Passengers arriving at the Port of San Francisco


Arrive San Francisco

March 23, 1853
SS Sierra Nevada
Captain Tanner
From Panama


14 days from Panama, via Acapulco; 450 passengers.


To D. Brigham, Jr.


Allen, H.
Armstrong, Benj. F.
Atwater, E.
Atwater, J.H.
Avery, Miss
Bailey, C.
Bailey, F.
Bates, J.
Bell, L.
Bisbee, C.H.
Blevin, H.
Bostwick, Mrs. and child
Brigham, J.L.
Bronson, J.
Brown, E.L., Jr.
Bull, A.
Burchard, P.H.
Burgett, M.
Chaffer, D.
Chaffin, James
Clarke, D.
Clough, J.
Cook, J.H.
Cujan, J.
Cujan, W.D.
Cunningham, Miss
Curtiss, L.
Davidson, E.M.
Davis, F.
Davis, W.
Decaley, G.W. (Might be Denaley or variation, or a typographical error of Delaney)
Delaney, J.
Donaldson, W.
Eaton, P.
Eldridge, Mrs.
Eldridge, N.E.
Ellis, E.
English, M.
English, W.G.
Evans, W.
Farr, T.
Forbes, R.W.
Freeman, J.
Goose, Mrs. (Difficult to read.)
Gough, A.W.
Gould, G.L.
Granton, Mrs.
Gray, A.
Griffith, J.
Gunnison, C.K.
Gunter, J.
Gunter, J.W.
Haley, John
Harrison, J.
Hath, C.P. (Might be Heth)
Hawley, T.
Hotchkiss, J.
Hubert, M.
Jackson, A.H.
Jackson, J.
Jewett, Capt.
Johnson, C.E.
Johnson, H.
Jones, J.W.
Julien, Madame
Keller, Mrs.
Kenjon, S.
Kerrick, R.
Keryan, W.
King. W.
Kirch, H.
Leavitt, G.S.
Leavitt, W.H. and lady
Lee, A.
Leroy, Miss
Mack, D.
Marin, J. (Might be Marlin. Letter seems to be missing.)
McCullough, S.
McCurdy, A
McFarland, Jno
McIntosh, T.
Mead, F.
Merritt, C.G.
Mertler, G.W. (Might be Mectler, Mentler, or other)
Meyers, J.S.
Miller, W.B.
Mitchell, T.F.
Moran, F.
Morgan, Mrs.
Morgan, Mrs. and child
Morgan, S.
Morris, C.
Morse, H.B.
Murphy, D.
Newman, L.H.
Nichols, J.H.
O Hinkley, O.
O Neil, Mary
Orr, Mrs.
Orr, W.
Palmer, J.W.
Palmer, M.R.
Parmetee, A.P.
Patterson, A.M.
Perry, T.
Peters, A.B.
Peters, Sam
Peterson, Mrs.
Pierce, M.
Pitcomb, W.
Plar, G.W.
Porter, H.
Preston, J.
Rawling, J. B.
Raymond, J.
Rengant, E. H.
Rengant, F.
Ripples, Mary
Robinson, S.G.
Roby, H.S.
Romer, J.
Ryder, T. and lady
Saunders, G.
Schaffer, S. P.
Scott, J.
Scott, O.
Sherman, A.
Smith, A.
Smith, A. K.
Smith, G.
Stanford, Mrs.
Tanner, Mrs.
Taylor, W. L.
Thompson, H.
Tourney, R.
Towle, G.W.
Townsend, L.
Van Amsen, W.H.
Van Gulse, H. (Might be Gulsse or Gulese)
Van Houten, A.
Van Riper, Capt., lady and four children
Wakeman, T. A. and lady
Webber, A.
Wells, R.
Werks, H.
Westfall, G.
Westgate, J.
Wheat, G. W.
Whitney, W. W.
Wilbur, J. L.
Will, A.
Williams, C.
Wilson, C.
Winthrop, F.
Woodward, J.L.
Young, J.
240 passengers in steerage

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Central America, Southern Mexico, c.1842
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Print of gold seekers transferring at the Panama Canal.
The passage across the Isthmus of Panama from Eastern Seaboard ships to West Coast Ships bound for San Francisco
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