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Arrive San Francisco

June 6, 1863
SS Oregon
Captain Edgar Wakeman
From Mazatlan


Daily Alta California, June 7, 1863, San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

The M.P.M. Co steamship Oregon, Edgar Wakeman, commander, sailed from San Francisco Tuesday, May 5, for Mazatlan and ports in the Gulf of California 12th, at 7:16 P.M. arrived at Cape St. Lucas; sailed 10 P.M.; arrived at Mazatlan 14th at 7:30 A.M.; left 15th at 8:30 P.M.; 18th at 1 P.M.; arrived at Guaymas 21st at 8 P.M.; left Guaymas and arrived at Carmen Island 22d at 3 P.M.; left at 5 P.M.; arrived at La Paz 23 at 10 A.M.; 24th 12 M. left La Paz, and arrived at Mazatlan 25th at 10:30 P.M.; 25th, at 9 P.M. sailed; arrived at San Jose on the 28th at 5:30 A.M.; left at 12:30 P.M.; arrived at Cape St. Lucas at 3 P.M. same day; sailed same day for San Francisco; arrived in San Francisco, June 6th.

The Oregon encountered strong northwest winds and rough head sea during the entire passage from Cape St. Lucas. Left at Mazatlan, H.B.M. ship Tarter; at Guaymas, H.B.M. ship Mutine; at La Paz, Sardinian brig Lopud.

Later from Mazatlan

By the arrival of the steamship Oregon we have later dates from Mazatlan.

The first number of the Mazatlan Times, a weekly newspaper, was published on the 12th may. A.D. Jones, the editor, is an American, but whether Union or Secession in politics is not discoverable from his paper.

Don. C. Jesus Garcia Morales has been appointed Governor of Sinaloa.
The American warship Narragansett is at Mazatlan.

The first American stage line in Sinaloa was established on the 1st instant, by S.P. Bowman, formerly of San Francisco. The line connects Mazatlan and Noria; distance 115 miles.

There is regular communication between Mazatlan and Texas, in twenty-five days time.
A lot 75 by 70 varas, on the corner of Recreo and Carneval streets, in Mazatlan, sold lately for $18,500.

The rainy season is about to commence in Northwestern Mexico.

George E. Bond, formerly of Marysville, was killed in a fight between some Constitutionalists and a body of Lozardas men, at Rosamorada, 190 miles from Mazatlan.
Gen. Morales has issued a decree making American coin a legal tender.
We clip the following item from the Times

One great drawback to the successful working of many mines in this country is the small sums sent down by the capitalists of San Francisco and trustees of companies. If they expect to reap large results, they must come out more liberally.


370 pkgs sugar, 60 mules, 114 bars lead, 108 bdls. Sugar cane, and 487 sks ore. Freight consigned to J.P. Hale, Mr. Crane, Hodge & Wood, A. Giorgani, order. In addition, the Oregon carried the following treasure: C. Hazard $8,211; Barron U Co. $18,000; Jas. R. Bolton, $8,000; T. Lemmen Meyer, $18,851; Charles Langley, $400; J.E. Rene, $1,000; Lynch & Roeding, $2,000; Zeil, Bertheau & Co., $2,664; Diego, Pena, $$17,131.50; Nicholas Larco, $1,100; R. de Clairmont, $3,000; Wm. R. Wadsworth, $500; H. Hausemann, $300; J.B. Hernandez, $1,000; Hodge & Wood, $6,157.47 (Note: Difficult to read - may be $6,157,047, but that amount seems unlikely); Rodgers, Meyer & Co. $4,750.12 (This, too, is difficult and may be in the millions); Total, $93,265.09 (same with this - there is an unusual spacing between "265" and "09").


Note: On this list, the Daily Alta California printed last names only for most of the male passengers. If another list containing first names is uncovered, this will, of course, be updated.

Advertisements for the SS Oregon May 1853.Abardita, Mrs. and three children
Ainsa, Jesus
Andrade, Guillermo
Astengo, Mr.
Baker, Mr.
Barrate, Mr.
Bayliss, Mr.
Bonhomme, Mrs. and four children
Brunner, Mr.
Burns, Mr.
Burton, Mr.
Camman, Mr.
Campbell, Mr.
Cima, Juan
Clairmont, Mr.
Connelly, D. W.
Corrigan, Mr.
Crane, Mr. (there are three Cranes listed, but they are not near each other on the passenger list, so there may be no relationship between them)
Crane, Mr.
Crane, Mr. and wife
de la Vega, Leopold
de la Vega, Miss Alexandra
de la Vega, Miss Rosarito
Diaz, Mr.
Dow, J. G.
Dryden, Messrs.
Dubois, Mr.
Ely, Mr.
Gampar, Mr.
Gortari, Mr. and two boys
Grifham, Mr.
Hale, J. P.
Hazard, C.
Hernandez, L. B.
Hill, Mr.
Holderness, F.
Hosmer, Mr.
Houen, Mr.
Johnson, Mr.
Kunart, Mr.
Larzarica, Mr.
Leopoldo, Mr.
Little, Mr.
Luce, Mr.
Maindrautt, Mr.
Martinez, Mr.
Mendidro, Mr.
Mendino, Mr.
Mendoze, Mr.
Milschke, Mr.
Minton, Mr.
Moody, Mrs. W. G.
Murphy, Mr.
Nolan, Mr.
Norte, Mr.
Palomar, Mr.
Pena, Mr., wife, three chidlren and servant
Portener, F.
Portillo, Mr.
Quintera, Mr.
R'hende, Mr.
Reiner, Mr.
Reis, Mr.
Remond, Mr.
Salcido, Mr.
Sanchez, Mr.
Sanchez, Mr.
Saut, Mrs.
Scott, Mr.
Shober, Mr.
Smith, Mr.
Sperry, Mr.
Taynas, M.
Thomson, Mr.
Thornton, Mr.
Toslado, Mr.
Tothill, Mr.
Turner, Mr.
Valdez, Mrs. and child
Walker, Capt.
Whitesides, Mr.
Wiedeman, Mr.
Williams, Mr.
Yberri, Wenceslas


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