Passengers at the Port of San Francisco: 1800s

SS California

Arrive San Francisco

April 23, 1851
SS California
Lieutenant Budd, Captain
From Panama


21-1/2 days from Panama, via intermediate ports. At 2:00 a.m., on April 9, 1851, the day before reaching Acapulco, Mexico, the Hon. S.R. Thurston, representative for Oregon, died at sea, of bilious fever. He was buried at Acapulco.


450 quicksilver flasks and several unidentified packages of merchandise.


Agnew, Robert
Altos, N.
Angel, J.
Anisa, Manuel
Baker, D.B.
Balmery, W.H.
Bane, J.
Barbieu, J. (Might be Barbien)
Barlow, W.
Barns, W.
Barstow, J.
Barton, J.H. and wife
Bath, John B.
Beers, G.F.
Bell, Thomas
Benstein, B.
Benton, A.K.
Bingham, J.W.
Bird, Isaac, wife and two children
Bissell, G.
Blanco, J. M.
Blythe, J. P.
Boland, J. N.
Boudeul, M.
Bragg, G.F.
Breed, J.
Brewer, H.
Brewer, R.
Brickler, F.
Briggs, R. H.
Briggs, S.
Brigham, F.W.
Brigham, H.W.
Brooks, G.
Brown, J.M.
Brown, S.C.
Bugbee, Joseph
Burmeister, John
Cabellero, B.
Carne, M. B.
Carnly, George
Carpenter, Miss
Chadwick, L. F.
Chappel, I.P.
Chatenay, Madame
Claflin, B.F.
Clark, Aaron
Cobb, E.
Cobb, E.B.
Cobb, J.
Cook, Charles and lady, two children and servant
Cook, John
Coombs, C. W.
Costello, John
Costello, Joseph
Crawford, E.W.
Cunningham, Samuel
Dalsaux, F.
Davies, D.E.
Davies, L.
Diary, M.
Dobie, John
Douglas, Miss
Duguernuay, M.
Dunscomb, Charles
Durnford, P.
Eames, A.D.
Eckley, J.
Elkers, Thomas
Elliott, James
Ells, J.E.
Eppleheimer, David
Fairbanks, J.W.
Ferraro, F.
Fisher, Godfrey
Forshee, J.
Freelander, J.
Freeman, J.C.
Freeman, J.E.
Fulliam, E.L.
Galbraith, Stephen
Goldberg, J.
Grant, G.A.
Gray, Miss M.A.
Gray, S.
Gray, William
Gualey, J.A.
Gwin, Hon. William, lady and servant
Hacker, Edward
Hardison, G.
Hawse, N.P.
Hernbeck, H.
Herndale, E.L.
Herrman, A.
Herrman, C.T.
Herrman, Mr. and Mrs. and child
Herrman, T.
Hogan, H.
Holmes, Hon. E.J., M.C., of South Carolina, and two servants
Holt, John
Hoppin, T.
Hutton, Mrs. and two children
Hyde, J.
Hyde, Miss
Hyde, W.
Irwin, J.
Jayner, Robert
Jenner, D.
Johnson, Henry
Johnson, James
Jones, D.
Jones, Mrs. W.C., child and servant (full name is Mrs. William Carey Jones, daughter of Colonel Benton)
Jullius, J.
Keenan, Thomas
Kell, A.F.
Kellogg, D.
Kellogg, L.
Kelly, Sargent
Kelp, J.
Klenem, A.
Laban, J.
LeCount, M. (of Cooke & LeCount)
Lee, J.A.
Legate, W.M.
Leon, F.
Levy, Samuel
Lewis, J.
Lincoln, Miss Eliza
Lockwood, James
Lohman, Thomas (Note Lohman, Lohmon spellings. One may be incorrect.)
Lohmon, Louis (Note Lohman, Lohmon spellings. One may be incorrect.)
Lombard, L.
Loomis, F.R.
Lord, Samuel
Maynard, D. B.
McLemore, Colonel J. C.
McNulty, W.
McRae, P J.
McRae, William
Meyer, H.
Miller, J. F.
Miller, Miss E.
Miller, N. P. and lady
Mills, J.
Moat, Samuel
Moody, F.
Moore, H.
Moore, James M.
Myers, William
Nelson, Chief Justice T. (of Oregon Territory)
Nichols, H. O.
Nolen, J.
Oakley, S.
Oppenheim, B.
Orculty, George
Otayo, J. M.
Palmer, H.
Pemberton, J. D.
Perkins, D. S.
Peterman, J. G.
Pini, Santiago
Plume, Mr. J.V., lady and servant (of Burgoyne & Co.)
Poor, Thomas C.
Popelard, Joan
Porter, B. B.
Preston, J. R., lady and child
Proutz, J.
Reed, E.E.
Reed, L.
Richter, Dr.
Rion, J.M.
Risley, J.
Riven, Alexandro
Robenstein, E.
Robenstein, J. and wife
Roberts, A.
Robinson, A.
Rood, W.
Rooney, John
Segnor, J.P.
Seymour, Allen
Shepherd, J.
Shorts, Augustus
Smith, Miss S.
Smith, Sidney
Solni, M. (Might be Solai)
Steel, N.R.
Stephenson, J. C.
Stratton, C.
Suape, Geolrge
Sweetman, Thomas
Thayer, G.
Thomas, Lewis H.
Thompson, J. S.
Tod, Mrs. and son
Treadwell, J. C.
True, Lyman
Ultz, Daniel and son
Uribe, C.
Vanderbilt, W.W.
Vawter, J.G.
Wains, T. D.
Walker, T. J.
Wands, Miss
Watts, William and wife
Weglin, J. L.
Wells, Haywood
White, R.
Wood, Charles and lady
Wood, John
Workman, J.
Wright, E. A. and lady
Wright, J. A.

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