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San Francisco Gold Rush.

British Ship Moneta

April 1868: Arrived: Br ship Moneta, Turpin, 124 days from Glasgow; mdse to Dickson, DeWolf & Co.


West Bay, Rothsay Bay, Scotland. 1800s.

Per Moneta: Left Glasgow Nov 28, and Greenock the 30th; arrived at Rothsay Bay, Scotland (image right), same day; sailed for Lambash, and arrived same day; put in on account of bad weather; left Lambash Dec 4, and discharged pilot on the 6th; crossed the equator in the Atlantic Dec 29, lon 31 30, 23 days out; from thence to 50 S had very heavy weather; passed 50 S in the Atlantic Jan 30; was 19 days thence to 50S in the Pacific; off the Cape, had strong N W gales which continued up to 33S; crossed the equator in the Pacific, lon 109 45 W; carried NE trades to 29N; from thence to port, moderate weather.

British Ship Moneta arrives in San Francisco.

The Moneta also sailed to and from San Francisco on the following dates:

July 3, 1870, Daily Alta California, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Shipping Intelligence

Arrived: Br. ship Moneta, Wilson, 62 days from Sydney; 800 tons coal to Macondray & Co.


1885 map: New Zealand/Polynesia Hawaii Society Islands Fiji Samoa Norfolk Island1885 Map, South Pacific.

Per Moneta - Left Sydney May 1; had variable wind and moderate weather throughout the voyage; have had no trades, either north or south of the equator; sighted Lord Howe's Island on May 3, and passed to the eastward of Elizabeth Reefs, in lt 30 30, lon 159 E; on the same night, sighted Norfolk Island; from thence had the wind SE, to Rovotongue, which was sight May 22; from thence had the wind north and westerly; passed through the Society Group; sighted Tahiti on May 26; crossed the equator in lon 152 W; on June 11 reached up to Owhyhee, SE side; then tucked to the eastward, and passed the Islands on June 12; saw many fires, supposed to be bush fires on them; from thence had frequent calms and light fine weather to port; on July 1, Point Reyes bore NE, distant 10 miles.

September 26, 1870, Daily Alta California, San Francisco
Exports from San Francisco to Queenstown - Per Moneta - September 24th. Ore. Copper, tons . . . 63; Wheat 100-lb sks . . . 18,050
Value: $36,128.01

March 26, 1872, Sacramento Daily Union, Sacramento, California, U.S.A.
At last accounts there were five vessels on the way from Australia to New York and Boston with Wool as follows:

  • Alice, 1,484 bales;
  • Nardoo, 1,872 bales;
  • Golconda, 1,823 bales;
  • W. Clowes, 2,700 bales;
  • Moneta, 2,393 bales;
making a total of 10,272 bales. There were also 2,000 bales on the way to Boston from the Cape of Good Hope.

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