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San Francisco Gold Rush 1849.

Willem Hoffschneider

September 28, 1890, San Francisco Call, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Electricity for Ukiah

The Ukiah Electric Light, Water and Power Company has filed Articles of Incorporation. Directors -- Frank Ench, William Hoffschneider, W. H. H. Graves and James M. Haven of Oakland, and N. W. Griswold, Charles and H. Gustavo Trautner of San Francisco. Capital stock $50,000 of which $3,800 has been subscribed.

March 6, 1892, San Francisco Call, San Francisco, California

BORN: Hoffschneider -- In this city, March 4, 1892, to the wife of William Hoffschneider, Jr., a daughter.

February 9, 1895, Sacramento Daily Union, Sacramento, California

Articles of Incorporation

San Rafael, San Francisco and Los Angeles Companies File Them. The following articles of incorporation were filed in the Secretary of State's office Saturday:

...Joseph Winterburn & Co. of San Francisco, Capital stock $35,000. Director s-- Joseph Winterburn, George F. Winterburn, William Hoffschneider, William Hoffschneider, Jr., and Theodore Trautman.

May 19, 1902, San Francisco Call, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.


Members of Local Union Hold Their Fifth Anniversary Picnic and the Affair Is a Big Success— -Games of Many Kinds Indulged In by Guests of the-Organization

THE fifth anniversary picnic given yesterday at Fairfax Park by the San Franciscco Stereotypers and Electrotypers Union No. 29 was no stereotyped affair. There were enough novelties introduced that were a departure in picnic features: All the children were given toys to amuse themselves. Amusements of all kinds were furnished the guests. Baseball games and dancing occupied the time.

The day was not ideal for a picnic, owing to a heavy wind blowing through the park, but the merry-makers cared not for Boreas' blasts.

Half a dozen members of the police force were present, but they enjoyed a sinecure. They had nothing to do but to gaze at pretty, girls and stow away lunch. The members of the committee were resplendent in gaudy badges and alive to the work before them. Chairman Dengel actually lost flesh hustling around to keep the fun going. Herbert Callinan was in charge of the games. His badge of authority partially hid a shirt of such warmth that the sun retired temporarily to attain more heat in order to compete. E. J. Craig had his locks trimmed for the occasion and made a creditable appearance. Thomas Packham kept open house in the woods and entertained royally.

During the afternoon Maas' orchestra discoursed popular music for dancing. Emilio Glannini wore out his shoes hotfooting it over the boards and "Count" von Wagner thought it was a Scheutzen fest. The picnic was an orderly one and was the most successful given by the union. The following committees had the affair in charge:

Arrangements — Emile Dengel, chairman; J. P. Fitzsimmons, Charles Bishop, A. Carley and James Smith.

Games — Herbert Callinan, chairman; Emilio I. Giannini, John Peters. Fred Ewald and Edward Preston.

Floor — Theodore Trautner, manager; W. Kramer J. Maginnis. E. Wands. Roy Ellis, Frank Billington and W. Parker.

Reception — Adolph Attinger; C. K. Benjamin, Charles Bishop, Abram Carley, H. Callinan. Emlle Dengel, Fred Ewald, James P. Fitzslmmons, James J. Kenny, W. B. Kramer, W. H. Krug, James McCarthy, Joseph Moran, John B. Maglnnis, John Madsen, Walter S. Malloy, W. W. Martin; John Peters, Thomas Peckham, James Robertson, George Royal, James Smith. Frank Thomas, Theodore Trautner, Ed A. Wands, E. J. Craig. Walter Parker, F. Billington, Ed Gorman, Emilio I. Giannini, H. Seipel, E. T. Layne, Harry Pohlmann, Albert Dickson. Roy Ellis. Dudley Turner, L. R. McAuliffe, J. McBride, F. Colton, S. von Wagner. E. Preston, E. Hoffschneider, Paul Nye John Doran, Louis Matthias, E. M. Burrows, J. Virginia, Peter Trainor, C. Jabsen and Burt Louderback.

Stereotypers at the Picnic.


September 19, 1902, San Francisco Call, San Francisco, California

Fruitvale Real Estate

FOR SALE - 18 acres fine land, near Fruitvale, East Oakland; on line of improvements; cut up to suit in acre lots for homes.

WM HOFFSCHNEIDER, 412 Commercial St., City.


May 22, 1904, San Francisco Call, San Francisco, California

Yields A Fine for Battering Relative
Mrs. Minnie Hoffschneider Assaults Her Sister-in-Law as Result of Lively Family Quarrel.

Oakland, May 21. -- All because of a family row, Mrs. Minnie Hoffschneider paid a $5 fine today in the Police Court after conviction for battering her sister-in-law, Mrs. May Hoffschneider.

Troubles between the pair culminated a few days ago when the women met at Hopkins and Summer streets and expressed opinions of each other in such raucous tones that the neighborhood was threatened with convulsions. Words led to blows, and Mrs. Minnie roundly belabored her less aggressive relative, according to the testimony of numerous witnesses.

The women's husbands permitted their respective wives to settle matters without interference.

August 24, 1907, Sausalito News, Sausalito, California

Satisfaction of Mortgage: Belvedere Land Co., to Wm. Hoffschneider, lot 43, block 3, and lots 15 adn 16, block 6, Belvedere.

December 1, 1908, San Francisco Call, San Francisco, California

Dealers to Be Prosecuted for Accepting Stolen Odds and Ends From Youths

The police are determined to make an example of junk dealers who make it a practice to buy . stolen brass, copper and, zinc from boys. .John Doering, a boy from Chicago, was in Police Judge Conlan's court yesterday on a charge of petty larcerty for stealing brass and zinc from the ruins of the city hall.

Doering sold the junk to P. S. Schoenfeld, 24 Ninth street, and Schoenfeld told him to bring all he could and he would pay him for it. The judge continued Doering's case till tomorrow and ordered : Policeman Hayes, the arresting officer, to swear to a warrant for Schoenfeld's arrest for receiving stolen property; and also against A. Seidken, another junk dealer, at 216 Ninth street. Schoenfeld and Seidkin were arrested later.

A warrant was also obtained from Police Judge Weller for the arrest of Louis Kramer, junk dealer, 1032 Howard street, for receiving stolen property. He is accused of buying $400 worth of copper -and lead for $7 from three boys, Victor Sacherous, Carl Battles and William Rudolph, who stole it from the premises of Hoffschneider brothers' type foundry, West Mission and Brady streets.

1909, San Francisco Call, San Francisco, California



June 24, 1911, Pacific Rural Press

Dairy Notes

A. J. Blaettler, of Salinas, has taken a five-year lease on the Mill Creek ranch, 19 miles southeast of Hanford, owned by Wm. Hoffschneider, and will erect a cheese factory on it shortly.

April 13, 1913, San Francisco Call, San Francisco, California


HOFFSCHNEIDER -- In this city, April 12, 1913, Louisa, dearly beloved daughter of William and Louisa Hoffschneider, and loving sister of Henry, Clara, Willie, Carl and Martha Hoffschneider, a native of San Francisco, aged 15 years and 5 days.

1922, The Pacific Printer and Publisher

STEP AFTER STEP has been taken by the Hoffschneider Bros. Company, Electrotypers, for the production of better duplicate plates for better printing by the installation of modern machinery — just a little better than seems necessary. Here, day in and day out, are three molders working to keep the pace demanded by an uncommon service of quantity and quality production.

Lead molding press and wax ruling machine, with their skilled operators, are backing this service with lead-molded plates that are popular because of their long-run wearing qualities, and wax ruling because of the simplifying of ruled type-composition for the printer. Lead molding produces halftone and color plate electrotypes and nickeltypes with a precision that makes it difficult to determine original from duplicate after the printing.

Wax-ruling, with its saving of time, money, supervision and patience, opens up new fields for the printer willing to investigate its advantages and improve his method. A personal explanation of the advantages of wax-ruling or lead molding will be made gladly without obligation. On the following pages are specimens of this work.

You will ever find Hoffschneider Bros. Co. to be leaders in a movement to produce a better service to the printer through advanced methods, modern machinery and a personnel keenly interested in your problems.

Lead Molding • Perfect Duplicates of Color Plates and Halftones Nickel and Steel Plates • Wax Ruling • Curved Plates of all kinds



April 24, 1952, The Healdsburg Tribune, Healdsburg, California

Fishin' & Huntin' Bull(etin)

A new member of our fishing fraternity is William Hoffschneider, a local resident and an employee at Rounds and Kilpatrick lumber company, south of Cloverdale. Bill and his family were seen picnicing on the river and fighting the catfish.

October 10, 1957, Healdsburg Tribune, Enterprise and Scimitar. Healdsburg, California

$31,000 Blaze Destroys Two Homes Here

Fire of undetermined origin, Friday morning, about 9:30, completely destroyed two homes. on North Fitch Mountain Road. The $31,000 blaze, it was believed, started in the two story house owned and occupied In the William Hoffschnieder family. The downstairs apartment was rented by Mr. and Mrs. John Ruonavaara and their family.

The other home which was* destroyed was owned by Mr. and Mr . Gerald Litsey, owners of the El Poco Loco restaurant, Redwood Highway North.

Everything in the Hoffsehneider and Litsey homes was completely destroyed in the blaze which five Division of Forestry units battled for about an hour. The Forestry patrolled the area for about six hours. The units were handicapped by the lack of water pressure.

In addition to all their furnishings and clothing, the Fitseys also lost a considerable amount of currency and family heirlooms which they had in the house at the time of the fire. When the fire broke out, no one was at home at the Hoffschneider residence, or at the Litsey home. Litsey had left about ten minutes before for the restaurant where Mrs. Litsey was busy in the kitchen.

The Hoffschneiders were at work, he at the Flour Products and she at the Italian Swiss Colony. Mrs. Ruonavaara was at home taking care of her young daughter, Sheila, 6, and the Hoffschneider's young son, Gary, 4 when the fire broke out.

The Litsey home caught fire, it was reported, when the butane gas tank on the Hoffschneider home exploded forcing Forestry crew members to rush out of the Litsey home. Crew members had gone into the Litsey home to try to save some of the Litsey’s possessions when the explosion made them drop everything and rush out in order to save their lives. The Forestry workers, however, were able to save the Litsey’s dog. Gypsy, who, at first refused to budge out of the house but was pushed with a broom to safety.

The Hoffschneider and Litsey homes destroyed by fire Friday Morning.

Healdsburg Tribune, Enterprise and Scimitar. Healdsburg, California

Donations and clothing for the Hoffsehneiders and the Ruonavaaras are being accepted at the Healdshurg Chapter, American Red Cross, West street, from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

The Hoffsehneiders have three children, Mark 9, Karen, 7, and Gary, 4. Clothing for the children should be girls sizes six, boys clothing eight and four. Hoffschneider wears size 32 waist and small size shorts and Mrs. Hoffschneider can wear sizes nine and ten.

The Ruonavaaras also have three children, Robert, 14, Bradley, 11, and Sheila, 6. They need shoes, girls sizes 12-1/2 and boys sizes, five and 11, all in wide sizes. There is also need for clothing for the children. The Ruonuvaaras are staying with friends in Cloverdale at the present time. The Litseys who have found a place to live, said that they appreciated offers of help but felt that they could take care of their needs. They expect to reopen their restaurant on Saturday. Neighbors on Friday collected funds for the Hoffschneider family.

Naval Order of the United States.

The Naval Order of the United States The Naval Order of the United States. has a history dating from 1890. Membership includes a wide range of individuals, many with highly distinguished career paths. When it was established, the Founders provided "that any male person above the age of eighteen years who either served himself, was still presently serving, or was descended from an officer or enlisted man who served in any of the wars which the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, or Revenue or Privateer services was engaged was eligible for Regular membership." Today, the Order is a "by invitation only" society, and includes men and women who have served or who assist in accomplishing its Mission, including research and writing on naval and maritime subjects.

The San Francisco Commandery meets the first Monday of each month in San Francisco, California and holds two formal dinners each year:

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