Passengers arriving at the Port of San Francisco


Arrive San Francisco

May 5, 1853
SS Panama
Captain W. H. Hudson
16 days from Panama. 350 passengers

Passage: S. S. Panama

Daily Alta California, May 6, 1853, San Francisco



The P.M.S.S. Company's steamer Panama, Capt Hudson, arrived yesterday morning at 6-1/2j o'clock, and the Independent Line steamer Cortes at about 7 o'clock. These steamers bring u sone week later dates from New York. Our advices from that city are to April 5th; from New Orleans we have dates to April 7th.

The Panama left Panama on the 18th of April. The following is her report, furnished by the Purser:

MEMORANDA--Pacific Mail Steamer Panama, W H Hudson, commander, left Panama with 350 passengers and the U.S. mails on Monday, 18th April at 4 p.m.

In port, steamer California, to sail next day with the way mails. 24th at 9 P.M. arrived at Acapulco; left on the 25th at 10 A.M. same day; 3 P.M. passed steamer Northerner and Brother Jonathan hence for Panama and San Juan; May 3d, off Island Santa Cruz, exchanged signals with clipper brig Col. Fremont, bound south. From Cape Cervientes have experienced a constant succession of heavy gales from NW, with very heavy head sea. May 4th, arrived off the Heads at 12 o'clock P.M.

Died on board the Panama while lying in the port of Acapulco of fever, Miss A.R. Middleton and Miss A.M. Hutton from Maryland. Their remains were buried on shore.

On 28th April, Rinaldo Weeks, aged 35, from Vermont, died of dysentery and was buried at sea.

Passage: S. S. Cortes

Purser Smith, of the Cortes, has furnished the following report of the voyage of that vessel:

MEMORANDA--Steamship Cortes left Panama April 18th, 9 A.M.; 22d 8 A.M. met steamer Columbus; 24th, 10 P.M. arrived at Acapulco; 25th, 8 A.M., left Acapulco; same day, 3 P.M. spoke steamer Brother Jonathan, from San Francisco, and exchanged papers; all well on board. At 4 P.M. passed steamer bound down, supposed to be the Northerner. May 4th, 9 A.M. put in at Monterey; left there at 6 P.M. Left at Monterey steamer Major Tompkins and barque Creole. Left Monterey May 4t, P.M. The Cortes has experienced very heavy head seas and winds since passing Cape St. Lucas; brings 525 passengers, all in good health. Isthmus healthy, and roads in good condition.

Deaths on Board.--April 24th. Wm. Heath of New York; 26th, Wm. Sitchcomb of Connecticut, 26th, A. Ackerly of Ohio.


Not noted.

Passengers Per Panama

Daily Alta California, San Franciso, May 7, 1853

Arrival of the SS Cortes May 6 1853.

Passengers Per Cortes

Sacramento Daily Union, May 7, 1853, Sacramento, California

Arrival of the SS Cortes May 7, 1853.

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