Passengers arriving at the Port of San Francisco


Arrive San Francisco

January 23, 1851
SS Republic
Captain Hudson
From Panama


Daily Alta California, January 24, 1851

Arrival of the Republic.

The steamship Republic, Captain Hudson, of the Law line, arrived yesterday afternoon from Panama. Her trip has occupied but twenty days, though it is said but for the inferior quality of the anthracite coal in use it would have been much shorter. Her last run down to Acapulco was performed in the short space of eight days and twelve hours. The Republic brings eighty-three passengers and a large number of packages to various persons here. On the 11th instant, at 5 P.M., she passed the Carolina, hence for Panama, going into Acapulco; and on the 19th, off Ceros Island, saw the New Orleans, also for Panama; a few hours after, saw another steamer, supposed to be the Antelope. The Columbus, hence, had arrived and sailed from Acapulco for Panama on the 10th instant. The Republic leaves again on the 1st of February.


The vessel carried hundreds of packages for San Francisco.


Allen, R.S.
Bacon, T.H.
Bentley, G.
Browley, C.
Brown, J.G.
Brown, J.J.
Bytler, J.J.
Carroll, Thomas W.
Chowbanne, M.
Clayton, Mr. F.
Cohen, H.
Collins, S.W.
Davis, F.L.
De Bucourt, Madam
DeSilva, Manuel
Dubord, G.
Engessen, F.
Evans, Thomas
Friedlander, W.
Gates, H.
Geery, C.V.
Geoman, Gilbert
Grace, M. (Might be Grase)
Grace, W. (died at sea on January 13, 1851)
Hamilton, J.
Harper, E.L.
Harris, N.G.
Harris, R.P.
Harris, S.
Hathoway, Dr. B.W.
Huntington, M.
Jacobs, L.S.
Jacobs, Mrs. and child
James, Thos
Johnson, G.P.
Keating, W.
Krains, J.
Laborde, M.
Laskue, J.H.
Legron, M.
Lent, A.
Lisick, M.
Lyon, N.D.
Magruder, D.
Martin, Robert S.
McDonald, J.
McGill, A.
McGrath, Michael
McLanahan, S.
McLaughlin, A.J.
McMillen, Capt. D. and lady
Moon, J.
Mulligan, W.
Noyes, E.D.
Nye, D.
Oldenorff, W.
Parker, M.S.
Porver, T.H.
Poston, C.D.
Rae, A.
Ralston, R.
Rutherford, W.L.
Salvey, C.N.
Schwab, F.
Shafter, C. (Might be Shatfer)
Smith, Stephen L.
Sprague, G.W.
St. Clair, H.
Steins, James
Swan, Thomas M.
Tahlman, C.
Tyler, S.
Van Castile, M.
Van Loane, M.D.
Villaroue, M.
Warner, G.
Whitlock, J.C.
Wilder, W.H. and father
Woodworth, B.R.
Zinfach, M.


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