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City of Para

September 15, 1890, Daily Alta California, San Francisco, California, USA

William Moss of Stockton Found Wandering in Battery Park.

New York, September 14th. William S. Moss, the missing son of a millionaire of Stockton, California, was captured on Friday night while wandering in Battery Park. It appears that Moss' people sent him abroad to travel in the custody of Richard Kelly, also of Stockton, in the hope that travel, proper influence and surveillance might work a reform in his habit of hard drinking and get him out of his peculiar ways, for he was supposed to be a lunatic though a harmless one. Kelly brought him here on the City of Para. Moss gave him $500, and his sister, Mrs. Tams, $400 in addition when they started on their trip. Kelly, according to the testimony of passengers on board the City of Para, wanted to drink. He denounced Moss as an "imbecile" and refused to pay out any money for him. This course of treatment he kept up after they reached this city. Finally Moss resolved to cut loose from his guardian. Moss' friends will have him returned to California.

May 18, 1898, San Francisco Call, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Death of Captain Brown. The death is announced of Captain Julian Brown, late of the City of Para, who passed away early this morning at St. Luke's Hospital, after an operation. He was about 47 years of age.

August 13, 1889, Daily Alta California, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Whale Oil and Bone Markets.

Advices from New Bedford dated August 6th give the following report of the Oil and Bone market up to that date: There continues a good demand for Sperm Oil and sales were made amounting to 730 barrels ex John McLaggan, for manufacture, on private terms. A sale of 310 barrels Whale Oil, South Sea, ex City of Para, was made at New York to a New Bedford manufacturer at private terms. Stocks on hand at the above date were as follows:


August 25, 1889, Daily Alta California, San Francisco, California

Narrow Escape of an Ocean Steamer at Aspinwall.

New York, August 24th. The Pacific Mail steamship City of Para, with twenty-nine passengers, arrived at Sandy Hook this morning, from Aspinwall. The combings of her forward hatch were burned and scorched, and bore the outward marks of a big fire which came very near destroying the vessel and its precious cargo.

The Para left New York the first part of this month with a full cargo of merchandise. She reached Aspinwall in due season, and the longshoremen and sailors had discharged a total of 650 tons of her cargo from the hold, when fire was discovered among the cotton and naval stores which were stored in the forward compartment.

This was on the evening of August 11th, two days after the vessel's arrival. The fire had complete control of the forehold when discovered, and before the alarm could be sounded great sheets of flame and columns of blinding smoke filled the air over the forward part of the craft. The flames attracted the attention of the ancient fire department of Aspinwall, which turned out, and, with a number of American laborers about the dock, set to work to assist the people of the steamship in extinguishing the flames.

All through the night of the 11th the men toiled. Several fell exhausted as morning came on, from overwork. The 12th opened with the fire still burning fiercely, and towards neon of that day it looked as if the steamer was doomed.

During the afternoon of the 12th the flames went down as suddenly as they began and at 4 o'clock Captain Lockvrood, the skipper of the ship, reported the fire extinguished. A very considerable quantity of the cargo is destroyed, and the interior of the vessel is badly damaged.

March 13, 1891, Daily Alta California, San Francisco, California, USA

Pacific Mail Steamers

The steamer City of New York sails today for Panama and way ports. The City of Para arrived at Colon on the 11th, and the steamer San Blas sailed from Acapulco for San Francisco on the 9th.

May 24, 1902, San Francisco Call, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

Para's Passengers Released

The passengers that arrived here on the Pacific Mail steamship City of Para were released from quarantine yesterday and brought over to the city from Angel Island on the tugboat Millen Griffith.

Ships in the port of San Francisco November 30 1902.
Image from San Francisco Call, November 30, 1902

November 30, 1902, San Francisco Call, San Francisco, California

Sails for Panama

The Pacific Mail Company's steamship City of Para sailed yesterday for Panama with about thirty passengers and a full cargo.

Cargo by the Panama Steamer

The steamer City of Para, Captain Zeeder, sailed yesterday for Panama and way ports with a general merchandise cargo, valued at $109,551 and manifested as follows:

For Mexico $445; Central America, $25,720; Panama, $7823; New York, $66,410; Ecuador, $400; Peru, $105; Hamburg, Germany, $8648. The following were the principal exports:

To Mexico 3742 ft lumber, 16 cs wine, 11 pkgs nails, 10 pkgs fruits and vegetables, 100 lbs raisins.

To Central America 768 bbls flour, 13 bales bags, 16 pkgs beer, 10,609 lbs beans, 53 gals brandy, 646 lbs borax. 285 cs coal oil, 21 cs canned goods, 1299 lbs 5 pkgs dried fruit, 200 prs car wheels, 7 pkgs dry goods, 12 pkgs fresh fruit, 20 cs blasting fuse, 78 pkgs groceries and provisions, 20 pkgs 132 bars iron. 24,053 ft lumber, 4 pkgs machinery, 430 lbs millstuffs. 7 rolls leather, 19 pkgs nails, 54 cs oil, 43 pkgs paste, 200 kegs powder, 63 pkgs onions, 73 pkgs potatoes, 300 lbs raisins, 24,070 lbs resin, 186,800 lbs rice, 22 bxs soap, 2005 lbs 2 pkgs spices, 27.636 lbs tallow, 7 bdls 6S bars steel, 1457 gals wine, 1016 lbs zinc.

To Panama 1202 bbls .flour, 10,731 lbs beans, 300 crts potatoes, 230 crts onions, 240 crts garlic, 1712 lbs lard, 10 bales overalls, 1000 bxs soap, 94 pkgs groceries and provisions, 541 lbs shrimps, 50 cs 14 bbls salmon, 623 lbs peas, 28 pkgs paste, 760 lbs millstuffs.

To New York 137,809 gals wine, 140 gals brandy. 61,163 lbs prunes, 730 cs canned salmon, 101,690 lbs copper matte, 2821 pigs lead, 6000 lbs dry hides, 42 bales cattle hair.

To Ecuador 100 bbls flour.

To Hamburg, Germany 216,200 lbs prunes.

April 17, 1904, San Francisco Call

City of Para Sails

The Pacific Mail Company's liner City of Para sailed yesterday for Panama and way ports. She carried a full cargo and many passengers.

July 24, 1904, San Francisco Call

City of Para Sails

The Pacific Mail Company's liner City of Para sailed yesterday for Panama and way ports with a full cargo and about sixty passengers.

May 8, 1905, San Francisco Call

The Pacific Mail Steamship City of Para is scheduled to arrive from New York via Ancon on Wednesday.

City of Para (steamer) logbook kept by Captain Andrew W. Nelson consists of over 1000 pages. It describes voyages from San Francisco to Ancon, Panama Zone during the period of 1908 to 1910. The collection is held by the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park and is available for research use without restriction through the Online Archive of California.

September 25, 1905, San Francisco Call, San Francisco

City of Para Due Tomorrow

The Pacific Mail Steamship Company's steamer City of Para is due to arrive from Panama and southern ports tomorrow.

April 18, 1910, San Francisco Call
To sale to New York via Ancon, City of Para, 12 m from Pier 40.

The Naval Order of the United States has a history dating from 1890. Membership includes a wide range of individuals, many with highly distinguished career paths.

The San Francisco Commandery meets the first Monday of each month at the San Francisco Italian Athletic Club in San Francisco, California and holds two formal dinners each year.

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