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Google's Search Engine is designed to locate everything on and, including names of thousands of passengers who sailed into the Port of San Francisco between 1849 and 1899... and world news of maritime nations, sea captains, ships, merchants, and trade during the 1800s.

The Passenger Lists

The lists began in 1998 as part of the Maritime Heritage Project established by D. Blethen Adams Levy to preserve maritime history during the 1800s. The focus is the seaport of San Francisco in honor of her great-great grandfather, Captain James H. Blethen. Stories have expanded to include world ports because all countries, including America, are comprised of people from every port o'call around the globe.

Down by the Bay, San Francisco's History Between the Tides.

The site illustrates the importance of a global awareness; the health and wealth of nations was formed by individuals who migrated seeking refuge and opportunity.

It also illustrates the importance of maintaining all facets of our planet be it flora or fauna for the sake of our children and our children's children.

Books and maps about our world during the 1800s are throughout the site to add to your pleasure in locating lost relatives.

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The Project

Maritime Nations, Ships, Sea Captains, Merchants, Merchandise, Ship Passengers and VIPs sailing into San Francisco during the 1800s.



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Sources: As noted on entries and through research centers including National Archives, San Bruno, California; CDNC: California Digital Newspaper Collection; San Francisco Main Library History Collection; Maritime Library, San Francisco, California.

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