Passengers at the Port of San Francisco: 1800s

SS California

Arrive San Francisco

January 6, 1853
SS California
Captain R.L. Whiting
From Panama


Daily Alta California, January 7, 1853

Arrival of the California.

The P.M. steamship California, R.L. Whiting, Esq., commander, arrives yesterday mornign from Panama, which port she left on the morning of the 22d ult., having thus made the passage, including stoppages, in the short space of fifteen days. She was off the harbor on Wednesday evening, but was prevented entering by a dense fog which hung over the land during the whole of that day and night. We are indebted to Messrs. Adams & Co., Wells, Fargo & Co. and Berford & Co., for favors received by the California. The advices of the California are not later than received by the Cortes, both steamers having left on the same day. The California brings up about three hundred and fifty passengers, among whom are forty-nine females and twenty-eight children. The regular U.S. mail of the 6th December, numbering 200 bags, reached Panama safely and was brought up by the California. The mail steamer Panama, Capt. Hudson, would leave for this port on the 25th. Brownlow C. Bertie, son of the Earl of Abbingdon, died on board the California on the way up. He was on his way to China on a trip of pleasure. Doctor E.K. Chamberlain, member of the first California State Legislature, died on board of fever.


Per steamship California from Panama -- P.M.S. California, Capt. R.L. Whiting, sailed from mTaboga harbor Dec 22, at one o'clock A.M., touched at Acapulco Dec 27 at 10 P.M., having made the trip in 5 days, 21 hours; sailed from Acapulco Dec 23 at 10 A.M.; left there Am. sloop-of-war Portsmouth; on the evening of Dec. 19, passed stmr Washington bound for San Blas; Dec 30, passed a steamer bound up the coast supposed to be the Independence from San Juan del Sud; Jan 1, passed a three-massted propeller bound south; Jan 2, P.M., passed steamer Brother Jonathan bound south.


200 bags of mail.


Aliff, Mr.
Andrews, F. (or P. Andrews)
Andrews, John
Bagerole, J.
Barlow, P. M.
Barlow, S.
Berkenfeldt, F. (Might be Berkonfeldt)
Bertie, B. C.
Bewing, R. (Could also be H. Bewong)
Billings, S.
Blake, J.
Blakelee, Rev. S. and lady
Blight, J.
Bondheldt, C.
Bonsall, J.
Bradbury, Mrs.
Bradley, C. H.
Bradley, Mrs. Maria
Bragdon, T.
Brand, Chas.
Brien, J. V.
Brophy, P.
Brown, John
Brunn, A.
Bun, J.
Burns, Aug H.
Butcher, J.
Cage, Jas.
Campbell, James
Campbell, Mrs. Cath and three children ("Cath" is difficult to read. May be different spelling)
Carter, S. M. and two children
Chamberlain, D. E. K.
Charles, E.
Chase, T.
Cillard, P.
Clise, D.
Cole, E. P.
Cole, G. M.
Colgrove, Miss
Colgrove, Samuel
Colmar, R. R. (Might be H. R. Colman)
Conolly, S.
Conrell, Wm. O.
Cooper, G.
Cooper, Jas.
Cooper, Miss James
Cooper, Mrs. F. and three children, two servants and child
Cooper, Mrs. N. F. and child
Cooper, N. F.
Cox, J.L.
Craig, Mrs.
Cramer, C.
Crane, E.
Crittenden, G.
Cummings, J.G.
Dagonam, J.
Dankin, John M.
Daronan, M.
Dart, John
Davidson, D.
Davis, Hermann
Davis, W.C.
Deval, W.
Diver, S. and lady
Doe, Luke
Doe, Mrs.
Donohue, J.A.
Dyer, Geo. E.
Emery, L.
Estella, Mrs., two daughters and child (Could be Estelli or Estelle)
Ester, I. ("t" difficult to read. Might be Esler or Esmer or Esner)
Eueland, J. (Might be J. Fueland)
Ewing, C.
Flagg, L.
Flemming, Mrs. C. and two children
Fogarty, P.
Foss, O. (Could be Poss or Ross)
Fox, C.
Frank, F.
Freeman, Mrs.
Gleason, John
Gorman, P.
Graff, Mrs. and infant (Might be Grant or Gran)
Green, Rush
Griffeth, M.
Griffith, J. M.
Hall, J. B.
Hammill, John
Hammill, W.
Hams, J.
Harris, Jno
Harrison, John
Hatch, Mrs. (Could be Hutch)
Family Cruises from $599ppHealy, R.V.
Henderson, J.G.
Henry, J.
Hested, John
Hickens, D.
Hiller, Mrs. and two children
Hodgkins, E.
Hodgkins, W.R.
Hollenback, W.C.
Holthaus, J.
Humphrey, D.
Isidor, M.
Ivy, John
Jackson, J.
Jenkins, Wm.
Josselyn, J.
Joyce, M.C.
Keefe, O.E.
Keith, G.A.
Kelly, J.J.
Kelly, John
Kennedy, W.P.
Kennett, M.
Keyes, Mr.
Keyes, S.C.
Killpatrick, J.
King, John
Knehn, C.
Kork, J.C.
Lacey, Wm.
Langerbeck, F.
Lawrence, D.R.
Lawrence, Danl.
Leonard, Pat
Lewis, L.
Lighthall, Wm.
Lilly, A.
Lorati, Josf.
Luffkin, M.
Luffkin, Mrs. and child
Lynch, Mrs. L.
Malone, N.T. (Might be Malony)
Marco, L.
McHattan, W.
McHattan, W.F.
McKay, Alex
McQuohoe, J.
McRea, J.
Meredam, N.
Middleton, Mr.
Milbur, E.
Miner, B.
Mingote, J.C.
Moody, Mrs.
Moore, J.
Moore, Lieut J.N.
Moore, Mrs. Emily
More, George
Morge, Rachel
Morrell, D.
Morrows, Mr.
Morse, L.
Moulton, Mr. and Mrs.
Mulford, N.B.
Mulligan, J.
Mulligan, Miss
Mulligan, Mrs.
Murphy, J. P.
Murphy, John
Murray, J. S.
Notrikey, E. (Difficult to read)
O'Connell, Ann
O'Connell, Mrs. and servant
Ogilvy, Thos.
Ortent, Jean
Owens, J.
Packard, A.
Packard, Alvin
Paralle, M.
Parvew, P.A.
Pearson, C.
Perkins, J.
Petty, M.
Piatt, Judge, mail agent
Quine, Jno
Radford, Lieut. L.V.W.
Ramsdall, C.
Ray, Ben
Reilly, M.
Richmeyer, S. (Might be Richmever)
Rickards, J.R.
Riley, W.
Robinson, Mrs.
Rogers, C.G.
Romans, W.
Ross, J.
Routrouf, Mrs. and two children
Rulofson, Mrs. A.V. and child
Ryan, P.
Salisbury, E.J.
Salmon, Miss H. and sister
Samuels, J.
Scammins, B.F.
Scommon, J.F.
Seizer, T.
Shannon, Wm.
Shaw, J.M.
Shipton, J.
Shipton, John
Shulters, J.
Simmonton, J.E.
Simonton, W.S.
Sloan, J.
Smith, C.S.
Steed, H.
Steiger, Miss A.A.
Stewart, Miss M.
Stiles, L.P.
Stoffer, J. (Might be Sloffer)
Sullivan, D.
Sylvester, A.
Sylvester, R.
Taber, Mrs.
Tansley, Rev. J. B.
Tenny, Mrs. and two children
Tenny, J.
Tenny, M.
Thomkins, Jane
Thompson, R.
Thorp, W.
Timpsen, C.H.
Toland, Henry
Tubbs, W.
Turner, Mrs. and lady (this is unusual, but that is what the Alta notes
Turten, Ellen and three children (Might be Tunten)
Tuxworthy, John (Could be Taxworthy)
Tyler, S.
Ubershut, J.
Verrus, Anna
Vogal, C.
Vogal, J.A.
Waldershoff, (Might be Waldersnoff or Walderstoff. No first name.)
Wales, R. (Might be Walcs)
Warner, H.G.
Webb, C.M.
Webber, M.
Webber, R. (Could be N. Webber)
Weleigh, D. and M.
Weller, Hon. Chas I., lady and two children
Westley, Mrs.
Wetmore, J.L.
White, P.
Williams, A. and two children
Williams, D. K. and Mrs. Coe and child
Williams, J.
Williavel, J., R., and S.
Wise, F.
Wood, Mr., lady and two servants
Wood, Mrs. and child
Worter, N.
Wright, E.B.

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