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San Francisco during the Gold Rush. 1849.


Blethens in San Francisco, California
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° Captain Blethen and the Shanghai Yacht Club (1871)

Albion E. Blethen

May 29, 1889, San Francisco Call, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Successful Commencement Exercises at Trinity School

The graduating exercises of Trinity School were attended by a large number of people, clergy and laity. The programme consisted of musical selections and orations by the graduates. A pleasant part of the programme for the students was the awarding of the prizes and medals. Bishop Nichols awarded the diplomas to the following graduates: Albion E. Blethen, Edgar M. Cameron, Gustav E. Chevassus. W. Edward Dassonville, Reginald H. Kelly, Hunter Kinzie, Hugh H. Owens, Harry L. Paddock. George A. Smithson, Claude D. Starr and Frank M. Woods.

Clark Blethen

September 19, 1889, Sacramento Daily Union

State Land Patents.

The following land patents have been issued from the Governor's office: J. C. Moury, 64 14 acres, Fresno; C. C. Huflacre, 120 acres, Shasta; George K. Bates, 843.40 acres, Fresno; Martin Arrwilligo, 320 acres, Merced; Charles H. Philpot, 320 acres, San Diego; John Dewey, 40 acres, San Diego; Duncan McNie, 129.75 acares, Sonoma; A. M. Coburn, 330 acres, Tulare; Charles Kassabaum, 330 acres, Mariposa; W. W. McCoy, 80 acres, San Mateo; Clark Blethen, 640 acres, Kern; Wm. A. Wright, 141.97 acres, Siskiyou; A. L. Frost, 40 acres, El Dorado; E. W. Dyke, 200 acres, Humboldt; Adolph Levi, 320 acres, San Diego; James H. Wilson and Warren Moore, 160 acres, Humboldt; H. C. Henderson, 320 acres, Fresno.

January 26, 1900, San Francisco Call, San Francisco, California

DIED BLETHEN -- In this city, January 25, 1900, Annie J., beloved wife of Clark Blethen, and mother of Stella A. Blethen, a native of Maine, aged 56 years (Oakland, Cal., papers please copy)

Clement L. C. Blethen

E. O. Blethen

July 2, 1878, Sacramento Daily Union, Sacramento, California
INCORPORATION.--There were filed yesterday in the office of the Secretary of State articles of incorporation of the Pacific Yacht Club of San Francisco. It has no capital stock. Directors -- N. J. Brittan, N. H. Martenstein, E. O. Blethen, Danield Cook, William Harney, John C. Kelly, Henry G. Langley, Stewart Menzies, Cornelius O'Connor, John L. Eckley, Tiburcio Parrott, R. S. Floyd, William Hayes and George C. Perkins

Frank Blethen

August 9, 1890, San Francisco Call, San Francisco, California

Mrs. Blethen Makes No Opposition to a Divorce

Frank M. Blethen, a son of ex-mayor Blethen, and his wife were in court yesterday when his suit for a divorce was called. Mrs. Etta May Blethen was accompanied by their little daughter. The husband took the witness-stand and related how she came to him one day and informed him that she was going to leave him forever. He remonstrated with her, and appealed, if not for her sake, then for that of their child, to remain at home and try to lead a happy life. She was determined to go, however, and packed up her clothing, and went away, taking with her the little girl. He said that time and again he had appealed to her to return, but invariably received the reply that she would never live with him again. He gave up all hope of reconciliation and then determined on securing a divorce. Mrs. Blethen made no reply to the statement made by her husband, and he was granted a divorce. By agreement, the custody of the child was given to the mother, and Blethen agreed to pay $15 a month for her support. The mother was unwilling that the father should visit his child more than once a week and so he was given permission to see her every Sunday afternoon. They were married in 1882 and the wife left in April, 1889.

September 22, 1892, San Francisco Call, San Francisco, California

Some Nevada Idiots Who Will Probably Pay for Their Fun

Carson, Nev., Sept. 21 -- Harry Brown, Frank Blethen and Horace Dorsey put up a practical joke on one Joe Muller of Carson last night to rob him on the Hot Springs road. The plot worked all right until Muller was shot in the face with a blank cartridge, and the powder entered his cheeks and nose, almost putting his eyes out. He then drew a revolver, loaded with blank cartridges, palmed off on him for the occasion and fired with intent to kill. The jokers got away, and when Muller arrived at the springs his face was bleeding from wad and powder wounds. He has suffered intense pain since the accident and is marked for life.

George Blethen

Hunting: a Murderer Two Men Killed by a Cowboy.

February 21, 1887, Daily Alta California, San Francisco
Reno, Nev., February 20th. At Moran, the northern terminus of the Nevada and California Narrow Gauge Railway, last evening, a vaquero named Dubois shot and killed George Blethen and mortally wounded John Cooney, both of whom were employed in a sawmill near by. Dubois escaped on foot, but owing to tbe snow it is thought it is impossible for him to get out of the county.

Harry E. Blethen

From the San Francisco Call, October 18, 1892: 

Suicide Blethen's Widow Charged With Grand Larceny.

Mrs. Mary E. Blethen, the young widow of Harry E. Blethen, who committed suicide at Santa Cruz two or three months ago, was arrested in this city last night by Detective Coffey on a charge of grand larceny. Mrs. Blethen's story is infinitely sad. She had been married but a short time when her husband, the son of wealthy parents, became dissipated nnd tried to kill her. The shame and sorrow he had caused his wife and the dread of his approaching trial caused him to take his life. Sometime before his death he pawned a Piano with I. W. Lichtenstein for $75. Now, his mottier claims that the piano was her property, and is trying to recover it from the pawnbroker. The widow, when the instrument was pawned, affirmed that it belonged to her husband, and for this reason the money-lender had her arrested last night, holding that she was her husband's accomplice in defrauding him. Mrs. Blethen maintains that she, as a wife, could not be guiity of a crime in substantiating her husband's statement. Shortly after her arrest she was released on $1000 bond.

H. O. Blethen

14 Montgomery Avenue, Feb. 12th, 1879

Dear Sir. The ceremony of the "Hanging ol the Crane" will take place at the Club headquarters, Old Saucelito, on tbe afternoon of Saturday, February 22d, 1879 (Washington's Birthday). Ample arrangements will be made for the return of members and thelr guests at a reasonable hour. Each member will be entitled lo one ticket, whioh will admit himself and lady. Those who intend to participate in the ceremonies are politely requested to send, at as early a date as practicable (not later than Saturday, the 15th inst.), their names to either of the undersigned Committee of Arrangements, or to the Secretary of the Club:

Committee -- Stewart Menzies, W.H. Martenstein, H. O. Blethen, Com. T. H. Allen, Cornelius O'Connor, Bruce B. Lee, John C. Kelley, M. R. Roberts,

Secretary Pacific Yacht Club

H. T. Blethen

San Francisco Call. SAN RAFAEL. Cal., Sept. 11. In the paper chase of the San Rafael Hunt Club to-day Alexander von Schroeder won the gentlemen's first prize and Miss M. Crowley carried off the honors for the ladies. Only members of the newly organized Hunt Club were allowed to compete. The hounds were Miss Bertie Bruce, Miss Warburton, Mrs. J. J. Crooks, Miss M. Crowley, Mrs. Farnsworth, S. H. Boardman, Dr. Howitt, Dr. Shiels, C. Curtis, Alexander von Schroeder, A. J. De Haven S. C. Pardee, A. J. Dibblee, H. T. Blethen, T. J. Crowley, George Quarre, Emile Fischer, Hugh Hume and Mrs. Hugh Hume.

San Francisco Call, October 15, 1907, San Francisco Call, San Francisco, California
Howard T. Blethen was Manager of the Hotel Colonial, Stockton Street above Sutter 


A representative list of first class Hotels where patrons are assured of courteous treatment and the best accommodations. Streetcars pass each one of the Hotels mentioned day and night. Buses meet all trains. No difficulty will be met with in reaching any of these Hotels, no matter what time train arrives. Rooms can be reserved either by telegraph or letter.

Howard Blethen

January 26, 1892, San Francisco Call, San Francisco, California

The Haxe Birthday Party at the Lick House

One of the most enjoyable birthday parties ever given in this city took place last Saturday evening at the rooms of the young lady's mother in the Lick House. Tbe occasion was a surprise to the young lady on her eighteenth birthday anniversary. The dining hall of the hotel had been artistically decorated and a string orchestra was in attendance. Dancing and a programme, consisting of a vocal duet by Miss Laura Schmitt and Miss Nellie Giusti and a vocal solo by Mrs. James, filled in the evening. At midnight the march to supper was led by Miss Josile Haxe and Mr. Howard Blethen, and after a delicious repast dancing was resumed until a late hour. Much of the enjoyment of the evening was due to the young lady's mother and Miss Lecie Russ. Those present were: Mrs. Haxe, Mrs. James, Mrs. Barnes, Mrs. Eberts, Mrs Thornes, Miss Josie Haxe, Miss Lecie Russ, Miss Laura Schmitt, Miss Grace L. Smith, Miss Nellie Giusti, Miss Gertie Schmitt, Miss Mamie Hoesch; Hon. James G. Fair, Messrs Clement Blethen, Edward Denigan, Howard Blethen, George N. Habenicht, H. R. Smith, A. G. Land, E. Phelps, Washingon Ironmunger, E. Montague, George Elliott Hunt, E. Moulague.

John C. Blethen

J. E. Blethen


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