Passengers arriving at the the Port of San Francisco

SS Brother Jonathan

Arrive San Francisco

February 2, 1854
SS Brother Jonathan
Captain James H. Blethen
From San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua


Daily Alta California, February 3, 1854, San Francisco

160 Lives!
Destruction of Monster Ship Great Republic

The Nicaraguan steamer Brother Jonathan arrived yesterday morning, with dates from New York to 5th January. She brings up to six hundred passengers, among who is the celebrated cantatrice Madam Anna Bishop. The Brother Jonathan was detained outside the heads 24 hours in a fog. We are indebted to Mr. Leas for the following memoranda:


Steamship Brother Jonathan left San Francisco Dec. 31st. Jan 5th, 2 P.M., Lat. 26.36, Long. 112-39, exchanged papers with the whale ship Cooper Fisher, 20 months out, 1900 bbls. Oil, 60 galls. Black fish trying (sic) out on deck. 10 A.M., passed a whale ship 20 miles north of Cape Lazaro, trying out. Arrived at San Jose del Sur, 12th Jan. Left San Juan on the night of the 18th. 26th, off Cape St. Lucas, spoke with whale ship Saratoga, Harding, 14 months out, 1500 bbls., oil. Jan 30th, exchanged papers with whale ship Tudeso, Pierce, New Bedford, 26 months out, 2700 bbls. oil 30 minutes past noon, off Point Conception, passed a large schooner beating to the southward, with a crowd of passengers on deck, round stern, a figure head blue. The Brother Jonathan brings 600 passengers.

The most important news by this steamer is the confirmation of the purchase of a large portion of the Mexican territory by our Government, and the total loss of the monster clipper, Great Republic.

We learn from our special correspondent that Mr. Gadsden, our Minister to Mexico, has negotiated a treaty with that government, which is now in the hands of the President, and by which we are to receive another large slice of the domain of that republic, on condition that we effectually check the depredations of the Indians on the Mexican frontier. There are also provisions by which, on the payment of fifty millions of dollars, we are to become possessed of the peninsula of Lower California, of Sonora, and of as much other Mexican territory as will place directly in our hands a practical route for a railroad.

We learn from Washington that sailors resident in California are to receive their extra pay here, instead of being put to the trouble of sending to the national capital for it.
The Illinois, with passengers and specie of the wrecked ship Winfield Scott, arrived safely in New York on the 5th of January, at noon.

There was a riot in Cincinnati on Christmas day. An organized body of Germans, numbering about 500, made a demonstration against Bishop Bedini, the Popes Nuncio. They marched to his residence and commenced shouting and groaning. In passing the police office, the police rushed out and each arrested a man. Many shots were fired. The rioters finally fled, about 60 of their number having been arrested. The cause of the animosity which the Germans entertain against the Nuncio is, his betrayal of the cause of liberty in Italy in 1848. The prisoners were all discharged, the prosecution failing to make out a case.

The Railroad troubles at Eire, Pa. Still continue.

Colonade Row, on Brooklyn Heights, has been burned to the ground.
John A. Parker, one of the wealthiest merchants in New Bedford, is dead.

Capt. W. D. M. Howard, of San Francisco, wife and family, are gone to the West Indies, for the benefit of their health.


Abrahams, J. W.
Aiken, J. wife and child
Alger, J. H.
Allen, E.
Allen, J.
Angel, J. F.
Annehy, W. B.
Appenheimer, Mr.
Athay, Mrs. & 2 ch.
Baldwin, N., Wells Fargo and Co. Messenger
Ballard, C.
Banks, W.
Barrows, A. J.
Bartlett, E.
Bartlett, G.
Bassett, C. A.
Beckwith, B.
Beloap, J.
Betchel, M.
Bishop, Madame Anna and servt.
Bochsa, Mr.
Bovee, M.
Bovee, W. R.
Bryan, A.
Bryan, M. J.
Bullock, Judge
Carpenter, M. B.
Carthy, D.
Chaplain, H.
Cobb, Miss
Comstock, H. J. and wife
Conner, C.
Crittenden, E.
Croosimeler, D.
Currier, J. W.
Curry, John
Curtis, G.
Delano, P. Z.
Dodd, J.
Dodd, Mrs. S. and 3 children
Doub, V. D.
Douglas, T. L.
Doures, G.
Down, Miss J.
Draper, C. R.
Dye, J. T. wife & ch
Dye, Lieut.
Eddy, Mrs.
Eddy, R., and wife
Edwards, Miss C. L.
Elliott, S. E.
Field, W. H.
Finnan, Mrs. M. and servant
Finnie, R. & wife
Ford, Mrs. and daughter
Foster, L. P.
Fourtlehot, A.
Freeborn, A. S.
French, C. H.
Friedlander, E.
Gaffney, W.
Gardner, A.
Gates, E. F.
Gilfillan, M. (Giltillan)
Gilfillan, R. (Giltillan)
Gilfillan, W. J. (Giltillan)
Grier, Major
Haine, A.
Haine, Dr.
Hamilton, Charles F.
Hane, B. M.
Hanes, F.
Harris, Miss J.
Hasburgh, S.
Hewett, Miss
Hicks, W. J.
Hollingsworth, J. D. wife & ch.
Hollingsworth, N. F.
Hood, Lieut.
Jenks, L. B.
Johnson, A. P.
Keats, John
Keeny, Dr., wife, 2 children and servant
Keeny, George
Kelly, J. A.
King, Rev. M
Knight, J. L.
Knight, S. P.
Lad, J. L.
Latimer, Lieut.
Lenfestre, D.
Little, E. J.
Lumader, J. J. (Lumsder)
Lynch, G. H.
Macan, Rev. P.
Maguire, Thomas
Mamdock, Mr.
Marsh, J. G.
Mason, J. B.
Masseth, M.
Mathewson, J.
McAllister, L.
McCreran, A.
McDonald, R.
McNutt, J.
McNutt, J. M.
McWilliams, J.
Merrill, O. S.
Merse, A. B.
Miles, J. G.
Miller, E. J.
Mitchell, J. S.
Mogan, Mrs J. and 2 children
Moimble, E. D.
Moody, G. O.
Morris, Mrs. Anna
Myer, A.
Myer, M.
Nolting, Mrs. E. and child
Norwan, Mrs. M. and 5 children
Pease, Mr. H.
Peloze, Mrs.
Peloze, W. S.
Pemvell, W. N.
Peters, R.
Philips, Miss R.
Pine, J. M.
Plymin, S.
Polk, R.
Pope, H., and wife
Porter, T., wife and child
Putney, H. S.
Risdon, A. H.
Robinson, Mr. and wife
Ross, L., wife and son
Roy, J. C.
Sales, A.
Sanbbern, C. K. C. (sic)
Sargant, E. J.
Shaw, J. P.
Shearer, T. J.
Simmonds, C.
Smith, J.
Smith, T., wife and three children
Stephenson, W. M.
Stone, A.
Sutherland, C.
Sweeny, D.
Taft, B.
Taggart, R.
Walbridge, E.
Walton, W.
Webb, Lieut.
White, S. P.
Wigging, C. W.
Wilson, S.
Wood, Mrs. & 4 ch.
Woulen, J. M.
270 in the steerage; also 135 U S soldiers; 4 soldiers' wives, and 3 children - total 500 passengers.

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