Passengers arriving at the Port of San Francisco


Arrive San Francisco

August 23, 1849
SS Panama
Captain Bailey
From Panama, 225 passengers


Alta California, San Francisco, Thursday, August 22, 1849

Arrival of the P.M.S. Panama!

Thirty-eight days later from the UNITED STATES

The P. M.S. Company's steamer Panama, Bailey, Comdg., arrived in this harbor yesterday, at 2 o'clock, P. M., twenty days from the Isthmus, and bringing dates from New York of June 30, and from New Orleans to the 13th July.

Three hundred and twenty-five passengers arrived by the Panama. Mr. Moore, Postmaster, and the new Deputy Collector for San Francisco, are among the number. We also notice the arrival of Lieut E. Beale, with dispatches to Gen. Smith, relative to rumored disturbances between the military and the people of California.

Ex-President, Jas. K. Polk, died on the 15th of June, at Nashville, Tenn., of chronic diarrhea, after a short illness. Maj. Gen. Gaines died of cholera, at New Orleans, on the 6th of June.

This frightful epidemic continues to prevail in all of the principal eastern cities. Its advances, although checked in many of the States, are gradual, and of scarcely abated virulence, both in the north and south, and from east to west. It is more wide-spread, and not less fatal, but the excitement and general dread consequent upon its approach, appear to have worn away.

The United States papers are abounding in base fabrications and preposterous statements in regard to California, many of which are derived from letters purporting to have been written in this country. Many of those undoubtedly genuine, are too absurb and shameful to appear in print.

Monterey, July 14, 1849

To the Hon. Secretary of the Navy, U.S.: Sir We inclose you the minutes of the proceedings of a meeting held in Monterey, Alta California, on the 11th June, with the correspondence that arose between the Committee raised by that meeting and the Agent of theMail Steamers in the Pacific.

We have every reason to believe that the act complained of was a gross and wanton violation of their contract on the part of the Pacific Mail Steam Company. It was some week or ten days after the steamer passed within a few miles of our port that our mail, entrusted to the hands of individuals unknown to the Government, was brought to us from San Francisco, in a transient vessel which happened to be passing this way.

As to the deficiency of coal tendered as an excuse by the Agent, wc might reply, that it is the deficiencies of the Company of which we complain; and, moreover, it is a well known fact, that wood enough can always be had in Monterey to carry a steamer to San Francisco a distance of some ninety miles. But your Committee have been credibly informed, that, when the steamer left Panama, this violation of contract had been deliberately formed and publicly announced. For the correctness of this statement, the Committee refer you to your own Agent, Col. Allen, or any other passenger of the Panama.

We beg leave to add that this same trifling with the rights of the people of Monterey has been repeated iu the case of the steamer California; and, no doubt, will occur again and again, whenever it suits the pleasure or convenience of this Company, until Executive interference secures to the people of California almost the only boon conferred upon them by the mother country.

It is hardly necessary to remind you, sir, of the importance to us of a speedy and safe delivery of the mail from the United States; and with the fullest confidence that our complaints will receive from your sense of justice the speedy attention to which they are entitled, we subscribe ourselves,

Most respectfully, your obd't scrv-'ts, C. T. Botts, Jose Abrego, Jas. H. Gleason.

August 23, 1849, Weekly Alta California, San Francisco


At a large and respectable meeting of the citizens of Monterey, held at the Town Hall, on the 11th inst., Milton Little, Esq., was called to the Chair, and Dr. McKee appointed Secretary. The following resolution was unanimously adopted:

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to inquire into the circumstances under which the steamer Panama passed the town of Monterey, without stopping to deliver her mail; and that the said committee be authorised to report the facts, if, in their opinion their importance demand it, to the proper department of the United States Government. The Chair appointed the following committee, viz. Messrs. Botts, Abrego and Gleason.

M. Little, Chairman
W. H. McKee, Secretary


Mr. Bean, lady and child

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