Arrivals at the Port of San Francisco: 1800s

SS California

Arrive San Francisco

October 5, 1851
SS California
Captain T.A. Budd
From Panama via Acapulco


Daily Alta California, October 6, 1851
The fine steamship California, Captain Budd, arrived in this harbor yesterday morning, 17 days and 8 hours from Panama. She left that port on the 15th ult., and, of course, brings no later advices from the East than was received per steamer North America. She has a large mail, and brought up 230 passengers, a large number of them being ladies (20 females). The California passed the Tennesseehence, bound down the coast, on the 17th inst., at 2 P.M. at Acapulco, the California left the steamerRepublic bound for this port to sail on the 25th. Also the U.S. Sloop of War Vandalia, to sail same day for the Sandwich Islands, with despatches.


Not listed.


Allen, M.
Allen, P. (Note: Two P. Allen's are listed.)
Allen, P.
Alward, E.D.
Andrews, Jos
Averill, E.B.
Averill, N.
Bailey, Philip
Bergen, A.M.
Beyant, D. and lady and lady (That is how it is listed.)
Birdsall, C.
Blade, B.
Blaudell, John
Brown, E.E.
Butts, J.P.
Cady, H.D.
Cady, W.J.
Campbell, R.
Cappers, P.W.
Carneff, Peter (Difficult to read. Might be Carnett, although it does appear to be Carneff.)
Carnett, M.
Cassidy, F.
Cassidy, P.
Cenhn, A. (Might be Cenlin)
Chipman, A.
Coffin, Alex
Cole, C.
Connigher, L.D.
Cornelius, Sam
Crane, A.T.
Cummings, H.
Cummisky, H.
Daley, B.
Davidson, Donald
Davis, B.F.
Davis, Wm
de Camp, J.C., lady, two children and servant (Might be J.C. do Camp)
Devine, Jas
deWolfe, W.H.
Dodd, T.
Donne, Elisha
Dunn, R. and lady
Dunnigan, Hugh
Dunning, J.M.
Durham, Wm
Echequerran, J.
Eckenbrack, C.H. and lady
Fenton, Sam
Fhllip, Jas
Fisher, A.A.
Fisher, C.A.
Fisher, John
Force, Dr.
Goodwin, Chas
Goodwin, Wm
Gordon, Hugh
Gorham, W.A.
Goyetche, G.
Graves, Edward C.
Haight, E.
Hamblin, S.C.
Hart, H.
Hayden, H.
Herron, R.R.
Higgins, M.
Hill, J.B.
Hobbs, W.B.
Hodge, John
Hoggit, J.
Hughes, A.
Hughes, H.
Hughes, Hugh
Hunter, A.S.
Irvine, Rev. S.G. and lady
Isades, M.
Jenks, E.B.
Jenks, Theodore
Joiner, J., lady and two children
Jones, E.N.
Joselyn, L.F.
Justice, Mrs. and child
Kidd, A.R.
Kidwell, J.H.
Killduff, P.D.
Kindey, C.
Lake, C.
Larkins, G.
Lawrence, E.
Lawrence, G.H.
Lawrence, W.D.
Leech, Alex
Little, A.D.
Logan, Jas
Long, Jas W.
Mahony, Jeremian
Maltham, M.
Marks, S.
Masterton, Thos and lady
Mateer, J.M.
Mateer, S.Q.
McAlister, A.
McAlister, T.B.
McClasky, J.
McCormack, Wm. E.
McElrath, A.
McGregor, Jos
McQuillan, A. and lady
Merekith, M.L.
Miller, F.A.
Morse, L.
Morse, Lewis
Moyle, W.
Murray, Thos
Nellis, Jas
Nichols, E. and two sons
Nichols, Mrs. E. and child
O'Niel, John
Onderdoink, G.
Orford, Robt
Panberthy, J.
Parker, J.H.
Payne, G.J.
Payne, Mrs. Mary
Payne, S.T.
Payne, Wm
Pearce, S.S.
Pearco, W.L.L.
Pearne, Rev. T. and lady
Pennycook, J., lady, and three children
Percy, H.D.
Phelps, L.I.
Pierce, Jas
Pierpont, J., lady and child
Porter, Alden
Portsmouth, J.H.
Qua, Davis
Qua, Jno
Quigley, D.C.
Quimby, G.
Remmington, J.W.
Reno, Stephen
Richards, David
Robbins, Geo
Robbins, L.
Roberts, John
Rodgers, Wm
Rose, Isaac
Ross, John
Rowell, A.
Scott, R.B. and lady
Scoville, A.C., lady and two children
Shearon, Owen
Shepherd, B.F.
Shepherd, E.
Sherry, Miss Mary
Sherry, Mrs. and two children
Sloan, J.
Smith, J.
Smith, J.B.
Smith, Mrs. and Miss
Snushall, Wm
Snyder, A.A.
Snyder, W.H.
Starr, J.W. and lady
Stephens, E.F.
Strong, W.L.
Taylor, J.J. and lady
Teed, C.L.
Terwilliger, P.
Thomas, John
Thompson, Wm
Trelly, Robt
Van Orden, J.
Vaslit, F.
Vinson, Jos
Walkington, G.F.
Wallace, J.B.
Ward, Miss H.
Well, J.P.
Weston, Daniel
White, H.D.
Wilson, Wm
Witherite, M.
Wood, I.C.
Woodruff, T.P.
Woolbut, W.
Wright, W.J.


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Sources: As noted on entries and through research centers including National Archives, San Bruno, California; CDNC: California Digital Newspaper Collection; San Francisco Main Library History Collection; and Maritime Museums and Collections in Australia, China, Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Wales, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Sweden, etc.

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