Passengers arriving at the Port of San Francisco


Arrive San Francisco

August 14, 1850
Captain Leonard Luscomb
From Panama, 125 passengers


60 days from Panama


In ballast.


From Ohio:
Thomas N. Barnes
John Penglu
John Miller, Jr.
F. Whitford
E. J. Barnes
I. N. Barnes

From Virginia:
Christino Denton

From Massachusetts:

J. N. Pinkham
William M. Hyde
William B. Leavitt
Jonas W. Colburn, Jr.
William H. Wood
Samuel F. Towle
H.L. Wheeler

From Pennsylvania:
J.H.C. McKune
John S. Mayew
John Kline
John McCune
S. S. Wonduly
R. J. Mack
J. Peale
John Duffy
Daniel McCullough

From Connecticut:
William Ward
Thomas Martin

From South Carolina:
M.W. Dick

From New Hampshire:
William Leach
R.W. Read

From New York:
S. W. Guernsey
C. B. Balmer
A. J. Burden
James J. Carpenter
P.A. Bowman
J.O. Marcy
O.M. Marcy
L.D. Dibble
O. Dibble
Atchison Olney
Isaih Hullett
William M. Baker
C.B. Willey
Ira Morgan
E. Preston
D. H. Hill
W.E. Bitley
W.W. Alley
Frederick Alleneer

From Mississippi:
W.P. Estis
W.A. Stanbrough
Thornton Bridgman
J.H. Hayes
B.H. Estis

From San Francisco:
Thomas H. Seymour

From Michigan:
William Huntington
George C. Lathrop
D.C. Hurd
F.W. Drew
J.R. Tyson

From Louisiana:
A. Day
E.W. Grinage

From Arkansas:
Cyrus L. Kline
M.W. Knight
P. Hill

From Massacuhsetts:

J.N. Pinkham
William M. Hyde
William B. Leavitt
Jonas W. Colburn, Jr.
William H. Wood
Samuel F. Towle
H.L. Wheeler

From Kentucky:
J.E. Stockson

From Indiana:
George McDavitt
George H. Hay

From Tennessee:
Thomas Hogan
Annis Matthews

From Texas:

Daniel J. Thomas

From Illinois:
George W. McDonadl

From Florida:

J. W. Sherwood

From Canada:
Robert Brown
John Waterston
Samuel Brown

From Rhode Island:
D. Mory

September 4, 1850, Sacramento Transcript

Marine News
Port of San Francisco

Saturday, August 31: Ship Kingston, Luscomb, Panamaa, 35 passengers.

November 7, 1850, Daily Alta California

PORT OF PANAMA: Arrived from San Francisco via Realejo -- 11th, ship Kingston, Luscomb, frmo San Francisco.


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