Passengers arriving at the Port of San Francisco


Arrive San Francisco

February 5, 1852
SS Pacific
Captain Nathaniel Jarvis
From San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua


Alta California, February 6, 1852, San Francisco, California

Arrival of Kossuth at Washington
Mr. Clay's Health Improved
Louis Napoleon Elected President.
All Quiet in France

Liberation of the Cuban Prisoners

The steamer Pacific, of Vanderbilt Independent Line, commanded by Capt. Nathaniel Jarvis, arrived from San Juan del Sud, early last evening. She brings dates from New York to the fifth of January ten days later than the intelligence received per Panama.

We are under obligations to her Purser, E.A. Poole, Esq., for late papers, passenger list, and the following memoranda:

Sailed from San Juan Del Sud January 21, 1852 at 8 o'clock P.M. with four hundred passengers. Left in port the steamer New Orleans; schooners Ellen Frances and Charrons and brig Hellen Kolkut. The ship Mariana of Boston dragged her anchors, went ashore in the outer harbor of San Juan, a total loss. The New Orleans arrived on the 18th ulto., having encountered a norther off the Gulf of Tehuantepec, causing her to lay to fifty hours, stove her bulwarks and wheel house. She was taking in coals when we left, and was to sail to next day for Panama. The Pacific arrived at Acapulco Jan 26th at 8 o'clock A.M. Sailed on the 28th, at 11 o'lock P.M. Left in port Commodore Stockton and schooner James L. Day. Passed the Golden Gate 20 miles to the northward of Acapulco. Feb. 2d, at 1 o'clock P.M. was hailed by the brig Tryvenia at anchor, the eastside of Cerros Island, 47 days from Panama, for San Francisco, with 120 passengers, in distress, out of bread and water, six persons having died on board. We took off all the lady passengers and children; left her at 7 o'clock P.M., taking in water. . .

By the telegraphic accounts from Washington of January 4th, Mr. Clay's health was said to be much better. It was also confidently expected that he would appear in the Senate in a day or two to make a speech in opposition to the non-intervention policy of Kossuth.
General Sam Houston was at Buffalo, lecturing before the Young Mens Association of that city.

Names of Note: Mr. Lewis Baker and Mrs. Alexina Fisher Baker.


43 cases of peas, 167 cases sardines, 223 barrels of brandy, 100 barrels of wine, 52 cases of butter, 200 cases cheese, 182,160 bricks and a case of unspecified merchandise.


Abbott, J.
Adams, C.
Adams, J.
Adams, J.S.
Adams, John
Alden, H.T.
Aldon, J.M.
Armstrong, Mrs. and two children
Ashly, M.T.
Baig, C.
Baker, J.L. and wife
Baker, Lewis
Baker, Mrs. Alexina F.
Ballard, J.H.
Bangs, R.
Banney, George L. (Difficult to read. Could be Bonney, Bonnoy, Benney, Bennoy, Binney, etc.)
Barnard, Mrs. B.
Barnes, R.S.
Barrett, Thomas
Bartlett, C.C.
Bean, S.
Bean, T.
Berry, A.H.
Berry, S.
Bersh, N.
Bevan, M.H.
Bird, W.
Birdsall, George, wife and two children
Blandford, Charles
Blaney, N.T.
Blany, R.
Blis, J.
Block, R.
Bond, W.P.
Booth, G.A.
Boyd, D.
Boyd, M.
Boyington, G.
Brackett, J.W.
Brans, M.
Brans, W.
Briean, G.O.
Briggs, W.H.
Broderick, S.
Bromley, R.J.
Brotham, A.W.
Brown, Joel
Brown, Mrs. Mary and child
Brown, S.L.
Bryant, C.T.
Bryant, J.W.
Buckley, F.
Buckley, O.
Buckley, R.
Bufford, R.
Burlingame, G.
Burton, J.P.
Buswell, M.
Butter, C.
Butts, George
Buxton, L.B.
Calande, G.
Carrington, D.
Carter, Henry
Carver, Oliver
Castel, F. (Rasmussen questions spelling: Castei)
Chapman, E.L.
Chase, E.B.
Clark, E.W.
Clark, W.H. and wife
Clerken, Phillip
Cole, B.
Cole, C.
Cole, D.
Cole, John
Condon, H.
Condon, J.
Condon, S.
Conrad, Ann
Conrad, S.
Cook, Joseph
Copeland, G.
Cornwell, P.
Corwin, S., Jr.
Cosgrove, P.
Cram, Asa
Craton, R.
Crayton, J.
Crosby, Anthony
Croylin, J.
Crozie,r F.
Curnass, B.F.
Davidson, T.W.G.
Davis, Joseph
Davis, W.H.
Davy, Robert
Davy, Robt.
Day, G.B.
Debyell, D.L., wife and two children
Dennett, S.R.
Dillon, A.F.
Dodge, B.
Dodge, W.H.
Donovan, John
Dorman, W.F.
Dorr, N.G.
Doyle, J.
Drake, J.H.
Drake, S.A.
Dunn, A.
Dunning, S.
Dyer, H.P.
Dyer, O.
Eastman, John
Eastman, T.M.
Eaton, Lyman
Edmond, C.
Elliott, I.
Elliott, John
Evans, C.W.
Farrant, J.
Feeder, Myron
Fitch, William H.
Flanders, P.M.
Flanders, Seth
Flint, N.
Fogg, A.H.
Folsom, J.
Ford, F.S.
Garorance, B.
Geyer, A.
Gilbert, J.S.
Gilley, J.
Gisson, W.
Gleason, L.W.
Goin, T. and wife
Goldthurst, T.
Goodwin, C.L.
Grant, D.W.
Graves, W.M.
Gray, A.M.
Gray, J.M.
Gueyney, W.
Gulliver, James M.
Hank, A.
Harrison, G.W.
Harvey, G.
Hasford, George
Hasford, W.
Haslor, M.H.
Hatch, C.E.
Helmer, Charles J.
Henderson, W.L.
Higgins, E.G.
Hill, E.N.
Hill, J.
Hill, M.
Holbrook, W.H.
Holman, J.H.
Howard, Mrs. M.H.
Hoyt, J.F.
Hubbard, E.
Irwin, W.A.
Isaac, Samuel
Jackson, E.T.
Jamieson, W.
Jennars, Mrs. and four children
Jennings, M.
Jones, C.
Jordon, George
Kane, James
Kellor, J.J.H.
Kennan, W.M.
Kent, B.S.
Kent, D.D.
Kerins, Terrence
Kiddon, M.S.
King, A. Jr.
King, R.
Kingly, W.
Knapp, W.L.
Lamb, H.
Lamb, P.
Lambert, F.
Lammar, W.J.
Lawless, J.
Layton, Joseph
Lindsey, Mrs.
Lockwood, M.F.
Lowery, S.
Lowery, U.
Mallow, E. and wife
Markham, W.M.
Mars, Miss
Mars, Mrs.
Marshall, M.
Martin, A.
Martin, Charles
Martin, Leonard
Mason, J.
Mason, L.
Mason, O.
Mather, John
Mathews, N.O.
Mc , E.B. ("Mc" breaks at end of line - type seems to be missing)
McCann, P.
McCluskey, C.
McCormick, J.
McCurdy, A.
McDonald, E.
McGowan, D.
McIntosh, George A.
McIntosh, J.
McManus, P.
McMaster, A.P.
McMaster, L.
McMuston, Miss
McWilliams, H.
Mead, A.
Mead, George
Mead, Isaac
Mead, W.
Meddock, C.W.
Meddock, Mrs. C.W. and daughter
Meeks, E.G., lady, nurse, one child and two infants
Merriam, A.J.
Meyer, L.
Miller, Hiram
Mills, C.A.
Mitchell, D.
Mitchell, J. (Rasmussen reports "Mithcell" seems unlikely, but he may have found another list)
Mittzer, J.
Monson, Mr.
Moody, W.H.
Moore, H.W.
Morey, E.
Morgan, J.A.
Morgan, John
Morrill, F.
Morrill, N.W.
Moss, D.S.
Moyer, Geo. W. (Rasmussen questions Mayer, but appears as Moyer in Alta California
Much, J.H.
Mullen, B.
Mullins, J.
Murray, John
Nason, T.
Neish, J.
Newcomb, J.
Nichols, L.
Niles, C.
Niles, E.F.
Niles, H.
Niles, William
Nixan, Geo. (Nixen Nixon )
Nye, J.
Nye, R.
Olmore, A.
Oram, Morris
Osgood, N.
Otis, B.
Packard, C.
Parson, J.
Patterson, James E.
Peaks, F. (Seems to be a letter missing between "a" and "k" - perhaps "Pearks" as below)
Pearks, G.
Peck, D.E.
Peel, J. and servant
Peel, J., Jr.
Peel, Mary A.
Peele, Mary (She was listed alongside the other "Peels," so presumably it is a misspelling, and "Peel" would be correct)
Pernell, J.
Perry, E.B.
Perry, E.J.
Pettygrou, N.A.
Place, David
Platt, C.W.
Platt, H.B. and wife
Plumb, C.H.
Plumb, J.B.
Pomroy, J.
Powers, E.
Pragory, J.
Pratt, W.J.
Pray, Mrs., two children and servant (Rasmussen questions Prav)
Preston, L.O. and wife
Preston, Mrs. L. and child
Preston, T.J.
Pusher, G.
Pusher, T.
Ray, Henry
Raynor, C.L.
Reed, J.W.
Reed, N.G.
Reed, W.M.
Reed. H.
Relyras, J.
Richardson, J.
Richardson, J.R.
Riddle, W.E.
Rittenbaumer, J.
Robinson, John
Roe, Benjamin
Rogers, C.
Rogers, Thomas W.
Rooney, Mrs. T.
Rooney, Thomas and two boys
Rugg, D.
Rugg, U.
Russ, D.T.
Sammis, E.B. and wife
Saunders, F. O.
Scott, H.
Seaman, C.H.
Shaffer, John
Shannon, Thomas
Shattuck, W.
Sheakley, J.
Shepherd, A.
Simpson, G.
Simpson, J.
Simpson, W.
Sleeper, W.O.
Smith, Charles
Smith, E.L.
Smith, G.
Smith, H.
Smith, J.B.
Smith, J.C.
Snell, W.H.
Soraery, W.G.
Spalding, R.W.
Spear, J.
Stapleton, S.
Stephens, M.
Stetson, B.
Stevans, L.W.
Stickney, D.
Story, B.F.
Stretch, John
Strubi, J.
Swift, H.A.
Sylvester, Miss
Taggart, A.
Taylor, F.
Teaffer, C.
Terbrush, H.
Thomas, J.
Thompson, Mr.
Thompson, William
Thorpe, W.
Tiffney, Abraham and wife
Tinkham, L.
Tobin, G.
Toomer, A.
Trollop, D.
Turner, J.O.
Turner, M.J.
Underwood, J.W.
Vankensen, A.S.
Vanper, J.W.
Vansickle, J.H.
Veszey, J.L.
Wadleigh, M.
Ware, A.H.
Ware, George
Ware, William
Water, S.
Watkins, R.G.
Watson, W.
Watts, B.
Weill, Mrs. J. and boy (Note: Rasmussen has "body" rather than "boy." He s amazingly accurate, so his research may have turned up a "body")
Welt, E.
Welton, I.S.
White, Mrs. J.
Williamson, J.Y.
Wilson, G.
Wilson, John
Wilson, R.H.
Winslow, E.
Wolf, Mrs.
Wood, H.
Wood, L.
Wood, R.
Woodbury, J.
Woodman, C.
Woodruff, A.L.
Woodworth, Mrs. C.
Wooster, D.
Wright, G.W.
Young, L.A


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