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Round Trip to America.
Round-Trip to America:
The Immigrants Return to Europe

(Cornell Paperbacks)
Round Trip to America.
Mark Wyman

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The Maritime Heritage Project focuses on history of immigration, ships, captains, merchants and merchandise sailing into and out of world seaports during the mid-to-late 1800s.

Passenger lists on the site are into and out of San Francisco specifically as that is our home base.

Map of the World.

Map Of The World (Silver With Foil)
by Henricus Hondius Framed

Map of the World.


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World Map 1600s.
Orbis Terrarum - Europa Asia
Petrus Plancius

Petrus Plancius (1552 – May 15, 1622) was a Flemish astronomer, cartographer and clergyman. He was born as Pieter Platevoet in Dranouter, now in Heuvelland, West Flanders. He studied theology in Germany and England. At the age of 24 he became a minister in the Dutch Reformed Church. Because of religious prosecution by the Inquisition, he travelled to Amsterdam in 1585. There he became interested in navigation and cartography and was soon recognized as an expert on shipping routes to India. In 1592 he published his best known world map titled "Nova et exacta Terrarum Tabula geographica et hydrographica." Apart from maps, he published journals and navigational guides and developed a new method for determining longitude. He was one of the founders of the Dutch East India Company.