Passengers arriving at the Port of San Francisco


Arrive San Francisco

July 2, 1855
SS Pacific
From Panama


The Daily Union, July 3, 1855 (From the Extra Union of July 2.)

By Telegraph to the Union.


With the Southern Mails
The Cholera in New Orleans -- Fire in San Francisco
Later from China -- More Fighting, etc.

San Francisco, July 2.

The steamship Pacific, of the Nicaragua Line, left San Juan del Sur on the 19th June via Acapulco, and arrived at San Francisco this morning at 4 o'clock, with a large number of passengers, the great Southern mails, and one week's later news from Europe. An accident having happened to the Southern mail steamer, the mails were transferred to the Nicaragua vessel.


Pacific sailed from San Francisco Ist June, for San Juan, 482 passengers; 5th spoke whale ship Gazelle, Easten, 40 days from Honolulu, nothing; since leaving, whale bark Morning Star, New Bedford, I8 months out, 650 bbls oil; whale bark Valparaiso had just finished cutting a large whale; bark Ella Francis, 6th, spoke ship Richard Mitchell, Defreiz, master, 75 bbls since leaving Talcahuana and ship Constitution, Nantucket; nothing since leaving port; ship Pancya, N. Bedford, 120 bbls this cruise; ship Catawba, nothing since leaving port; ship Bragdon, (one small whale; do Betsey Williams, one small whale; do Keoka, New Bedford, nothing; do Laura Sumner, 4 weeks out, 75 bbls the above all well. At 6 a.m. saw steamer J. L. Stephens, bound down; at 2:30 P. M., passed Cape St. Lucas; 8th, came to anchor at Manzanillo; on leaving the bay for sea, encountered a strong westerly five knot current; at 5 p. m. saw a large steamer bound up, supposed to be the Sonora.

We arrived at San Juan on the 13th of June, at 12:30 P.M. The specie, passengers and mails crossed the Isthmus the same day, and embarked on steamer Star of the West for New York, and Daniel Webster for New Orleans, June 14th. The Isthmus is perfectly dry, and the crossing from ocean to ocean in excellent condition.

Pacific sailed trom San Juan on the 19th, at 3 p.m., with 485 passengers, 93 of which were ladies and 58 children. Arrived at Acapulco on the 23d at 11:30 A.M. The steamer Golden Gate, from San Francisco, arraived at 8 P.M. Pacific sailed at 12 midnight. 24th, at 9 A.M. spoke steamer Sierra Nevada, bound down. Passed Cape St. Lucas on the 26th, at 11:30 A.M. When crossing the Gulf of California we experienced a severre gale, from teh north-east, for 24 hours; stove wheel house and otherwise impeded our headway. Arrived at 4 this morning (July 2d.)


The Pacific brings the great Southern mail from New Orleans, the mail steamer having broke down.


Per Steamer Pacific, from San Juan C C Tracy, wife and 3 children, W A Robertson, Mrs M H Ferrell, C K Vary and wife, Miss M Campbell, Miss H Taylor, Miss M Donahue, T O Whittry, lady and child, J M Vallejo, O Morerez, Capt D S Drekan, Mrs E Stevens, Mrs J Cole Miss Bond, H H Danna, G Wood, Robt Carey, S Frank, C DeKoe, M Josling, C H Cotton, J Yerkes, E H Cleghorn, G E Higgins, J S Martell, E Evans, G B Delemarder, D A Baum, J Carroll, B Demon and serv't, W F & Co's messenger, W E Spencer, Pacific Express do., A McClarger, Freeman & Co's ditto, Mrs A McEwin and 4 children, Miss A McKwin, Miss C McEwin, Mrs Hutchinson, Miss Maywood, Mrs H Ladd and 3 children, Mrs Thompson and 3 children, Mr Sullivan and 2 children, Mr and Mrs Springstead and 2 children, J S McClure, R L A J Wheeler, Mrs E A Richards and children, Miss Jennings. Rev R A Morrice, Mrs C Lawler and 3 children, Mr Brown and lady, S Chipweman, M Rollinson, W H Mitchell, J Riley, Mrs D Cross, Miss M Buker, Mr and Mrs J Withee and child, C White, X Valentine. A S Buckley, D Zaadrous, J Frazier, G W Luce, G W Richards, J D Strout, M Murray, G H Brooks, M Schenberg, J Withsell, W J Robb J Longer, M R Jefferson, L Bliss, R Spadling, R J Sarree, T B Tinkum, A Butts, J C Bliss, A L Biiss, Col B Cayman, J McMana, J OBrien, L. Lewis, A and J Hauley, J Bryant, H Barnett, N Bray, J Collins, N Noble, R Kendall, R Hawley, A Collins, J Brady, F Nichols, F Cavoroli, D Fisher, A Miles, D Snyder, J Fisher, M Schell, W Robinson, W Lemmons, F Freeman, J Anirnson, N Williamson, L Kenin, C Thomas, W O'Brien, P Ryan, A Vandeerhoop, Capt Spencer and lady. Carbett and lady, M Wilkins. J Wallock, wife and child, Capt Carty and lady, Grossman Ernstein Cantwell and lady, M Gobble, Captain Smith lady and child, S Burkman, Mr and Mrs Williams, Miss M Gaffney, Mrs Doyle and 8 children, Miss R Engs, Miss G McDermot, Mr and Mrs. J C Drum, Mrs. G Jones, Mrs. Solhauser, Mr and Mrs. Griffin and 2 children, Mrs M Stead and child, P McNamurs, J Hudson, H Chapley, N Chapley, R Leslie, U Leslie, J Smith, F Langernack, N Duffie, W McCormick, M McKreknel, D Green, J Shaffer, J Simons, G Webber, Mrs and Miss G Webber and 3 children, Mr and Mrs P Bills and 4 children, Miss C Bills, Mrs Hiliman and 2 children, Miss J Winters. Mr and Mrs Hull and 5 children, Mrs T Connelly, Miss J Connelly, Mrs A Goldbury, Mrs W Droyer, Mr and Mrs C Hammond and 9 children, Mrs A Miller, Mrs J Mulholland, Mrs B Henry, Mrs J McGowan, Mrs L Hoffman, Mrs W Stewart and 2 children, Miss C O'Brien, Mrs W Powell and 8 children, Miss A Powell, H Hilleson, H Wise, Z Morris, J H Morris, F Maver, C Maver, Z Marsh, H Snow N Emerson, W McCoun, L Ferdinand, H A Benton, T A Barnes, T Bacher, H Cummings, N Vincent, J Vincent, J Bennett, Jas Vincent, Geo Lane, J Nichols, J Paul, M McCoun and lady, R Johnson, D Tieron, J McBride, F Barry, J Lafarcer, G Patterson, W F Stone, P Finnegan, D Suydam, P Camet, T Barny, A Talbot, D O'Connor, Miss H Murphy, Miss D E Murphy, Mrs. R Carroll, Mrs. J M Molony, Miss M O'Brien, Mrs Fitzgerald, Miss E Rudd, Miss B Fenn, Mrs. W Chappell, Mrs. Bohn and three children, A Goldberg, C W Baone, W Simonds, J Hyde, J Niles, M Hathway, R McNeil, B Carooll, W Madden, Miss D Haight, Miss D Caird, Miss E Artz, R Reynolds, S Reynolds E Beaumont, N Cavorate, J Hayes and 140 others.


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