Passengers at the Port of San Francisco: 1800s

SS California

Arrive San Francisco

August 3, 1851
SS California
Captain Thomas A. Budd
From Panama


Daily Alta California, Monday Morning August 4, 1851
From our Extra of yesterday.

The Pacific Mail Co.’s Steamship California, Capt. Budd, arrived from Panama this morning, about 9 o’clock, having sailed from Panama on the 16th inst. She brings two weeks later intelligence from the Atlantic States and Europe, and 120 passengers. A list of them will be found below.

We are under renewed obligations to the gentlemanly purser, Mr. Chas. F. Lott, for a list of passengers and American and English papers. Also to Adams & Co., and Burgess, Still & Co., for papers.

Among the passengers we notice the name of Gilmor Meredith, Esq., the late esteemed and popular agent of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company. We are delighted that he has again returned among us.

The papers before us are almost destitute of news, but such items of interest as they contain we have extracted.

The new Steamship the Golden Gate, of the P.M., Steamship Company, 2000 tons, Lt. Patterson, commanding, was to sail from New York early in July for this port . . .

PANAMA RAILROAD.’The Panama Herald states "The whole amount of the coupon bonds of this railroad, $900,000, which were offered for sale, were taken at the opening of the bids, in New York, on the 14th June, and an excess of nearly $300,000 was offered that could not be supplied." Daily Alta California, Shipping Intelligence, Port San Francisco, August 4, 1851



Per California’The California started from Panama at 6 P.M., on the 16th July. The propeller Constitution sailed 24 hours before, and the Carolina to follow on the 17th. On the 18th, at 11 A.M., passed the Panama, bound down. On the 23d, at 11:20 A.M., arrived at Acapulco. Left at 9 A.M. on the 24th. Saw the Constitution making for the harbor. Aug 2nd, at 4:30 P.M., passed the Oregon, coming out of Monterey. A dense fog from San Diego to San Francisco on the 3d Aug., at ( A.M.; allowing 36 hours for detention at Acapulco, San Diego, and Monterey, making the passage from Panama in sixteen days and three hours. The California was 16 days 5 hours running time on the down trip. The Commodore Stockton arrived at Panama on the 14th July, 31 days from San Francisco. On the 31st July, at 6:20 A.M., J.G. Curtis, passenger, died on board, of dysentery and was buried at San Diego. The steamer New Orleans (sold at auction in Panama on the 12th July, in pursuance of a decree from the Circuit Court) was purchased by Mr. Rolston, of the firm of Garrison & Fretz, for $50,000, and was to be despatched for San Francisco on the 15th August. The Steamer Pacific arrived at 9 P.M. of the 23d at Acapulco, all well. August 3d, saw a ship on shore to the northward of the North Head.


Consignees: 10 packages G. Meredith; 21 packages Dodge & Co., ; 8 packages Bernheimer & Bro; 115 packages Adams & Co., 10 packages E. McKinley & Co.


Adlesdorfer, Z.
Allen, C.
Angus, G.
Ashbridge, D.W.
Babzette, J.
Badon, Mrs. Eliza
Baldwin, J.M.
Ball, J.H.
Bell, Mr.
Bosworth, J. H.
Brady, J., wife, two children and servant
Brady, John
Brien, J.
Bullock, S. D.
Calhoun, G. W.
Careoran, P.
Casson, S. P.
Chrysler, W. S.
Church, C. M., wife and three children
Counthwaite, J. H.
Crosby, C.H.
Curtis, J.G. (Died on board July 31 of dysentery. Buried at San Diego.)
Davidson, P.W.
Dunn, D.
Ellinger, A.
Farley, Mrs.
Fellows, G.
Gallagher, F.
Granmini, G.
Griffin, J. G.
Haas, J.
Hagan, Capt.
Hannath, Chs & Son.
Harmon, Jacob
Hartag, Edward
Havens, A. A.
Hawkins, Mrs. and two children
Hayes, E.R.
Hicky, Andrew
Hirch, E.
Hoag, J.V.
Hubbard, W.
Janes, B.
Kendall, Miss
Kendall, Mrs.
Kent, D. H.
King, Geo
Larfy, M. O.
Lemon, J. A.
Macguls, Jas
Maurer, Mr. and lady
McConnel, O.
McDonald, A. and lady
McKinley, E.
McMorrine, J.
Meredith, Gilmor
Miller, Rev. J.W. and lady
Moore, D. W.
Moore, J. R.
More, Mrs. and child
Mott, G.
Munroe, E.P.
Neustader, L.W.
Newman, S.D.
Nudd, J.C.
Ogier, J.
Olnido, P.
Orsborne, O.C.
Palmer, F. D.
Parke, H. S.
Parrott, John and servant
Payme, J.
Pierce, Abner
Randolph, Mrs. and servant
Reed, J.C.
Reid, D. M.
Rhil, J. M.
Ross, Donald
Sanford, Judge. S. H.
Saveridge, H. S.
Schenck, G.
Shurnard, B. F.
Smith, H.
Smith, H. W.
Squires, M. L.
Stern, D.
Summer, H.B.
Thomas, Gen and lady
Tilden, Dr.
Vigures, N.
Walden, J.
Wallace, H.
Ward, G.
Warner, E.
Waters, Thomass
Weaver, F.M.
West, Mrs. and two children
Whitaker, J.W.
Willet, Mrs. and child
Williams, A.G.

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