Passenger Lists: San Francisco 1800s

Barque Gloucester

Departed Sydney, Australia, for San Francisco December 23, 1849

Arrived San Francisco: May 28, 1850

Placer Times

Marine Journal

Barque Gloucester, Tardiff, 152 ds fm Sydney, via Auckland, 116 ds, 158 pass, 35 females

Master: Tardiff
152 days from Sydney, Australia via Auckland, 116 ds, 158 pass, 35 females.


1849 July 1st: The barque arrived in Sydney from Sourabaya (departed from Sourabaya 1849 April 25th)
1849 Dec 20th cleared Sydney 
1849 Dec 23rd background Passengers not listed in departure record tsg:302
1849 Dec 25th arrival Sydney tsg:302
1849 Dec 28th departure Sydney tsg:302
1849 Dec 28th background Resumed voyage tsg:302
1850 January 10th, arrived Auckland, New Zealand

May 23, 1850: Daily Alta California, San Francisco

Shipping Intelligence. Port of San Francisco.

SPOKEN. By Eliza, 15th May, lat 33 40 north, long. 132 44 west, barque Gloucester, for Sydney for this port, which was reported having spoken, two days previous, schooner Esther, from Sydney, do.

May 31, 1850, Placer Times, Placer County, California

Marine Journal: Br. bark Gloucester, Tardiff, 152 days from Sydney via Auckland, 116 days, 158 passengers, 35 females.


June 11, 1850, Daily Alta California, San Francisco


Shippers and consignees by this vessel are informed, that if their goods are not removed within fifteen days from the date of arrival, demurrage will commence. Parties not having paid the balance of their freight, are informed that if it is not paid immediately their goods will be sold at the expiration of the above 15 days.

WHITMAN & SALMON, Agents, Clark's Point

August 13, 1850, Daily Alta California, San Francisco


SUPERIOR COURT . . . Most of the day was occuped in arguments on the suit of Mackay & Co., vs. barque Gloucester. The subject was taken under advisement by the Court.

August 31, 1850, Daily Alta California, San Francisco


In the suit of Charles G. Noble vs. bark Gloucester, judgment by default was rendered in favor of plaintiff.

September 14, 1850, Daily Alta California, San Francisco


SUPERIOR COURT.--The Court made an order yesterday that the sheriff show cause on the 14th inst. why he should not be made to levy on the bark Gloucester, in the suit of Elias J. Scobie against said barque.

November 21, 1850, Daily Alta California

During the gale of Tuesday night, the British bark Gloucester, a storeship belonging to Starkey Brothers, careened over with the force of the wind, filled, and sunk; she had a large number of ironhouses on board.


Life and death in the Age of Sail by Robin Haines.Life and Death in the Age of Sail.Nagle, Capt.
Cook, Dr. 
English, Lawrence 
Craddock, John 
Vinson, Edward and wife 
Farrington, William and wife 
Padmore, Alfred 
Knowlton, James 
Richards, Frederick 
Martin, William V and wife, 2 daughters 
McDermott, John 
Maddox, Joseph 
Higgs, Charles 
McGregor, John 
Pudney, William 
Bowden, Thomas 
Sutton, Robert and wife 
Brierley, James 
Butler, Patrick 
Rigley, James and wife 
Corbett, James W. 
Swain, Thomas 
Evans, Maurice 
Brierley, Ittai 
Lane, Henry 
Jessop, William 
Comerford, Patrick
Comerford, James 
McDonald, Francis and wife, 3 sons 
Gambold, John David and wife 
McGovern, James 
Coleman, Mrs.
Spax, Harriet 
Dean, Samuel 
Conners, John 
Smith, William and wife, son 
Marr, Robert Henry and wife, son, 3 daughters 
Marr, Alexander 
Harper, Alexander 
Doherty, Michael 
Smith, Joseph and wife 
Smith, Joseph 
West, Spencer 
Drake, Henry 
Norton, Patrick 
Carroll, John and wife, 3 sons 
Steel, Andrew 
Craig, William 
Brown, Charles and wife, son, 2 daughters 
Flood, Martin 
Chapman, John 
McVee, Peter 
McKinnon, Henry 
Latimer, George 
Newson, Cornelius 
Robinson, Mrs and son, daughter 
Moore, Mrs 
O'Brien, Margaret 
McGrath, James 
Drinkwater, Thomas and wife, 2 daughters 
Andrews, George and wife 
Benson, John 
Wicks, Robert 
Hughes, David 
Casey, Michael 
Couley, Peter 
Little, George 
Weir, James and wife, daughter 
McLaren, Malcolm 
Macarthur, John 
Aiken, John 
Sullivan, Arthur 
Curby, Mrs 
Gluzas, William 
O'Donnell, Daniel and wife, son 
Davidson, Martha

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