Ship Passengers arriving in San Francisco: 1800s

Bernardo Fernandez

Born: Portugal, November 15, 1828
Died: May 12, 1912, Pinole, Contra Costa County (Age 83 years, 5 months, 27 days)

October 13, 1864, Daily Alta California, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

ON THE WATCH -- Ah Yee was arrested last evening by local officer P. R. Smith, at No. 7 O'Farrell street, on the charge of stealing a gold watch from Bernardo Fernandez.

January 12, 1865, Daily Alta California, San Francisco, California


On Sunday night last, at about eleven o'clock, a "long, low, black-looting schooner" was discovered lying at the landing of the Refugio Valley, in Contra Costa County, loading wood belonging lo Mr. Bernardo Fernandez, of Pinole Landing. Mr. Fernandez has missed, at different times during the past year, wood, in quantities of from three to five cords, from the Refugio and San Joaquin Ranch landings.

On being discovered, the piratical, schooner hoisted sail to escape, and Mr. F. pursued in one of his schooners, the thieving craft throwing the wood overboard as she went on her way. She was soon overtaken, however, and found to be without a name, having none painted on her stern, and without Custom House papers. A man on board, (and the only one) who calls himself Barclay Muir, said the vessel was the Marguerita of Oakland, and that she was not the vessel that was at the landing. This vessel, no doubt, has been for tome time cruising around the different landings, picking up what she could steal. Mr. F. has no doubt but that this is the craft that has been laying him under contribution for the past year. Muir is now under arrest, awaiting an examination, and the vessel is moored at the Pinole Landing. She leaks badly, and the skipper evidently made short trips, judging from her condition and the amount of provisions on board, the latter being two loaves of bread and about half a pound of salt pork.

May 22, 1886, >Daily Alta California, San Francisco

May 22, 1886, Ad, Daily Alta California, Bernardo Fernandez.

June 25, 1887, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

New Suits Filed.

Bernardo Fernandez, as administrator, of Francisco Silva, deceased, sues George P. McNear to recover $5,400, claimed to be a balance due on the purchase by defendant of the 62-125 interest of the deceased in the steamer Frank Silva and and barge Porte, sold by plaintiff under order of Court for $6,000. . .

January 21, 1896, San Francisco Call

B. Fernandez Suing Tormey and Wife for Sixty Thousand Dollars.
Defendant Is President of the Big Cattle Company in Contra Costa County.

The trial of the Union Stockyard case began at Martinez yesterday.

It is a litigation involving $62,000, and before a conclusion is reached it is expected there will be many interesting if not sensational facts brought out concerning the company.

Bernardo Fernandez, a wealthy resident of Contra Costa County, is the plaintiff, and Patrick Tormey, president of the Union Stockyard Company, is the defendant. The suit may be regarded as an outgrowth of the foreclosure on $250,000 worth of the company's bonds by the Safe Deposit and Trust Company some time ago.

Mt. Diablo, Contra Costa County.

The present suit, however, is in foreclosure of a mortgage in the sum of $62,742.12, held by Fernandez against Tormey. It was made in August, 1893, to secure Fernandez on a promissory note for the amount named. Lands of extensive acreage in Contra Costa County are covered by the mortgage, and they were originally pledged to secure Fernandez against any loss which might occur by reason of his assigning a certain note, executed by Annie Tormey, defendant's wife and also codefendant, in favor of Harry Rogers. Tormey, as president of the stockyard company, had occasion to borrow large sums of money from time to time, and Rogers is one of the capitalists from whom he secured a heavy loan. The money was not borrowed all at once, but was advanced in smaller sums.

Fernandez, the wealthy Spanish landowner, came to the assistance of his friend Tormey and assumed the payment of several of the notes, for which he was secured by the mortgage as already described.

Messrs. Booth and Bartnett of the firm of Gunnison, Booth & Bartnett, representing the plaintiff, left for Martinez yesterday, as did representatives of the firm of Stanley, Hayes & Bradley which is looking after the interests of Mr. Tormey. The suit will be tried before Judge John P. Jones of the Superior Court of Contra Costa County.

The principal point at issue is as to the value of the property. It is asserted that the lands covered by the mortgage have diminished in value.

February 14, 1905, San Francisco Call, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Two More Stockholders Ask for Accounting From Directors for Use of Funds
Complaint Repeats Accusations Made in Suits Already Filed by Mrs. Center

Two other stockholders of the Contra Costa Water Company, following the litigious lead of Jeanne D. Center, have sued William J. Dingee and the other directors of the corporation for an accounting of more than $1,000,000 worth of funds and property alleged to have been misappropriated.

The plaintiffs in the new action, filed yesterday, are Elizabeth R. Richards and Laura C. Richardson. They name as defendants Charles C. Bemis, A. H, Wlnn, H. G. Stevenson, Thomas B. Pheby, A. W. Rose, William J. Dingee, the Contra- Costa Water Company, Wellington Gregg Jr., Edwin Schwab and the Bay Counties Land and Development Company. Judgment is demanded for $773,167.77 and an accounting of the use of 8000 shares of Contra Costa stock and the use of $295,000 appropriated for the alleged purposes of perfecting titles and compromising prospective litigation.

The complaint embodies in one suit the two suits begun by Mrs. Center, and the allegations are the same as those set forth in her actions. First it is recited that in February, 1903, the directors, conspiring with Alvinza Hayward, resolved to purchase the Pinole tract, for which 8000 Contra Costa shares were given to the Bay Counties Company and $73,167.77 to Bernardo Fernandez. It is declared that the Bay Counties Company was organized by the Contra Costa directors as a medium through which the tract could be conveyed, and that the tract was not worth more than $100,000, whereas the Contra Costa shares were valued at $800,000. It. is said that the great profit "was enjoyed by the defendants other than the Contra Costa Water Company."

In relation to the appropriation of $300,000 to "secure titles and compromise prospective litigation," and the immediate approval of Dingee's expenditure of $295,000 for those purposes, it is alleged that "the money was not paid as pretended, but for uses not authorized." It is also declared that the directors of the corporation at that time "were mere agents of Dingee and did as he directed."

December 5, 1909

Mr. and Mrs. Bernardo Fernandez Will Celebrate Jubilee of Their Marriage

Many pioneers who were guests at the marriage of Bernardo Fernandez and Miss Charlotta Cuadra in old St. Mary's cathedral, In this city, in 1559. will be present today at the hale old couple's golden wedding anniversary in Pinole. Contra Costa county. Moreover, there will be children, grandchildren and friends by the score, for both husband and wife are known throughout the state. Captain Henry Cruz, H. Audiffred and Manuel Torres of Alameda were among the wedding guests and close personal friends of the young pair when they were united in marriage by Archbishop Alemany. Torres was groomsman. They will be present, after the flight of 50 years, when the gray haired man and wife gather their friends about them, today.

In 1554 Bernardo?Fernandez?settled in Pinole, where he begun the merchandise business, from .which he retired only a few years ago. He is now 82 years old, but hard as hickory and ready for a laugh and a hearty handclasp at any time.

Fernandez was born in Portugal in 1527, and in 1840 he went to Brazil, sailed for a time in the trade between South America and the African coast, went to New York, beat around the Horn and arrived here in 1853.

Mrs. Fernandez was born in Valparaiso, Chile, in 1840, and came with her parents to California in 1854. The bridesmaid at the wedding 50 years ago was Mrs. Thomas Hanson, then Miss Charlotte Mileswater. Six children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Fernandez, of whom five are living. They are Miss Mary Fernandez, Mrs. C. Sinclair, Mrs. W. K. Cole of San Francisco. Dr. M. L. Fernandez, Thomas B. Fernandez. The sixth, Bernard Fernandez, Jr., is dead.

May 14, 1912, San Francisco Call

Bernardo Fernandez Who Joins Pioneers Beyond the Divide
Reaper Calls Another Maker of Early History in California

MARTINEZ. May 13. Bernardo Fernandez, who died at his home in Pinole yesterday after an illness of several weeks, was one of the oldest pioneer residents of Contra Costa county, having come to California in 1853 and settled in Pinole soon afterward. He was born in Portugal on November 15, 1828, and remained in his native land until 13 years old, when he went to Brazil, where he lived until 1850. Fernandez, on going to Pinole, engaged in the mercantile business, later becoming interested in real estate.

At the time of his death he was a large holder of Contra Costa realty. He married Charlotte Cuarda, daughter of a pioneer family of Marin county, in 1859. Six children. Miss Mary Fernandez, Mrs. C W. Sinclair, Dr. M. L. Fernandez and Thomas B. Fernandez of Pinole. Mrs. W. K. Cole of San Francisco and Bernardo Fernandez Jr., who died in 1885, were born to Mr. and Mrs. Fernandez.

Fernandez was one of the oldest members of Martinez lodge, F. & A. M.. having belonged to the order for 47 years. It is under its auspices that the funeral will be held on Wednesday. A special train on the Southern Pacific will leave Pinole at 10 o'clock Wednesday morning for Martinez, where the services will be held at 11 o'clock. Interment will be at Martinez.

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