Passengers at the Port of San Francisco: 1800s

SS Panama

Arrive San Francisco

April 22, 1850
SS Panama
From Panama
Captain Bailey


Daily Alta California, Tuesday Morning, April 23

Arrival of the Panama!

One Month Later from the United States!
Highly Interesting Intelligence!

The arrival of the U.S.P.M. Steamship Panama, Captain Bailey, about daylight yesterday morning from Panama at 10 o'clock a.m.., 1st inst. Produced a very general excitement throughout the city. The latest and important intelligence from the United States was eagerly enquired for, and was quickly disseminated through the medium of the Herald, Tribunes, Picayunes, and Deltas that were offered for sale in the streets almost before the citizens had aroused from their night's slumbers.

CALIFORNIA: -- The news is of a most exciting and interesting character from the capital at Washington, where all eyes are at present eagerly turned. We had looked forward with a great deal of confidence to the reception of the news that the turbulence of the political sea had subsided, and that California had glided into a safe anchorage with the other sister. The aspect of matters is still threatening, however, although the ultimate admission of California was unquestioned.

Messrs. Webster and Calhoun had both made brilliant speeches in the Senate, which are published at length in the newspapers. That of Mr. Webster occupies over seven columns of the New York Herald. The California delegation presented a memorial to Congress on the 13th of March, immediately after the arrival of Col. Fremont. The reports in the public press show that they have not neglected the interests of California, but are urging her claims in the strongest manner.

EMIGRATION: -- The emigration to California continues unabated. The Georgia, which left New York on the 13th of March, had on board 650 passengers. The Herald publishes a list of vessels which have left various ports in the United States of this place, subsequent ot the 28th of February. The estimated number of passengers in these vessels is 1500.


Acarian, H.R.
Adgate, J.D.
Allen, W.H.
Anderson, R.L.
Armstrong, E.
Armstrong, L.
Arnold, G.B.
Arthur, G.D.
Arthur, J.F.
Ashton, G.
Aufderbourd, F.
Bad, B.B.
Bainey, J.H. (Bairey )
Barber, Benjamin
Barnaye, J.N.
Barton, H.B.
Barton, James
Bavin, W.P.
Beach, W.L.
Beeks, J.C.
Birze, D.W.
Bishop, Thomas
Bissell, G.W.P.
Bloom, John
Bodine, E.
Bostworth, W.
Boude, W.P.
Bowe, Jacob
Bower, L.
Bradstreet, B.G.
Brazea, N.
Brice, A.J.
Brice, M.
Brisco, C.
Briscoe, G.W.T.
Briscoe, R.
Brokaw, C.
Brown, G.W.
Brown, L.D.
Bruckman, G.
Brugman, L.G.
Brundage, J.L.
Burden, B.
Burgess, B.K.
Burn, E.W.
Burnham, L.
Burrill, W.
Buttery, E.
Callaway, W.M.
Canfried, W.
Carpenter, S.F.
Chambly, J.C.
Chapin, J.S.
Chase, G.W.
Cheeseman, B.F.
Church, N.
Cleadad, N.
Cliad, S.
Cocks, John
Collins, C.
Connelly, C.L.
Cook, J., Jr.
Cook, L.
Corwan, S.
Cox, J.T.
Cox, W.
Cral, A.
Cristman, V.
Cummings, G.
Curnba, W.
Dall, J.H.
Darling, Robert
Davire, E.
Dayton, Benjamin
DeBruenaya, J.
DeMott, G.W.
Dennison, H.W.
Dewey, S.L.
Dewolf, N.B.
Donald, F.O.
Dorr, A.H.
Douglas, R.
Douglass, G.W.
Duell, Mr. and Mrs. H.L.
Dumas, W.H.
Ebbetts, E.A.
Eddy, L.S.
Eggleston, G.W.
Eveland, L.J.
Faucet, S.E.
Felick, J.
Fisher, P.
Fitch, H.F.
Folds, F.M.
Foy, Mrs. and Mrs. and child
Frazee, Job
Freeman, R.S.
Gibbs, John
Gouandy, E.
Gourman, M.E.
Gray, H.A.
Grenell, S.G.
Gross, Samuel
Gullaurne, S.
Gurrett, J.C.
Hacket, C.
Hall, M.
Hall, R.R.
Hall, Thomas
Hall, W.N.
Halsey, L.
Hardie, R.
Harley, S.
Harriott, N.S.
Harris, T.J.
Harrison, Mrs. and Mrs. H. A.
Hawkins, P.
Hayden, D.
Hazelton, G.
Heedman, J.
Heiser, C.L.
Heiter, S.
Henry, E.
Herrister, C.E.
Hewitt, Daniel
Hildreth, B.S.
Hill, C.H.
Holbin, Thomas
Holcomb, C.E.
Hollar, J.H.
Hooper, D.
Hurd, Ailen
Ingalls, J.W.
Ingraham, O.
Irwin, W.S.
Jackson, W.
Jacobie, A.
Jacobs, J.B.
Jarras, H.P.
Jenkins, J.T.
Johnson, A.
Johnson, J.
Johnson, W.A.
Joslin, C.
Kelly, N.
Kendall, T.C.
Kendrick, R.R.
Kennedy, R.
Kerr, W.
Kettle, N.G.
Kinder, W.R.
Kindrick, C.W.
Kock, Adam
Krider, J.
Larib, T.
Larried, A.G.
Lerreayre, B.L.
Lindsay, J.M.
Livingston, L.
Lobdell, W.H.
Lounsberry, W.H.
Lowe, B.F.
Luvrin, S.O.
Lyons, B.H.
Lyron, J.
Macomber, G.
Macriesh, J.
Mallory, G.W.
Matlinzle, G.
Maybee, W.F.
McClutchar, A.
McDeermott, Thomas
McKee, J.
McKee, J.B.
McKibbon, S.
McNeill, G.
Melcher, R.D.
Merriman, G.
Merritt, E.B.
Merritt, H.
Merselas, P.
Meyers, H.B.
Meyers, T.P.
Miller, J.
Milnor, B.M.
Montague, J.
Moorehead, C.
Moorehead, J.
Moorehead, J.H.
Morgan, A.J.
Morgan, N.D.
Muser, H.
Norriser, J.
Oliver, Paul
Oliver, W.A.
Ollendorff, L.
Olmstead, T.D.
Palmester, C.P.
Park, W.
Parrott, J.
Patton, R.B.
Payton, B., Jr.
Peck, J.A.
Perkins, N.S.
Perry, J.
Peterson, John
Pierce, J.S.
Poe, W.W.
Poor, Samuel
Primar, B.
Pringle, B.S.
Prosser, T.
Rice, B.
Rice, Charles
Rice, Henry
Richardson, H.
Rollinson, J.R.
Ross, A.
Ross, W.
Roxborough, J.B.
Sanford, F.C.
Sartwell, W.L.
Sautheray, J.Z.
Sayre, F.F.
Schorley, E.
Shelby, Lewis
Shivers, J.M.
Sigler, S.B.
Sinder, Joseph
Siso, Augustine A. (Asiso )
Sisson, D.
Sleincleicuan, S.
Smith, J.W.
Stanford, S.
Starperd, J.
Steenberger, H. (Steinberger )
Steinberger, S. (Steenberger )
Stewart, Solomon
Stone, O.D.
Strall, D.E.
Street, G.D.
Street, N.J.
Streeter, James
Talbot, Carey
Taylor, James
Taylor, S.O.
Templeton, Joseph
Templeton, T.F.
Templeton, W.
Thatcher, M.
Tindell, James
Toweley, J.G.
Van Fleet, E.J.
Van Gierson, J.
Van Marter, E.
Watts, E. H.
Webb, A.
Webster, C. W.
Welder, A. W.
West, J.F.
White, D.C.
White, W.H.
Wilbur, Mr. and Mrs. R. B.
Williams, J.W.
Winfield, W.
Winns, E.
Winslow, A.P.
Winter, W.W.
Wise, G.
Wood, Alva
Woods, G.C.
Woods, Russell
Woodworth, T.
Worth, M.
Wright, R.
Wyckoff, J.

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