Passengers arriving at the Port of San Francisco


Arrive San Francisco

January 11, 1853
SS Panama
Captain Wm. H. Hudson
From Panama


Daily Alta California, San Francisco, January 8, 1853

Arrival of the Panama

The P.M. (Pacific Mail) steamer Panama, Wm. H. Hudson, commander, left Panama, with the way mails and passengers, on Sunday, Dec 26th, at 8 o’clock, P.M. Jan. 1st, passed a large ship standing towards Acapulco; at 8 o’clock, P.M., arrived at Acapulco; found in port ship Arab and barque Clarite and U.S. sloop-or-war Portsmouth, Com. Dorwin, for Panama soon. Jan. 2d, left Acapulco a 1 o’clock P.M. Jan. 3d, passed a Mexican schooner, bound to the westward. Same day, a large ship steering to the east ward. Jan 5th, saw a steamer bound to the southward, in lat. 21 deg. 56 min. N., lon. 109 deg. 20 min. W. Jan. 6th, at 4 A.M., passed a steamer bound south, eighty miles to the northward of Cape St. Lucas, supposed to be the Oregon. At 2 o’clock, P.M. off Magdalena Bay, saw three ships at anchor and another going in, showing a diagonal white and blue flag, with a blue ball at the main, and a signal red, white and red, horizontally, with a black star in the white at the fore. Jan 9, at 1-1/2 P.M., arrived at San Diego, landed mails and left at 2-1/2 P.M.; left in port steamer Ohio and schooner Com. Patterson to sail same day for San Francisco. Jan. 11th, 6:40 A.M., arrived at Monterey, landed mails and left at 7:20, having been detained three hours off the port in thick weather.

Arrived at San Francisco January 11th, at 3 o'clock P.M. Running time from Panama, fourteen days and twenty-one hours.

Isthmus Intelligence.

The Panama brings us files of the Star, Herald and Echo to the 25th ult, being but four days later than they were received by the California.

The rain had not ceased, and the Cruces road was said to be in the most wretched condition. The Star says:

The memory of the oldest inhabitant runneth not back to the time when the winter or rainy season held on or lasted so long as doth the present. Here is the 23d of December, and the rain has not ceased and the Cruces road was never in worse plight.

Don Salvator Boldan, the newly appointed Governor of the Isthmus, had arrived at Panama.

ANOTHER FLORES EXPEDITION. A passenger by the British steamer Bogota informs us that Flores was engaged in getting up another expedition against Ecuador. It is said that his army this time is to consist of Americans entirely, enlisted in California, a large number of whom have already enrolled themselves in the ranks. We further learn that two steamers have been purchased for the expedition. We give the above as we heard it, and wait further information before confirming it.


A concert was given at the Aspinwall House by a party of musicians who were passing through the city.

The Panama took away nearly all the passengers remaining on the Isthmus.


Backus, O. J.
Baker, (perhaps Paker)
Bancock, J.
Barny, D.W.
Barny, J. P.
Barrell, Saml.
Beiggs, M.
Bell, Col. W. H.
Bemin, Mrs., two children and servant
Bennett, H.
Bennett, Mrs.
Berincen, M. (possibly Berincon)
Bernard, G.G.
Berry, J.
Billings, B.
Blinn, R.D.
Bloome, J.
Bolinger, H.
Bowles, G.R.
Bowles, W.R. and wife
Broad, Mrs.
Broklem, Geo.
Brown, E.
Callahan, Miss
Campbell, Mrs.
Clark, B.
Clark, Mrs. W.
Clough, J. C.
Colby, Mrs.
Colvert, C.
Colvert, J.
Con, Anna
Cooper, Mrs.
Cornelius, W.
Cotterin, J.
Crammis, J.
Crofood, H.
Daniel, E.
Dean, Mrs.
Derby, H. (perhaps Deroy)
Dessur, J.
Dodd, R.
Doety, Wm.
Dorham, C. and P. (the "r" is not legible, so it may be a different spelling)
Doyle, P.
Driscoll, C.
Dunlap, J. G.
Eaton, Mrs. E. S.
Ernest, and four sisters
Faulkner, J.
Forelsky, A. A.
Frost, Jno
Fulman, W.
Galloway, W.
Gardiner, Wm.
Giles, L.
Glade, G.
Gleen, H.
Gloden, A.
Gordon, B.F.
Gray, D.
Grezelin, Miss
Griffin, J.
Gross, A.
Gross, Mrs.
Gunn, G.
Hamille, A.
Hamilton, J.P., wife and two children
Hancroft, (perhaps Hancrott)
Harper, C.
Harper, J.
Harper, Jos.
Harry, Mrs. M. A. (difficult to read)
Hart, Mrs.
Hathaway, J.
Hedge, Wm. (possibly Hedges)
Herbert, E.
Higel, C.H.
Holmes, F. T.
Holmes, J. H.
Horan, J.
Hughes, W.
James, Wm.
Jay, Mrs. and boy (perhaps Joy or Jey)
Jenkins, Wm.
Jihon, (difficult to read)
Jones, Mrs.
Jordon, R.
Kelley, Mrs. and two children
Kent, E.
Kent, Mrs. R.
Lamorel, (difficult to read)
Lawrence, D.
Lehman, J.H.
Loegter, J. (perhaps Loegeer or Losgeer)
Lombard, P.
Lombard, S.
Lyon, Miss
Mason, C.H.
McCarty, S.H.
McGreeley, R.R. , U.S.A.
McKnight, J.
McMannion, Mrs.
Mise, Wm.
Moiens, J.
Morelle, F.
Mumford, Col.
Murdoch, Mrs.
Nanscomb, Mrs. and three children
O'meira, C.
Owens, S.
Page, Dr.
Payne, N.
Peake, R.B.
Percy, W.
Phister, Mrs. E. and three children
Pool, Thos.
Porter, James
Reese, H.
Reese, W.L.
Reeves, H.
Reeves, J.
Rennick, E.
Rennick, J.
Retey, Mrs. and child (perhaps Reney or Rency)
Rose, C.
Russell, C.
Rynders, J. P.
Sanderson, G., wife and child
Sarkes, (could be Saokes or Sankes)
Saxton, Rev. J.B., wife and child
Scon, Miss (difficult to read)
Scott, Mrs.
Seymour, Mrs.
Shannon, J.R.
Sharp, Miss
Smith, F.
Smith, H.J.
Snook, G.
Snook, Mrs.
Snook, P. (possibly Snock)
Snyder, J.
Sramenon, J. H. (difficult to read; it may be Sramennon)
St. Jean,
Starkey, W.
Starr, H.
Starr, J.
Stirling, W.
Street, G. and wife
Styder, Mrs., child and servant (perhaps Snyder)
Swarl, V.
Taylor, Mrs. and child
Taylor, Rev. G.B., wife, three children and servant
Townsend, W.R.
Van Pelt, Mrs.
Voise, J.L.
Walford, G.
West, B.F.
Wheeler, Miss H.
Whiton, S. (possibly Whiten or Whitan)
Witners, Mrs.
Wrimon, C. (difficult to read)
Yeaton, L.

*Note: This listing from the Alta California is poor quality, and has many passengers listed as "Messrs." followed by a series of last names, with no first names. Thus far, there is no other source for comparison.


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