, lon 113, and for the last 25 days had light, baffling winds and calms. No trade winds whatever. Peter Lawson, seaman, of Norway, fell overboard and was drowned.
    Ex Ship Hannibal:
    - 50 bales 30 in Brown Drills;
    - 100 bales 2-1/2 bushel Gunny Bags;
    - 100 barrels Corn meal:
    - 100 barrels Mess Beef;
    Now landing and for sale by D. W. Crane, 49 California St.
  • October 28: H.B.M. frigate Amphithrite, Capt. G. Frederick, from a cruise in the Arctic, via Honolulu, 19 days. All well.
  • October 28: Ship B. C. Scranton, Spencer, 180 days from New York. Mdse to Querean & Johnson. Was off Cape Horn 20 days in heavy gales; crossed the equator Sept 18th, long 114, since which has experienced light winds and calms; has been 27 days to the northward of lat 18N. Yesterday, when coming in the heads, a seaman named E. Pollock, of England, was engaged in getting the anchor clear, the stopper gave way, and he went overboard and was drowned; all efforts to save him proved useless. Capt. Frederick of the Amphitrite being close to it at the time, immediately dispatched one of their boats to his assistance, for which he will please accept Capt. Spencer's thanks for his promptness in rendering aid.
  • October 28: Chilian brig Bella Margarite, Henricksen, 59 days from Valparaiso. Mds to Grogan & Lent.
  • November 3: Arrived. Clipper Ship Queen of Clippers. J. A. Zerega, commander, from New York, commences to discharge at Vallejo street Wharf, this morning, Saturday, Oct. 29th Consignees are requested to call upon the udersigned, pay freight, and receive orders for their goods. All merchandise, when landed upon the wharf will be at the owner's risk, and if not removed by 5 P.M., will be stored at their expenses. ~ Bingham & Reynolds, 201 Sansome Street.


  • November 10: Ship Bonita. 140 days from Boston, to H. P. Blanchard.
  • November 10: Ship Sandusky, 172 days from New York, to Lowe, Ebbetts & Co.
  • November 10: Ship Horsburgh, 161 days from New York, to Brigham W. Reynolds.
  • November 10: Ship Mischief. 172 days from New York, to Alsop & Co.
  • November 10: Ship Greyhound. 139 days from Baltimore, to T. B. Thomas.
  • November 10: Ship Koh-i-noor. 187 days from Liverpool.
  • November 10: Bark Louise. 184 days from Hamburg.
  • November 10: Bark Columbus. 186 days from Cardiff.
  • November 19: Ex CLIPPER SHIPS CONTEST, Queen of Clippers, Flying Dutchman, and others Landing and for sale at the lowest market rates - 50 cast iron barrow wheels;
    - 10 ton Tennessee shoe iron;
    - 100 ton Tennessee bar; flat, round and square iron;
    - 25 sets turned iron axles, all sizes, and axle nuts;
    - 20,000 feet ash. and white oak plank. 2, 2-1/2 and 3 inch;
    - 5,000 lbs horse shoes, made to order;
    - 6 casks coil chains, ass'd.
    - 1,000 lbs best horse shoe nails;
    - 600 lbs mule shoe nails;
    - Spikes. 4, 4-1/2, 5 and 6 inch; Nails, ass'd, 4d to 60d;
    - 4s. 5 and 6 inch; Nails, ass'd,
    Stove, Door, Mineral Knob, Pad and Dead Locks;
    Builders' Hardware, Smiths', Coopers', and Carpenters' Tools
    Together with a large and well assorted stock of goods in the line.

    Watson & Biscoe
    Fireproof Brick
    No. 159 J Street
    corner of 6th


  • December 16: PM Steamship John L. Stephens, R.H. Pierson (R.H. Pearson). 11 days and 14 hours from Panama via intermediate ports, 309 passengers
  • December 17: Clipper ship Northern Light, Hatch, 122 days from Boston. Mdse to H.P. Blanchard & Co. Memoranda. Per Northern Light. The N.L. was 40 days and 14 hours to the Equator in the Atlantic; was becalmed 25 days on the passage. Had light winds during the whole passage except the last 10 ds; was 68 days from Boston to Staten Land, 3 days in passing Cape Horn, 100 days to the Equator in the Pacific, which we crossed in long 104; have been within 400 miles of this port for the last 6 days.
  • December 17: Clipper Ship Flying Dragon, Baker, 146 days from Boston. Mdse to S.C. Shaw.
  • December 17: Br. brig Lanrick, Crockett, 44 days from Hongkong. Mdse to order.

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