Passengers arriving at the Port of San Francisco


Arrive San Francisco

August 31, 1854
SS Sonora
Captain R. L. Whiting
From Panama


Daily Alta California, San Francisco, September 1, 1854



Map of Panama. 1800.

The P. M. Steamship Co. steamer Sonora, Capt. Whiting, arrived from Panama, yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock. By her we have New York papers to the 15th, and New Orleans papers to the 7th of August.

We are indebted to Messrs. Adams & Co., Wells, Fargo & Co., and Hinckley & Co., for papers, and to the Purser for the following memoranda and list of passengers: --


P. M. S. Co. steamship Sonora left San Francisco August 1st at 4 P. M., in company with steamship Yankee Blade, for Panama, and Brother Jonathan, for San Juan. August 13th, at 4:30 P. M., anchored in the harbor of Panama, 11 days and 21 hours from San Francisco. The Yankee Blade arrived twenty-six hours after the Sonora.

August 18th ( ), at 3 P. M., left Panama for San Francisco; 23d, at midnight arrived off the harbor of Acapulco, and left at 10 A. M. 24th, at 6 P. M., same day passed a steamer, supposed the Oregon; at 8 P. M., passed the San Juan steamer.

Aug. 31st, at 4 P. M., arrived in San Francisco, running time, 12 days and 14 hours.


William Johnson, Newark, New Jersey; W. McCracken, New York; Henry Folson (colored) Washington, D. C.; Edward Ellis, Chassinvill, New York; Matilda Segrist, aged 3 years; Henry Segrist, 15 months; Gustar Livingston, 5 years; John Chamberlain, 3.


The Revolution - Fire in the City of Panama - The Rail Road.

By the Sonora we have full files of the Panama Herald to the 18th inst.

The energetic expressman, Ran Runnels, had established a guard of men along the mule route for the protection of person and property. A number of suspicious individuals had been arrested.

Notwithstanding the wet weather, the work of the railroad continues to progress. Beyond a slight accident of the cars running off the track, we have heard nothing occurring to interrupt the regular trips up and down the line. -- Herald.

Two light shocks of earthquake was felt in this city on Friday night last. The first about half-past eleven o'clock, and the other at two in the morning. The shocks were unaccompanied by that rumbling noise which attended

The American schooner General Pierce, which sailed hence for the Sandwich Islands some days ago, returned to this port Sunday night, having put back owing to the sickness of the captain and crew.

The American bark Warwickshire arrived in port on Tuesday.

Mr. Bendixon, chief clerk of the office of Mr. J. M. Freeman, was inspecting the charge in a pistol, when by some means he let the hammer down with sufficient force to explode the cap, and the contents of the pistol lodged in his body. The ball entered his left breast close to his heart, severing the lungs, and lodged in the muscles of the back. Hopes are entertained of his recovery.

Destructive Fire. A fire broke out on the 10th in a small wooded house, immediately behind the Church of Santa Ana, originating, it is said from a cask of spirits having taken fire whilst the proprietor of the house was drawing some of it off by the light of a candle. The flames soon spread, and the wind suddenly springing up, the fire soon caught the houses in the vicinity and burnt on all sides with fearful rapidity. No less than twelve or fourteen houses were destroyed. About three o'clock the roof of the Church of Santa Ana took fire, and by four o'clock it had fallen in.

Progress of the Revolution. The notices received by the last mail from the interior are favorable to the Constitutional cause.

Gen. Martiniano Collazos, commanding the revolutionary party of Bucaramanga, was killed and his party dispersed.

The Congress that was to have met on the 20th of July, at Ibague, did not do so in consequence of not being able to form a quorum.

General Herrera has named the following Ministry: Secretary of War, Gen. Pedra Herran; of Finance, Sr. Jose Maria Plata; of Government, Dr. Pastor Ospina; of Foreign Affairs, Sr. Ramon Mateus.


Allen, E.
Anchbacker, Mrs.
Atkins, W., and wife
Bamberger, C.
Barner, E. E.
Bartlett, A. C.
Benjamin, Mrs., and child
Boscknow, M.
Boscknow, Mrs.
Bradish, R.
Bridge, S. J.
Brigsby, J.
Brophy, Miss M. E.
Brophy, Miss M. J.
Brown, J. D., and wf.
Brown, Mrs. S. A.
Brown, R.
Brown, R.
Bryant, C. J.
Burchard, J. H.
Camon (Cambn, Caman ), D.
Chase, Mrs. C.
Chase, Mrs. R. P., and svt.
Christy, E., mail agent
Crowley, Mrs., and child
Cushing, Mrs. L. F., and child
Cutler, Rev. R. P.
Daily, C.
Dana, C.
Danforth, F. C.
Davis, Mrs.
De Soder (De Solier, De Sorier ), S. S.
Dibble, J. H.
Douglass, Miss E.
Doyle, A. J., and wife
Duchon (Dachon ), W. A.
Duck, L.
Eastman, Mrs., and child
Edgar, Miss R.
Elliott, C. D.
Fitzgerald, J.
Fox, C.
Franklin, Miss G.
Fretz, A. C.
Gain, C.
Gill, W. J.
Gilmore, A. C.
Goodrich, M., and lady
Gorman, Jos.
Gould, E. L.
Gree, Mrs.
Gwin, Senator, son and svt.
Hains, A. R., and lady
Hamilton, L.
Hands, D. T.
Hanning (Henning ), J. J.
Harrison, H.
Heads, J. B.
Herbett, Mrs. H.
Heughton (Haughton ), Mrs.
Hobbs, M.
Holmes, J.
Huilabowrne, Miss B.
Hunsted, E.
Jacobs, Mrs., and child
Jeness (Joness ), W., wife and svt.
Jones, C.
Jones, F. E.
Jordan, Mrs. Capt., and 3 children
Kean, M., and wife
Keating, W.
Kohler, Miss
Larkin, S.
Lemon, B.
Lemon, B. T.
Levy, A.
Levy, S. A.
Lewis, R.
Lyons, Mrs., and infant
Lyons, T.
Mansfield, W
Marden, N.
Marks, H.
McChristian, James
McDermott, C.
McMaston, J.
McMaston, S.
McMaston, T.
McPherson, J.
Melville, G.
Menony, Mrs., two children and servant
Merritt, G.
Miller, J. H., and child
Miller, Mrs.
Mines, Master
Monk, J., lady and 2 children
Montague, Mrs. Maria
Morgan, W.
Morris, J.
Morton, J. A.
Myers, Wm.
Nolan, Mrs. E., and infant
Otler, C.
Otler, F.
Pettigrew, C.
Pike, J. F., lady and child
Pillsbury, J. C.
Power, J. E.
Pruett, H. B., wife and 2 svts.
Rabe, Mrs.
Ravas (Raven ), Mrs.
Reany (Remy, ), J.
Reese, Mrs.
Reevers, Mrs.
Reeves, Mrs.
Rivingston, P. R., and lady
Russell, J. W.
Russell, W. A.
Sandford, Mary A.
Scott, J.
Scott, J., and wife
Scott, Mrs. M. A.
Seagrist (Seacrist, Segrist ), Mrs. E., and child
Sherwood, W. L.
Small, J.
Smith, J. A.
Stevens, C. H.
Stowell, W. H., wife and three children
Strauss, M.
Swain, J. D.
Thomas, B. C.
Thomas, M. D.
Thomas, W.
Thompson, J. M.
Thompson, Mrs. F. S.
Thompson, W. Nealy, and lady
Todd, Miss W.
Tucker, S. T.
Turner, W.
Vaughn, J.
Waldgman, A.
Walton, W., lady, infant and servant
Washburn, D.
Weidenhold, F.
Welch, P.
White, T. D.
Whitney, E.
Williams, Mrs. A.
Williams, Z. B.
Williamson, D.
Wilson, M. W.
Winchill, Mr.
Witch, Margaret
Wittinghand, Mr.
Young, T.
350 ( ) in steerage


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