Passengers arriving at the Port of San Francisco


Arrive San Francisco

August 19, 1851
SS Panama
Captain James Watkins
From Panama


Daily Alta California, San Francisco, Wednesday Morning, August 20, 1851

From our Extra of Yesterday.
News From Washington
Rumored Insurrection in Cuba.

At 12 M, this day, the steamer Panama, Captain Watkins, arrived in this harbor from Panama. Her time has been, as usual, 18 days, weather fair, health of her numerous passenger load good.

A full list of her passengers will be found in another place.

The Panama left Panama August 1st, at 7 A.M.; at 5 P.M. passed steamer Commodore Stockton, 2 days out, bound to this port, leaking badly; took 8 passengers out of her. She put back to Panama.

August 2d, saw a steamer standing south, supposed to be the Pacific.

August 3d, boarded and exchanged papers with the steamer Northerner, bound down.

August 9th, left Acapulco. In port, a schooner, hence, full of passengers; British barque Fortescue had been in port 57 days; had $30,000 in dust on board; detained on account of law suit.

August 11th, passed a steamer bound down, supposed to be the Oregon.

August 11th, left in port, at San Blas, Br. Barque Frowning Beauty, barque Archibald Gracie, brig Sarah McFarland, schr Wm. Allen, all to sail in a few days for this port; brig Margaret, bound to Payta.

August 13th, off Cape St. Lucas, saw a propeller, bound up, supposed to be the Columbus, she having sailed same day from Panama.

Left at Mazatlan, brig Portenia; she had been seized by the Mexican Government; the captain had deserted her; she was seized on account of an attempt to smuggle cargo. August 17th, passed steamer California.

The files of New York papers, (for the early delivery of which we are indebted to Adams & Co., as also for the prompt attention paid our interest, to Mr. Mortimer Lent, Purser of the Panama), are to the 12th July, and contain but very little news.

Gregory & Co. delivered our correspondence and files in good season.

Capt. Watkins, of the Panama, has been presented with a splendid gold watch by the cabin passengers who came up this trip. We have received the correspondence which passed upon the occasion, but have not room for it now . . .

The News from the Atlantic

The intelligence which came to hand yesterday by the Panama, is without any feature of importance, and almost without interest. The republic of which we form a part appears to be prospering in peace.

Some solicitude is manifested in regard to our relations with Mexico, in reference to the Tehuantepec treaty, but we do not indulge the belief that any warlike demonstration is likely to ensue. If we understand the matter, we should say that Mexico will easily be persuaded to come to terms upon the subject, for certainly her legislators and statesmen must see how much it will be for her interest to open that highway to the Pacific. If Mexico does hold out in this policy of opposition to American progress, it will probably be found that John Bull is well at the bottom of it.

There is a rumor that an insurrection has commenced in the Island of Cuba. Although such an event is not an improbability, we have no faith in the story. The overpowering numerical force of the Spanish soldiery, and the vigilance they exercise, make an attempt at revolution little better than infatuation . . .


47 pkgs mdse, J.J. Chauviteau & Co; 31 pkgs, 10 bags, Dodge & Co.; 9 pkgs, J.F. Atwell; 28 pkgs, 6 bags, Jos W. Gregory; 5 pkgs, B. Davidson & May; 84 pkgs Adams & Co; 4 pkgs, J.M. Hart; 67 pkgs, Jos Honigsberger; 13 pkgs E.J. Moore; 1 bale pkgs, Haven & Co.; 1 trunk clothing, E. Knight; 3 bags harness, G.A. Perris; 1 box mdse, X. Van de Castell; 1 pkgs clothing, 1 small box bridles, &c., Ed Vischer; 1 chest books, Bolton, Barron & Co.; 20 bags specie $40,000, 7 bxs $14,500, Bolton, Barron & Co.; 1 bag specie $2194, August Drench; 1 bag specie $4500, J. Parrott.


Adams, D.
Allen, D.
Allen, E.S.
Andrews, D.
Ashbridge, D.W.
Assing, A.
Atoths, B.
Baker, A.
Baker, H.W.
Batchelor, A.
Beach, Mrs. E.J. and son
Bean, C.
Beatie, Mrs. H.S. and three children
Beckwith, W.
Belcher, W.
Bigelow, L.
Bilings, J.P.
Bohaner, D.
Bookstaver, Mrs. J.M. and son
Bourn, B.
Bradley, J.V.
Brainerd, A.R.
Brown, C.
Brown, J.W.
Bryan, D.
Burges, W.M.
Burrut, B.
Byrne, J.K.
Campbell, D.L. and wife
Campbell, W.
Chapman, D.H.C.
Chapman, E.
Chase, Davis
Clisrold, E.M.
Cohen, A.
Colby, D.
Colilns, T.
Collins, S.
Colman, C.H.R.
Conner, J.
Connolly, Miss M.
Conover, A.
Coolidge, J.B.
Coolidge, L.A.
Coolidge, Miss E.
Corley, N.O.
Cowley, P.
Crooks, B.
Crosser, George
Daggett, J.B.
Daniels, C.O.
Davis, L.B.
Delorry, D.
Demarest, Mrs. P.A.
Dennis. W.
DeSilva, M.R.
Douglass, G.B.
Dudley, G.
Duff, F.S.
Duforn, Lewis
Dunning, H.
Dunning, J.A.
Dunning, J.A.
Ellis, Jno
Ellis, W.S.
Evans, S.O.
Fatheigha, Miss F.
Fero, D.W.
Fero, W.
Ferris, H.A., mail agent
Fiske, Mrs. J.R.
Flonnagan, J.
Fowler, B.C.
Fuller, N.L.
Fuller, Wm
Gage, H.P.
Gavard, C.
Gavard, V.
George, J.C.
Gignac, L.
Gilman, M.W.
Graham, Mrs. Nancy and son
Grant, W.S.
Graves, D.
Green, W.E.
Greene, J.A.
Greene, Miss C.
Groat, Mrs. H.A. and two children
Gubaldo, D.
Guion, L.
Hall, F.B.
Ham, Wm.
Hammou, W.W. (Might be Hammon)
Hand, J.S.
Harriman, John and wife
Haywood, Miss L.A.
Herton, H.
Hickey, Miss M.C.
Hickey, Mrs. C.E. and son
Higgin, W.
Hilton, B.
Hooper, John
Hudson, J.B.
Humphrey, J.
Hunenville, E.
Hutchings, M.
Inman, J.N.
Isaacs, S.
Jackman, J.
Jacks, H.
Jacks, W.S.
Jackson, D.
Jackson, J.M.
Jackson, Jno
Jennings, J.
Jerman, W.W.
Johnson, N.
Johnston, K.
Kasner, B.
Kebby, D.
Kennedy, J.M.
Kenyon, Lewis
Kenyon, W.J.
King, G.M.
Laffin, L.
Lake, Mrs. M.E.
Lander, A.
Lansing, C.D.
Lavare, P.
Lazarus, A.
Lewis, H.
Locke, J.M.
Locke, Wm
Longfellow, N.
Lounsdale, J.P.O.
Lowell, R.N.
Lucke, H.
Maguire, M.
Malony, Thos.
Martin, Miss H.E.
Maynard, Lieut L., U.S.A.
McCartney, Wm.
McDowell, Thos
McEvony, S.
McLaughlan, J.
McLaughlin, D.
McLaughlin, L.
McLeod, F.
McMaster, J.C.
Messer, W.
Messeyer, W.H.
Moore, J.S.
Noble, D.
Norcross, D.C.
O Neil, J.
Ohory, J.O.
Paine, C.
Pairit, J.
Perchere, Mrs. V.
Perhai, J.F.
Perkins, A.M.
Perra, A.D.
Perry, B.M.
Phelan, J.J.
Philbrink, J.H.
Phillips, A.F.
Pierce, Dr. A.W.
Pinkney, E.S.
Piumbe, J.
Priest, A.
Rainer, J.
Reach, J.M.
Regan, J.
Richardson, A.
Richardson, B.F.
Riley, H.
Robbins, R.
Rodinson, H.L.
Rosenstall, S.W.
Rosenstomb, S.W.
Rush, J.C.
Ryan, Mrs. H. and son
Santell, W.H.
Sawyer, L.R.
Sayer, W.
Schall, A.D.
Shaber, J.F.
Shelden, M.
Sheldon, Mrs. Catharine and son
Simonsfeldt, M.
Smith, Capt. P.L.
Smith, J.
Smith, T.
Spaulding, D.
Spaulding, H.
Stanley, A.
Stanley, J.
Stevens, N.
Stewart, S.M.
Storms, Jas
Stoyele, J.J.
Terrey, E.
Thomas, H.
Thompson, B.H.
Tipton, R.
Tomas, M.S.
Tombe, A.
Van Reed, J.H.
Van Reed, L.
Van Reed, W.A.
Vogel, G.
Wait, B.C.
Wardwell, Mrs. C.A.
Webster, Capt. I.A., U.S.R.M. service
Wells, R.E.
Whipon, E.F.
Wilson, E.
Winans, S.
Wislizemus, Dr. A.
Wither, W.A.
Wood, Ira
Wood, P.P.
Worms, J.
Wyman, O.
Wyman, P.
Zaff, Mrs. H. and daughter


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