Passengers arriving at the Port of San Francisco


Arrive San Francisco

June 16, 1853
SS Sierra Nevada
Captain James H. Blethen
From Panama


Daily Alta California, San Francisco, Port San Francisco, June 17, 1853


Steamer Sierra Nevada, Blethen, 11 days from San Juan via Acapulco; to C.K. Garrison; 400 passengers


We are under obligations to Capt. J.H. Blethen, of steamer Sierra Nevada, for stopping his steamer in the lower Bay to allow our Marine Reporter to board her.


Alverson, Mrs. C.
Alvord, J. M.
Annis, Wm, wife and child
Applegate, J. H.
Banks, Geo
Baringer, T.
Belcher, J. S.
Bennett, Miss
Bolea, E.
Bond, T.
Braner, A.
Brown, F.
Buckley, Miss M.
Burgess, W.
Burnham, C.
Cane, A.J. (Difficult to read. May be Came, Case, other)
Cathcart, G.
Cathcart, R.
Cathcart, R., wife and five children
Chancy, J.
Chinn, M.A.
Clarke, A. J.
Clarke, C. H., wife and nine children
Clarke, Miss
Clarke, S.F.
Coats, Master
Coats, Miss Susan
Coats, Mrs. Moses
Cohen, J.
Cohen, S.
Conaty, P. and wife
Constable, (Unable to read first name: Cira, Cirs, Sird)
Corning, F.
Cram, Mrs. (Unable to read: Scam, Tram, other)
Cranford, M. E.
Craser, Geo
Creighton, A.M.
Crony, Mrs. K.
Crowley, Mrs.
Crowley, Mrs.
Crowley, T.
Curren, J.
Curren, M.
Dain, W.
Daniel, J. R.
DeGroot, H.
Dohrmann, F.
Downing, M. J.
Downing, S. W.
Dudley, Miss
Dunn, J.
Dunn, Miss Anna
Durgan, J. B. (Might be J.R.)
Emery, Mrs. S. and child (Might be Emory)
Faint, J.
Fergusen, W. S.
Ferguson, Mrs.
Ferrald, J.G. (Might be Fernald)
Flint, Dr.
Flint, F.J.
Flint, Miss
Foltey, R.M.
Gallagher, J.
Ganney, A.
Gardener, C. J.
Garrison, Oliver
Gemleaf, E.
Gift, W.W.
Gilmore, Mrs. S.
Gouldin, T.
Hagan, Mrs. M.
Haley, J. J.
Handel, D.
Helman, A. D., wife and infant
Hoag, J. W. and lady
Hoffman, F.
Hopatel, Mrs. (Might be Ropatel)
Hover, N.
Hovey, W.A.
Hudson, J.
Hunt, S.
Jessell, E.A.
Keene, A.
Laundrie, J.
Lowoly, Miss C.
Lyons, W.P.
McCarrill, P.
McCullough, H. V. S.
McManes, A.
Miller, W.
Millington, T.C.
Mills, (Might be C. Mills, L. Mills, other)
Mills, J.
Mills, T.
Monahan, G. and wife
Monroe, Judge
Monroe, V.
Mulvany, E.
Mulvany, J.
Muray, Miss M. (Might be Munay)
Murphy, J.
Murphy, Miss H.
Murphy, Mrs. M.
Nathan, Mrs. H. and child
Noble, W. and wife
Notern, W.G.
O'Neil, P.
Overacke, A.D.
Parker, Mrs.
Paul, W.P.
Pemberton, R.H.
Perry, A.
Perry, A.J.
Perry, J.M. and lady
Perry, S.J.
Perry, W.J.
Phelps, E. C.
Porter, M.
Potter, J.
Pratt, Miss Caroline S.
Preble, D.
Printer, S.
Ramsay, C. H.
Randolph, R.
Reynolds, J.
Reynols, D.
Roche, T. and five children
Root, G.
Ros, G. W.
Rose, C.
Royce, Mary (Might be Boyce)
Russell, Mrs. A. C.
Sands, Miss Margot
Scothern, W.
Shambos, P. (Might be Shambus, Shambas)
Shepherd, Mrs. R.
Sherrer, Mr.
Smith, R.
Smith, S.S.
Sovereen, W.
Spears, G. N.
Taylor, W.
Thompson, R.
Tobin, T.
Turner, A.
Turner, S. E.
Walkup, P.
Whitehead, J.
Whitney, M. S.
219 passengers in steerage


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