Passengers arriving at the Port of San Francisco


Arrive San Francisco

June 1, 1851
SS Panama
Captain James T. Watkins
From Panama


16 days, 6 hours from Panama, via intermediate ports. Touched at Acapulco, Mexico (detained there 24 hours), San Diego, California and Monterey, California. There was a good deal of sickness among the passengers during the voyage, principally fever and dysentery, but owing to the skill of Dr. T.G. Gray, the medical officer, no deaths occurred.

Sacramento Daily Union, Sacramento, California, June 3, 1851

The Panama brings one hundred and seventy-two mail bags, and one hundred and eighty passengers, including fourteen ladies and twelve children. The Panama made her last trip down in fifteen days and seventeen hours, allowing thirty hours detention. She sailed from Panama on the 15th ult., in company with the Isthmus and Gold Hunter. Several days out she spoke the steamer Oregon, five days from Acapulco. It is stated that the steamer McKim burst her boiler on the passage up, but we have not been able to learn the particulars.

The bark Rowena, Capt. Macy, lying Taboga, took fire on the 10th ult.. and was destroyed. She was run ashore at Ancon Point, and scuttled.

Capt. Kellogg, who it will be remembered left the ship Powhattan, at the request of the captain (Hopkins), to search for water on the Pacific coast, near the Bay of Tehuantepec, and while on shore was left by the ship, has arrived at safe at home, after undergoing the most severe hardships.


172 bags of U.S. Mail


Amit, Mr. J.
Archibald, Mr.
Baldwin, Mr. D.
Barnes, Mr. H.
Beardley, Mr. M.
Bellincourt, Mr.
Brett, Mr. R. S.
Brown, John
Brown, Mr. W.
Browns, J. H.
Burr, Mr. L. M.
Carlton, Mr. L.
Corbitt, Mr. A.
Cormick, Mr. R.
Cormins, Mrs.
de Mella, Mr. A. C.
Dunlop, A.
Elliot, Mr. S. G.
Eshe, Otto
Fairnald, Mr. D.O.
Fancer, Mr. J. P.
Fenton, Mr. B.
Fuller, H.
Gardner, Mr. B.
Gibson, Mr. J.
Gounery, Mr. J. J.
Gowan, Mr. B.
Hamilton, Philip
Henderson, Mr. S. D.
Heriot, Mr. J.
Hills, Mr. A.
Hlauker, Mr. E.
Hollbrook, Mrs. and three children
Huntington, Mr. G. W.
Ingraham, Mr. J. W.
Irman, Mr. U.
Jackson, Mr. A.
Jepson, Mr. H.
Johnson, Mr. and four children
Johnson, Mr. W. F.
Keyes, Mr. S. C.
Levalley, Mr. L.
Lewis, Mr. A. S.
Lilly, Charles
Lowry, L. N.
Manchester, Mr. A.
May, Dr. and Mrs.
McLane, Hon. Robert M.
McMar, Mr. and Mrs. and four children
Moier, Mr. L.
Morgan, Mr. J.
Neal, Mr. E. O.
Nutting, Mrs.
Otis, Mrs.
Plimpton, Mr. L. D.
Putney, Mr. G.
Rand, Mr. C. C.
Richards, Mr. C.
Richards, Mr. L.
Riley, Mrs. A.
Rodes, Mr. W. H.
Rosa, Mr. M. D.
Rowe, Mr. J. L.
Schmitt, Charles
Silvernail, Mr. E.
Smith, Mr. J. J.
Smith, Mr. S.
Smith, Mrs. S. E.
Spooner, Mr. E. A.
Strang, Mr. G. B.
Strannerhan, Mr. E.
Studley, Mr. L.
Taylor, Mr. S. E.
Tippett, Mrs.
Tuttle, Clay
Underwood, Mr. W.
Waldron, Mr. M.
Warren, Mr. W.
Watkins, James
Wells, Mr. O. C.
Wetherby, Mr. O.
Whitney, Mr. W.
Wiggins, Mr. C.
Wilkins, Mr. B. F.
Williams, Mr. W.
Wilson, Mrs. and child


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