Passengers arriving at the Port of San Francisco


Arrive San Francisco

April 1852
Captain Elias B. Staples and Captain Kent
From Panama


The 150-ton New Granadian Brig left Panama February 1, 1852 with 190 passengers and crew (131 more than allowed). 30 days out, she put into San Carlos, Salvador, where Captain Kent, an Englishman, quitted vessel. 7 passengers left at the same time. Remaining passengers raised $808 for provisions and set sail on March 12, 1852. Calms and currents, plus barnacled bottom, gave trouble. On April 23, 1852, with only one day of water left, plus a few pounds of rice and one peck of peas, the Captain and passengers decided to beach her 300 miles to south and eastward of Acapulco, Mexico, between the Rio Grande and Lake Manitelpec. Landing made safely. Some passengers who were too sick remained with the Indians. The rest of the passengers crossed mountains to Acapulco, arriving there in 18 days.

The following passengers died during passage:

Mr. Goodhue, Canada; Mr. Heath, Maine; Edward Merrill of Watertown, Massachusetts; R. Donaldson, New York; D. Warner, New York; Edward Turrel; Mr. Arsell, Springfield, Massachusetts; Child of Mrs. P. O'Connor

Passengers per Amphitrite

Beached at Lake Manialtepec, Mexico

Passengers per Amphitrite, May 25, 1852

Abbey, B.
Arthur, J.
Bacon, J.
Baker, J. W.
Barnes, J.
Barrows, W. A.
Bartin, S.
Belden, J., wife and four children
Blair, J.
Blake, J. A.
Boseman, H.
Bowman, C.
Broughton, N.
Brown, A. A.
Brown, L. H.
Bryce, R.
Carpenter, D.
Carthwright, J.
Chick, E.
Chinney, George
Clark, J.
Clark, J., II
Clark, S.
Coe, Hiram
Cohen, J.
Coney, C.
Conroy, B.
Costrick, A.
Crippew, H. N.
Crockett, C.
Davis, J. B.
Day, T.H.
Deming, H. C.
Doler, J.
Donohue, J.
Driscoll, J.
Duffy, J.
Duprey, L.
Elmore, G.
Elmore, P.
Farrell, D.
Favol, L.
Fitch, L.
Flinn, Robert
Follett, N.
Franklin, J.
Franklin, William
Frieslate, A.
Garfield, S.
Garfield, W.
Gawley, J.
Gillespie, C.
Going, R.
Green, David
Green, N. A.
Greenhalgh, L.
Hale, F.
Hallowell, J.
Harding, J.
Harrison, T. S.
Harrocks, H.

United States Steamship Office, Panama.

United States Mail Steamship Company
Aspinwall, Panama Canal Zone, 1854

Aspinwall, Panama Canal Zone. 1854.

Headley, S.
Heische, Auguste and wife
Herrington, J. D.
Herrington, M.
Hill, Mr.
Hilts, J. A.
Hodge, W.
Holbrook, E. T.
Horn, T.
Hurlburt, S. N.
Johnson, A.
Johnson, C.
Jordan, A.
Jordan, J.
King, B.
King, J.
Krog, A. and wife
Laner, J.
Larkin, F.
Lee, S.
Leet, W.
Leib, H.
Leonard, B.
Lovell, B. C.
Madden, O.
Manwell, J.
Marble, W.
McCluskey, J.
McCormick, C.
McGilfetyher, M.
Megguier, C.
Menally, S.
Molusky, J.
Moore, J.
Moran, J.
Moulton, H. C.
Murch, C.
Murphy, F.
Murphy, J.
Nichols, M.
Nichols, R.
OConnor, P.
Page, D.
Parker, James
Perkins, S. D.
Perrin D.
Perrin, M.
Perrine, J. (cq per passenger list)
Pickett, A.
Prescott, A.
Pressley, W.E.
Purdon, J.
Putnam, J.M.
Quarry, H.
Reed, C.
Rice, D.
Rice, J.
Roper, J.
Schurch, P.
Scranton, D.
Seity, A.
Seity, D.
Seity, L.
Shepton, J.
Sly, G.
Smith, Captain
Smith, J.
Smith, J.
Smith, Joseph
Smith, W.
Smith. F.
Spinning, J.
Stark, H.
Starkweather, D. F.
Tewskbury, William
Tribe, G.
Tribe, W.
Vace, A.
Vancamp, N.
VanWie, L.
Weeks, H.
Weeland, M.
Weiss, J.
Welch, John
Wellman, E.
Williams, B. G.
Woodford, R.
Yorker, S. H.

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