Passengers arriving at the Port of San Francisco


Depart San Francisco

July 1, 1853
SS Sierra Nevada
Captain James H. Blethen, Sr.
From San Francisco to San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua


This sailing, from C.K. Garrison, took people out of San Francisco to San Juan del Sur, presumably for transfer across Nicaragua to meet with Eastern seaboard ships.

Some of these passengers would have been returning permanently to the East Coast, having given up on California's dreams; others to visit relatives not seen in years, and others travelled for business reasons.


Abraham, D.
Abraham, M.
Acres, L.
Adolph, D., Wells, Fargo and Co Messenger
Anderson, L.F.
Appleton, D.S.
Appleton, J.M.
Arenias, P.W.
Armstrong, J.C.
Asheile, H.
Askey, J.
Ayres, J.
Bagley, J.R.
Bagley, R.T.
Bailey, J.M.
Bamey, Capt. L.
Bannister, H.
Barter, C.D.
Bartlett, F., lady and child
Bean, J.M.
Beck, John
Benjamin, A.A.
Benson, E.D.
Berch, J.
Beythen, Mr.
Blake, O.
Bond, Z.
Boothe, Nelson
Bowers, J.H.
Bowne, B.
Boyden, J.
Boyhns, E.
Brackett, J.D.
Branker, B. (Might be Branber or Branler)
Bridgeman, T.
Bridges, W.
Bridgman, J.M. (One may be a misspelling as Bridgeman and Bridgman are together on the list)
Bromley, J.
Brown, E.M.
Bryant, W.S.
Buchanan, S.E.
Burr, D.H.
Burr, R., Jr.
Campbell, Mrs., child and infant
Carpenter, L.G.
Carroll, Dr.
Catton, L.
Chamberlain, J.
Chapin, L.W.
Christie, G.H.
Circe, B. and servant
Clark, A.
Coats, M.B.
Coats, M.S.
Cole, W.
Colton, J.D.
Cousin, M.
Covert, B.C. (Might be R.C. Covert)
Cowen, J.
Crane, C.J.
Cronk, Sauders
Curry, D.S.
Cushing, Mr.
Davidson, W.H.
Davis, A.N.
Davis, J.
Davis, J.B.M.
Davis, W.
Deane, W.H.
Deeds, W.A.
Dickinson, H.
Dickinson, J.
Dickinson, J.
Dixon, J.B.W.
Doane, A.
Douglass, D.
Dow, C.W.
Duffey, Peter
Duley, M.W.
Dumfries, J.
Dunn, John
Dunning, E.
Dyer, C.
Earles, J.
Eaton, J.
Eaton, J.E.
Eberson, Curtis
Edmondson, B.B. (Might be Edmondsen)
Edwards, W.
Egbert, J.
Eley, E.
Ellis, T.A.
Fairchild, F.E.
Fairfax, S.
Faisey, J.
Fisher, C.
Fisher, C.A.
Fixary, Edward
Fletcher, J.
Flint, F.E.
Flint, J.W.
Francis, W.W.
Frank, Mrs. Julia
Freeman, W.J.
French, E.
Fuller, J.Q.S.
Gates, G.
Goddard, H.
Graham, J.W.
Grant, W.W.
Graves, H.T.
Gray, B.N.
Greenleaf, Mrs.
Griffhaven, J.A.
Griswold, Mrs.
Guard, R.W.
Gurnselus, Jno (Might be Gurnsalus)
Gusse, Wm
Hakes, A.
Hall, J.F.
Halsey, Miss
Halsey, Miss M.E.
Halsey, Mrs. W.R.
Harding, A.L.
Harkness, G.
Harlan, L.G.
Harlett, C.W.
Harrison, J.W.
Hart, J.P.
Heffner, George
Hendric, F.H.
Henry, A.
Henson, R.G.
Heslip, W.J. and lady
Hill, A.L.
Hillman, G.
Hine, J.A.
Hoffman, John
Houghton, F.A.
Howell, Mr.
Hughes, J.L.
Hughes, James
Hulderston, A.
Hume, D.
Huntingdon, G.
Hurd, G.W.
Hutchins, J.B.
Hutchinson, N.
Jacobs, J.S.
Jacobson, E.
Jacobson, F.
Jamieson, Eben
Jamieson, J.T.
Jaynes, J.R.
Jeffries, E.G.
Johnston, C.
Jones, John
Jourdon, Capt.
Judson, S.
Kane, F.F.
Kennon, J.W.
Keyes, J.
Kinney, W.
Kinsey, E.
Klise, J.
Knapp, F.
Laithe, Geo R.
Lastrate, Louis (Might be Lastrete)
Leaglia, A.
Leppelman, E.
Leslie, F.R.
Lewis, A.
Longsdell, J. (Might be Langsdell or Lengsdell)
Lum, A.S.
Macdonald, E.C.
Mack, A.J.
MacKenzie, R., wife and daughter
Maloy, J.
Manning, Mrs.
Marachiwatti, G.
Marsee, J.
Mason, Jno
May, Mrs. Mary
McCresy, J.
McFarlan, G.
McGiffin, L. (Might be McGiaffin)
McGinnis, Andrew
McGuire, Chas
McGuire, R.
McKay, J.T.
McKibben, J.C.
McNamara, Andrew
McPheelers, C.H.
Meadows, G.
Meadows, R.A.
Meeks, W.
Menges, A.
Merril, T.
Meyer, F.
Miller, Theo
Moffit, J.
Monde, F.
Moore, L.
Moran, Martin
Morgan, Andrew
Morse, A.B.
Mullins, J.
Munson, N.
Myers, Abram
Nelson, Mrs.
Newman, Saml
Nibleck, R.C.
O Donohue, Patk (Probably an abbreviation for Patrick)
O Neal, J.H. (Might be O Neall)
Ohlms, D.
Olyphant, J.M.
Openshaw, J.
Otis, P.
Ourden, J.P.
Paige, Calvin
Paige, T.
Parker, R.
Parkinson, W.H.
Patterson, B.
Payne, C.C.
Perry, C.E.
Peters, W.J.
Phillips, R.R.
Phyffer, P.
Pierce, H.B.
Polhemus, J.L.
Popper, D.
Porter, A.
Price, G.
Quimby, Mr.
Quimby, Mrs.
Raymond, A.
Rexroad, E.
Rhodes, Wm.
Rice, T.D.
Rickertson, Capt. B.
Rioton, T.H. (Might be Ricton)
Ripley, H.
Rivers, T.
Robertson, Mrs.
Robinson, G.M.
Robinson, Miss
Robinson, Miss R.H.
Rogers, O.
Rosenbaum, F.
Russell, G.J.
Sandford, A.
Sandford, B.R.
Schofield, James
Scraggs, Mrs. Julia E.
Shafer, D.
Shane, W.
Shelden, H.P., Adams & Co Messenger
Sheldon, R.
Shufeldt, John
Shumwap, S.W.
Sims, Robt
Smift, Miss E. (Possibly a typographical error. Her name follows A. Swift on the list)
Smith, C.
Smith, D.W.
Smith, J.
Smith, J.R.
Smith, William
Solomon, L.
Speere, S.S.
Stark, John
Steel, J.
Stein, S.
Stewart, P.
Stewart, P.
Stodden, J.
Stoors, J.T.
Stowe, A.W. (Might be Slowe)
Sutliff, J. (Might be Sutluff)
Swasey, G.B. (Swasey and Swazey were listed as noted herein)
Swazey, G.B.
Sweeney, Rev. J.A.
Swift, A.
Taylor, E.D.
Temosi, L.
Thomas, E.S.
Thomas, T.A.
Thompson, A.M.
Thompson, C.W.
Thompson, Miss
Thyen, J.H.
Tieveman, A.
Tool, J.H.
Trimble, W.D.
Truedell, P.
Twist, L. F. (First initial difficult to read)
Vail, W.D.
Vasant, J.
Wadham, W.L.
Wait, Chas
Wandell, B.B.
Warner, J.
Watkins, A.
Watson, D.
Weatherly, J.
Weaver, E.
Weeks, J.L.
Weller, J.
Westerly, A.
White, Asa
White, G.H.
Whitehorn, R.L.
Whitman, J.
Whitney, Lyman
Whitney, Mrs. Geo
Whitney, Mrs. W.J., two children and two infants
Whitney, W.J.
Whitten, John
Wicks, O.
Wilder, H. (Might be Wider)
Wilkins, J.A.
Wilkinson, J.S.
Willet, R.H.
Williams, J.
Williams, Miss M.C.
Williston, H.C.
Wise, R.W.
Wise, S.H.
Wood, G.
Woods, Col. H.W.
Woodward, M.
Wooley, O.S.

25 women, 7 children. Total 342


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