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Arrive San Francisco

August 31, 1851
SS Pacific
Captain Lucas
From Panama


Daily Alta California, Sunday Morning, August 31, 1851

Arrival of the Pacific.

At two o'clock yesterday morning, the steamer Pacific arrived in our harbor, from Panama. Her trip has been another exceedingly quick one. The passage has been made in sixteen days and eighteen hours, running time.

The Pacific brings 110 passengers, and news from New York to the 28th July. A very limited number of papers were received by her.

We extract from the Log of the Pacific:

The steamship Pacific left Panama August 13th, at 2 o'clock, A.M. Passed propeller Sarah Sands and man-of-war steamer Driver, off Point Mala. August 15th, 7 o'clock P.M., arrived at San Juan del Sud, and sailed 6th, 6 P.M. Left at that place, steamer Independence, Capt. Wakeman, and brig Victorine. Arrived at Realejo 17th, 8 A.M., and sailed 3 P.M. same day. Left at Realejo, brig Mary Ellen and Mary A. Jones. Arrived at Acapulco 21st, 8 A.M. and sailed 4 P.M. same day.

Left at Acapulco, U.S. Sloop-of-war Vandalia, Captain Gardiner, for Sandwich Islands in six days; Br. barque Fortescue, for Valparaiso in three days; brig North Bend sailed four days previous for this port; schr. Jacob M. Ryerson, Capt. Morton, hence for Panama, sailed three days previous. Steamer McKim up for sale. Brig Eureka repairing. Steamer Oregon sailed on the 12th. 22d, 2 P.M., exchanged signals with steamship Repubilc, bound down, 23d, with steamship California, off Cape Corientes, also with brig Mary and Adeline.

Died, on board the steamer Oregon, in the harbor of Acapulco, August 12th, Mrs. Maria L. Wilsey, aged 27 years.

Died, at Acapulco, July 24th, Miss Ellen Davis, a native of Wales, and late of New York, aged 26 years and 6 months.

. . . The British steamer Asia, of the Cunard Line, made her last run from New York to Liverpool, in 10 days, 3 hours and 5 minutes, mean time. She has thus surpassed the best trip of the American steamer Pacific, of the Collins Line, that vessel having made her fastest run in 10 days and 6 hours, mean time - only three hours more than that of the Asia.

The steamer Atlantic, which has been undergoing repairs for a long time, was advertised to sail from New York on the 23d of July next.


Delivered to J.L. Smith


Ackerman, Mrs. and two children
Allen, John
Atkinson, W.D.
Benchley, H.
Benchly, J.
Berry, L.
Blanchard, J.H.
Brauchurch, T.
Broham, J.
Brooks, D.L.
Byrne, Mrs.
Chase, A.
Chase, C.M.
Croft, G. and lady
Cunningham, J.
Davis, T.
Donecall, Mr.
Egan, M.
Eguntine, Mr.
Emery, M.P.
Fish, J.H.
Fitch, H.T.
Gar, A.
Gass, J.H., lady and daughter
Gatisk, J.
Gauberne, Mr. and lady
Gladin, Baron and lady
Hammer, Mrs. P.H.
Hammer, W.H. and lady
Hanley, H.
Hansom, J.
Hansom, L.B.
Hasper, W.
Hawkins, R.B.
Heath, L.N.
Heyman, A.
Hulse, DeWitt
James, Edwin
Kain, T.
King, J.
Leavott, W.K.
Lesson, J.
Maine, Chas
Manners, H.
Mar, D.
Martin, R.S.
McGarvey, Wm B.
McGuire, lady and child
McLaughlin, N.
McPhillips, Edward
McSorley, T.
Miller, H.S., wife and three children
Mullen, T.
Noble, H.
Nolleuer, Jones (Might be Nollener)
Norcross, T.W.
Payne, G.W.
Perdruville, J.
Piggins, L.
Porter, John T.
Price, T. R.
Rabe, Dr. Wm.
Richards, Mr., lady and servant
Rowett, J.Q.
Rue, Alex
Ryan, J.
Ryan, John and lady
Schwart, H. and lady
Schwartz, Philip
Shaley, A.
Shepherd, W.
Silver, John
Smiley, Dr.
Smith, C.
Smith, Mr.
Snow, B.
Spencer, A.
Spink, A.
Tannell, W.
Thompson, Mr.
Vandewater, R .J. (Vanderbilt ships agent in San Francisco)
Welling, J. D.
Welton, A.
White, L. D.
Wilkie, Mrs.
Williams, T.
Wright, G. W. and lady
Zets and lady

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Central America, Southern Mexico, c.1842
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Print of gold seekers transferring at the Panama Canal.
The passage across the Isthmus of Panama from Eastern Seaboard ships to West Coast Ships bound for San Francisco
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