Passengers arriving at the Port of San Francisco


Arrive San Francisco

November 4, 1851
SS Panama
Captain James Watkins
From Panama


18 days from Panama via way ports.

Departed Panama on October 17, 1851. On October 19, 20, 22 and 23 encountered very heavy gales from the westward, with torrents of rain. On October 25, 1851 arrived at Acapulco, Mexico. On October 27, 1851, at midnight, Isaac Sawyer, a passenger, jumped overboard - supposed by his friends to be insane. Arrived at San Diego, California on November 2, 1851. Since leaving Acapulco had a great deal of sickness on board - seven deaths from fever, and a great many sick on board.

Deaths on Board:
October 26, 1851: Phineas Conkey, aged 58, died of fever. Wife and children living at Warrensville, Cuyabay County, Ohio (Cuyahoga County)
October 27, 1851: John Sergent, a cabin passenger, aged 16 years, from Saco, Maine. Died of dysentery.
October 27, 1851: Jesse Sawyer, a steerage passenger, aged 38 years - jumped overboard - insane. Left wife and five children in Hollowell, Maine. (Note: In the passage list, this individual is listed as &Isaac Sawyer&).
October 27, 1851: George Corps, steerage passenger, aged 33 years, from Troy, New York, died of typhoid fever. Left wife and four children at Troy, New York.
October 30, 1851: Daniel Lathrop, cabin passenger, died of fever. Aged 25 years, from Bedford, Cuyahoga County, Ohio.
November 1, 1851: William Jackson, aged 13 years, died of prostration and fever. From Wisconsin. His father was on board.
November 2, 1851: Mason Seymour, of fever. Aged 32 years. From State of New York.
November 3, 1851: Daniel McCarty. Died of fever.


707 packages of unidentified merchandise.


Actherd, J. (Might be Acthard)
Adams, S.
Adams, S.
Alexander, J.
Allen, E.
Allen, J.W.
Allen, L.B.
Amat, E.
Ames, P.
Anderson, J.J.
Asams, L.R.
Atkins, C.
Atkinson, W.
Ayres, E.
B lay, A.P.
Baldwin, J.
Baldwin, W.
Bates, J.S.
Baum, S.
Beals, S.H. (Might be Beale)
Beckart, F.
Becker, E.
Becker, H.
Bedder, D.
Benson, C.
Beszel, D. (Might be Beazel)
Bichford, D.C.
Bickford, A.
Bigelow, E.
Bigelow, J.C.
Bigley, C.
Bigly, John
Bigly, John, Jr.
Birdsale, H.
Blain, M.
Blockenbaum, M.
Booker, J.B.
Borus, Lewis (Might be Borua)
Bowman, D.
Boynton, J.
Bradford, William
Bradley, D.B.
Brown, A.J.
Brown, L.
Bryan, Mrs. J.N.
Bryan, Samuel and son
Bryant, J.H.
Bunt, W.N., wife and child
Burden, W.L.
Burgess, J.M.
Burrill, A.
Bush, L.
Byrnes, Mrs. S.
Call, C.
Call, H.
Callaway, M.
Cameron, J.
Camueld, A.P. (Might be Camaeld)
Capton, H.C.
Caravea, J.
Carder, D.D.
Carey, J.
Carr, W.B.
Carter, J.T.
Carter, T.
Caskney, J.
Chase, J.S.
Chase. M.S.
Chaucy, L.
Childs, S.T.
Church, L.
Church, M.
Clark, D.
Clark, S.A.J.
Clay, H.
Clearclam, S.P.
Cleaveland, G.B.
Cleaveland, J.
Coffin, M.B.
Colburn, Miss P.
Colegson, A.
Collins, J.E.
Colston, J.
Comstock, E.H.
Conner, E.
Cope, J.
Crandall, G.
Crane, S.C.
Crontier, J.
Crontier, W.
Dana, D.
Danforth, S.C.
Davies, D.
Dawis, H. (Might be Davis, Dawie, or Davies)
Desurmet, John
Dinsley, C.L.
Dinsmore, W.
Dirlan, D.
Dising, Capt. Dan (Might be Disiug)
Doolittle, A.B.
Doolittle, O.J.
Douglay, J.
Downey, A.
Drake, E.A.
Drake, J.L.
Drymon, D.
Dudley, G.
Dunbar, M.
Dunlap, A.
Dyer, G.H.
Dyer, J.P.
Eaton, W.N.
Edwards, O.
Egery, Dr. E.J.
Ellman, G.H. (Might be Eilman)
Ely, Mrs. C.
Emerson, J.
Emory, L.
English, Mrs. A. and child
Euroes, T. (Might be Eurocs or Euross)
Evans, D.P.
Evans, W.
Fellhomer, S.
Field, J.B.
Fingshood, John
Fish, G.H.
Fish, J.D.
Forman, J.G.
Foster, E.H.
Francis, J.
Frost, J.
Frost, T.
Fry, A.
Fry, John
Fuller, A.
Fuller, S.
Gadding, G. (Might be Gedding)
Gardner, Mrs. A. and child
Gates, D.V.
Geiger, J.
Gerrish, A.
Gilman, M.S.
Godley, F.
Goldsmith, E.
Goodrich, H.C.
Grant, A.
Grant, L.
Graves, B.
Greeley, E.
Green, S.R.
Greene, S.H.
Griffith, E.
Griffith, E.
Gross, O.P.
Grover, H.
Gummort, J.H.
Hadsall, C.
Hall, Capt. D. and wife
Ham, S.H.
Hanlist, J. (Might be Hanliat)
Hanson, Margat
Hardy, D.
Harrell, J.C.
Harris, A.
Hartley, H.
Hartley, J.
Harvey, T.
Hascall, S.
Hathaway, A.
Hathaway, B.
Hathaway, L.
Hawsar, T.
Hazzard, J.T.
Heal, J.
Heath, C.
High, E.
Hill, H.J.
Hill, W.C.
Hinckley, Mrs. A.R.
Hithage, Mrs. L.A. and two children
Hockins, S.
Holden, H.
Holden, J.H.
Holland, E.P.
Holman, A.
Holt, W.
Hopkins, J.
Hosley, J.
Huntington, U. and wife
Jackson, R.
Jackson, S.
Jackson, W.
Jay, J.E.
Jenks, David
Jerroby, N.
Johnson, F.
Johnson, R.M.
Jones, D.
Jones, E.
Jones, H.
Jones, John
Jones, R.
Jones, T.
Jordan, A. (Might be Jorden)
Keen, W.M.
Keller, J.
Kendall, J.
Keniston, D.D.
Ketch, William
King, E.F.
Kish, C.H., Jr.
Kite, E.
Knowlton, O.
Kold, B.
Lambert, W.G.
Larkin, J.
Lawler, H.
Lawrence, H.
Lawrence, S.
Lay, D.
Lee, G.W.
Leland, W.
Leonard, D.
Lewis, L.
Lewis, W.
Libby, P.
Lippitt, J.
Long, J.
Long, W.
Lothrop, L.
Love, A.
Lozier, A.
Lucas, H.
Lynch, R.
Madden, S.O.
Madguit, F.
Mahan, W.
Manson, Mrs. V.C.
Markee, J.C.
Marston, E.W.
Mascair, A.
Maseredy, R. (Might be Mascredy)
Masson, A.
McCaine, W.
McCary, W.
McConn, R.
McConnin, N.
McCormick, B.
McCormick, D.
McCormick, T.O.
McCoy, N.
McCrary, J.
McCrary, S.
McCrary, W.
McDearmid, P. (Note McDearmond spelling. They may or may not be related. They were not together on the list, which is not unusual.)
McDearmond, W.
McDonald, F.
McGran, R.
McIntyre, A.
McIntyre, C.F.
McIntyre, E.
McLean, L.
McMahon, P.
McMenny, B.
McPherson, A.W.
McTier, P.
Merrill, J.F.
Metam, J.
Me---ve, A. (Difficult to read)
Miller, A.
Monti, C.
Moore, T.
Moulton, E.
Murray, D.
Murray, Mrs. S.S.
Murray, N.
Nash, J.P., Jr.
Nayes, Malves (Might be Malvea Nayes)
Nelson, N.
Nelson, W.J.
Newman, J.
Nichols, J.
Nickson, J.N.
Northrup, G.H.
Norton, F.
Notty, J.
Nowill, J. (Might be Newill)
Nutt, F.
O'Brien, J.
Oakler, J.
Osgood, J.
Owen, J.J.
Owens, James
Owens, T.
Palmer, W.
Parkins, F.
Parrot, W.
Parsons, Charles
Pearson, A.
Peck, J.A.
Penton, C.P.
Perry, R.P.
Phillips, W.
Pierce, W.F.
Place, W.
Plummer, C.
Pollard, J., Jr.
Porteous, S. (Rasmussen has Porteons)
Randall, H.
Rankin, T.
Raulston, D.
Readle, C.
Reynolds, A.
Richards, E.
Richards, J.
Richards, T.
Richardson, E.
Richardson, J.
Richardson, J.
Richford, A.
Ritohome, J. (Might be Ritchome)
Roberts, T.
Rogers, J.
Rostron, J.
Ruth, F.
Samson, M.
Samson, S.
Sargent, Mrs. M.N. and child (might be Sargant)
Schanvet, G., wife and five children
Schermerhorn, H.
Schling, W., wife and two children
Scripture, W.
Seavey, T.
Sedyard, J.F.
Seyward, J.H.
Sheldon, L.
Shelley, J.
Sherwood, W.W.
Shirloe, W.L.
Sinyard, S. (Might be Sicyard)
Skiff, J.C.
Skiff, L.S.
Smith, A.C.
Snow, B.
Spaulding, O.
Spence, F.P.
Stall, W.
Standard, W.L.
Standish, A.
Standish, G.H.
Staples, W.B.
Stearn, W.
Stevens, J.
Stevens, W.H.
Steward, B.N.
Steward. H.
Stewart, N.A.
Stone, C., Jr.
Street, J.A. and wife
Sullivan, A.
Swift, J.W.
Taggart, L.
Talbot, J.
Taylor, J.
Taylor, J.
Theodore, J.
Thomas, A.S.
Thomas, E.W.
Thomas, J.
Thompson, G.W.
Thompson, R.
Tibbetts, A.
Tichenor, H.L. (Rasmussen questions spelling as Tichener)
Todd, C.A.
Torrey, Mrs. E.N.
Turnure, D.M.
Ure, L.
Van Doyen, Y.
Varner, C.
Venson, T.
Vincent, Capt. C.W.
Vincent, T.
Vingerboets, J.
Wales, J.
Walker, D.
Walker, J.
Walters, E.
Washington, J.W.
Waterman, S.S. and wife
Watkins, Mrs. J.J.
Watson, D.
Watson, W.A.
Weare, C.
Webster, H.C.
Webster, P.
Wells, G.
Weston, Dr. R. and wife
Weston, R.J.
Wheeler, Miss M.H.
Whidder, W., wife and child
White, D.
White, J.
White, J.W.
White, J.W.
Whiting, G.
Wilhan, D.W. (Might be Wilhau)
Willes, T.
Willey, E.W., wife and two children
Williams, E.
Williams, S.
Williams, W.
Willson, R.
Wiswell, O.
Worhees, L. (Might be Worhecs or Worheps)
Worras, I.
Wort, T.
Wright, W.
Wyman, J.P.
Youtel, J.T.
Zruon, Lewis


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