Ship Passengers arriving in San Francisco: 1800s


Arrive San Francisco

August 4, 1851
Vincennes, U.S. Sloop of War
Captain William L. Hudson
From Maztlan, Mexico


34 days from Mazatlan, Mexico, and a cruise on the Pacific Coast. On July 22 in lat. 28-22N., long 133-03W. On July 19, in lat 37-13W, 124-30W, spoke the schooner Adelaide, Captain Gardner, 45 days from Maztlan, Mexico bound for San Francisco. Supplied her with provisions, and took a prisoner out of her at the request of the captain.


Ship's Officers:

Augustus J. Case, Lieutenant
Dominick Lynch, Lieutenant
Joseph N. Burney, Lieutenant
Mathew C. Perry, Jr., Lieutenant

Edward J. Rutter, Surgeon
S. Allen Engles, Assistant Surgeon
John Wilkinson, Master
W. Stokes Boyd, Lieutenant Marines

Passed Midshipmen:

Oscar C. Badger
Walter O. Crain
George T. Simes


J. C. Sullivan
George D. Hand
John W. Hudson, Comander's Clerk
Eugene Mack, Gunner
William Leighton, Carpenter
Thomas Tatem, Sailmaker
William B. Forrester, Acting Boatswain

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Central America, Southern Mexico, c.1842
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Print of gold seekers transferring at the Panama Canal.
The passage across the Isthmus of Panama from Eastern Seaboard ships to West Coast Ships bound for San Francisco
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