Passengers at the Port of San Francisco: 1800s

SS Pacific

Arrive San Francisco

July 2, 1851
SS Pacific
Captain Bailey
From Panama


Thursday Morning, July 3, 1851, Daily Alta California, San Francisco

Seventeen Days Later from the Atlantic States.
Late News from Europe and the World's Fair
Opening of the N.Y. and Erie Railroad,
and Jubilee Speeches by Daniel Webster, &c.

About half-past four P.M. yesterday, the Pacific was telegraphed, and she soon after made her appearance off the city. Capt. Bailey is in command of this new steamship. The trip from Panama hither has occupied sixteen days, and has been made against head winds most of the way. She left Panama on the 16th ult. at 7 P.M.

The Pacific brings 72 passengers, sixteen of whom are ladies. All well. Her merchandise is consigned to order.

Her news is two or three days in advance of the mail, which left U.S. on the 28th May, per Cherokee.

Through Berford & Co., we received files of papers to the latest date, May 31, from New York.

Gregory & Co. were also prompt in their usual supply of favors.

A fearful riot occurred at Hoboken, N.J. on the 26th of May last, between some Germans who had assembled to celebrate that day, and a gang of New York rowdies called "Short Boys." A few were killed and several badly wounded on both sides.

The papers are filled with an account of the grand opening of the New York and Erie Railroad, on the 15th day of May. President Fillmore and members of the Cabinet, together with many of the chief dignitaries of the union were present at the festival, which is represented as having been of great brilliancy and effect.

At Buffalo, on the 22d May, Hon. Daniel Webster was tendered a public dinner, at which he delivered a long and enthusiastically received address. He also delivered speeches at Syracuse and Albany.

The Great Industrial exhibition, or World's Fair, was opened on the 4th ( ) of May last, with appropriate ceremonies, the Queen leading the festival. Over thirty thousand persons witnessed the opening exercises in the Chrystal Palace . . .

The following vessels are advertised to sail from New York for San Francisco during the month of June:

Steamship Golden Gate, C.P. Patterson, U.S.N.; clipper ship Flying Cloud; clipper ships Typhoon, C.H. Slater master; Challenge, R.H. Waterman; Telegraph, Kimball Harlow; Eagle, John S. Farren; Valparaiso, George E. Killam.

A magnificent clipper ship called the Challenge was launched in New York on the 24th of May. She is built for Messrs. Griswold, and is intended for the California and China trade. She is said to be the largest and sharpest merchant vessel ever built.


Delivered to E. Knight.


Allison, J.
Asher, A.
Baldwin, Dr. H. S. and lady
Barlow, Wm. W.
Berhiogs, Mrs. and child
Bouont, Jno ( Beuonl)
Carlton, H., Esq.
Carris, Geo H.
Cass, H.
Cohn, J. A.
Curtis, Mrs.
Ellis, A. V. H.
Fieshaker, A. (Might be Fleshaker or Flishaker)
Flesher, Jno
Fregsley, Mrs. and sister
Garr, J.H.
Giegg, Jas.
Gladling, Wm. B. (difficult to read.
Greenbaum, J. (Might be Gleenbaum)
Hammond, Geo
Harding, Jno
Hawks, F.L.
Hennesey, Geo
Hooper, Jno
Israel, Justine
Jarvis, N.
Johnston, Mr. and child
Kennedy, J.
Larew, Master
Larew, Mrs.
Latimer, C. H.
Levy, A.
Lewelling, W.
Lovell, W. A.
Lucas, Capt. G. D.
Lummbury, J. P. (Might be Lumbery or variation. Difficult to read and letters seem to be missing) Mariner, David G.
Marks, J.
McConibe, John
Meyers, A.
Nicholson, Mrs. and two children
Pierce, Maloney
Redgeway, Wm. P. (Might be Rodgeway or Radgeway)
Renshaw, A.W. and lady
Robie, Mrs.
Sagley, Thos
Samuels, J. P.
Sauth, Dr. J.
Sexton, B.M.
Shepherd, Geo
Southwick, J. E.
Spencer, Mr.
Surf, A. (Might be Suof or Suef)
Tingley, Geo. B. and lady
Tingley, Master G.M. and servant
Tingley, Miss Manorah (difficult to read)
Tingley, Miss Mary
Watriss, Miss Emma
Watriss, Mrs. and servant
Wattis, Miss Charlotte
Watts, Master Frank
Wessell, C.

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Central America, Southern Mexico, c.1842
Print of gold seekers transferring at the Panama Canal.
The passage across the Isthmus of Panama from Eastern Seaboard ships to West Coast Ships bound for San Francisco
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Sources: As noted on entries and through research centers including National Archives, San Bruno, California; CDNC: California Digital Newspaper Collection; San Francisco Main Library History Collection; and Maritime Museums and Collections in Australia, China, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Wales, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, etc.

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