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Arrive San Francisco

January 21, 1851
SS Oregon
From Panama
Captain Pierson


Daily Alta California, January 21, 1851, San Francisco, California

The Pacific Mail steamer Oregon, Captain R. H. Pierson, arrived this morning from Panama, having performed the trip, touching in at all the ports, in the short and almost incredible period of sixteen days. She left Panama on the night of the 3rd inst., having been detained, owing to the non-receipt of six mail bags which were at Cruces.

She brings upwards of one hundred and fifty mail bags, a number of which is the residue of the mail left by the Tennessee. These bags were held there through the inefficiency or rather unwillingness of the contractor on the Isthmus to forward them, though every effort was made by the Mail Agent and others to secure their transmission to Panama.

The Oregon brings about 100 passengers . . . two deaths occurred on board on the trip up -- a young man named Allen died on the 15th, and on the 16th Quartermaster Fowler, the former from a disease of the heart, and the latter of dysentery.

The Oregon went into Acapulco in six days from Panama, and has made the run to this port, exclusive of stoppages, in the space of fourteen-and-a-half days -- the shortest passage on record.


Allen, J. S.
Barry, W. R.
Beck, D .L.
Bell, Thos.
Buckler, J.
Careon, E. and lady
Carrington, R. R.
Chandler, P. Rolbetts
Crake , M.
Davis, J. H. and lady
Delany, M.
Dewitt, H., lady and servant
Dickerson, W. T.
Douglada, M.
Dow, W. H. and lady
Drummond, J. H.
Eaton, W. B.
Fenwick, H. A.
Fowler, A. P.
Furgesson, J.
Gallup, J. A.
Garnett, I. A.
Hagleston, W. P.
Heister, Mrs. C. M.
Herring, L.
Hitchcock, G. B.
Homan, Thos.
Hunt, M. and son
Hunter, M. A.
Irvine, W.T.
Johnson, I.
Kershaw, Jas.
Lasala, E.
Lawrence, M. W.
McCain, J.
McCain, D.
Moore, Charles
Mott, J. T.
Mudd, H. C.
Mussien, N.
Noe, M.
Pendergust, C. (Might be Pendergast)
Radcliff, George
Reggle, Henry Ricards J. R.
Rook, H. W.
Ross, Mrs. two children and servant
Ross, Miss
Rowland, T.
Shepherd, Mrs.
Shepherd, S.
Sylvester, A. M.
Tompkins, A. G.
Waters, W. R.
Watriss ( Vatriss), George E.
Winchester, W.
Winn, W.
Yaguany, Juan
Yaguauze, Jose
There were also 28 passengers from San Diego and 12 from Monterey who arrived on this ship.  

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