Passengers arriving at the Port of San Francisco


Arrive San Francisco

March 6, 1851
SS New Orleans
Captain Wood
From Panama


18 days from Panama via Acapulco, Mexico, ten days. 119 passengers, 19 females


673 packages of unidentified merchandise. Per New Orleans Benjamin, Saroui & Archer, Adams & Co, Jacob Levi, J. Haskel, F. Regensberger, Danl Gibbs, Siarkey Bros, Kuhhoff de Sala & Co. Dodge & Co., Haven & Co, Mawson Bros, Caughy & Bromley, J. Leon, J. Honigsberger, B. C. Saunders, Frankenheimer, B. W. Palmer, E. T. Bolles, M. Barnett, J. Yandeck, M. Prag, John Hahn & Co., Lazard & Goldman, Herzogg & Rhine, T. H. Kessing, A. D. Moeller, Jacob Levinson, Leopold Kahn, J. Berwin, A. Leggin, Kelsey, Smith & Risley, H. Morrison, J. W. Gregory, Domingo Danglado.


Passengers per the New Orleans March 1851.Bar, A.
Bates, George
Benjamin, I., lady, two children and servant (might be Berjamin)
Berlin, J.
Berring, Henry
Berring, P.
Birthell, I.
Bissell, C.F.
Boble, Josefa
Brandon, C.
Bresher, A.D.
Buchoffer, M.
Bushnell, J.P.
Bushnell, S.P.
Buyess, T.T.
Calvin, J.
Campbell, Mariana
Chatfield, Owen
Curry, Captain
Curtis, J.B.
Davis, J.S.C.
Degroot, L.A.
Drew, Stephen
Dunbar, Mr., lady and friend
Felboek, J.
Forbell, Isaac S.
Frankenheimer, M.
Gutman, Mrs. L., two children and servant
Hasty, Captain
Hernlin, O.W.
Hill, Mrs.
Johnson, Mr.
Kahn, Leopold
Kaskel, J.
Keaner, Ralph L.
Kessing, T.H.
Kidd, Mrs.
Knox, W.
Kyler, W.
Leon, Mr., and servant
Levenson, I.
Levy, H. and lady
Lubbock, Captain
Lubbock, Mr., and four others
Macherin, Miss
Marcus, J.
Martin, H.
Marvin, Mr.
Mendell, E.
Menzell, O.
Miller, A.D.
Miller, J.D.
Moyenstein, M.
Murphy, D.T.
Nazstand, Charles
Page, F.W.
Peckham, S.
Perdue, F.A.
Peyser, H.
Ploff, George
Post, John
Pray, Atwill
Pride, John
Quirk, E.J.
Raphael, M.
Regensberger, Mr., lady, two children
Rich, J.
Robinson, Mr.
Rose, John
Rosier, Michael
Russell, J.M. and two sons
Sheppard, J.B.
Shyer, J.
Simonson, V.
Simpton, Mrs., four children and servant
Smith, E.
Smith, Henry
Smith, Mr. and son
Smith, S.
Spencer, G.N.
Van Dyke, J. and servant
Walker, A.A.
Walker, S.B.
Wells, A.C.
West, J. Selby
Whitlock, James A.
Williams, Mrs.
Wilson, George
Wish, H.


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