Passengers arriving at the Port of San Francisco


Arrive San Francisco

March 8, 1853
SS Pacific

Captain Seabury
From San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua


Daily Alta California, San Francisco, California, March 8, 1853

Arrival of the Pacific.

The Nicaragua steamer Pacific, Captain Seabury, arrived last night from San Juan. She left San Juan on the 21st ult., with 337 passengers, a full list of which we published yesterday.

It will be seen by the annexed memoranda that she went into Monterey in the fog, and that nothing has been seen or heard from the Independence. The erunning time of the Pacific down to Acapulco was six days and twenty-one hours.

The Pacific sailed from San Juan del Sud February 21st, at 5 P.M., with 337 passengers of which 40 are ladies and 28 children.

Left at San Juan British ship Boadecin, Perkins, master, with coal; American ships Sea King, Rey, do; St. Peter, coal; Damascus, York, to sail soon for Calais; Dumbarton, Carrolton, unloading; British ship Ambassadress, coal; and U.S. ship Portsmouth.

Arrived at Acapulco 25th, at 9 P.M., sailed again at 10 A.M., 26th. March 5th, at 10 A.M., found we had not coal sufficient to run to San Francisco, and bore away for Monterey. On the 5th at 11 P.M., a dense fog set in and continued until the 6th at 3 P.M. Made the harbor of Monterey, run in and come to anchor, took in sufficient coal and sailed for San Francisco the 7th at 10 A.M. Arrived an San Francisco at 11 P.M.

P.S. March 4th at 2 P.M., the Island of St. Clement bearing N.E. by compass, saw and passed within two miles of a shoal with heavy breakers making on it, giving the lat 32 30 N., long 199 03 W. The Pacific experienced a severe gale of forty hours while crossing the Gulf of Tehuantepec. No sickness on the route.


The passengers below are noted as leaving New York in the steamship Star of the West to meet the Pacific in San Juan bound for San Francisco.

Star of the West.

The list is extremely difficult to read, some names are completely illegible, and thus not included, so another source will have to be found so that it can be checked and completed.

Alcum, H.
Allerman, J.B.
Atkins, J.H.
Atkinson, E.
Atkinson, Mrs. and infant
Bacon, R.M.
Balmer, J.M.
Balmer, W.A.
Banckert, Capt. Ahm ( )
Barrett, S.H. and wife
Bishop, C.
Blair, S.M.
Bower, C.F.
Bradbury, P.S.
Braden, J.
Brannon, J.
Briggs, J.J.
Brown, E.
Brown, H.
Brown, P.
Bryan, E.
Bushnell, S.D.
Cafferty, E.
Carnell, W. and wife
Cassidy, B.
Chamberlain, Mrs., servant and child
Chapman, M.
Chipman, J.N.
Clark, Mary E.
Clark, Miss L.S.
Clark, Miss Sarah Maria
Clopper, G.
Cody, Elisa
Cody, Mary
Cody, Mrs.
Colburn, G.D.
Collins, C.
Condon, Wm.
Corton, Alexander
Costav, F.
Cough, A.
Coughton, G.H.
Coughton, M.C., Mrs. M.C., M.L. and T.M.
Cove, J.C.
Crilley, Jane
Crocker Chas.
Crocker, Mrs. C.
Crokemp, H.
Davis, J.H.
Devon, J.T.
Dohemy, J.
Downs, J.W.
Dumah, P.
Edwards, H.R.
Fabarty, J.
Fiske, W.D., Mrs. R.S, R.L. and B.V.
Fitchcroft, W.
Fitzgibbon, E.
Flaherty, B.
Francis, J.
French, M.
Garagham, J.
Gaskill, E.
Goss, W.B.
Graft, J.
Graham, J.
Gray, W.
Grower, E.
Halway, T.
Handy, J.D.
Harman, Thos L.
Hass, H.
Hatch, L.B.
Hatin, J.K.
Haupt, J.J.
Hawes, A.
Hedges, C.H., wife and daughter
Henderson, Mrs.
Heywood, W.
Hill, G.
Hodgkinson, J.S.
Hodson, Mary A.
Hogue, W.L.
Houghton, F.T.
Houghton, S.
Howell, W.H.
Hunt, E, E.H., W.R., J, G.E., M.A. and S.E.
Hunt, M.W.
Hunt, Mrs.
Hunter, J.P.
Hutton, A.
Ireland, W.
Joseph, F.
Jurden, S.D.
Jurden, W.R.
Keineke, H.
Kelly, M.
Kennedy, F.
Keris, J.C.
Kidd, C.
Kidder, Miss J.F.
Kimball, J.S.
Knowles, Charles
Layden, M.
Leyden, C.
Leyden, H.
Leyden, P.
Ludwick, A.
Lyndee, A.
Lyon, J.D., wife and servant
Lyons, C.
Manley, J.
Marshall, J.
Martin, H.
Martin, J.
Martin, W.
Marvin, Mrs.
McAlister, Mrs.
McDermott, C.F., Jr.
McElrey, C.
McGurvenay, J.W.
McLelland, J.
McNamara, J.
Meech, Mrs. S.
Meech, S.
Mellen, H.
Merrin, R.S.
Michels, S.R.
Miller, Aron, Sarah and Isabella
Miller, F.H. and J.F.
Miller, J.W.
Miller, W.G.
Millfaugh, G.W.B.
Mills, P.
Moore, L.
Moore, P.D.
Moselery, J.
Mullin, J.
Munsell, J.S.
Murphy, P.
Neal, W.Q.
Nicks, S.S.
Noon, Patrick
Nugent, P.
O Donnell, J.
O Reilly, J.
Peck, G.
Peck, H.
Peck, J.J.
Pell, Miss E.
Perry, I.C.
Peterman, J.
Piper, E.B.
Powers, M.
Ramsey, H.B.
Randolph, T.
Ratigan, T.
Ricinfeller, J.T.M.
Serleys, W.F.
Sheridan, Mrs.
Sheridan, W.
Sherman, L.S.
Sherwood, A.
Sickles, S.
Sigler, J.G.
Silver, J.
Simpson, A.
Sloat, E.
Smith, A.C.
Smith, F.
Smith, G.M.
Smith, H.A.
Smith, J.
Smith, J.
Smith, J.M.
Smith, M.
Smith, O.
Smith, S.
Soule, Geo. M.
Still, V.W.
Stratton, S.
Suyley, H.
Tanney, S.
Tay, D.
Taylor, A.S. and wife
Tibbetts, B. and wife
Tibbetts, Eliza
Tibbetts, H.T.
Tibbetts, L.C.
Tibbetts, W.
Tilton, J.Q.A. and lady
Tilton, Master B.T.
Tilton, Miss S.S.
Tilton, Mrs. J.S.
Torrey, H.
Turney, P.
Tyman, J.
Vance, W.E.
Wallmer, H.
Waylind, L.
Wells, Miss C. and G.W.
Wells, Susan
Whitbeck, H.W.
Worden, W.C.
258 in the steerage


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