Passengers arriving at the Port of San Francisco


Arrive San Francisco

May 20, 1850
SS Oregon
Captain Patterson
From Panama


19 days from Panama. R. Allen of Vermont died on board. Some of the passengers of the propeller Chesapeake came up in the Oregon as the Chesapeake was "without water, provisions and other necessaries."


$200,000 in specie.


Adams, A. A.
Adams, F. G.
Addleman, B. W.
Aimes, Harry
Aimes, Harry
Algua (Algna Algoa ), F.
Allen, Colonel
Allen, J. E.
Allen, O.
Allen, R.
Ashbury, M.
Atkins, G. S.
Atwell, C. C.
Ayres, J. L.
B ondus, J.
Baker, H. A.
Banks, D.
Bartaw, J. L.
Barton, Thomas
Bell, James
Benchley, L. B.
Benseley, John
Berchelot, J. F.
Berry, H. T.
Birkheap, Mrs.
Black, W.
Boilead, A.
Bolden, R. H.
Booth, G. A.
Bostwick, E. R.
Bostwick, J. S.
Boyd, John
Breed, E. A.
Breeze, Charles
Brewer, J. C.
Bristol, O.
Brown, Cyrus
Brown, H. D.
Brown, J. R.
Bryant, J. M.
Bryant, Mrs.
Burke, S. W.
Burns, C. V.
Burnside, A. W.
Carler, David
Chadburn, C.
Chadderton, N.
Chadman, H. W.
Cheeney, E. E.
Childs, J. B.
Chittenden, A. S.
Church, S. (June 26, 1999: According to a diary documented by L. Pierce, this name might be I.S. Church)
Chymer, J.
Clark, C. A.
Clark, S.
Clark, W.
Clark, W. B.
Cleeman, Bernard
Clement, Mrs. and servant
Cline, Fernando
Clock, J.M.
Cochman, T.C.
Coleman, J.
Cooper, Josh
Coughlin, M.
Cracoff, Joseph
Craigmiles, J. H.
Crestat, M
Darling, C.
Darling, C.
Davenport, L. R.
Davis, C. G.
Davis, C.J.
Davis, M.
Day, Lewis
DeGoliah, D.
Dennet, G. (Bennet )
DeWitt, E. M.
DeWitt, J.
DeWitt, John
Dodge, Collins
Donsmore, D. C.
Douglas, John
Driggs, J.
Driggs, J.B.
Dunn, John
Dunn, L.
Eckar, Miss
Ellis, Mr.
Emmal, J. B.
Emmons, Van
Emory, Major Ellis, Mr.
Evans, George
Fell, Mrs. W. (Foll Foil ) Ferril, J.B.
Ferris, J. W.
Field, Daniel
Fish, Thomas
Fitch, H.
Foglet, L.
Ford, J. W.
Foster, W.
Frackworth, H.
Fravilthan, H.
Freiot, S.
French, John
Gage, Horace
Gage, Walter
Gage, Whitney
Ganley, J.
Gardner, A.
Gardner, Mrs.
Garritt, F.
Gatlin, J. H. and servant
Geuther, Thomas
Gibbs, Oliver C.
Gill, George
Gillerland, J.
Goldsmith, Dr.
Gorams, H.
Graves, J. L. D.
Griffith, D.
Guillick, J. C.
Habener, W.
Halloway, P.
Harker, M.L.
Harris, D.
Harris, Dr.
Haskell, Mr.
Hause, G.
Hawley, H.
Hay, A.T. (Rasmussen questions spelling; Hoy ) Hearn, V.
Hearty, P.
Henderson, T.
Henry, B.
Henry, James
Heritage, W.
Herriman, M. B.
Hewson, C. C.
Hickenden, J.
Higbec, G.
Higbee, J. M.
Hobart, J. S.
Hobbe, A. A.
Hodges, W.
Hoffman, H. W.
Holmes, A.
Holmes, J. L.
Housten, Elis
Howe, W. L.
Hubbard, E. P.
Hubbard, J. N.
Hunt, Dr.
Hunter, W. G.
Hurlbert, N.
Hutchens, H.
Hutchingson, Jas.
Hutchinson, J. R.
Hyatt, Dr.
Ingals, S. H.
Jacobs, G.
James, R.E.
James. M.
Jepson, L.
Johnson, John
Johnson, M.
Johnson, Mrs.
Johnson, S.
Kelly, Eugene
Kennedy, W.
Kerr, Stewart
Kilborn, L. P.
King, S. R.
Kinne, A. S.
Knowles, Ira
Knox, W.
Kreas, Charles
Lamb, T. H.
Leonard, W. R.
Lewis, J. W.
Lewis, W.
Line, Joseph
Lingo, Captain
Lint, W. T.
Lippincott, J. B.
Lococere, T. W.
Louckes, George
Lovely, Horace
Lowell, W. H.
Lucas, Captain
Lumbard, S.
Macy, B.
Martin, Calvin C.
Martsh, Robert
Mason, J. F.
May, Michael
McAllister, M. H. and servant
McAllister, W.
McCodns, W. (Rasmussen questions spelling: McCodna )
McDermott, Mr.
McElroy, John
McLarren, B.
McNeil, G. W.
McNeil, W.
McNobe, Mr.
McSpedden, Mrs. and children
Mehegan, Thomas
Mickey, John
Miller, W.G.
Mills, D.O.
Mittech, I.
Montague, W. P.
Moore, J. W.
Morgan, W. S.
Morris, J. F.
Morris, J. T.
Morton, J. B.
Morton, Joseph
Munner, A.
Murray, James
Murray, Thomas
Nash, H.C.
Newbrough, E.P.
Newton, A.
Ninon, T.
Noble, N. N.
Norris, Mrs.
Norris, Theodore
Oliver, Thomas
Osborn, Joseph
Owen, John
Parcels, W.
Parker, S.F.
Peppel, E.
Perkins, J. L.
Perry, Alfred
Pettit, David
Phillips, J. B.
Pickett, N.
Pratt, A.
Putner, D.
Rabbe, Dr.
Race, Sam
Rambo, Moses
Rattell, W.
Rawson, H.
Ray, Davis
Reed, G. W.
Reeve, G. B.
Reynold, W.
Rhodes, Jabez
Riess, Mr.
Ritter, John
Rodman, G.
Rose, P.G.
Roster, James
Rullan, W.
Runnet, F.
Russel, S.
Sacket, Aug.
Sayward, J. W.
Schloss, S.
Schooley, H.
Sewall, R.
Shall, D. F.
Shaw, H. J.
Shelden, A. P.
Sherrwatter, J.
Sherwood, Alfred
Shitcomb, J.
Shotwell, J.W.
Sivill, J. H.
Skull, W. B.
Slocum, G. S.
Smith, Miss
Smith, T. L.
Smith, W.
Snediker, A.
Staples, W. L.
Stark, J. and Lady
Steffins, Captain
Stellers, John
Stephens, A.
Sterling, J. W.
Stevenson, W. H.
Stewart, Captain
Stewart, J. S.
Stiles, N.
Story, C. R.
Taylor, Captain
Taylor, Captain
Thaviteau, M.
Thomas, D. B.
Thompson, J. D.
Thomson, Miss.
Thurston, George
Titus, D. C.
Toland, F.
Toledano, A.
Tooney, Mr.
Townsend, E. J.
Travis, Albert
Trip. S. A.
Turnbull, W.
Turnbull, William
Tuttling, N. F.
Tyler, A. S.
Valletier, M.
Van Tilbergh, M.
VanGarkill, H.
Vinawlton, C. V.
Vorlyeer, T.
Wallace, S.
Warner, G. W.
Warren, C. H.
Warren, Elijah
Warren, F. M.
Waterman, George
Wear, J. C.
West, C. O.
White, P.
Whitney, Mrs.
Willet, R. H.
Williams, Caroline
Williams, J. F.
Williams, J. L.
Williams, J. W.
Williams, James
Winsor, S. L.
Wood, Mrs.
Wood, Mrs. L.
Wood, W. G.
Wright, Norman
Young, C. P. and 5 servants  

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