VIPS in the Port of San Francisco during the 1800s

Miska Hauser (Wiska Hauser)

Arrived on the SS Brother Jonatham,
February 2, 1853

Daily Alta California, February 3, 1853, San Francisco

The Brother Jonathan brings about 350 passengers, among whom are Mr. Miska Hauser, the distinguished violinist, accompanied by Mr. Layenu, the celebrated composer and director.

Daily Alta California, March 8, 1853

This celebrated violinist has left on a tour to Benecia and Sacramento. It is his intention to give concerts in Benecia, and three or four in Sacramento. We must again reiterate our high appreciation of this distinguished performer, as we think him second to none we ever had the pleasure of listening to. We congratulate our friends of the places above mentioned on the possession of so choice and refined an entertainment as will be offered by him. We shall anxiously look for his return amongst us.

On January 19, 1856, Mr. Hauser was reported by the Australian and New Zealand Gazette to be "enchanting the community by his admirable performances on the violin. "

Artists in California, 1786-1940Artists in California.
Edan Milton Hughes
Note: There are no photographs in the book, just biographies. However, the information provided is invaluable. This book took years and years of hard work on the part of Edan Hughes. It is considered an essential book for anyone who wants to know about early California artists.

Edwin Deakin, California Painter.Edwin Deakin: California Painter of the PicturesqueEdwin Deakin.
Scott A. Shields
The first comprehensive examination of the artist's diverse and extensive body of work, including Deakin's entire series of California mission paintings and nineteen rarely-seen-before paintings recently added to the Crocker collection. This book accompanies an exhibition opening at the Crocker Art Museum in January 2008. The author, Scott A. Shields, Ph.D., chief curator of the Crocker Art Museum.
(University of California Press, 2006) and coeditor of Dark Metropolis: Irving Norman's Social Surrealism (Heyday Books, 2006).

Western Artists.Lure of the West
Treasures from the Smithsonian American Art Museum

Amy Pastan
Striking paintings and sculptures by artists who traveled west in the decades following the Lewis and Clark explorations, portray the expanding frontier from an array of compelling viewpoints: pristine wilderness, rugged landscapes, the Gold Rush, exotic Hispanic cultures of the Southwest, tribal Indian life, and romanticized views of the West as a place of primal beauty and spiritual values. Artists include Emanuel Leutze, Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Moran, Charles Bird King, George Catlin, Irving Couse, Olin Warner, and others.

California's Frontier NaturalistsCalifornia's Naturalists.
Richard G. Beidleman
This book chronicles stories of enthusiastic, stalwart, and talented naturalists drawn to California's spectacular natural bounty from 1786, when the La PĂ©rouse Expedition arrived at Monterey, to the Death Valley expedition in 1890-91. Beidleman's engaging narrative describes the lives of botanists, zoologists, geologists, paleontologists, astronomers, and ethnologists as they camped under stars and faced blizzards, made discoveries and amassed collections, kept journals, sketched flowers and landscapes, recorded comets and native languages. He weaves together the stories of their lives, demanding fieldwork, contributions to science, and exciting adventures against the backdrop of California and world history.

Women Artists. Independent Spirits: Women Painters of the American West, 1890-1945Women Painters of the American West.
Patricia Trenton, Virginia Scharff
From Library Journal: This highly readable and engagingly illustrated exhibition catalog fulfills a dual purpose to retrieve lost talent from among the largely unknown and strikingly diverse group of Western women painters and to probe their emergence as professionals in the previously male-dominated U.S. art world. Ten essays by female curators and academicians examine the social, economic, intellectual, and political forces affecting this period of profound change. One-third of the book focuses on California, with additional individual essays on the Northwest, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, the Rocky Mountains, and the Great Plains. The inclusion of Native, Mexican, African, and Asian American painters adds balance and breadth. As the first comprehensive scholarly survey to single out Western women artists, the work makes an important contribution to studies of the West, U.S. cultural history, and women's history.

Berkeley Bohemia Artists and Visionaries of the Early 20th CenturyBohemia Artists and Visionaries.
Ed Herny
In Berkeley Bohemia, Herny, Rideout and Wadell provide glimpses into the lives of the artists, writers and philosophers who had a profound influence on what the city has become today. The artistic creations of novelist Jack London, photographers Ansel Adams and Dorothea Lange, architect Bernard Maybeck and writer and artist team Charles and Louise Keeler, to name a few, continue to inspire. Their words are imprinted in the sidewalks of Addison Street, their homes - such as the Hights - are open for tours; and the schools they founded continue to enlighten and educate despite the passing of time. Berkeley Bohemia is both a cultural history and a celebration of the extraordinary.

Artful Players: Artistic Life in Early San FranciscoArtful Players. Artistic Life in Early San Francisco.
Birgitta Hjalmarson
With a handful of wealthy Gold Rush barons as patrons, an active community of artists appeared in nineteenth-century San Francisco almost overnight. A subculture of artistic brilliance and social experimentation was the result. Witness Jules Tavernier, hungry and in debt, accepting a stuffed peacock and two old dueling pistols in payment for a Yosemite landscape; Mark Twain as reluctant art critic, etc.

Three Centuries of Seafaring: The Maritime Art of Paul HeeThree Centuries of Seafaring: The Maritime Art of Paul Hee.
Rick Carroll, Marcie Carroll (Author, Editors) Three Centuries of Seafaring: The Maritime Art of Paul Hee.
Great moments in seafaring history as depicted by internationally known maritime artist Paul Hee are collected in a handsome new art book, Three Centuries of Seafaring: The Maritime Art of Paul Hee. Old salts and armchair sailors alike--anyone who loves the sea and ships--will delight in this glossy art book, which features more than 150 color images of Mr. Hee's artful works in signature painstaking detail. Scenes range from battles at sea and famous shipwrecks to yacht races and peaceful harbors. Hee, master of past masters, documents not only moments in maritime history but also the artistic styles of three centuries of painters whose work depicts American and British ships of their day, from topsail schooners to the White Squadron. A significant portion of book sales benefit the North Carolina Maritime Museum. The book is available in two formats: hardbound with glossy dust jacket ($49.95); and a signed, numbered slip-cased hardcover keepsake, commemorating the 300th anniversary of the 1709 founding of Beaufort, NC, ($79.95), home of Mr. Hee and of the museum.

Maritime art of Paul Hee. A self-taught artist and active octogenarian, Mr. Hee grew up by the sea on Long Island and spent World War II in the US Navy before becoming a Miami-based cruise ship executive. He raced Ferraris and restored a historic ship, then retired to Beaufort to paint in the luminescent styles of past masters and to build classic model ships. (Right: Bald Eagle, 1852, by Paul Hee.)


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