Passengers at the Port of San Francisco: 1800s

SS Pacific

Arrive San Francisco

May 4, 1854
SS Pacific
Captain Charles P. Seabury
From Nicaragua


Daily Alta California, May 5, 1854

Siege and Blockade of Acapulco.

The steamship, Pacific, of the Nicaragua Line, arrived yesterday afternoon from Nicaragua, with dates from New York to the 5th April, from New Orleans to the 7th, and from England to the 22d of March.

Acapulco was besieged by Santa Ana in person, and blockaded by a Mexican squadron. The Pacific was not allowed to enter, and the J. L. Stephens, on her downward trip, it will be seen, was ordered off, and a shot fired across her bows.

We are indebted to the Purser of the Pacific for favors.


Steamship Pacific, Chas. P. Seabury, Commander, from San Juan, 20th April, at 5:30 P. M.; 663 passengers, of whom 152 are ladies and 65 children, all in good health.

Arrived off Acapulco 24th, 2:30 P. M., and found the harbor blockaded by the Mexican frigate Santa Ana, seven guns, Commander Pedro Deas Mino( ), and cutter Guerrero, Commander Pedro Navis. After a detention of 3 hours, we passed on, having been refused admittance to the harbor.

We understood that Acapulco was closely besieged by General Santa Ana in person, and a general battle was expected. Gen. Alvarez had got possession of Acapulco and fortifications.

Passed steamship John L. Stephens, at 5 P. M., 200 miles to southward of Acapulco, bound down. We understood that she attempted to enter Acapulco and a shot was fired across her bow; when she hauled out and proceeded on her course.

The Pacific stopped 18 hours at Cape St. Lucas for water.

Arrived off the Heads at 4:30 P. M.

The Secretary of the Treasury has written a letter to Mr. Gwin, United States Senator from California, in favor of the issue of gold coins of the denominations of $100, $50 and $25 each, by the Branch Mint at San Francisco. He proposes that the new pieces be named the Union, half Union and quarter Union, and that only the half Union be struck for the present.

The great State Stake Race, for $20,000, came off over the Metarie Course at New Orleans on April 1st.

Four Horses were entered, viz: Lexington, for Kentucky; Lecompte, for Mississippi; Highlander, for Alabama; and Arrow, for Louisiana.

The race was won by Lexington in two straight heats. Arrow was distanced in the first heat.

The time of the first heat was 8 m. 8 s., and the second heat 8 m. 4 s. Highlander was distanced in the second heat. There was great disappointment art the result, bets having run very high on Highlander.

In the second heat Lecompte came in second, and Highlander third. The track was very heavy.
A great crowd poured into the Race Course, and thousands of strangers were present from other States.

Thomas Noon Talfourd, the author of "Ion," is dead.

Passengers arriving on the SS Pacific left New York on April 6, 1854 on the SS Northern Light. John Ireland's site includes the departure of the SS Northern Light.

VIPS: Theodore D. Judah


Andrews, M.
Andrews, Mrs.
Armstrong, Mrs. A.
Babb, C.
Backman, L.
Baker (Baser ), C.
Baker, Mr.
Baldwin, Capt. C. H., and servant
Ball, S. R.
Baloy, Mrs., and son
Barker, Mr. E.
Barnes, S.
Barnstead, J. S.
Barnstead, Mat.
Beasley, B.
Berek, G.
Berke, (W. )
Bird, B. B.
Birdsall, J. H.
Blair, J.
Blasdell, Miss H. G., and child
Block, R. H.
Bosworth, T. H.
Bradtall (Brastall ), A.
Brady, J.
Bretton (Britton ), G.
Brewster, Mr., lady and 2 childn.
Briggs, J. C.
Britton, J., lady and svt.
Britton, Master
Britton, Miss
Brown, J.
Brown, Miss
Brown, Mrs.
Brown, Mrs. E.
Bullard, A.
Bullard, Mrs.
Caffen, J.
Cahill, A.
Cahill, P.
Chapple, B., & lady
Chapple, Miss
Chapple, Miss
Chapple, W.
Cheesman, Mrs.
Choak ( ), C.
Clare, Mrs. E.
Cock, E.
Cock, Miss
Coleman, Mrs.
Coleman, W.
Compton, C. L.
Constable, G. N. A.
Cousins, Miss
Cousins, Miss M.
Cran, J. Wm.
Cran, Jas. M.
Creamer, Mrs., and child
Cushing, R., and lady
Dam, L.
Dam, Miss L.
Dam, Mrs. G. N., and 3 childn.
Davis, Mrs. E., child and servant
Derick (Derisk ), Mrs.
Derusse, D.
Dill (Dall ), J. D.
Dillon, M.
Dougherty, H.
Dougherty, J.
Downing, Mrs.
Doyle, W.
Duff, Mrs., and infant
Dureein, M.
Durham, J.
Egan, Geo. L.
Elliott, C. B.
Ely, J.
Emery, Mrs., and child
Farn, Mrs., and child
Faver, Mrs. R., and two children
Fearners, A.
Fergmone, Geo.
Ferns, A. C.
Fitzberben, J. R.
Fitzgerald, Mrs.
Frest, Mrs., and son
Gardner, W.
Gardner, W. L.
Gibson, T.
Gillett, D.
Gladwin, W. R.
Goble, W. H.
Gordon, Miss J.
Gradey, Mr.
Gragoorf, A. W.
Graley, C. N.
Grannis, Mrs. J., and child
Graves, W. H.
Greavy, M. H.
Green ( ), Mrs., and child
Greendyke, J.
Greenhagen, G.
Greenhagen, Mrs.
Greffen, Mrs. J.
Griffin, J. C.
Groves, W. G.
Guorety, Miss
Hacloft, G. E.
Haley, ( )
Haley, Mrs. J.
Hammerman, H.
Hanpoole, H.
Harris, Mrs., and child
Harworth, Mrs.
Haskins, R., and lady
Hastings, Miss M.
Hatheway, Dr. E. N.
Haytes ( ), J.
Hazlett, J., lady and 2 childn.
Heggernbeau, Mrs., and child
Hendricks, Mrs., and child
Hennesse, P.
Henry, Mr.
Holan, P.
Holcomb, S. E.
Hupie, S.
Hurlbart, Mrs.
Imley, Mr.
Irtham, C. N.
Jamesen (Jameson ), H. D.
Jennys, Mrs. and child
Johnson, A. S.
Johnson, M.
Johnson, Miss S.
Johnson, Mrs. C. E., and child
Johnson, Mrs. E.
Johnson, Mrs. J. E.
Johnson, S. J.
Jones, J.
Judah, Theodore D., lady and child
Judah, Miss H. B.
Judah, Mrs. M. J.
Kemp, W.
King, W.
Kline, C.
Kohlan, C.
Kohlan, J. R.
Ladef, J. S.
Lancaster, L.
Lattie, W. J.
Lincolin, A. F.
Lincolin, B. B.
Lincolin, G. O.
Litchfield, J.
Long, C. H., and lady
Luddosk, W.
Lumbard, J.
Lusk, J., wife and child
Lynch, D.
Mahan, R. J.
Manor, Miss
Manor, Miss M.
Mansfield, Col. J. R., USA
Mappie, Mrs.
Marks, R.
Martin, J. R.
Martin, Miss J.
Martin, Mrs.
Mavineu, Mrs.
McAllester, A.
McAllester, Mr.
McCarty, J., and wife
McClure, I. L.
McCory, Miss C.
McDonald, W.
McGinnis, Miss
McGinnis, Miss J.
McGinnis, Miss W.
McKun, D. C.
McNulty, J. W.
McNulty, M.
Meale, B., and wife
Melborn, R.
Melbourn, A. K.
Melbourn, M.
Melbourne, Mrs.
Meyers, A.
Meyers, E. E. (or E. F.)
Mitchell, F.
Mitchell, Mrs.
Mitchell, Mrs., and svt.
Mitchell, P.
Mitchell, W., wife and child
Mondell, A.
Monifard (Montfard ), Mrs., servant and 2 children
Moran, A.
Moran, T.
Morris, G. L.
Murphy, M.
Murphy, Mrs.
Nagle, G., wife and child
Nichols, H.
O Brien, J.
O Donahu, M.
O Neil, D.
Pixley, E. M. (or F. M.)
Porter, J.
Porter, J.
Rapp, O.
Reardon, P.
Reed, and lady
Reed, Miss
Reid, E.
Richardson, W.
Ridsly, Mrs. O. G., and 2 childn.
Riley, M.
Riley, Miss E.
Rill, M., and wife
Roberts, E. R.
Robins (Robias ), H. H.
Robison, D. W.
Robison, G. W.
Ross, Mr. And Mrs., and 2 childn.
Rudd, A. D.
Ryan, J.
Ryan, Miss C.
Seargent, S.
Sergent, J. N.
Seymoar, G.
Shaw, Mrs.
Simmons, J.
Simmons, J. P.
Simons, J.
Snooks, W.
Soule, G. Y. (or C. Y.)
Stewart, J., and lady
Stewart, W.
Stowell, J. M.
Stratton, B. O. (or O'Stratton, B.)
Swellenstene, O.
Thomason, Miss M.
Thompson, D. W.
Thompson, J.
Thompson, M.
Thompson, Miss
Tudcell, J.
Tuthill ( ), F.
Valentine, C. P. (or G. P.)
Vance, Master
Vance, Miss
Vance, R., and lady
Walehall, J.
Walker, T. H.
Wardrop, Wm.
Watson, Geo.
Watson, P. J., wife and child
Watson, W. S.
Watts, Mrs.
Weaver, E.
Wells, F.
Wells, S.
Weyman, J. W.
Wills, Miss E., and three childn.
Wilson, D.
Wilson, W.
Wood, J. J.
Woods, C.
Woods, H. H.
Young, M. L.
427 in steerage

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