Passengers at the Port of San Francisco: 1800s


Arrive San Francisco

March 7, 1850
Captain Luscomb
From Panama


Daily Alta California, March 11, 1850

ARRIVAL OF THE KINGSTON -- The ship Kingston arrived in this port on Thursday, the 7th inst, with 155 emigrants from the States. She sailed from Panama on the 14th of January and made the voyage to San Francisco in the short space of 53 days.

It will be seen, by the following complimentary card, that a large number of the passengers, upon their arrival, endorse Captain Luscomb as a gentleman, and recommend the Kingston as a safe and comfortable ship. In publishing this card, we have thought proper to publish the names of the passengers who signed it, and the States from which they emigrated, and to add, for the satisfactlon of their friends, that they were all in good health.

A CARD. -- San Francisco, March 7th, 1850. We, the undersigned, who came passengers on the ship Kingston, from Panama to this port, do, in consideration of the able and polite manner in which the captain, mates and crew of said have discharged their respective duties, tender to each of them our sincere thanksand do hereby recommend the Kingston as a safe, will provisioned, comfortable and fast sailing ship, and can, without hestiancy, say that her captain is a gentleman, and worthy to be patronized by a generous public.


Not noted.


From Kentucky:

Complimentary card from passengers of the Kingston March 11 1850.Brown, Silas F.
Doom, John B.
Dunlap, L.F.
Frazee, William D.
Jennings, Will
Mitchell, A.J.
Railey, Lewis C.
Smith, Horace

From Ohio:

Bellingham, Robert
Boone, Emanuel
Bumgarden, Frederick
Clements, Ambrose
Fauss, Abner C.
Fox, John
Garst, Elias
Hopkins, B.F.
Humfrevill, Janson A.
Johnston, David A.
Kon, F.
Long, Daniel D.
Long, Herman
Marini, Pietro
Marston, Thomas
Mayer, Moses
McKinney, RS.
Miller, John, Jr.
Montefior, Samuel O.
Murray, James
Patterson, James M.
Ramsdell, T.
Richter, F. F.
Rouzer, D.M.
Smyth, S.C.
Tavares, A.
Tavares, M.
Thorp, Joseph
Thorp, William
Warburton, John
Young, H.

From Michigan:

Bull, Isaac S.
Chauncey, E.W.
Church, Charles J.
Cook, Abram
Eastman, Sherman
Lathrop, E.S.
Marsh, Oren
Mynick, Z.S.
Rockwell, Edw. S.

From Indiana:

Allen, Larkin
Beall, James M.
Bradford, William B.
Cannon, Peter
Delong, Jonathan H.
Duncan, W.
Griswold, J.W.
Hogshead, John
Lockwood, J.R.
McKinney, Lindley
McKinney, Willis
Russey, James L.
Scott, J.G.

From Iowa:

Hinkel, Henry
Langworthy, L.C.
Maxwell, G.W.

From Alabama:

Barnes, G. W. (from Mobile)
Turner, Samuel

From Massachusetts:
Ashley, B.M.
Bunker, Andrew
Ellis, A.N.
French, Horace
Hasfous, George
Hathaway, William F.
Head, Nathaniel
Keen, George H.
Keene, Abraham, II
Nye, Daniel B., Jr.
Nye, Francis H.
Perry, Mordecai E.
Preble, Timothy
Richmond, Charles B.

From Tennessee:
Boughter, Samuel
Bovet, Charles

From Illinois:
McCafferty, E. W.
Weidman, F.
Weidman, H.

From Jamaica:
Hart, Albert

From New York:
Coloney, L. D.
Hall, William
Lacore, Isaac
Lacore, James
Williams, Conrad

From Pennsylvania:
Linton, John
Morrison, Harrison
Peterson, Charles M.

From Missouri:
Coleman, O.S.
Lewis, A.
Logan, P.F.
Loker, William N.
Maddox, J. A.
Maddox, J. F.
Pearson, Samuel A.
Rooker, James E.
Winchester, R.

From Connecticut:
Copp, David H.

From Mississippi:
Dromgoole, W. A.
Hinkley, Hy
Hulbert, H. M.
Parker, William T.
Pybas, William
Wright, J. B.

From Wisconsin:
Day, James M.

From Maine:
Williams, William J.

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