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Ships in San Francisco Bay 1850.


Arrive San Francisco

April 1849 
From Boston: Bay State and California Mining Company 
Captain Whooley (aka James Warner Woolsey)


Areatus (Bay State and California Mining Co.), from Boston April 4, 1849, 171 days to San Francisco, arriving September 22, 1849. James Whooley, master (or James Warner Woolsey.) 143 in company. Built in 1839, measured 538 tons, was abandoned at sea after being caught in a typhoon at Laguimanoc (Luzon, Philippines) "in sinking condition" on June 29, 1850 while returning from Singapore.


Sea Routes to the Gold Fields. Below decks.
Scene Below Decks

W. H. Halch, J. W. Wooley, W. J. Welton, Ben Ripley, Ed Pearce, R. B. Hall, W. H. Wilson, W. H. Sawyer, Enos Nickerson, D. McGerry, J. P. Trask, Enoch Berry, Theo S. Lindsey, N. H. Caswell, J. P. Nash, Chs. Campbell, B. Gilbert, Ez Gilbert, Jas Morgan, E. J. Westcott, .I G. Finch, E. G. Wallace. G. R. Wilson, R McLeod, J. Tarbox, Lewis Proctor, Jas. C. Goodwin, T. C. Poor, B. Stetson. T R Richardson, Andw. Conlin, Jas. A. Godfrey, M. S. Bean, Danl Plummer, C. S. Lyons, Jona West, C. J. Foss, Smn Murray, J. M. Hiller, M. M. Blood, J. McGee, E. D. Smith, Chs. Beckwith. J. R. Bean, Cft Searle.S N Holbrook, H. McNally, Elias Fisher, Jno Billings, A. C. Gay, J. H. Stanley, J. O. Draper, Hy Day, Archie Waugh, C. B. Underhill, G. L. Smith, T. P. Donnovan, SI Hillgar, Hose Booth, Fkln. Hadley, W. Reed, Alvin Bixby, Ths. Stewart, C. H. Sargeant, M S Symonds, Natl Cheney, Paul Chesley, Sim Chace, Jas Hichman, J. A. Whitnev, G. L. Winslow. S. S. Smith, Levi Bigelow, Moses Gould, Otis Putney, J. Campbell, Chs. Rumsav, C. H. Chapman, Joan Gardner, R. F. Crowell, W. H. Tourtelotte, Alonzo Hill, J. B. Davis, E. S. Colley, J. C. Townsend, Benj Warren, J. A. Fowle, L T Melloon, E. W. Grover, Andw Tompkins, G. A. Howe, Geo. Drewry, J. H. Bigelow, Leond Dudley, B. S. Smith, Horace Wilson, Jas Leonard, S. C. Clark, Wm Hill, Sml Gibson, Win Murray, G. A. Hays, G. W. Park, T. A .H. Jackson, J. W. Pratt, A. S. Mellin, W. H. Rand, Ellis Willis, Saml. Garfield, Alf Bailey, W. H. Hager, Human Hunt, Jos Hutchins, F. A. Wood, Geo. Willard, Chas Snow, Francis Wright, S. G. Janes, J. W. Copeland, W. Bowen, Saml. Rand, Jos. Crowell, Philip Short, Nic Brown, D. W. Luther, B. Austin, J. H. Kingman, J. H. Hartley, R. A .Sayles, Wm. Hyer, S. S. Bacon. E. K. Hutchins, G. W. Harris, Wm. Chesley, L. J. Phelps, Fdk. Prince, W. W. Booke

Above list from: The Argonauts of California. 
Text and illustrations by Charles Warren Haskell

Pioneers of California.

Pioneers of California. The following have written letters and journals regarding their voyage on the Ship Areatus.

  • Alonzo A. Hill papers, 1849-1857: Documenting his voyage to California on the Areatus, experiences in the gold fields, San Francisco and Sacramento. (Held at Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University.)
  • James Townsend (Born in Lowell, Massachusetts, September 10, 1830)
  • George Pickering Wilson: Wilson's journal chronicles his voyage on the ship Areatus around Cape Horn to San Francisco. He describes the weather, life aboard the ship, visits to Rio de Janeiro and Valpara so, and the formation of successive mining companies. Wilson describes gold mining with his partners and how San Francisco was changing. (Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University.)
  • Horace Wilson: Three page letter to James C. Steel of Andover, Mass, Sept 6 and 22, 1849 re the ShipAreatus and San Francisco; begun aboard ship and completed after the writer's arrival in San Francisco. Wilson writes of his experiences on the voyage around South America and his plans to prospect for gold in California. (University of New Hampshire Library.)
  • James Warner Woolsey (1826-1885).
  • The Areatus is also mentioned in the works of Thomas Perkins, Jr. (1818-1853). Perkins was a commission agent for a Boston firm based mainly in Penang. His correspondence includes papers for the Areatus. (Phillips Library.)

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