Ship Passengers arriving in San Francisco: 1800s

SS Panama

Arrive San Francisco

July 6, 1850
SS Panama
Captain Bailey
From Panama


Alta California, Saturday 8 o'clock, July 6, 1850

California Question not yet Settled!

The Mail Steamer Panama, Capt. Bailey, arrived at an early hour this morning from Panama. She brings intelligence from the United States to the 1st of June, and from Panama to the evening of the 17th. The new brought by her is fresh, but of little interest.

The Panama brings two hundred and eighty six passengers, 14 of whom are children, and a mail. The Panama has made a splendid run, being but eighteen days on the passage.

The Isthmus would leave Panama on the 1st inst., and the New World on the 18th ult.
The Isthmus arrived at Panama on the 14th ult., -- 22 days hence.
The Panama passed the Sarah Sands hence on the 27th, near Acapulco.
The Oregon would be the next mail steamer: she would leave on the 1st inst.

The steamship Panama, Capt. Bailey, left Panama on the evening of the 17th, and touched at Acapulco and San Diego. On the 27th June passed the steamship Sarah Sands, two days sail from Acapulco.

The fever and dysentery is prevailing to a consdierably extent in Panama -- so says the Echo.
The passengers and newspapers are out fiercely upon Capt. Stout, Messrs. Howland & Aspinwall's Agent at that place.

A trial by jury came off on the 14th for the first time in the annals of New Grenada. The parties were two Americans who had a dispute respecting the sale and purchase of steamer tickets. The court was held in an old current garden, a number of Spanish gentlemen were present.
Mr. Powers, the sculptor, had completed the statue of John C. Calhoun, and in a letter dated Florence, signified his intention of shipping it by the first vessel to the United States. Mr. P. had not heard of this statesman's death.

Col. Marris, the veteran equestrian manager, with a troupe, is performing at Panama. The company traveled through Central and South America.

Many of the passengers of the New Orleans at Panama have been provided with accommodations on board the New World. This arrangement having been effected by Mr. Folger, the agent, on account of the non-arrival of the former vessel.

The steamer Palmetta arrived at New Orleans from Galveston on the 24th, with dates to the 17th. The rivers were all overflowed, and many plantations greatly injured. The Indians continued to commit their depredations. The Government train of eight hundred wagons will leave San Antonia the latter end of this month.


Abbey, Russell
Adler, U.
Alexander, L.
Alliton, B.
Allman, H.
Amman, John
Anderson, Rev. A.P.
Aspinwall, J.
Aspinwall, L.
Austin, T.D.
Backus, W.W.
Baker, T.C.
Baker, W.R.
Barry, Judge P., wife and 6 children, with Mary Corwin, servant
Bassett, R..
Bates, H.P.
Bates, Truman
Beard, Mrs. E. L. and 2 children
Beebe, Henry
Benedict, E.S.
Beters, J. H.
Blood, C. H.
Bowers, B. D.
Bowers, G. W.
Bowers, Mrs. C. and child
Bowman, D. L.
Boyce, H.
Bray, W.
Breder, J. H.
Brooks, N. C.
Brown, C.
Brown, P.J.
Bulese, G. D.
Butler, F.
Cattmile, George
Chapman, C. C., wife and child
Church, U. M.
Clapp, George W.
Clark, L.B.
Cohen, J. A.
Coley, J. J.
Cook, G.V.
Cook, M.M.
Cooks, A.S.
Cooper, D.C.
Counchy, D.W.
Crane, E.T.
Cronis, Titus (or Crouise )
Crusman, C.
Cummings, J. W.
Cutter, Edward
Danforth, D.
Daniels, C.H.
Davenport, H.
Davis, R.D.W.
Dean, D.
Dearing, L.F.
Delavan, J.
Demmon, L.
Dennis, Irvin
Dennison, Mrs M. J. and 2 children, with Eliza Campbell, servant
Devoll, J. B.
DeYoung, E.
Dingman, S.
Dirks, L., wife and child
Doherty, John
Dunkin, J.T.
Eagles, W.C.
Elden, John
Ellis, R.
Fall, J.S.
Fellows, B.A.
Ferron, D.B.
Fish, J.L.
Fitzgerald, D.
Flint, J.W.
Folley, W.P. (Polley )
Fortner, H.
Fuller, A.
Fuyin, J.B.
Gardiner, J.H.
Gardner, J.W.
Garfield, H.
Gerren, C.
Gilbert, E. and wife
Gilbert, William E. and wife
Gillis, A.
Gilman, J.B.
Glas, J.A.
Goss, C.S.
Gray, John
Gray, W.F.
Greeman, James B.
Grennel, C.
Grice, H.
Gridley, Rev. C.
Guay, B.S.
Hall, O.V.
Hamilton, H.
Hamilton, M.
Hamlin, G.W.
Hard, George and wife
Harris, A.
Harrison, W.C.
Hea, William
Hedge, Nelson
Hobbs, James
Hobbs, Maria
Hoen, B.
Hollis, J.W.
Hopping, W.C.
Hubbard, S.J.
Hussey, S.S.
Irwin, J.B.
Jacobs, A.
James, Levi
Jamieson, A.R.
Johnson, F.F.
Jones, J.
Jones, N.T.
Jurskin, J.M.
Kelly, D.
King, S.
Knight, C.E.
Knote, Samuel
Labertins, L.
Lachral, S.
Lafitte, H.B.
Langton, P.M.
Larson, N.
Law, James L.
Legay, J.B. and wife
Levin, J.
Levy, J.
Lewis, Albert
Linnincott, C.A.
Llmelong, J. (Limelong )
Loveland, G.W.
Loveland, J.S.
Lovellay, D.
Lowell, H.
Lowry, R.
Lunch, Benjamin
Main, W.S.
Mangham, M.
Mark, Samuel
Marshall, D.
Martin, G.T.
Mason, R.
Mathews, B.G.
May, S.H.
McCanian, J.H.
McClure, W.A.
McDowell, J.F.
McKee, John
McNiel, B.L.
McWilliams, S.
Melville, S.D.
Miller, O.
Mills, Henry
Mitchell, J.C.
Moor, F.L.
Morgan, B.W.
Morrill, E.R.
Morrison, John
Mosher, E.P.
Newcomb, B.S.
Newhell, H.
Nicholas, W.
Nichols, A.
Noble, H.S.
Noel, W.
Norcross, J.S.
Ostrander, P.
Park, R.
Parmenter, C.M.
Parmenter, M. and wife
Patch, J.B.
Patterson, John (Paiterson )
Peachy, J.B.
Pearley, C.
Pease, Miss Marian
Perkins, H.
Phelps, J.G.
Pier, B.A.
Pine, L.R.
Pinney, O.
Platt, George K.
Preagle, J.
Prowatin, B.
Prowatin, E.
Purse, S.M.
Pyne, W.
Quimby, G.M.
Randle, A.
Rawson, C.B.
Read, J.K.
Redd, T.Y.
Reed, B.H.
Rees, W.A.E.
Reid, H.G.
Rhodes, S.A.
Richardson, G.E.
Richardson, J.
Richmond, W.
Righton, H.
Robson, W.
Rodgers, A.
Rorke, L.
Ryerson, J.N.
Sanborn, S.
Sargeant, J.W.
Shephard, C.L.
Sherman, R.W.
Shields, James P.
Shumway, G.W.
Smith, G.W.
Smith, George
Smith, Mrs. A. and child
Spencer, A.H.
Spring, T.O.
Sproat, M.S.
Stansbury, L.
Stevens, C.
Stiles, C.W.
Stiles, J.H.
Stoops, J.R.
Stow, C.A.
Strong, C.
Sturtevant, R.
Symmes, D.
Taber, S.W.
Tabin, R.
Tardy, T.H.
Thompson, Joseph R.
Tilton, C.
Turner, O.W.
Utt, C.
Utt, H.
Vance, John
Vedder, A.
Videto, H.
Wakelee, H.P.
Walker, E.
Walker, Eathan
Walker, Morris
Wall, J. S.
Wallis, W. C.
Walter, G.Forrest
Whitney, B. F.
Whittemore, J. B.
Wier, B.G.
Wiggin, J.H.
Wilkins, M.V.
Williams, A. J.
Williams, B.
Williams, C.
Williams, T.
Willots, S.
Wilson, William
Witham, J.

Boat landing at the Chagres River in Panama prints available.
Boat Landing at the Chagres River, Panama.
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