Passengers arriving at the Port of San Francisco


Arrive San Francisco

September 22, 1850
SS Panama
Captain Bailey
From Panama


19 days from Panama, via Acapulco and Mazatlan, Mexico and Monterey. The ship came up from Monterey in 16 hours. After the Panama landed passengers and goods in the City, she made a quick round trip to Oregon, under the command of Captain Bailey, arriving back in San Francisco on September 29, 1850 with seven packages of specie, two boxes of unidentified goods, and about 30 passengers.


167 packages of unidentified merchandise.


Aylsworth, D.
Baird, J. H.
Barlow, H. A.
Barnett, William
Bauemfrend, D.
Beam, D.W.
Bearse, Mrs. S.
Beck, G.
Beckwith, Henry
Belcher, J. J.
Belknap, D. P.
Bellemen, A.
Bellemere, Miss L.
Bellemere, Mrs. A.
Berault, A.
Berger, B. B.
Blair, D. N.
Bossange, L.
Bowlon, P.
Bradt, J.
Brooks, A.
Brown, L. A.
Burn, N. (Durn )
Burrett, James
Bush, A.
Bustemente, F.
Callirey, H.
Carter, John T.
Casey, D. P.
Charles, S. M.
Clark, J. H.
Clark, O. M.
Clegg, William, Jr.
Clute, J. G.
Coffin, Mrs. M.
Collyer, W. C.
Conover, P.
Corcoran, D.
Corcoran, T.
Cordice, E.
Cork. I. M.
Cormick, Dr. M. L.
Cowen, P. H.
Cox, William
Crawford, R.
Creighton, G.
Cronk, Saunders
Crosby, D.
Crossgreave, H.
Crow, W. M.
Dart, Anson
Dart, P. C.
Davila, Isaael
Davila, M.
Davis, E. F.
DeAngels, John
Dickman, F.
Dorsey, Caleb
Down, Mrs. Jane
Downer, J. Q.
Duncan, J. C.
Dunn, J. S.
Durose, A.
Dutcher, F.
Eddy, John
Edwards, Thomas
Ellerson, H.
Emerling, Joseph
Emmerst, M.
Fabjan, George
Farnesworth, D. F.
Ferguson, F.
Ferguson, G.
Ferrier, W. H.
Field, D. J.
Finger, J.
Flint, W. N.
Forris, J. P.
Franahaner, D.
Francis, W. H.
Freeman, E. G.
Freeman, F.
Freeman, L. P. M.
Freeman, O. C.
Fresler, D.
Funys, William
Gerow, H. C. (Garow )
Goldstein, M.
Green, E.J.
Grensroald, M.
Griescker, T. (Griesaker )
Hamilton, J. L.
Harlow, D. P.
Hart, John
Haywood, Benjamin
Hebel, John
Hendrick, R.
Heyne, J. E.
Hickson, H.
Hickson, N.
Hiller, J.
Hoffman, G. P.
Hopkins, E. H.
Hutchinson, S.
Ingols, N. L.
Jacobs, H. B.
Jacobs, Reed
Janes, A. W.
Jarvis, O. L.
Johnson, Henry
Jones, Ed
Joyce, Mrs. E. V. and child
Joyce, W. F.
Kelner, James
Kerlestkie, H.
Lance, Abraham
Lance, Frank
Lantz, A.
Lantz, F.
Latiske, P.
Layton, Jordan
Lee, Allen P.
Lester, E.
Lewis, S.
Livise, L. P.
Loud, Warren
Lyon, J. H.
Malcont, B.
McCreary, B. F.
McEarter, D.
McLaughlin, W.
McLed, D.
McNuntoy, C.
Mead, G. W.
Meegan, Charles
Merrill, J. M.
Milcom, D.
Miller, Solomon
Milter, W. N., Jr.
Mirturn, Jonas
Montague, D. C.
Moran, B.
Morgan, G.
Moss, Samuel (Mosa )
Newberry, E.
Newton, Joseph B.
O'Bourke, B. (might be O'Rourke)
Ober, Gustavus
Otenheimer, A.
Pardze, T.
Peacher, D.
Pennington, S.
Pepon, John
Phillips, N.
Pierre, L'Ahilee
Plaisted, G., Jr.
Poland, Nahan
Poland, Osborn
Pollock, R.
Potter, J. B.
Preston, James
Pucch, D. O.
Radall, W. N.
Robbins, John
Robinson, Calvin
Robinson, R. C.
Rosenfield, J.
Ross, Nathan
Rudd, G.
Ryan, John
Sewell, J. A.
Shutt, Joseph
Simpson, James
Sloan, E.
Smith, F. C.
Smith, Horace
Smith, J. D.
Spring, E. C.
Springer, E. B.
Stanley, A.
Stearns, M. S.
Stone, R. H.
Story, George L.
Swift, John
Tafft, Mrs. Dexter
Thompson, A.
Thompson, G. C.
Tileston, W. M.
Tobin, Mrs. A. J.
Trumpter, W.
Van Houton, E.
Venable, D.
Voglesandt, W.
Walker, A. J.
Walsh, James
Webster, H. A.
Weeks, J. E. P.
Wehiting, S. A.
West, J. R., wife and child
White, John A.
Wilmer, M. G.
Wilson, F. A.
Wood, Samuel
Wright, Joseph
Wright, Thomas, Jr.
Wright, W. N.
Wynne, T. M.


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