Passengers at the Port of San Francisco: 1800s

SS Monumental City

Arrive San Francisco

May 17, 1852
SS Monumental City
Captain Cressey
From San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua


24 days from San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. (Marine Intelligence, May 18, 1852, reports "25 days from San Juan del Sud). To J. Vandewater. 450 passengers.

Arrived at San Diego, California on May 14, 1852 and left for San Francisco the next day.


38 packages of unidentified merchandise.


Ships, Shipping, Migration, World Seaports.Aldrich, Miss L.
Allen, E. M.
Allen, P.
Andrews, S. M.
Anthony, J.
Archer, P.
Baker, J.
Baker, R. S.
Ball, R.
Ballanger, A.
Balt, W. T.
Barber, C. D. C.
Barber, G. C.
Barber, J.
Barber, J. L.
Barber, W.
Barclay, D.
Barlow, J. H.
Barlow, N. M.
Barreett, N. H.
Barry, W.
Bebe, C.
Beck, N.
Bell, T.
Benjamin, D. C.
Berriam, A. J.
Birdsall, Mrs.
Blake, A. H. (This listing is near Blakes so one or the other may be a misspelling.)
Blakes, H. G.
Bogart, O. H.
Bougham, Ms.
Boulan, James (James M. Boulard: See note below.)
Brainard, A. S.
Branipp, Mrs.
Breck, W.
Breed, R.
Brickner, A. H.
Brine, R.
Bringle, J.
Britton, J. H.
Britton, Miss
Britton, Mr.
Britton, Mrs.
Brown, A. H.
Brown, C.
Brown, D.
Brown, J.
Brown, J.
Brown, J. H.
Brown, J. P.
Brown, J. W.
Brown, M.
Brown, Mrs. H. S.
Brubaker, J. A.
Bucker, G. P.
Buffington, J. M.
Bundy, L.
Burt, J.
Butler, H.
Cammett, Mr.
Carper, J. S.
Case, E.
Case, W.
Case, W. H.
Cassidy, J. J.
Clark, A. L.
Clarke, A. P.
Clarke, S.
Clarke, S. L.
Coapo, J. (Might be Ceapo)
Cole, D.
Cole, G. W.
Collins, J.
Connell, J. H.
Cook, B.
Cook, C.
Copeland, P.
Corson, C.
Cottle, Mrs.
Cragger, J.
Craig, Z.
Crammett, Miss
Crammett, Mrs.
Crandall, C.
Crandall, W. H.
Crane, H.
Crane, J.
Crane, S.
Crane, W.
Crary, Z. S.
Crocker, D.
Dagett, J. R.
Dally, R.
Daniels, C. J.
Daniels, J. W.
Davis, W. P.
Day, S.
Dempsey, J.
Denison, J.
Denton, O.
Derant, J.
Deyre, G. C.
Dickinson, W. B.
Dodge, E.
Dods, N. E.
Dorn, J.
Doty, D.
Douglas, G.
Driscoll, D.
Driscoll, D.
Driscoll, H.
Dunham, S.
Dunne, P.
Dunninff, R. (Richard Dunning: See note below.)
Durang, J. D.
Dyle, J. H.
Eaton, O. E.
Eddy, O.
Eggleston, E.C.
Ellen, J.
Ellis, Mr. and Mrs.
Ellis, O.E.
Fairbank, G.
Folger, J. S.
Forbes, R.
Foreing, C.
Formari, J. E.
Fowler, C.
French, A.
French, J. M.
Fuller, J. P.
George, G. S.
George, J. S.
Gibbs, C. V. S.
Gilbert, W.
Gilbert, W.
Gimm, Z.
Goldstein, G.
Goldstein, P.
Goldstein, S.
Goodenow, G.
Goodenow, Miss
Gough, R.
Growney, C.
Guiterie, E.
Hackett, W. H.
Hanson, C. P.
Hanson, J. R.
Hare, J.
Harris, H.
Harris, J.H.
Hart, C.
Hart, J. H.
Hart, T.
Hart, W.
Harvey, A.
Hawkins, A.
Hawkins, A. P.
Hawkins, M.
Hawkins, M. S.
Healy, D.
Healy, P.
Henderson, R. A.
Hildebrand, B.
Hoag, J.
Hoag, M. J.
Hoag, W.
Hodgdon, E. H.
Hodgdon, J. G.
Holmes, C. C.
Holmes, H. T.
Hopkins, A. H.
Hopkins, G. W.
Hopkins, J. H.
Horr, Mr. and Mrs. and children
Howes, W.B.
Hoyt, Jackson
Hulbert, E.B.
Hulpstot, J.
Humphrey, L. E.
Hunt, J.
Hunt, J.L.
Hutchinson, J.
Hyman, G.
Hyman, Mrs.
Jameson, J.
Jenkins, S.
Joatley, L.
Jones, E. H.
Jordan, G. H.
Kelly, E.
Kelm, Mr. and Mrs. R.
Kelsey, John
Kennedy, H. P.
Knox, Dr. T.
Knox, H. E.
Knox, J. W.
Lambert, H.
Lamborne, T. M.
Lampas, W. J.
Landenberg, J.
Lansman, G.
Larkin, J.
Lawrence, A. R.
Leach, Mrs.
Leffingwell, Mr.
Leffingwell, Mrs.
Lein, R.
Lemoyne, R.E.
Lewis, J.
Lewis, Mrs. F.
Libbey, W.P.
Lockwood, Mr. And Mrs.
Lossee, B.
Lossee, J. D.
Loughran, T.
Luke, N.
Lunt, D. S.
Lyford, B.
Lyle, P.
Marck, S.
Marr, J.
Martin, B.
Martin, Mr. and Mrs. and children
Mather, A. P.
McCullough, R.
McDopper, C.
McIntyre, J.
McMiller, T.
Mead, Mrs.
Mean, J. H.
Meeter, Mrs. E. C.
Merrill, M.
Miller, F.
Miller, J.
Miller, L.
Miller, Mrs. L.
Miller, Mrs. S. A.
Millet, C.
Mills, A. G.
Mills, E. L.
Mills, S. E.
Mills, W.
Moore, C.
Moore, G. H.
Moore, W. H.
Munroe, F.
Munson, R. S.
Murdock, Mrs. and children
Murphy, J.
Mute, A.
Newcombe, J. H.
Newman, William
Northrup, E. B.
O'Conner, .H. (First initial missing)
Oakley, W. H.
Orcutt, R.
Osborne, J.
Osborne, Mrs.
Osborne, Mrs.
Osgood, B. R.
Ostrander, G.
Paddock, J.E.
Pallh, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. and child
Parkinson, C.
Parsons, Mrs.
Patten, Miss A.
Pearson, G.
Peasley, S. L.
Peckerpine, J.
Peckham, J.
Pen, E.S.
Perley, N. M.
Pierce, G.
Pierce, H.
Powell, T.
Power, W. R.
Prescott, H. H.
Preston, J. M.
Proctor, J. W.
Pumer, B.
Pumer, J.
Randall, W.
Ransdall, R. S.
Reed, D.
Reyers, E.
Reynolds, J.
Reynolds, W.
Rice, J.
Rice, T.
Rich, T.
Riley, Mrs.
Riley, P.
Ring, J.
Roberts, H., wife and children
Robson, C.
Robson, H.
Robson, S.
Rose, A.
Ross, R.L.
Rowe, P.
Rude, H.
Russell, J.
Sandborn, G.
Sands, G.
Sands, S.
Saunders, Mrs. J. R.
Sawyer, L.
Seaman, H.
Searle, H.
Sharer, A.
Sharpe, H.
Sherman, Mrs. and child
Sherry, J. M.
Skiff, E. D.
Sloane, D. W.
Sly, J. M.
Smith, C.
Smith, C. W.
Smith, J. B.
Smith, J. P.
Smith, W. J.
Snook, L.
Snow, P.
Somerville, J.
Sprague, J. W.
St. John, W.
St. John, W. O.
Stack, G.
Stamper, J.
Stamper, S.
Starkey, C. S.
Starkweather, Mr. and Mrs. and child
Stephenson, J. B.
Stevens, C.
Stoddard, S.
Stout, S.
Strane, W.
Straton, J.
Stratton, C.
Strong, J. E.
Strong, J. E.
Stuart, A.
Styr, D. W.
Surzey, Mrs. G. N. and child
Sutherland, T.
Sweezey, G. W.
Tay, S.
Terry, J. K.
Thompson, A.
Thompson, E. B.
Thompson, J.
Tomlinson, D. C.
Treat, J. S.
Tripp, G. H.
Tripp, J.
Tucker, L.P.
Van Emman, J. C.
Van Vetchen, J.
Wade, M.
Wait, CC.
Walker, S.
Wanen, J.
Ward, A.
Ward, A.P.
Waterbrake, P. S.
Waterbrake, W. T.
Wells, R. H.
West, D. L.
West, J., Jr.
West, Mrs. D. L.
Wetherill, J. R.
Wheeler, J. R.
White, D.
Whiting, W. H.
Whitty, P.
Williams, D.
Williams, W.
Wilson, J.
Wilson, R.
Winchester, M. F.
Wood, C. E. B.
Wood, J.
Wood, W.H.
Wright, A.
Wyman, J.S.
Yates, H.
Young, C.
Young, H.
Young, M.

* Boulan, James is actually James M. Boulard. Dunninff, R. is actually Richard Dunning. These men were members of a then-famed vocal group, The Alleghanians (note the unusual spelling). It is well established that The Alleghanians were on board this ship, from correspondence their manager, Jesse Hutchinson, Jr., published in the New York Daily Tribune. The names of these, the founding members of the group, may be found in Dale Cockrell's capsule biography of the band in the 4 vol. Grove dictionary/encyclopedia of American music. Other members of the group - Miriam G. Goodenow and William H. Oakley - plus Miss Goodenow's brother, George Goodenow, are present in the same passenger list, as is the name of their manager, Jesse Hutchinson, Jr.

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Sources: As noted on entries and through research centers including National Archives, San Bruno, California; CDNC: California Digital Newspaper Collection; San Francisco Main Library History Collection; and Maritime Museums and Collections in Australia, China, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Wales, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, etc.

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