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Blethens in San Francisco, California
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° Captain Blethen and the Shanghai Yacht Club (1871)

Clement Blethen

January 6, 1889, Daily Alta California, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.


San Francisco's Victorians.

Victorian Houses, San Francisco.

One of the most enjoyable events of the season was the New Year party given by Miss Edith Kittredge at the residence of Mrs. Edward A. Rix, No. 1910 Vallejo street, last Monday evening.

The handsome parlors were artistically decorated with evergreens and ferns, sprinkled here and there with bright Christmas berries and mistletoe. Dancing was the order of the evening. At 11 o'clock the guests were interrupted by the announcement of supper, and adjourning to the dining salon found a most delicious and bounteous repast, which was presided over by the charming hostess in an admirable manner. After supper dancing was resumed until 1 o'clock, when the merry party closed, wishing their hostess a very happy new year.

Among those invited were: Mrs. Kittredge, Mrs. Moulton, Mrs. Bix, Mrs. Davis, Misses Kate Darbrow, Amey Swain, Florence Moulton, Lulu Fargo, Mamie McMullin, Nellie Hillyer, Jennie Baldwin, Lillie Kittredge, Marie Williams, Marie Roeding, Ida Carleton, Maude Magee, Mabel Love, Jennie Harwood, Agnes Flood, Miss Bowman, Lillie Wagner, Daisy Edwards, Beta Dennis, Hattie Bowman, Miss Monteverde, Josephine Sanderson, Ada Weihe, Nettie Dodge, May Hallett, Florence Mayhew, Messrs. C. H. Abbott, T. Fred Howarth, G. L. Everett, J. H. Lamberton, Gus Burling, Chas. Durbrow, Pierson Durbrow, Baldwin Most, Clement Blethen, Lawrence Van Winkle, B. Bonestell, Fred Pierson, F. Monteverde, C. Boardman, D. Boardman, Elisha Cook, Walter Landers, Fred Mayhew, Will Denman, B. Smedberg, L. Sanderson, Mr. Keyes, Mr. Hendrickson, Ed. Sessions, Harry Fassett, S. Jenks, J. Godley, P. Godley, Cecil Dennis Ord. McMullin, H. Bonestell

Daily Alta California, November 7, 1890

Superior Court Lawsuits.

Clement L. C. Blethen has sued Clark Blethen, G. F. Bowman, James C. Chalmers and H. H. Noble, trustees under the will of Mrs. Mary C. Blethen, Janet C. Chalmers, et al., to partition property located on the north side of California atreet, near Buchanan. Plaintiff wants the property sold and the proceeds divided among the heirs.

San Francisco Call, March 8, 1896


Clement L. C. Blethen to Robert R. Hind, lot on SE corner of Sacramento and Buchanan streets, E 50:1-3/4 by S 127:8-1/4: $10

San Francisco Call, July 20, 1897

New United States Grand Jury.

United States District Judge de Haven yesterday selected the following named as a Grand Jury for the ensuing term: George C. Boardman, foreman; Thomas Anderson. Edward Tracy Allen, Richard H. Brown, Clement Lincoln Blethen, James P. Currier, Maddison Hawes Critcher, Hypolite Dutard, A. B. C. Dohrmann, James C. Damon, Frank H. Ellis, Mathew Farley, Joseph K. Firth, George T. Gaden, James E. Higgins, John Horstmann, John G. Klumpke, David Leffman, Cabel H. Maddox, Frank P. McCann, William K. Morton. Alfred E. Pryor, Alfred P. Raye.

The Grand Jury will meet next Friday.

October 18, 1903, San Francisco Call, San Francisco, California


The engagement is announced of Clement L. C. Blethen, now of San Dimas, Mexico, and formerly of San Francsco, a son of the late C. P. Blethen to Elodia E. de Valdez, daughter of Senora Carlota R. De Valdez of Mazatlan, Mexico.

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