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The Marsh Troupe

March 28, 1860, Daily Alta California, San Francisco


MAGUIRE'S OPERA HOUSE. -- Richard III will be played at this establishment this evening, Mr. J. B. Howe assuming the role of the deformed Monarch. Miss Marian Lee will appear as Lady Anne.

LYCEUM. The great drama of the "Carpenter of Rouen" is to be played at this house this evening for the first time. Mr. Perry will appear as Marteau.

THEATRICAL ARRIVALS. Mr. John Wilson arrived yesterday on the Golden Age, bringing with him Dan Rice's Circus Company including the famed trick mules. They will, as soon as the fatigues of the voyage are over, perform in this city. The celebrated Marsh Troupe (thirty in number) also arrived, and will soon appear at come one of the theatres.


TO OUR FELLOW-CITIZENS:--Mr. Hackett, who will positively leave us by the Golden Age on Thursday of next week, has been called upon by a number of our most prominent citizens, some of whom have been constant attendants of his histrionic performances, and are desirous of his acceptance of a "Complimentary Benefit." We have suggested his representation of two of his famed and popular characters never acted here, viz.: Sr. Perinax Mac-ycophant (an M. P.) in Macklin's old English comedy called "The Man of the World, or a Lesson for Politicians"; and Morbleu (the teazed and irascible French hair-dresser,) in the farce of "Monsieur Tonson:" whilst others of our citizens, who are prevented by conscientious scruples from attending a theatre, are anxious for an opportunity to taste of Mr. Hackett's professional qualities in a monopoly-logue entertainment, to consist of Dramatic Readings with Rhetorical illustrations, together with personal anecdotes and reminiscences, and extracts from his own correspondence upon dramatic subjects with our own late President John Quincy Adams, and the English Antiquarian and Shakespearean scholar, John Payne Collier, and other literati, during the last thirty years.

We would recommend Mr. Hackett to gratify both classes of our citizens, by acting one night at the theatre and afterwards giving one such entertainment at Cucker's Academy of Music.

February 15, 1869, Daily Alta California, San Francisco


NEW ALHAMBRA THEATRE. The celebrated Marsh Troupe commence an engagement this evening, and the management have also added Mr. W. F. Baker and Mr. J. E. Kitts, of the Lyster Opera troupe to the company. The programme this evening embraces a minstrel "first part,'' then the interlude, with Messrs. Baker and Kitts in popular songs and duets closing with a comedy written for Miss Louise Arnot, entitled " American Ladies through an English Eyeglass," in which the Marsh Troupe will appear.

The Marsh Troupe in San Francisco 1869.

February 16, 1869, Daily Alta California, San Francisco


Alhambra Theatre:  The Marsh Troupe made their first appearance, last night, in a new comedy, " American Ladies Seen through an English EyeGlass," that is, it is called a comedy on the bills, but is really the most extravagant of extravaganza and written in the usual puerile style of the local plays, with an occasional good scene, or made good by capital acting.

Miss Louise Arnot is the star of the Marsh Troupe, and to her fell the task of representing a character intended to identify a San Francisco belle celebrated for her devotion to a company of the old Fire Department; Miss Arnot has the false intonation of voice common to all "infant prodigies," with a very pronounced style of acting, but manages the part very well in the Yankee disguise and in the declamatory scene, where a fire is described; her singing of the "Railroad Keer" song was much better than the composition, especially where the "local hits were attempted. George Marsh, who was the comedian of the troupe when a child, has grown to be a young man without adding to his talent, though he played the Chinaman part very well, and made-up for it capitally. The barber-shop scene was a success, entirely due to the capital acting of Sands, Ashcroft and the other barbers. Mr. Baker and Mr. Kitts each gave a song in the interlude, and also a duet from the "Lily of Killarney." The Marsh Troupe, the California Minstrels, and Messrs. Kitts and Baker, will appear this evening.

February 23, 1869, Daily Alta California, San Francisco


New Alhambra Theatre. The Marsh Troupe will present "Toodles" this evening, in which George Marsh has attracted a great deal of attention as the child representative of the inebriated Mr. Toodles.


The Golden Gazette News from 1848 to 1857, California.The Golden Gazette:
News From the Newspapers of 1848-1857: Hundreds of Events Reported From The Exciting Years Following the Great California Discovery of Gold
California stories.
Dudley T. Ross
"The Golden Gazette," turns out to be a fabulous collection of news stories for anyone curious about the quirky and sometimes frightening episodes of San Francisco's early days: hangings (including women), fires, fleeing criminals, notes on theatrical stars, ship wrecks, ads for things like "Oriental Tooth Wash," wheat crops shipping out of Martinez and Benicia, sheep prices, etc. His selection will please anyone wandering and exploring California.

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