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Levy Families in San Francisco 1800s

Between 1846 and 1899, the Daily Alta California, San Francisco, referenced Levy as follows:

  • 11,118 articles
  • 10,908 advertisements
  • 146 resulits, which included the name Levy, but also references to levy of various taxes

Thus, the following is but a few news items about Levy families in San Francisco.

April 30, 1852, Daily Alta California, San Francisco


St. Losky, Levy & Co.Levy & Wolff Advertisement 1852.

August 31, 1852,Daily Alta California, San Francisco, California

St. Losky, Levy & Co.

Braverman and Levy, Watchmakers and Manufacturing Jewelers

December 17, 1854, Daily Alta California, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Braverman and Levy Watchmakers.

Daily Alta California, October 22, 1860

Arrival of the Senator.

The steamer Senator. Capt. Seeley, arrived at 5 o'clock, last evening, from San Diego and intermediate ports.


W. D. Brown and son, Col Beall, U.S.A., Capt. Garnett, U.S.A., Lieu McLemore, U.S.A., Lieut Jessupp, U.S. A., E. J. C. Kown, Mrs. Halburg, W. Street, Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Hathwill, Mrs. ladd, W. Porter, A. F. Tilden and lady, T. McElroy, W. Corbett and lady, Mrs. Boardman, Miss Boardman, B. F. Ankeny and lady, Mrs. Levy, J. L. Green, Mrs. Green adn family, J. Munson, and 45 U. S. troops and 6 others.

Louis Levy

Retail clothiers on the waterfront generally received a larger proportion of payments of sailors' advance wages than did saloon keepers. Sailors' boardinghouse keepers were paid the largest amount. Not only did almost one third of all advances in 1886-7 go to retail clothiers, those payments went primarily into the hands of two men - Louis Levy and Gussie Stein.

San Francisco Call, March 25, 1905

Present Deputy Health Officer Mentioned for Job to be Given Up by Incumbent

It was learned yesterday on good authority that Louis Levy, at present Deputy Health Officer, will be appointed to succeed Morris Levy as secretary of the Board of Public Works. Morris Levy has been granted a six months' leave of absence, but it is understood that he will sever his connection with the position permanently. Louis Levy has drawn but little salary since he assumed his present place on account of injunction suits. The salary of the two positions is the same $150 per month with this difference, that the secretary of the Board of Works "gets his," Levy says. Morris Levy's leave begins on April 1 and Louis Levy's new appointment will probably be given to him on that date. No mention is made of the man who will succeed the last named Levy as Deputy Health Officer.

N. Levy and B. Levy

March 30, 1863, Daily Alta California, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Dissolution of Levy Partnerships.

Daniel Levy

February 19, 1910, San Francisco Call, San Francisco, CA

Aged Philanthropist Passes Away at His Home

Daniel Levy, aged philanthropist, one of the founders of the French Alliance in San Francisco and a chevalier of the legion of honor, died yesterday at his home, 2623 Steiner street.

Levy was one of the early settlers of the state and has for 50 years been identified with the education and organization of his countrymen. He was a writer of history and was at one time prominent in the journalistic circles of France, his articles appearing in the best American and foreign magazines.

For his work In aiding the French in this country and for the part he played in the building of the French hospital in this city he was recently decorated with the cross of the legion of honor.

Rabbi Levy

November 1, 1910, San Francisco, Call, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Honor Is First Conferred by Pacific Coast Body.

As a complete surprise to Rabbi M. S. Levy was the action of his congregation, that of Beth Israel, Sunday when the members gave him the-high and unusual honor of appointment for life, this being the first time such"a step has been taken in the Jewish church on the Pacific coast.

The event came at the annual meeting of the congregation. Doctor Levy had not the least inkling of the proposed plan and when a resolution appointing him for life was unanimously passed he could scarce understand it.

The following officers were elected:

M. H. Waschwitz. president; Jules Gollaber, vice president; H. Rodgers. secretary; M. Amille, treasurer; Max Goldberg, Eddie Wolfe, Jacob Lewin, E. Davis and Julius Kullman, directors.

Latin America, World Journeys, Discovery.The Age of Sail.Commodore Levy:
A Novel of Early America in the Age of Sail

(Modern Jewish History)

Irving Litvag
By all accounts, Uriah Phillips Levy, the first Jewish commodore in the U.S. Navy, was both a principled and pugnacious man. On his way to becoming a flag officer, he was subjected to six courts-martial and engaged in a duel, all in response to antisemitic taunts and harassment from his fellow officers. Yet he never lost his love of country or desire to serve in its navy. When the navy tried to boot him out, he took his case to the highest court and won. This richly detailed historical novel closely follows the actual events of Levy’s life: running away from his Philadelphia home to serve as a cabin boy at age ten; his service during the War of 1812 aboard the Argus and internment at the notorious British prison at Dartmoor;  his campaign for the abolition of flogging in the Navy; and his purchase and restoration of Monticello as a tribute to his personal hero, Thomas Jefferson. Set against a broad panorama of U.S. history, Commodore Levy describes the American Jewish community from 1790 to 1860, the beginnings of the U.S. Navy, and the great nautical traditions of the Age of Sail before its surrender to the age of steam.

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Sources: As noted on entries and through research centers including National Archives, San Bruno, California; CDNC: California Digital Newspaper Collection; San Francisco Main Library History Collection; and Maritime Museums and Collections in Australia, China, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Wales, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, etc.

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